Surprise Your Little Guests With These Cute Gifts! 10 Rapunzel Party Favors The Little Princesses Will Love At Your Kid's Party (2019)

Surprise Your Little Guests With These Cute Gifts! 10 Rapunzel Party Favors The Little Princesses Will Love At Your Kid's Party (2019)


Party favors have become a trend today. They make your guests happy and are a great way to tell your guests how much you appreciate them for coming to your party. When you're planning your little one's party, it is important to choose appropriate party favors for the kids. We bring you 10 cute and useful Rapunzel party favors in this post.

Planning a Rapunzel Party? Here Are Some Tips To Get You Started!

Party Essentials

Planning a party can be quite intimidating or stressful if you don’t know where to start. However, if you organize well and plan ahead, then you can end up hosting a memorable party with ease. When it comes to planning a party for your little one's birthday, and if you don’t intend to make it a lavish affair, then a party at home would be the best, with other easy venues being a community center, an amusement park, a local park or a restaurant, by the pool or at a friend’s place. However, choose a venue keeping in mind the safety parameters, the age group you’re planning to host and other uncertainties like weather and distance from home.

The next essential point on your list should be the party theme; it is best to discuss with your child what kind of party she/he’d like and that makes your task a tad bit easier. A theme pulls a party together and is a great way to unleash your creative skills as well. When it comes to the number of kids to be invited, it is wise to invite kids your child’s age plus one, and if you have space available, then for kids below the age of 5, invite their mums too, so that you’re free to interact with other kids and have everyone interacting and enjoying the party.

Typically, your party should be anything between 2-3 hours inclusive of cake cutting and games/activities and the ideal time to host a party can be between 11.30 am -12.30 pm or between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm. If you intend to serve cake and light snacks only, then consider the slot of 10 am to 12 pm or 2 pm to 4 pm. Be sure to let the kids’ parents know of the end time for the party, so each kid is safe & free to be picked up on time.

Planning a Budget

Budgeting is a critical aspect of planning any party, and it is very easy to go overboard and end up overspending. When you’re planning your kids’ party, know that the primary objective is for kids to have fun, and as long as every child is engaged and happy, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have an expensive clown or ponies for show & ride!

You can spend your money better by keeping your costs low on the venue, invites, décor, and favors. For instance, instead of investing in a paper invite, pick an adorable invite from scores of free invites available online and custom design to your liking, send it off at the click of a button to your invitees. Instead of hiring a professional entertainer/magician or clown, make the most of a talented youngster from your group of friends/family to put up a show, or you can organize the party at a local park, where the kids can enjoy the swings, see-saws and the slides.

For thematic duos, go with generic themes such as a princess theme, in comparison to a Disney Princess Theme. For décor, you can experiment with flower bunches or paper crafted flowers, decorated fabric banners, card-shaped dangling mobiles, and a collage of your kid’s pictures on the wall. You can bake your cake or decorated individual cupcakes and have an assortment of easy to put together dishes like a casserole, pizzas or lasagne.

Party Favors

For girls, party favors with candies or chocolates, colorful beads & DIY craft accessories, a cosmetic kit with nail polish, lip gloss and little trinkets or hair accessories, pendants & wristbands would be ideal. While for the boys, you can explore toy soldiers, squirt guns, bouncy balls, tattoos, or safari animals. For eco-friendly options, you can put together a DIY garden kit with seeds and soil for kids in a higher age group.

Rapunzel Party Favors: Girls Will Love These 10 Ideas!

Disney Princess All About Me Organizer


A gorgeous organizer for your little one with pockets to store her favorite CDs, a picture frame, a magazine keeper with an MP3 player pocket and a pocket to keep her cosmetics, this Disney Princess – All about Me Organizer comes with a marker and your princess would surely love owning this little piece and making a record about all her precious things, her friends and more in this organizer! Measuring 70 x 97 cm in dimensions, the organizer’s a perfect gift for girls of 5 years and above and can be hung anywhere, to store her favorite knick-knacks within easy reach. Priced at Rs. 372, the Disney Princess – All about Me Organizer is available at

Rapunzel Princess Tangled Long Wig


A braid intertwined with ribbons and ribbon rosettes with glittered flowers and a jewel center at the back with a ribbon bow at the base, this Rapunzel Princess Tangled Long Wig measures 30” in length and is a themed hairpiece for the Tangled Rapunzel Fan. The long golden braid would be an ideal finishing touch to your little girl’s Rapunzel costume. Easy to wear, the long wig comes with side combs for a secure fit. The Rapunzel Princess Tangled Long Wig is made of polyester and is priced at Rs. 449,

Rapunzel Dress Up Accessories Set


The Rapunzel Dress Up Accessories Set is ideal for a Rapunzel and various other princess costumes, where the birthday girl can dress up like a princess. Available in matching coloured accessories, the accessories set includes a tiara, a pair of bejeweled earrings, a neckpiece, a wand and a pair of pink satin gloves, all priced at Rs. 643. You can choose from coloured sets like pink, blue, lilac, red and sky blue. Buy this Rapunzel Accessories Set from Snapdeal.

