20 Cheap and Simple Gifts Under 100 Rupees to Give as Just Because Gifts or When You're Low on Funds (Updated for 2020)

20 Cheap and Simple Gifts Under 100 Rupees to Give as Just Because Gifts or When You're Low on Funds (Updated for 2020)

A hundred rupees is a small budget but if you know where to look and shop right, there's a lot you can get. Whether you're looking for return gifts and party favours, want a simple gift to give someone or are just running low on cash, these gifts priced at and under 100 Rs are right for all occasions.

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Things to Consider While Buying Gifts on A Tight Budget

  • Make it personal:
    Even if the gift is small, it can make a big impact if you put thought into it. Find something within your budget that matches specific interests of the recipient or their personality. For example, if your brother is a big Game of Thrones fan, consider a mug or a notebook themed around the series' theme. Or perhaps your friend loves baking, then consider a small kit of unique tools that will be of use to her.

  • Wrap it nicely and add a handwritten note:
    Beautiful or unique gift wrapping can make a world of difference. Pick a quirky wrapping paper or use plain paper but personalise it. These small touches go a long way in making a positive impression when you give someone a present. And the personal note expressing your thoughts and emotions is just as important as it makes things personal. When done with sincerity, it can take the gift to a whole new level.

  • Look online and offline for good deals:
    Finally it comes down to how much effort you want to put into locating a good quality product that is also inexpensive. This can be a challenge so leave no stone unturned. There are great deals usually available online but the good old fashioned stores can also stock a few surprises. Use promo codes, discounts, coupons, anything you have to drive costs down.

20 Gifts Under 100 Rupees That Will Leave a Great Impression

When you are looking for gifts below Rs. 100, it is natural you may struggle to find good quality gifts that are also thoughtful and useful. That’s where we can help. We have looked all over to find great options for you to consider. Below are a few gifts/categories that are fantastic options for you to consider, all under Rs. 100.


MM Ganapathy Charm Pendant Keychain

Keychains are a great just because gifts - they are useful yet offer lots of personalisation. Look for keychains that match up the interests of the person you want to gift. You can look for keychains themed around animals, cute plush toys, TV shows, characters and more. Here is a Lord Ganesha keychain with striking blue shades.

Price About 79

Timeless Calendar Keychain

Made of metal, this keychain is a unique one. It comes with a cool mechanism by which you can set dates for any year until 2100. A gift for forever indeed. This offbeat keychain has a height of 9 cm and a width of 4.3 cm. Buy it on excitinglives.com for Rs.99.

Explore Dream Discover Key Chain

Here is another option from engrave.in. This simple wood-coloured keychain urges you to not forget the spirit of growing and discovering new things in life - the message “Explore Dream Discover” is engraved in colourful letters on a square-ish MDF keychain. A perfect gift for a close friend or a sibling. Order it on the site for Rs.99.

Coffee Mugs

Mugs are a convenient option when you are looking for an inexpensive but useful gift. We have here two options that you can consider.

Zodiac Sign Ceramic Mug

One option for is this attractive mug that features astrological signs. If you know the astrological sign of the recipient you can pick out the mug with the corresponding sign. One side of the mug has an image of the astrological sign and on the other side there are few brief descriptive phrases related to the sign. The mug has a capacity of 350 ml and ceramic, so it can be easily used in microwaves and dishwashers.

Price About 399

Personalised Mug

Yet another option is this personalised mug also on Amazon. Here you can add your chosen photo to the mug, making it really special. The ceramic custom-made mug can also have text messages. The capacity of the mug is 300ml, and you can order it here for Rs.99 onward.

Candles and Diyas

Personalised Aromatic Candle Jar

A small touch to make a birthday special! Give your sister or friend this fragrant candle which is personalised with their name. The candle which comes inside a glass jar has a sticker outside which is printed with your message. Measuring 25 x 2.25 inches, this is a cute keepsake to give. Order it on ExcitingLives for Rs.99.

