How Party Favours Can Make Your Party a Huge Hit, Selecting Fun Gifts and 13 Trendy Return Gifts for Girls

How Party Favours Can Make Your Party a Huge Hit, Selecting Fun Gifts and 13 Trendy Return Gifts for Girls

There's the birthday cake, the games, the food and the fun but no party is complete without party favours! As much fun as they had during the party, the kids are eagerly looking forward to the return gifts they will get when leaving. Forget the little bag of candy and the packet of stickers, BP-Guide India has rounded up some cool and fun return gifts for girls that are perfect for birthdays and as party return gifts.

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How Are Return Gifts a Crucial Part of Your Celebration?

Return Gifts Can Add a Surprise Element to Your Parties

Return gifts are given as a symbol of gratitude expressing your thankfulness towards your guests who have graced your event with their presence. Hence, it is always right to invest sometime in choosing the right one keeping in mind the type of people who are to be present at the occasion. Though it is a time consuming task, it has become much simpler by choosing stuffs from the internet. And a carefully chosen return gift adds an element of surprise to your party.

Giving Return Gifts is a Way of Showing Appreciation

Gifts are always precious, irrespective of the monetary value. A thoughtfully chosen gift will always remain close to the heart of the recipient hoe so ever immaterial it is to the eyes. The gifting experience also depends on the bond you share with the giftee. If you are considerate enough in maintaining your relations, your dear ones will end up treasuring memories in every gift that you give. When you present a return gift to someone, they get to know that you are acknowledging their effort to take time for your event, to make you feel obliged keeping aside all other priorities. You are really grateful to them for this gesture and you extend your courtesy by the return gift.

What Can Return Gifts Comprise Of?

When choosing a return gift for a girl you have all the room in the world as girls are exuberant in everything they do. Try to recall her love and passion for things and try to gift her something relevant to her interests. More or less, everyone is passionate at least about one thing. If the recipients are girls of whom you know nothing about, there are some generic gifts that like chocolates which are savoured by people of all demographics.

Apart from that, with the swarm of custom goodies in the market, it’s not hard to pick and customise goodies. It can anything ranging from a mug, a photo collage, a t-shirt to school bag, wooden plaque or photo frame. The choice of custom gifts is practically endless. But even then, if you are unable to make up your mind then go for stuff that adds to the look and appeal of the girl. It can be clothing, shoes, handbags or accessories. Among all these options, accessories are the safest to go with. All girls (not generalizing, but still!) love trendy accessories. You have a lot of brands with varied collections to suit every budget.

How to Choose Return Gifts for Girls?

Keep a Strict Eye on the Budget

Return gifts are generally bought in bulk. And if you are having a huge gathering, this may cost you a fortune. The solution is to set a budget and stick to it no matter what. You don’t need to break the bank to maintain a hollow image. Your financial integrity is far more important than getting praised for a super expensive return gift. If you are thoughtful enough, you can always add value to your gifts by your creativity. A simple idea like heartfelt handwritten note presented even with a humble gift will amplify your it manifolds.

Bulk Ordering Can Be an Affordable Option

Bulk orders also have a beneficial aspect for the buyers. Placing big orders can actually earn you a heavy discount on the total purchase price. If the return gift that you have selected is costly but appealing, then don’t worry. Buying anything in large numbers will reduce per unit cost of that item.

Go for Gifts That Are Unique and Attractive

With mild online research, you can easily come up with unique and attractive items. Innovative gifts like a projector clock, cool lamp, finger mouse will not only keep you within budget but will also make your gift stand out. When shopping for girls look for pretty and eye catching trinkets. The recipients will love to flaunt their awesome gifts and their cherished memories will last forever.

13 Best Options for Return Gifts for Girls

Fidget Spinners

Whether you know them as fidget spinners, tri-spinners or hand spinners, the whole country is crazy for these little gadgets! Satisfying to spin and also collectible, fidget spinner is a craze that's not going anywhere. It is among the latest cool things to have. It has also been found useful for reducing stress as well as in ADD, ADHD, anxiety and autism for adults and children. It can be bought on for Rs.149.

Goodie Bag

Perfect for the younger party guests, this Colour My World Goody Bag consists of Colouring Book, Crayons and other fun things to keep children busy for hours! All the items for the Colour My World Goody Bag are put inside the 7 x 10 inch tie-dyed drawstring bag. It can be ordered on for Rs.525.

