Has Your Man Been Feeling Low Lately? 13 Uplifting Gifts for Depressed Boyfriend & How to Make Him Feel Better (Updated 2021)

Has Your Man Been Feeling Low Lately? 13 Uplifting Gifts for Depressed Boyfriend & How to Make Him Feel Better (Updated 2021)

Depression can be a difficult pit to crawl out of and as his partner you must be looking for ways to make it better. Thoughtful and uplifting gifts are a small way to do that. They may not address the deeper reasons for his low spirits, but knowing there's a loving presence in his life will help. Cheer him up with these great gifting ideas. Also find research-backed ideas on how to make a depressed boyfriend feel better.

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Here's How to Cheer Up Your Depressed Boyfriend

Spend Time with Him

To find the perfect gift for a depressed boyfriend can be really tricky. You want him to appreciate your gesture and feel happy with the gift but his forlorn expression or lack of excitement can sadden you. A normal person feels very happy with any kind of gift but a depressed person can react in the strangest ways to a gift. If your boyfriend is struggling with depression he could be feeling lack of self-worth, unhappy and exhausted. The greatest gift you could give your depressed boyfriend is your time.

He might not open up too easily and might even not speak to you at all. But just your mere presence can help him open up to you eventually and feel good. He needs your time and a lot of patience. Of course there are some other gifts you can gift him to cheer him up but for him to accept your gifts and feel happy with them, you have to first win his confidence by spending a lot of time with him.

Take Him to a Therapist

It is only you who can coax him to go see a therapist. Often depressed people take time to admit that they are depressed and so seeking help could be the last thing they would agree to. If you spend a lot of time with him, it may help him build trust and confidence in you and you may even be able to convince him to consult a therapist. With the building stress and hectic lifestyles today, it is easy to fall into depression. Even well-educated and well-established people fall into depression. Only their loved ones can help them get out of this horrible state of mind. Therapists are often the best doctors to help someone get out of depression. Once you coax your boyfriend to go to a therapist, understand that you have already given him a great gift and he has accepted with pleasure.

Be Patient and Understanding

For a girl to deal with a depressed boyfriend could be really tough. It could mean no pampering, no cuddling, no kisses, no sex and no gifts. He may not even enjoy the things he used to anymore. You could be spending hours sitting with him and he would not utter a single word. He may sometimes share only his insecurities with you and all you feel in his presence is the heavy cloud of gloom.

These negative emotions could rub off on to you eventually and you might reach a phase in your relationship when you want to call it quits. But doing that would not only be an inhuman act as a person but you could also regret this decision for the rest of your life. You have to deal with this tough phase of life with your boyfriend with courage and patience. Remember, it is only you who can bring him out of his depression.

Quick Tips for Buying Gifts for a Depressed Boyfriend

Tips for Picking Out Thoughtful Gifts

  • Do Not Buy Gifts that Make Him Feel Worthless:
    So while you are dealing with your depressed boyfriend, you might consider gifting him a few things that will make him happy. But before you think of a suitable gift, remember that you need to refrain from gifting things to him which might make him feel worthless. This might be a tough call as you never know your boyfriend could blow up over something completely harmless. If he has lost his job then giving him a formal shirt or office bag will make him feel awful, if he has lost a loved one then steer clear of things that are even remotely connected to them.
    This phase will have a lot of trial and error. If your boyfriend gets further depressed by something that you have given him, do not lose hope. Keep trying. Mentioned below are some sure shot gifts perfect for a depressed boyfriend.

  • Do Not Make it Obvious That You Are Trying to Cheer Him Up
    Depressed people are quick to self-defend themselves. You might gift something with a good intention and they might take it otherwise. This is a common scenario. While there are some gifts which may or may not depress them, there are some which should be avoided at all costs. Whenever you gift something to your depressed boyfriend, never make it obvious that you have picked up something in particular to cheer him up as this will depress him more and make him feel worthless. Even if you want him to join a yoga class, mention it to him casually or better still, offer to go together. Ensure that he does not feel that you are trying to cheer him up. You have got to be very tactful with your attitude and choice of words. You also need to behave normal with him. Share your feelings, opinions and daily routine with him and appear as normal as possible. Remember the time when your boyfriend was normal with you. Think of the things you both did and spoke about. Repeat the same as these will help him get back to normal.

