10 Cheap and Simple Gifts Under 100 Rupees to Give as Just Because Gifts or When You're Low on Funds

10 Cheap and Simple Gifts Under 100 Rupees to Give as Just Because Gifts or When You're Low on Funds

A hundred rupees is a small budget but if you know where to look and shop right, there's a lot you can get. Whether you're looking for return gifts and party favours, want a simple gift to give someone or are just running low on cash, these gifts priced at and under 100 Rs are right for all occasions.

5 Useful Gift Buying Tips When You Have a Tight Budget

Gifts are the representation of your feelings for another person, the feelings which you can’t express through words can be easily expressed with the right gifts. And, your pure innermost feelings can’t be valued in the context of the money. Because your feelings are a way for expensive and priceless, then the precious diamonds. So, never let the limited cash in your wallet become the barrier to expressing yourself. As in your tight and limited budget, you can very easily convey your true feelings to your loved ones. For this, you have to think from your heart, not from your pocket. And, mostly you have to follow some gift buying tips so that you can buy a meaningful gift for your every loved one in your small budget of ₹100.

Stick to Your Initial Gift Budget

To buy gifts for your all family and friends, you have to plan in advance. Every month keep a small amount aside from your monthly pocket money, salary or monthly household budget for buying gifts. This way you can draw little money out of your gifts buying fund whenever you have to buy a gift for your dear ones. Especially, if you know any important birthday, anniversary or festival is coming ahead, then you should definitely set the gift fund aside. But, the real gift buying tip here would be buying gifts in your limited fund only. Don’t get overboard and spend more money on gifts, then you have kept aside. Stay strong on your budget and buy gifts that fit your budget. Because as we have already mentioned, no amount of money can help you in expressing your real feelings. So, the major gift buying tips would be stick with your budget.

Plan Your Gift List in Advance

A common recommendation for buying gifts is that you plan your gift list in advance. Well, this helps in keeping the budget tight and gives you time to readjust the gifts selection. For this you can make the list of all the important birthdays, anniversaries and festival gifts that you have to buy. Then during the seasonal sales you can take some money out of your gifts fund and buy gifts from your list from the sales. This way you can shop for more expensive gifts that fit your limited budget. Normally, during the festival season like Diwali, Christmas, Rakhi, etc heavy discounts are offered by the numerous shops and brands. That’s your right opportunity to tick some gift items from your list in advance.

Buy One or Two Extra Gifts

Some might consider this gift buying tip as a hoarders gateway, but to make your loved ones happy with good gifts takes work, so if you need to be a hoarder, be one! So, this is a grey gift buying tip, here whenever you locate a signboard announcing massive discounts, then don’t miss your chance and buy all the good gift items that you can find. If currently you don’t require the particular gift item, but it is available for an insanely low price then don’t miss out on such an opportunity and immediately buy a few extra gift items. Because you never know when extra gift items come in handy. Technically it is a hoarding, but from the point of view of a person with the limited budget, it is an opportunity that can’t be missed.

Make the Present an Event

Well, rather than the actual gift, the whole process of receiving a gift, Trying to guess what’s inside, and then finally ripping away the gift wrapper, all of it is so much fun. So, make this whole process even more exciting and thrilling for your gift receiver. For example, you can pack your gift in different ways, you can use your creative skills to make the gift wrap exciting, or you can map out the gift finding hunt or you can put gift where the person could least expect like under the bed or in the socks drawer. So, overall the gift buying tip is to make the whole gift-giving process a big event that your friend can never forget. This requires lots of hard work, but the result of a big smile will be equally satisfying as well.

Make Them Laugh

Don’t just buy a gift for the sake of giving one, no. Buy it because the smile of that person means so much to you. So, in the last out of five gift buying tips, we will advise you to make the person happy with your gift. Now, don’t just buy a keychain or mug for your friends, no buy something that can bring a giant smile to their face. For example, if your friend likes to eat potatoes, then for his or her birthday gift them a bag of 1 kg potatoes. Now, this is surely a unique gift choice that will make your friend super happy. So, buy a gift that has the power to bring a smile to your friend's life because sometimes expensive diamonds fails to make people happy.

Superb Gifts for Ladies Just Under Rupee 100

Okay, so if your wife, sister, mother or female friends birthday or anniversary is coming, then you can very easily order simple gifts in 100 for them. Yep, in mere 100 rupees, you can make the lovely ladies present in your life super happy with some superb gifts. There are numerous gifts under 100 rs is available online to order from. However, if you don’t have time to do some online research for the budgeted gifts, then you can order any of the following gifts for all the gorgeous ladies.

Bangle Box

Source theoneshop.in

Well, a simple gift in 100 for ladies would be this stunning colorful bangle box. You can buy this utility bangle box for the lovely ladies present in your family. These gorgeous bangle box can be used to store multiple bangles by your mother or wife. Especially, while traveling this bangle box comes very handy as it won’t let get bangles break. Moreover, the very beautiful pattern of golden hue is engraved on the colorful bangle box. So, you can order red, pink, orange, etc bangle boxes from theoneshop.in. The gifts under 100 rs are beautiful and this fact has been proven with this bangle box for ₹99.

