Return Gifts Under Rs 50: 15 Affordable Yet Meaningful Return Gifts for All Age Groups

Return Gifts Under Rs 50: 15 Affordable Yet Meaningful Return Gifts for All Age Groups

With list of budget return gifts you won't disappoint your guests, whatever the occasion! Our pocket friendly gifts have been curated carefully your party guests, whether its little ones or grown ups. All under Rs. 50! Explore to know more.

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Your Expensive Return Gift Can Easily be Replaced with Following Gifts

  • Creative Gifts:
    Gifting is truly an art and in the materialistic world of today, one might often get it all wrong by thinking that an expensive gift is the best choice. This is hardly the truth as an expensive gift might lack the aspect of creativity. So instead of going with conventional and expensive return gifts, you can look for options that are creative. For instance, you can gift your guests with an assorted stationery kit that has handpicked components and is wrapped beautifully to make it look cute. You can also gift a bracelet set as a creative return gift.
  • DIY Gifts:
    People usually do not give much thought in selecting return gifts. You can change this trend by giving DIY return gifts at your next party. A Do it yourself gift has more impact than any ordinary gift. Since it is made with a lot of time and effort, it is well appreciated by people of all ages. Your guests would be touched to get a gift that you have made yourself. Moreover, you can find the supplies for a DIY gift within Rs. 50 and they are way cheaper than other readymade return gifts. Give your return gifts a twist and opt for cute DIY gifts that your guests will love.
  • Thoughtful Gifts:
    More often than not, we all have witnessed that not all expensive gifts are thoughtful. While they might be from a popular brand and might look good, they might not always serve a purpose. The most important aspect of a gift is the thought behind it. An expensive gift that looks great but is not meaningful will certainly not benefit the user. This is why you should opt for thoughtful gifts. If you choose them well, a thoughtful gift that is worth Rs. 50 can easily beat a gift worth Rs. 10000. Looking for utility is a good option. For instance, you can gift your guests with daily use objects that they can actually benefit from

Fun Return GiftS for Kids Under Rs.50

LED Flashing Glitter Water Balls

Kids are always looking forward to a birthday party and eagerly anticipate the return gift that they would get. Make it joyful for them by gifting the kids with this cute flashing bouncing ball. This adorable gift is a water filled ball that flashes with shiny glittler and LED lights. These balls light up automatically when they are thrown on the ground with a little force. Will it not be an absolutely attractive and fun gift for the kids. Give this ultra cute return gift for a kid’s birthday party. You can shop for the same from for Rs.44.

Tic Tac Toe Game

Kids love to play Tic Tac Toe and would definitely love this game as a return gift. This game is made from a material that is non-toxic and safe for children. It helps in developing statistical thinking as well as imagination in the young minds. This little yet cute gift improves visualization skills and widens the strategic skills as well. Kids can play it in a group in their leisure time to enjoy the endless fun. It is a suitable return gift for birthday parties or other kid’s parties. You can shop for this from for Rs.50.

Plush Ball

This soft colour ball is a must-have in a beginners collection. It also makes a great huggable companion at all times. The material used to make this ball is nontoxic and kids can hold it and cuddle it. Playing with this cute softball will be a great pastime for kids and they can easily learn to throw and kick with this ball. You can pick this as a return gift for all the toddlers at any birthday party or celebration. The multicolour softball can be bought from for Rs.64.

Modelling Clay - Multi-colour

Children love to play with modeling clay and it fosters the creativity among them. They can forge out various shapes out of them and create different creatures. This amazing set of modeling clay comes in multiple colors and has soft, nontoxic and pliable clay that can be very well molded to any shape. The clay is hygienic and does not shrink over time. It is a nice gift to keep the creative and busy for hours. If you are looking for a return gift for a kid’s party then this is an ideal choice with Rs.50. Shop for it from for Rs.29.

Skipping Rope

This skipping rope has comfortable handles and the kids can exercise using it. It has been made with a durable and sturdy material and the bright pink colour looks attractive. Skipping is a popular outdoor game that can help kids build stamina and increase their height. Giving skipping ropes is a great idea as it is very thoughtful. It is a great gift that you can gift to a kid under the budget of Rs. 50. Choose this as a return gift for a kid’s birthday party. You can shop for this from Amazon India for Rs. 549 for a pack of 6.

Return Gifts for the Teens and Tweens Under Rs.50

Note Wallets

This attractive wallet featuring cute cartoon characters is super useful for keeping the money across all age groups. Youngsters can easily keep any cash, cards or other valuable gifts in it. It is made of waterproof plastic and is foldable, washable. Wallets can be a great return gift for youngsters as they introduce them to money management. Kids can take care of the money and use it as a pretend play toy thus it serves a dual purpose. It also imbibes a sense of responsibility in youngsters so that they can keep their money properly. You can shop this from for Rs.26.

