Budget Friendly Gift Ideas and the 10 Best Thrifty Gifts for Boyfriend Under 200 Rupees in 2018

Budget Friendly Gift Ideas and the 10 Best Thrifty Gifts for Boyfriend Under 200 Rupees in 2018

Show your love and affection even in the simplest of ways and on a tight budget. Finding a nice, slightly classy, yet affordable gift may be difficult, not impossible. Let us guide you to the best cheap gifts for men that will leave a mark on your boyfriend without leaving a dent in your wallet. And the best part is they are all priced at Rs 200 or below!

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How to Find the Best Cheap Gifts for Boyfriend

Choose a Gift that is Useful for Him

Men are usually hard to shop for, and when you need to stick to a budget, buying a gift for your boyfriend can be a tad bit tough! Gifting implies that you care for your loved one and it really doesn’t matter how much you spend on a present, as long as you select it with love. To choose a budget but good quality gift for your boyfriend, make a list of what he likes in terms of interests, hobbies, what sort of a reader is he, his favorite music band or movie? Is he a true blue romantic or has an amazing sense of humor? These pointers can help narrow your list down to some good choices for a gift.

A Gift for His Personality

Your gift has a direct relationship with what kind of a persona your boyfriend has. If he’s a music enthusiast, a customized t-shirt of his favorite band or the latest album will mean the world to him. For the sports fanatic, a unique souvenir of an autographed card, a wall decal or a bobble-head would be cool. As you continue brainstorming you’re sure to pick something that implies your thoughtfulness and efforts. You’d also explore making a gift for him yourself. Work on a gift that is an epitome of your relationship – a memory or a reference to something you have experienced together.

Add a Personal Touch

Sometimes just a few words of how you feel about him, a note of love or a poem can be more endearing than buying a gift. However, while writing to him, remember ‘less is more’. You’d also take him out for a coffee date, a picnic for just the two of you by a lake or a garden and make it special by taking along his preferred music on your phone, his favorite eats, etc. Do something that you haven’t done before or he hasn’t thought off it for himself, like perhaps planting a tree on his behalf and gifting it to him.

Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriend Under 200 Rupees

Personalised Coffee Mug

Source inkmonk.com

Whether your boyfriend loves his daily dose of caffeine or is an ardent tea lover, a mug is a must in his personal stash. Why not personalize the cup, so each time he reaches out for his usual shot of coffee or tea, he’s reminded of you. At inkmonk.com, you can choose from printing an inspiring quote, a favorite picture or just his name designed in a certain way. The cup is a standard 325 ml size with a wrapped text print. You can choose from a standard mug or one with a color on the inside, prices for which range between Rs.123 to Rs.171.

Personlised Poster Calendar

A photo calendar by Urban Chakkar, can be customised with some of the best pictures of your boyfriend and you, or motivational images with possible captions and be a great gift for his home or office. You can add 12 different images for each month of the year, by adding his pictures with you or his friends and family according to the month of their birth, making it a double whammy! He will always remember birthdays and also thank you for the lovely gesture. Priced at Rs.199, you can design this cool poster calendar at giftease.com.

A Card Holder

Source www.amazon.in

A business card holder is a perfect accessory gift for your boyfriend. Easy to carry, stylish and a must need, this card holder by Styler King is made of artificial leather, with 6 inbuilt card slots, two secret compartments, a transparent window for an official ID and a snug fit that can easily slide in his pocket. With an elegant and classy finish, this tan colored wallet is specially designed for men who prefer unique accessories. You can buy it from amazon.in for Rs.171.

Photo Printed Key Chain

A perfect gift for your loved one, this personalised key chain can be an excellent gift in your budget and can be made more special by adding a lovely picture of the two of you. Shaped as a heart in metal, you can add pictures on both sides of this keychain at regalocasila.com. All you need to do is, upload your pictures and enter a message if you’d like and then make the purchase at Rs.196. The personal effect in something as useful and standard as a key chain would enhance the feelings behind the gift, making it a memorable gesture and a gift class apart from the rest!

A Set of Tea Coasters

The first cup of morning tea at work or drinking beer after a hard day’s work, a coaster would be ideal to rest his drink, also protecting the furniture surface or any other surface from ugly stains or damage. Board made, with a felt back and a laminated top, the Garam Chai coaster from giftsoflove.in is a handy gift. At a size of 9.5 x 9.5 cm, you can buy him one coaster or pair it with another of the same or different design; these are priced at Rs.100 each. Choose from an assortment of colors and designs.

A Feng Shui Turtle

Feng Shui is a known art of placing things auspiciously in and around one’s personal space from China; it uses positive frequencies of the Universe to harmonize the immediate environment of an individual or group and spaces. Feng Shui recommends placing objects in specific direction to reap maximum benefits. Gift him this Turtle and Pate, made of aluminium, measuring 6" (length) x 5" (breadth) x 2" (height) in size, and in gold colour. The tortoise signifies good luck and wealth. Placing the turtle in the north or at the back of his work space or home can bring in an abundance of career growth, placing it in his garden would invite good health and long life, not to forget a harmonious family life as well. Priced at Rs.151, you can buy the turtle at shopclues.com.