Crystal Flower Tlight

Source theoneshop.in

Ladies love to decorate their surroundings with the small items. So, gifts under 100 rs can be this beautiful crystal flower t-light set of 2 that can be used to decorate the surroundings. This quirky crystal t-light is given the shape of the flower, so if you have not lightened the candle, then still, it looks beautiful just laying on your mental piece. This enchanted flower t-light can be ordered in multiple different colors from theoneshop.in for mere ₹85. Just under your budget, you can make the ladies happy.

Oval Gift Basket

Women can be pleased very easily, you can please your women with the gifts under 100 rs only. This sophisticated oval gift basket can be your super simple gift in 100. This 8x6x2 inches oval shaped gift basket can be given as it is or you can add some small items like hair clips, chocolates, etc in it. The oval gift basket is available in two different color combinations of vibrant golden and subtle silver. This small gift basket in ₹100 can be delivered to your home in 2 days from athulyaa.com.

Marble Agarbatti Stand

Well, if you are seeking for the simple gifts in 100 for the elderly women like your mother, grandmother or aunts. Then, you can buy the useful agarbhatti stand for them as elders like to pray daily. So, this marble standing agarbatti holder which is adorned with the beautiful assortment of the stones is a very useful gift for them. Moreover, it can hold six agarbatti sticks at one time, so no need to use a potato to hold agarbatti as the stand is available for ₹95 only. Buy this spiritual gift for the special women present in your life for only 100 bucks from athulyaa.com.

Jute Lunch Bag

If your woman is a modern working lady, then you have to something useful gifts under 100 rs for her. For a working woman, this easy to carry and hold jute lunch bag is a very good gifting option. Ladies can put their lunch box in this jute bag to keep the lunch warm and airtight. The jute lunch bag is available in different color assortments and can be a very affordable gift item. This jute bag can be ordered from athulyaa.com for ₹70, just under your hundred rupees budget.

Superb Gifts For Gentleman Under 100 Rs

Now, if you want to buy something in the budget for your fussy brother, lovely husband or boyfriend, and your sweet dad, then that can be arraigned under ₹100 only. Yep, you can order the amazing gift items for all the male population present around you. Gifts under 100 rs can be very interesting as well as useful for the male members of your life. There are plenty of different simple gifts in 100 can be ordered online for men and some of the superb gifts has been listed below.

Paper Dispenser

A search of your simple gifts in 100 for the gentlemen’s can take you to the simple paper dispenser. Paper dispenser is a small gift item, but it will be very useful for your man to sort piles of paper. Just press the club shape button to release pad paper and release single paper with each press. Moreover, this paper dispenser can hold two pens. This useful table utility item is available in two color combinations of red/white and blue/white from businessgifts.in for ₹79.

Alphabet Name Poster

This unique and quirky poster is an ideal gift for your boyfriend, husband or brother on their special occasions. With a large alphabet and name printed on bright orange shades, its a cool wall decor for any room or office. You order the customized alphabet poster with your loved one's names first alphabet from excitinglives.com and present to him. This gift falls under the category of gifts under 100 rs perfectly as it is available for ₹99.

40 and Sexy Key Chain

Keychains can be big fancy bulky and thematic but sometimes you want a keychain that just says what you are feeling plain and simple. So, simple gift in 100 for the dad or husband who is turning 40 would be this cheesy keychain. This will give a light moment and an opportunity to smile to your gift receiver and that’s just in ₹100. This quirky keychain can be ordered from Flipkart for only ₹99.

Personalised Blackberry Cover

In Rs. 100, you can order the personalized image carrying blackberry phone cover for your loved ones. This smart phone cover carries a quality print of any photograph you upload and makes your phone stand-out of the crowd. Available for Blackberry models only. If your picture is landscape your cover will be printed horizontally. Order this simple gift for ₹99 from giveter.com today for your man.

Folding Mobile Stand

If your husband loves to watch videos on the smartphone, then holding the phone to long in hands isn’t good for his health. So, just under ₹100, order the mobile stabs with the provision to place your phone in portrait as well as landscape view for your husband. Moreover, this stand can be easily folded and can be stored in the pocket. It mainly works with all the latest technology phones and gives extra printing space on 2 sides. From businessgifts.in, this portable mobile stand can be bought for ₹61 only.

Shopping in a Limited Budget Can Be a Good Thing

If you want to have fun while buying gifts for your near and dear ones, then you need to buy gifts on a limited budget. Because when you have the challenge of buying gifts on the tight budget, then you can get a little creative and have fun with the shopping. You can explore different gifting categories and different ways of presenting gifts as well. Overall, if you are tight in your budget, then you have numerous options to be creative and imaginative. So, don’t think that gift shopping in the budget as a bad thing because it is a very good thing that gives you the opportunity to be different and explore your feelings in a different way.

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Not all occasions warrant expensive presents

The first date or early days of a relationship, just because gifts, return gifts at parties and functions, gifts for someone you may not be close with - all these demand an inexpensive present. So being low on cash isn't the only reason to want to cut down on your gifting expenses, and if you're feeling hesitant about keeping your budget low, try not to change your mind and raise the budget. There are lots of options out there and plenty of room for creativity so take this as a challenge and come up with something amazing.