Clay Pot Candle Gift Set

Made in Auroville, this special candle gift is an amazing option for your mother or your friends. Created using natural wax and floral essence oils, the candle has an incredible aroma. The candle has been carefully set inside small terracotta pots, and on top are pressed delicate dried flower petals and leaves which add a wonderful decorative touch.

This particular set measures 6 inches in length and 5 inches width and has the fragrance of milk and honey. Buy it on itokri.com for Rs.100.

Ganesha Brass Tealight Diya

Made of brass, this simple yet elegant diya is a perfect gift in case of housewarming party or a puja. Costing just Rs.99 this 10-inch lamp has a tea light stand where you place a tea light candle. When lit it throws a shadow of Lord Ganesh on the surface behind, creating a wonderful divine atmosphere. Order it on Amazon. A free tea light is provided for this price as well!


Notebooks and Journals

Notebooks make for great companions as we go about our day. They can be used to keep track of our to-dos, to jot down our thoughts, to plan ahead and so much more! Yes, notebooks are yet another simple gift that is very useful. Check out this elegant notebook on thesouledstore.com with a very important message on its cover - Dreams Don't Work, You Do! The soft cover notebook has 96 pages, one side ruled and other blanks. The notebook measures 5.25 x 8 inches in size. Order it for Rs.99.

If you are looking for something a little more formal, then take a look at this leatherite journal on Amazon. Priced at just Rs.95, this A7-sized Journal has ruled pages inside where you can easily make quick notes.

Pens and Pen Sets

Pen sets are also a great idea when you are looking for a gift for a colleague or a casual acquaintance. Here we have a sleek pen from Pierre Cardin that is priced at Rs.100. The pen comes packed inside a plastic box making it perfect for a gift. Featuring a metal body with chrome finishes, this pen has a classy look indeed. Order it on Amazon.

Camel Oil Pastel Colouring Set

If you know someone who is artistic or likes to draw, then consider this set as your gift. Camel offers a full set of high-quality oil pastels featuring 25 assorted colours. The pack additionally includes one scraping tool and one drawing pencil. Priced at just Rs.85 this box can be ordered on amazon.in.


Pen Stand

Everyone’s desk can use an organizer. Consider this pen stand that costs just Rs.80. Made of wood with a simple design, it can be a sophisticated addition to anyone’s desk. You can check it out on Amazon. It can be a great return gift idea!

Stainless Steel Card Holder

This sleek stainless steel credit card holder can safely hold credit cards, business cards and any other such card. Such a gift is highly appreciated because it is very useful but seldom do people consider buying it for themselves. Compact, lightweight and featuring a polished look, this holder is a fantastic way to keep all cards safely yet easily accessible. Buy it for Rs.70 on indiamart.com. However this site has a minimum order quantity of 100 pcs

Posters and Badges

Personalised Badge

How about a personalised badge that can be pinned onto a bag? Check out this cute badge where you can add your own short message about the person eg. Ram is Fun. The badge is made of metal and plastic and has a diameter of 5.5 cm. Buy it on excitinglives.com for Rs.99. This is a perfect gift for a friend or your younger brother/sister.

Game of Thrones Badge - House of Stark

If anyone of your friends is a Game of Thrones fan then this badge will be a surefire hit as a gift. Priced at just Rs.49, this badge is made of metal and plastic and has a diameter of 56 mm. The badge is available on the thesouledstore.com, where you have a huge range of options. You can pick from superhero themes to quirky messages to books. So figure out what subject will appeal best and buy a badge related to it.

Humourous Poster

Many of us growing up had posters in our room. We put up posters of our favourite bands, role models or just messages that struck a chord with us. So why not look at posters as a gift? Consider this poster with a funny message that is sure to bring a smile to the person you gift it to. Such posters are available on Amazon, where you have a huge range of options. Look around and pick something that fits best. This particular poster priced at Rs.77, has a matte finish and measures 30.48 cm x 45.72 cm.

Personal Knick Knacks

Handcrafted Earrings

If you have a younger sister or a friend who loves cute jewellery then consider these earrings made of bamboo. These handcrafted earrings make for a unique gift which costs just Rs.100. You can order it on itokri.com.

