14 Return Gifts for All:  Party Favour Ideas for Kids, Teens and Adults and Tips on Party Planning (2020)

14 Return Gifts for All: Party Favour Ideas for Kids, Teens and Adults and Tips on Party Planning (2020)

Looking for return gift ideas? Buying return gifts when the guest list is full of people of various age groups and relations can be a bit difficult. Our gift guide will provide you exactly the kind of guidance that you need to make kids, adults and everyone else happy!

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A Quick Guide to Buying Great Return Gifts

As a good host, it is your prime responsibility to keep your guests happy who have come keeping aside their precious time. A party is not successful if only a few people turn up, so guests are indeed the lifeline of a party. One of the best ways to thank your esteemed guests for their time and affection is giving them precious and memorable return gifts, as a token of appreciation for their presence and valuable time. Return gifts should be selected with utmost care because through this, you will be conveying your love and warmth to your guests.

  • Personalise Return Gifts
    Exploring the internet or market for perfect return gifts? Personalised items make for exciting gifts for your guests. Personalised gift items connect better with your guests on an emotional level and make them feel personally acknowledged and loved by you.

  • Purchase in Bulk or Wholesale
    Purchasing return gifts is a difficult task as budget plays an important factor. It is advisable to buy the return gifts from wholesale stores to bring down the gifting expenses for the special occasion. Check for good and reasonable wholesale stores or online websites. Shopping from exclusive gift stores will also allow you to purchase multiple gifts aimed at different age groups. A focused approach to buying your return gifts will ensure it’s a hit among the guests. They will truly appreciate the pain you have gone through to choose the return gift.

  • How to Segregate Return Gifts?
    Since you have personally invited all the guests, you probably will know all the guests well. So, you can segregate them into categories like kids, teenagers, adults and elderly people. You can buy gifts for all ages in bulk for a better price in wholesale, and this will not disappoint any of your guests. If it’s a birthday party, you can choose to focus only on the kids’ section. Moreover, for other festival celebrations or ceremonies, gifts can be sourced from the gender-neutral section of a store.

Top Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Children’s birthdays are special and to maintain a shoestring budget is essential for all the parents out there who want to celebrate their kid’s birthday without disappointing them. So, buying inexpensive return gifts for birthday parties should be carefully chosen. Let’s look at a few productive and budget-friendly gifts.

You may consider play dough or other clay kits, which will bring out the creativity in them; miniature board games like puzzles, Business or Monopoly, to keep them busy during vacations or when their friends come over. You may also consider gifting piggy banks or coin boxes as it encourages a child to save money. Stationery items such as pencil boxes, crafts and colouring sets and other everyday utility items are useful for school-going kids and are also help stimulate their creative instincts.

For toddlers, it’s a good idea to gift books. This will not only instil in them a habit to read, but also boost their imagination. Pop-up books are a popular choice for this category of guests.

Minions on Cake Exam Board for Kids

A writing board is in every school going child’s essentials list. Funcart offers this fantastic return gift idea for your child’s birthday party, a writing exam board with minions printed on it. This cool minion-themed writing board will cost Rs.125 each. Get it on funcart.in.

Wooden Farm Dominoes

Falling dominoes is an eye-pleasing moment for all. Party one has this fun wooden farm dominoes. They have characters like Miss Ducky, Mr Cow. Mr Pig, Mr Bunny, Miss Hen, Mr Horsey and Mr Goat are all lined up for a fun domino ride! it also is a fun learning experience with numbers. It teaches kids animal’s names, shapes, colours, etc. These dominoes made of high-quality wood and can also be used as an eco-friendly showpiece. It is mostly recommended for ages above four years of age and costs Rs.149 each.buy in from partyone.in.

Funcart Smiley Pink Small Diary Set with Small Pen

Teaching the art of writing and imbibing in them a sense of expressing is very crucial. Hence on this birthday as a return gift to your child’s friends give a diary and encourage them to use it. Small and cute journals with a pen each are available on Funcart for Rs.125 each.

Return Gifts for Teens

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Gifting teenagers is a tricky thing as Teens are in the phase of treating them as almost young adults. They have a unique sense of choice and a fickle taste that keeps changing with the current trends. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of the current trends while giving gifts to teenagers. Some cool personalised cups, funny quoted t-shirts, cushion covers, superhero merchandise for boys would help you do the needful. Make-Up, fancy bags, etc. would make a teenage girl super happy if she received any of those products as a gift.

Stylish Personalized Picture Cushion

Source i9.fnp.com

Confused about what return gifts are best for your teenage child’s friends? Just go for customised cushion covers. You can have various superheroes printed for boys and cute images for girls. This stylishly personalised picture cushion is available on FnP for Rs.349 each.

The size of the cushion is Approximate L (10-11 inches) x W (10-11 inches). A picture speaks a thousand words and takes one back into the memory lane of happiness and precious moments spent. This gift will also give a constant reminder to the recipient of the friendship with your child and is a handy product every day it is very eye-catchy and will add a good look to the room.