Pencil Pouches

This rectangular shaped Disney Minnie Mouse Pencil Pouch is very attractive and lets your kids carry all their stationery essentials like pencil, pens, in an organised way to school. It features one spacious main compartment and one front pocket, both having a zip closure. It is light in weight which makes it easy to carry. Suitable for kids aged 3 and above, this pouch can be bought on for Rs. 93.

Crayons and Coloring Books

Jumbo Cartoon Colouring Book 5 is a fun way to learn for young artists. Colouring the huge funny characters aids them in identifying and selecting colours as well as choosing different colour combinations to create a distinct character. It can be ordered on for Rs.110.

Fridge Magnets

Circle One Photo magnets are a colourful picture displays with an inspiring message. It is also a great way to cherish your favourite moments. A photo magnet can be displayed anywhere, on a refrigerator or locker or an office cabinet. To give it a personal touch you can add your name and picture. At Circle One, they have templates and designs for special occasions, themes, events and festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Farewell parties and many more. You can either select a design from the templates or upload your own text, image and message. You can order it on for Rs.193.

Nail Art Kit

Wish Kart Nail Art Studio Salon Kit is wonderful Nail Art Studio for your princess. It is made up of safe material and has everything you need to create salon style nail art, right at your fingertips. Long fabulous nails are just one step away. Use the artificial nails included in this kit to give you a nail makeover. Paint them with nail polish any way that you wish and use the sparkly nail stickers to give your nails an added shine. Show off your new glossy and shimmering nails to the world. Add beautiful body tattoos and stickers to make you look really great. Funny Bunny products are made of high quality material, which makes it an ideal gift. It can be ordered on for Rs.332.

Glow-in-the-Dark Necklace


Tree of Life Pattern Crescent Noctilucous Glow In dark Necklace is a fashion accessory that is must have for all. Its unique pattern makes is appealing even in the light, however the real magic is its glow in the dark. The patterns are more clearly visible in the dark with blue neon coloured radium in the background. This unique necklace can be bought on for Rs.283.

Princess Jewellery Box


Artbox Password Protected Princess Design Jewellery Box is very attractive and has a unique password lock. Ideal for keeping your valuables, makeup tools and jewellery, this box makes a perfect gift for your near dear ones on any occasion. The pink graphics is highly suitable for girls. It can be bought on for Rs.478.

A Bag of Candy

Collect all the goodies in this Frolic Birthday theme loot bag. These coordinating loot bags feature a handle for easy carrying and plenty of space for knick knacks and candy! They can be bought on for Rs.142 for a pack of 6 bags.

Sling Bags

Puff Girls Hand Bag is for your cute ones aged 7 to 10 years. Liked by girls, they will love to go to their school with their favourite puff Girls Hand Bag. It’s made of soft plush fabric which is skin friendly. Bright colours and soft material gives it a wonderful look. Light in weight this bag can be purchased at for Rs.420.

Girls Bracelet

Add some style to your girls outfit when you buy her this trendy accessory from Miss Diva. Brighten up your little ones wardrobe with this new collection of accessory that will make her look glamorous. This eye catchy Miss Diva Pearls Beads Bracelet has white lustre, has non-slip grip and is long lasting. It can be purchased on for Rs.165.

Wooden Photo Frame


Creative Kids Design photo frame can be passed on as a return gift. It's printed with vibrant colours and design. One can easily insert the photograph of their choice at its back slot, with the help of wooden stick provided. It can be placed on an even and flat surface like bed corners, side tables, study tables or any other platform, as well as hung on walls. You can buy it on for Rs.225 for a pack of 4 frames.

Sipper Bottle


Cartoon Sipper Shake Bottle is the ideal solution for carrying your drinkable food. The containers sport air-tight and spill-proof lids to prevent leakage and preserve taste. You can use this set to carry home prepared drinkables as well as water and enjoy the convenience of drinking wherever you go. It is easy to clean and is made of food-grade BPA free material. A set of 3 bottles can be ordered on for Rs.299.

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Give Fun Things They Can Play With

Just like any adult, a child too enjoys gifts that they can either play with or use. There are loads of small games, toys and activity books that are available at low prices and which can be a blast for kids. Small children move on to the next thing very easily, so look for creative, brightly coloured or engaging return gifts that catch their attention; when the little ones peep into their goodie bags when leaving the party, they should feel excited, and get a sense of the party continuing all the way home.