  • Consider What Gives Him Comfort:
    A part of knowing your boyfriend is knowing what will comfort him in difficult times. Is he the kind to withdraw into a book? Then consider a new book. Or is he the kind to find joy in gaming. Then perhaps a gaming accessory or a new game he has been interested in can be good gifts. Sometimes something small can help- like buying or making his favourite snack. All these gestures are just to show him that he is not alone, so you know best when it comes to what will make him feel better.

  • Give Him Space:
    While spending time with your depressed boyfriend is important, it is also important to give him some space. He needs space to absorb things and situations. He needs space to deal with his emotions and he needs space to deal with you. If you spend all your time with him, it might make him nervous and he might not open up to you at all. You too should consult a therapist and seek help in dealing with a depressed boyfriend.

Some Great Gifting Ideas for a Depressed Boyfriend

Mentioned below are some gifting ideas for a depressed boyfriend. Many of these are tried and tested gifting ideas with a huge success ratio. Browse through this list and see if something appeals to you.

Soothing Aromatherapy Bodywash

A soothing aromatherapy bodywash is a great gift for someone dealing with stress and anxiety. If your boyfriend is dealing with depression, you can just casually mention about these great shower gels without stressing on their soothing properties. This charcoal bodywash with the soothing fragrance of lemon grass and cinnamon will not only refresh his body but also calm his mind. Priced at Rs.599 for a 250 ml bottle, this one would be a great gift. Have it delivered by thehumancompany.com quickly.

Tickets to Canvas Laugh Club

Log on to bookmyshow and book tickets for two for the upcoming standup comedy show at Canvas Laugh Club. Your boyfriend will forget his worries and laugh out loud at the witty and funny jokes said by the performers at the show. The show is always a hit with different artists performing every week. The tickets are reasonably priced and you two could end up spending some fun moments together just like olden days. Book your tickets at bookmyshow.com.

Chocolate Hamper or Subscription Box

There are many reasons why chocolates make people happy. Chocolates are guilty pleasures for some and for some, they are the ultimate satisfaction food. There are some 300 naturally occuring chemicals in chocolate which affect the human brain via the release of some neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are responsible for your emotions. Chocolates have neurotransmitters which have a positive effect on the human mind. Eating chocolates also release endorphins in the brains. These endorphins decrease stress and pain and make the person happy. The chemical facts of chocolates aside, your boyfriend will not have the slightest doubt that you are gifting him chocolates for their chemical purpose.

Get him a huge chocolate hamper from myflowertree.com for a price of Rs.2450 and have it delivered to his house as a surprise.

Alternatively, you can get him a chocolate box subscription that gives him for many months! In a subscription box, he gets a new box every month for the chosen time period so he can look forward to and enjoy something every month. Here is a great option available on thequeenbee.co.in. The box comes for Rs. 1,278.00 for a period of three months.

Inspirational Book

Source www.amazon.in

A good inspirational book can work wonders in the thought process of your boyfriend. Sometimes, certain books have a better impact on a depressed person as they manage to explain things in a better way. You might be struggling to help him feel better but in vain. Try gifting him a nice inspirational book from amazon.in and ensure that he reads it. We recommend Learned Hopefulness; this amazing book by Dan Tomasulo is a best-seller. It is very effective in curbing low moods as the author explains practical solutions and suggestions to tackle issues in life. Priced at Rs.1295 for the paperback edition, this one is a great buy; get it on Amazon.

Another great option is Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. This book offers a hilarious take on common life struggles giving a funny perspective on mental health issues, that your boyfriend will chuckle over.

A Box of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is said to help in reducing anxiety and low moods. Used for centuries across several ancient cultures for improved sleep and moods, chamomile has now become popular to manage stress. There is some scientific proof that it can be used to manage anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. So why not gift your boyfriend a box of this tea and see if it benefits him? You can either buy him loose leaf or tea bags. We have here a lovely formulated green tea containing chamomile and lemongrass flavours. Buy it on sanchatea for Rs. 350.