Generic Universal Selfie Stick (Multicolour)

Teenagers love taking selfies and what better than a selfie stick to make their pictures better. A universal selfie stick that can be attached to all phones is available on Amazon. This selfie stick does not have Bluetooth connectivity but has a wired connection to the phone. It weighs 109 grams and is of 24.5 x 5.1 x 3.2 cm. This trendy gift can be used as a return gift as it is available for Rs.159 each. It is available in various colour.

Goodwork Fall in Love Notebook

A quirky notebook for teenagers as a return gift would be a great idea. They can show it off to their friends, make notes or use it as a personal diary to express their emotions. Amazon has a good collection of stitch bound notebooks. The Goodwork Fall in Love Notebook has thick cover pages and 28 white inner pages. Each notebook is available for Rs.150.

Custom Printed Mug

It can be difficult to get the right return gift for teens! An ever-green option would be customised mugs. A very useful gift, you can get the mugs printed with any sort of witty or motivational message that will appeal to the teens. There are several options available so you can pick as per your budget. Here is a very reasonalbly priced option from prestogifts.com where the price stars at Rs. 299. You can add a photo and a message in this instance.

Handmade Soap Set

Teenagers will love to get something personal! Here is a set of handmade soap that they will enjoy using. This gift can be given to both boys and girls. This particular option has four soaps of having different natural fragrances, each of weight 75 g. Available on purplle.com for Rs. 255.

Great Return Gifts for Adults

Everyone likes gifts, so do adults and giving return gifts to your friends, colleagues, relatives could be easy than gifting children and teens because adults can be gifted an item and it will be useful for them. Also, by now, you would most probably know your guests over years of relationship hence its easier gifting adults.

Handicrafts are a popular trendy item as adults like ethnic stuff with a modern touch. Crockery, microwave products, coffee machine, glassware, skincare products, and similar products are few ideas you may consider when buying return gifts for adults. You may also consider home décor items, jewellery, and gift vouchers as return gift ideas for adults.

Black Iron Pen Stand by GAC Trend

It is good to have an organised desk at home or office, and it also should look cool. The Black Iron Pen Stand sold GAC trend at pepperfry will give your table some style goals. This iron pen holder weighs 170 grams and will occupy 8 x 4.5 x 5 inches of the table. It is available at Rs.299. This is also a fantastic way to gift your party peeps some serious desk goals!

Synthetic Wood Photo Frame

Adults always appreciate home decor items as gifts because it changes the look of the house. A photo frame is where you display the best captured moments of life. You can either hang it on your wall or keep it on the shelf. It can also be kept on your desk at the office or at home. A wooden synthetic photo frame is available at pepperfry. The frame measures 8 x 0.5 x 6 Inches and weighs 270 Grams. The frame has in-built hooks for both portrait and landscape setting so it can easily be hung on a wall. Polished glass front gives a clear view of your picture and preserves the life of your photo and it costs Rs.149 only. So, give your beloved one this photo frame to treasure magical moments.

Indian Elephant Mandala Floral Coasters

Coasters is a useful item at home or on your table in the office cubicle. It gives a sense of attachment with the place and keeps the surface away from stains. A set of six Indian Elephant Mandala Floral Coasters are available on amazon.com for Rs.1.211. It is 4inch in diameter and is made up of ceramic which quickly absorb coffee stains and water..

Return Gift Suggestions for the Elderly

Older adults often avoid parties and like going more for satsangs, or special occasion like weddings, cradle ceremony, or house warming ceremony. So it's paramount to give the right gift to the older adults and not disappoint them with the choice of return gifts. Their gifts must be wisely chosen so that they will like it and use also try to utilise it in their daily lives.

Buddha Cube Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

It is said that Buddha brings in good luck and happiness. So why not spread love, fortune, and happiness? Gift your party mates a buddha cube lamp as a good remembrance. The 10 am Buddha Cube Lamp available on Amazon is a table lamp with LED bulb. This Light Buddha is available for Rs.2,160. Buy it from Amazon.in.

Two-layer Bamboo Plant Standard

Source i7.fnp.com

A healthy environment at home will keep the people at home healthy. Indoor plants keep the atmosphere at home clean and hygienic. Fnp has this two-layered bamboo standard plant which is also considered to be lucky. This bamboo plant has its origins from the Tropical rainforests of South-east Asia and Africa. The plant height is 6 inches and costs Rs.349. This lucky bamboo plant comes with a Melamine vase which can be reused as a decorative item or for storing somethings. The reusable vase is 2.5 x 2.5 inches and comes along with a plant care card for its users.

Ceramic Aroma Burner with Candle by Pure Source India

Source www.amazon.in

The good scent gives good vibes. You, too, can gift your guests the experience of a soothing aroma by gifting them an aroma burner. This good-quality regular ceramic aroma burner is available at Amazon for RS.199. The best feature of the product is that you can use any tea candle or oil. It is reusable and easy to clean. It comes with one free tea light candle.

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When confused go with edible gifts

edible return gifts like cookies, chocolates and candy are suitable for people of all ages and tastes. When gifting edibles, make sure that they look good, taste good and are packaged in an innovative manner. You can use decorated mason jars or little filigree boxes to pack your goodies. Add a curled ribbon or colourful tassel to brighten up the package.