Mobile Charging Stand

Often times it is quite a hurdle to keep the phone intact while charging it. This stand places itself in between your wall charger and the socket on the wall. It also easily folds when it is not being used. It acts as a perfect mini shelf to keep the cell phone. This useful stand makes for a great utility return gift under Rs. 50. It prevents the phone from getting damaged. The mobile gets sufficient support and the stand has enough space to accommodate any smartphone. It is available in 7 different colours. Shop for it from for Rs.18.

Slide Mobile Stand

This slide mobile loop is a convenient accessory to be gift useful both at the workplace or at home. It has a stylish design and can be easily installed and used. It is made of good quality rubber and strong adhesive so it does not come off. You can choose from different colours. It makes for a great return gift for any occasions. Your guests would appreciate this thoughtful gift. Shop for this from for Rs.32.

Fancy Gel Pens

This funky pen adds a touch of fun to the everyday life. Gift this pack as a return gift to your guests for any corporate event or birthday party. It will surely cheer them up. You will find 1 multicolour gel pens decorated with a unicorn. It is one of the best economical return gifts available under Rs. 50. The refill of the pen can be replaced once used. Surprise your guests with this unique and quirky gift. Shop for this from for Rs. 39.

Pocket Diary with Wooden Pencil

A pocket-sized diary always comes in handy and can be used to jot down anything important instantly. This diary is made of colourful pages that are revealed when scratched with a pen. The diary is bound spirally and feature cute cartoon prints. It comes with cellophane packing that has an amazing finish and design. The vibrant print of the pocket diary makes it suitable for a return gift on any given occasion. Give this to your guests to express your gratitude for their presence. Shop for this from for Rs.49.

Return Gift for Adults Under Rs.50

Ashta Lakshmi Blessing Fridge Magnet

Whether you are hosting a housewarming party or any other special function, gifts play an important role in it. This Ashtalakshmi blessing fridge magnet can be very well given as a return gift to all your guests. Goddess Lakshmi is the harbinger of money and prosperity. This fridge magnet is symbolic of the goodwill and blooming finances. Gift this to your guests when they grace your party with their presence. It is a simple gift under Rs. 50. Shop for this from for Rs.40.

String Bag-Mini Dotted Bag

This cute mini string bag has golden dots on it and can be easily carried anywhere. It is made of a durable fabric and has an impeccably beautiful design that gives it a catchy appearance. The small bag can be used to hold money and other important essentials. It perfectly goes with any ethnic attire. The bag can be secured with the white string that it comes with. It is indeed a very economical return gift that also looks great. You can shop for the same from for Rs. 22.

Kumkum Dibbi

For occasions such as housewarming, Sankranti and the like, giving return gifts is considered a good practice in Indian culture. Return gifts are a great way of building relationships with your guests. This kumkum dibbi can be used to conveniently store kumkum in a safe and pretty box. The box is in the shape of a dolphin and it has red and white work on it. It is made of plastic and easily stores kumkum. The dibbi has adorable beads all around it which look attractive. You can shop for this from for Rs. 30.

Laddu Gopal Antique Small

This spiritual return gift will be admired by your guests. It is a beautiful small antique that depicts Lord Krishna eating a laddu. Lord Krishna is known to be very benevolent toward his deities. This gift is symbolic of his grace and love. It reminds people of Lord Krishna who shields us from the evil forces and helps us attain salvation and peace. The antique is also an economical gift that is just under Rs. 50. This makes it perfect as a return gift for housewarming or Sankranti. Shop for it from for Rs.35.

White Metal Kuber Diya Metal

This agarbatti stand is made of white metal and is perfect to be kept in the puja room. It has a very intricate design on its exterior and the inner surface is shiny. The stand has a placeholder wherein the incense sticks can be placed. You can give it as a return gift on any auspicious occasion. The holy stand has a gorgeous appearance that enhances the look of any temple or puja room. You can shop for the same from for Rs. 39.

It's the Thought Behind the Gift that Counts, Not the Price

More often than not, people tend to opt for gifts that are only expensive and do not add any value as such. This notion needs to be changed as gifts are meant to make us feel good. It has nothing to do with how costly a gift is. All that matters is that thought behind it. If you present a gift to someone with a goodwill then it is more likely to be well received. While shopping for return gifts, you should be mindful of this fact. As far as the gift serves a purpose and is meaningful, it will always be a great gift.

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Present your gifts in a beautiful manner

Just because your gifts are inexpensive doesn't mean that you have to give them away as they are. Wrap your gifts up in a pretty manner; use gift bags or colourful wrapping paper. If you are giving edibles then you could use beautifully decorated mason jars. Attach a name tag to each gift. It will make the guests feel acknowledged. You could add a little something extra like a small chocolate bar, a scented tea light or handmade cookies to your goody bag.