Personalised Phone Cover

In just around Rs.100, you can order the personalized image phone cover for your loved one. This smart phone cover carries a quality print of any photograph you upload and makes your phone stand-out of the crowd. Available for selected phone models only. Order this cute gift for Rs.99 from excitinglives.com today.

Handmade Gifts: Personalised, Special ...and Cheap!

When you are looking for gifting ideas, it can feel very depressing to find that everything you like is out of your budget! Our list above can help you figure out some options that will make your giftee happy. However, there is another solution: making something yourself. Yes, handmade gifts can be a wonderful way to show your love. There are so many resources available today - step-by-step how-to articles, videos, crafting blogs - that you can easily find your perfect gifting idea. So thrill your giftee beyond measure with a handcrafted gift.

5 Useful Tips When Your Gift Budget Is Small

Gifts represent your feelings for another person, feelings which you may not be able to express through words. The right gifts clearly communicate the affection and care you have for the other person. Indeed, your pure innermost feelings can’t be valued in the context of the money. Despite a tight and limited budget, you can very easily convey your true feelings to your loved ones. For this, you have to think from your heart, not from your pocket. Just follow some gift buying tips so that you can buy a meaningful gift for your every loved one in your small budget of Rs. 100.

Buy One or Two Extra Gifts

Some might consider this gift buying tip as a hoarders gateway, but to make your loved ones happy with good gifts takes work, so if you need to be a hoarder, be one! So, whenever you see a signboard announcing massive discounts, then don’t miss your chance and buy all the good gift items that you can find. If currently you don’t require the particular gift item, but it is available for an insanely low price then don’t miss out on such an opportunity and immediately buy a few extra gift items. Because you never know when extra gift items come in handy. Technically it is hoarding, but from the point of view of a person with a limited budget, it is an opportunity that can’t be missed.

Make the Present an Event

Well, rather than the actual gift, the whole process of receiving a gift - trying to guess what’s inside, and then finally ripping away the gift wrapper - is what makes the experience so much fun. So, make this whole process even more exciting and thrilling for your gift receiver. For example, you can pack your gift in different ways, you can use your creative skills to make the gift wrap exciting, or you can map out the gift finding hunt or you can put gift where the person could least expect like under the bed or in the socks drawer. So put on your creativity cap and find ways to make the whole gift-giving process a big event that will make it unforgettable.

Stick to Your Initial Gift Budget

To buy gifts for your all family and friends, you have to plan in advance. Every month keep a small amount aside from your monthly pocket money, salary or monthly household budget for buying gifts. This way you can draw little money out of your gifts buying fund whenever you have to buy a gift for your dear ones. Especially, if you know any important birthday, anniversary or festival is coming ahead, then you should definitely set the gift fund aside. But, the real gift buying tip here would be buying gifts in your limited fund only. Don’t get overboard and spend more money on gifts than you planned. Stay strong and stay within your budget! Because as we have already mentioned, no amount of money can help you in expressing your real feelings.

Plan Your Gift List in Advance

A common recommendation for buying gifts is that you plan your gift list in advance. Well, this helps in keeping the budget tight and gives you time to readjust the gifts selection. For this you can make the list of all the important birthdays, anniversaries and festival gifts that you have to buy. Then during the seasonal sales you can take some money out of your gifts fund and buy gifts from your list from the sales. This way you can shop for more expensive gifts that fit your limited budget. Normally, during the festival season like Diwali, Christmas, Rakhi, etc heavy discounts are offered by the numerous shops and brands. That’s your right opportunity to tick some gift items from your list in advance.

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Not all occasions warrant expensive presents

The first date or early days of a relationship, just because gifts, return gifts at parties and functions, gifts for someone you may not be close with - all these demand an inexpensive present. So being low on cash isn't the only reason to want to cut down on your gifting expenses, and if you're feeling hesitant about keeping your budget low, try not to change your mind and raise the budget. There are lots of options out there and plenty of room for creativity so take this as a challenge and come up with something amazing.