Funny Gift to Make Him Laugh

Source www.amazon.in

A funny and cute little gift as this one will definitely bring a smile on your boyfriend's face. Such as this Pandora's Box by Oye Happy. There are three boxed all wrapped up one inside the other with some cute and funny messages on each one. Make your boyfriend open up the gift in front of you and see the look of excitement on his face. The last box opens up with some home-made chocolates which are delicious. Buy it for Rs.800 from bestgift.in.

Good Luck Plant

Source www.fnp.com

Your depressed boyfriend will feel motivated and cheered to receive a good luck bamboo plant. Many people keep this plant in their homes to curb negativity and bring about prosperity and positivity. According to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese science, this good luck plant as the name suggests brings happiness and good luck in homes. Get this online from fnp.com at Rs.499. The plant comes in a glass jar and can be used as it is. You can advise your boyfriend to place this on his work desk or on the entrance of his home to quell negativity.

Massage Voucher

Depressed and anxious people are often tired and stressed. A good massage will not only remove their fatigue but also make them feel energetic and refreshed. You can gift your depressed boyfriend a massage voucher. There are many masseurs who render their services at home if you think your boyfriend will not be ready to step into a massage parlour. Deep Relax Home body massage services send their expert masseurs home for a full body massage. You can book your appointment online on Sulekha.

Surprise Weekend Getaway

There must be innumerable getaways near your city, perfect for a weekend. To escape the hectic lifestyles and the chaotic city life, many couples and families book their holidays in any of these resorts housed in these exotic locations just outside the city they live in. Browse online to find websites which list some of the best weekend getaway destinations near you. The soothing atmosphere, serene and tranquil ambience will definitely improve your depressed friend's mood and you both will return happy and rejuvenated.

Affirmative Cards

Source www.amazon.in

Inspirational and uplifting messages can help in giving a boost to someone feeling low. Look for inspirational book or message cards that can give your boyfriend a positive feeling. Affirmative cards are a great way to remind him that he is awesome as he is and he can do whatever he sets his mind to. These cards from KnockKnock are created with a quirky twist, taking a lighthearted approach so it does feel heavy or preachy. Give it to him and see him smile. Available on Amazon for Rs. 771

A Bottle of Wine

How about spending a romantic evening with your boyfriend over some exotic wine and great dinner? Gift him a cool bottle of wine and have it delivered to his home. If your local wine shops deliver home, call for a bottle, or you can order a bottle of Sula Rasa Shiraz Red Wine from thewinepark.com for Rs.1,150. If he prefers white or another kind, there are more options for you to pick from. Surprise him further with your plans and am sure you both will have an exciting time together.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a great exercise not only for the mind but also for the body. But for a depressed boyfriend, the only way to coax him to go for yoga would be to join him. Why not take yoga classes together. It would be a great way to spend some quality time together ensuring total mind and body wellness. The Yoga Institute is a yoga centre run by professional yoga teachers who have in-depth knowledge about the various poses and their benefits. You can, prior to starting, talk to them about your boyfriend's depressed condition and they will ensure that he practices poses which help in curbing depression.

Worry Stone

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend has an interest in meditation and spirituality, then consider giving him a worry stone. Similar to mala beads in Eastern cultures worry stones are made of precious gems or minerals and are used to center oneself through repetitive action. The action of rubbing the stone provides stress relieves and calms down emotions. It is also a great way to practice mindfulness. We suggest a simple one such as this authentic Red Jasper Worry Stone that he can keep in his pocket and use whenever he feels the need to calm down. You can buy this stone on Amazon for Rs. 499.

Anything That Can Help Him Come Out of His Depression Will Be the Best Gift

At last, anything and everything that you do, will be your bit to making him hail and hearty once again. Your smallest effort, if it makes him happy, will be a great gesture. Remember, depression is a mental condition that can affect anyone at any time. Only your near and dear ones can make you come out of your condition. All depressed people need is time and attention. Give him your time and he will be healthy once again.

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There isn't a quick fix for depression

Your efforts can help and encourage him at best but depression has deep rooted causes and these can only be addressed by your boyfriend himself. He may need professional help and if that is the case try to lower his inhibitions about approaching a therapist, that will be the best gift by far. Patience and kindness are necessary but you may also have to be the person that has to be unkind to be kind - if he needs a firm push to seek help, mincing words isn't going to do him any good.