8-in-1 Multi-Functional Tool

Source www.amazon.in

A multi-functional tool is essentially a pocket sized set of different hand tools that combine a variety of individual functions in a single set. Such tools are used to quick repair or for DIY activities. The generic 8-in-1 screwdriver tool kit comes with a 6 LED light torch making it handy and easy-to-carry around. A must have for all repair needs, the tool comes in a foldable form with easy access to a tool of choice. It would make for a handy gift item for your boyfriend with a screwdriver kit, a tool kit appropriate for fixing any screws or hinges, and LED torch. You can buy it from amazon.in for Rs.159.

Bullet Light Book Mark

If your boyfriend likes to work in late or is an avid reader, this bullet shaped light can be an excellent gift for him, doubling up as a clip-on bookmark with light. With a push button switch and 6 x 5 cm in dimension, this light bookmark can be attached to any surface and can be adjusted in any direction. Its lightweight and portable size makes it an easy accessory for reading or working in the dark. You can buy it from geekmonkey.in for Rs.199.

Deodorant Spray

A body or deo spray functions more or less like a perfume which contains fragrant extracts made of herbs, oils, spices and mixed with a proportion of water and alcohol. Like a cologne or perfume, these sprays can be applied to certain parts of the body or on the clothes providing round-the-clock freshness and adding to the user’s personal sense of grooming and confidence level. The Old spice deodorant spray for men comes in 150 ml can with a shelf life of 24 months and provides a long lasting fragrance. You can buy it at Flipkart for Rs. 185.

Love Cards

Love can drive you nuts, sweep you off your feet and make you feel on top of the world. A romantic set of ‘sweet nothings’ carrying your messages of love can be a cute gift for your boyfriend. Packed in a stylish red envelope of 8 x 5 inches with postcard size love cards of 5.75 x 3.75 inches, the love card set includes 8 cards pre-filled with short messages and colorful illustrations. The cards are made of good quality paper and can either be handed out individually with your own messages at the back on separate occasions or sent together inviting love galore for you in return. Buy this set of Love Cards from Exciting Lives for Rs.175.

Bonus Tips and Tricks for Being Thrifty

The key to following an alternate route in getting a present is to focus on creating a lovely experience for your boyfriend. The objective should be in highlighting the feelings behind the gift and making memories together rather than buying stuff.

  • When buying with a budget in mind, it is important to remember it is the thought that counts always! It can be a challenge yes, but when you go an extra mile to choose something meaningful the thought of how much it costs really doesn’t matter.

  • Thrifty gifts are usually more useful from a utility perspective, Choose a gift that you’ve seen him enjoy! When choosing such a gift, it is good to make a note of the things your boyfriend uses mostly. Is there anything he can replace, or is worn out? When buying edibles, look for items that he typically enjoys eating or drinking.

  • If you decide to handcraft a present for your boyfriend, use your inherent skills. If you love baking or cooking, you’d make cookies, home-made sweets or savories for him. If crafts are your forte, then a homemade soap, or a photo magnet would be special too.

  • A mix of items sold together as a set can be expensive in comparison to buying them separately. If you see a gift set, you can segregate the items and repackage them to gift later. When making your own gift set, you can mix and match even the most boring things. For instance, if you take a chopping board, some cheese and a knife, along with a bottle of wine you have at home, it would make for a cozy evening together with your beloved, or perhaps create a playlist of his favorite musical numbers, transfer it on a pen drive and give it to him. Few mundane items can add more value than them getting lost in an assortment of things.

  • We all have dull days when the pocket is nearly empty and an occasion to gift is in plenty! To avoid such situations, its best to plan ahead and save. Build a gifts reservoir, by shopping year round, you have more chances of getting some exciting offers and deals on a gift of your choice. So keep a look out for online discounts, clearance sales, or quickly scan through the newspaper inserts to catch a fleeting offer which can help you with a gift for your beloved, that’ll come useful in the future, and you will be surprised with the number of amazing bargains you can cash in on!

  • Brand promotion is quite a trend nowadays and you will see them indulging in free samples, survey rewards and contest prizes on social media platforms. To explore such options you can try using twitter hashtag searches or facebook searches. You can also register for surveys and answer questions in return for which you may be end up getting gift cards or discount coupons or even cash prizes!
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Thrifty Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend and Create a Lovely Experience

Going for a very expensive gift might not work as you expected. It is good to delve budget wisely in the gift giving process. Some detailed Bonus Tips have been added to guide you through the endearing endeavor. It is also good to know and understand your boyfriend's likes, as some of the ideas you may get out there may not work the same for all boyfriends'. At BP Guide, enough documentation has been provided to make sure you deliver the budget friendly gift and bring about that heartwarming feeling in your boyfriend. This is so, since a carefully thought out, budget wise gift, may make up for an outstanding gift, will ease on your pocket and deliver the same or maybe even a heftier punch than the expensive gift.