Rapunzel Colouring Book

The Tangled/Rapunzel Colouring Book is printed on cardstock with a personalized effect that carries the child’s name on it and comes with 12 colouring pages befitting the theme. With 2 staples along the centerfold, the book makes for a real colouring book with graphics on the back cover as well. In addition to the colouring book, you can gift personalized coloured pencils/crayons to match the book. Measuring A4 in size, the Tangled/Rapunzel Coloring Book is priced at Rs. 250 and is available on

Rapunzel Water Bottle


This Rapunzel Themed Water Bottle is made with food-grade plastic and is leak-proof, not intended for hot drinks. With a year’s warranty on manufacturing defects, the Rapunzel Water Bottle is a yellow & violet-coloured sipper bottle that can hold about 60 0ml of liquid and is made of premium quality plastic, a big hit for Tangled/Rapunzel fans. Priced at Rs. 294, the Rapunzel water bottle is available on

Rapunzel Kids Cushion Cover


Measuring 41 cm in height and width each, the pink and purple Rapunzel Cushion Cover is a square-shaped home accessory perfect for a little girl’s room. The cushion cover comes with a concealed zip closure and is made of polyester fabric. The Rapunzel Kids Cushion Cover is soft and easy to maintain, comfortable for a little girl, and is best cleaned in a machine wash in warm water. The Rapunzel Kids Cushion Cover comes as a single piece, priced at Rs. 222 on

Disney Rapunzel Plastic Lunch Box Set


The Disney Princess Rapunzel ‘all-around’ lunch box set is an ideal accessory to help the kids refuel their tummies at timely intervals. With a thematic lunch box, the set features two separate compartments to store food items and snacks with a yellow tray to keep it all in place. The set also includes a spoon and a fork to enhance the child’s eating etiquette and is an easy slip in the school bag or a backpack. Made of premium quality food-grade plastic that keeps food fresh for longer, the lunch box set is BPA free, non-toxic, and absolutely safe. The violet & yellow lunch box is an airtight, leak-proof, and compact box, which is both dishwasher and microwave safe and comes with a year’s warranty on manufacturing defects. It's priced at Rs. 399 on

Rapunzel School Bag


The Rapunzel School Bag is an attractive bag tailored to hold a child’s school workload with ample space, comes in a trendy design and is lightweight, making it an easy carry. Made of superior quality polyester material, with a durable finish, the bag has been specifically crafted to enable a hassle-free experience of carrying school items by young kids and prevent any physical discomfort. It comes with one compartment and one front pocket and a side mesh pocket. Measuring 12” in height, and appropriate for the age group of 3 to 8 years, the Rapunzel School Bag is priced at Rs. 596 on

Rapunzel T-Shirt


Available for ages 3-7 years, the Rapunzel T-shirt from Myntra is a pink coloured printed t-shirt with a round neck and short extended sleeves in polyester and cotton fabric. Best for casual wear, the pink-coloured Rapunzel T-shirt is priced at Rs. 299 and is an ideal party favor for Disney princesses thematic birthday gifts.

Rapunzel Large Wall Décor Sticker


Ideal for a kids' bedrooms, the family lounge or the study room, this Rapunzel themed Wall Sticker is a PVC, non-toxic and waterproof decal which can be decorated in a matter of minutes, with easy installation techniques. All you need to do is peel the pre-cut pieces of the sticker off from the backing paper & apply it to the desired wall/area. It is essential to know that lacquered or freshly painted surfaces must be allowed to be completely cured for a minimum of 30 days before the decal is applied. The Tangled - Rapunzel Wall Decal is priced at Rs. 499 and measures 100 cm in size. Buy this from Flipkart.

Bonus Tip: Inexpensive Party Favors

The cost of party favors can stand out to be an expensive proposition, owing to pressure from the kids and their whimsical requests. However, you can avoid spending in excess, while still offering a fantastic party favor that’s appreciated by kids and parents alike. This is easily achieved by choosing a favor that can double up as a décor item or activity or both! Here are some ideas.

  • ARTISTIC THEME – You can have the kids draw pictures at the start of the party and then during the cake cutting/gift opening ritual, ask someone to place each child’s artwork in an inexpensive frame, to be presented to them just before they leave, as a favor.

  • BOUNCY BALLS – Bouncy Balls are a rage, not only making for a festive décor but also fun to play with. You can use the balls in a variety of colors and sizes as props for your party and then give them away to the kids as favors as they return.

  • FASHION ACCESSORIES – For themes where you have the kids dress up as their favourite cartoon characters, you can get fashion accessories befitting the theme to wear during the party, which is a great idea for role-playing, make for perfect props for the photo ops and then also serve as parting gifts. For instance, if you have a cowboy/girl themed party, you can purchase a pack of bandanas or plastic cowboy hats.

  • INEXPENSIVE OPTIONS – You can always bake cookies or other delicious treats for the kids and then package them in cellophane bags tied with ribbons, burn a CD of the birthday kid’s favourite numbers and hand them out, give handmade soaps, or candid shots of the kids enjoying themselves, printed & framed as favors. Other interesting and pocket-friendly gift options can include zoo animal stampers, flashing LED sunglasses, inflatable mini basket/footballs, jump ropes, smiley yo-yos, clown noses, snap wristbands, glow in the dark springs, puzzle balls, dartboard games and more.

  • GIFT OF GREEN – You could also gift seeds and easy to plant kits for younger children, which is easy to work with as party favors.
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Go For DIY Ideas!

If you're someone who likes to do things their own way, DIY ideas are an amazing way to show your creativity as well as keeping costs low. Along with party favors, you can create DIY decorations for the Rapunzel party of your kid. For example, you can order plain coloured plates in bulk and use a permanent marker to draw various characters on the plates and let kids choose according to their preferences. There are a plethora of ideas available online; all you have to do is one google search!