A Sweet Little Something: 10 Honey Party Favor Ideas That Will Sweeten Any Return Gift Bag!

A Sweet Little Something: 10 Honey Party Favor Ideas That Will Sweeten Any Return Gift Bag!

Honey is known to have a very sweet taste, but the spectacular thing is that it also has sweet benefits to using it. How much do you know about the uses and benefits of using honey? Well, if you don't much, this article is for you. Come with us as we explore this, and you'll definitely find at least one or two things that would blow your mind about this natural sweetness.

Why Honey Party Favors Are A Cool Gift Idea?

Any celebration can be made more memorable and fun by the inclusion of a small element—party favours. Return favours, popularly known as return gifts, are small, thoughtful gifts that the hosts of a party choose to give all the guests in attendance as a token of gratitude and appreciation. These party favors needn't be something fancy; they can be small gifts that are symbolic. Think tea or coffee, cookies, chocolates, brooches, candles, hampers, or even small indoor plants! Now the ideas and possibilities of choosing party favours are endless, and if you are a Pinterest junkie, you must be spoilt for choice with the zillions of potential party favours ideas!

You can choose a gift that is generic or something that matches the theme of the party or event you are hosting. One such emerging party favours idea that has been quite a rage in the recent times is “honey”—yes, honey makes for a lovely return gift at events. It is thoughtful, healthful, inexpensive, and very, very sweet!

Read on to know which parties or events are considered most appropriate for gifting honey as party favours.


A wedding is one of the grandest celebrations that often involves more than one function or ceremony. Now, one may wonder what good will a honey party favour be in a large-scale wedding event that is likely full of grandeur and pomp. Well, if it’s indeed a large-scale affair, you may consider adding honey as one of the many gifts for all your guests. Distributing honey favours is a sweet gesture to let your close friends, family, and relatives know how much you appreciate their presence in your wedding celebrations.

Baby Shower

Baby Showers are organized by the sisters and friends of the mother-to-be to celebrate the arrival of the baby. This is an event where close friends and family shower good wishes and blessings on the expectant mother, making the atmosphere fun and very loving. To match the sweetness in the ambience, honey favours are an apt idea for baby showers. Moreover, with the number of health benefits associated with honey, it is also a very healthy and energizing choice of gift for your loved ones. If the party involves only women, you can look for more specific gift options such as honey beauty products, which will certainly be cherished by your girl gang! Customize your honey jars with a printed tag that reads "From the Mother to Be" and add a little fun to your party!

Anniversary & Milestone Celebrations

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Love is sweet and is meant to be shared among loved ones. And, if you are celebrating an occasion of love, such as a wedding anniversary, what better way can you than spreading sweetness around in the form of honey? Whether you are throwing a party to celebrate a wedding anniversary, a milestone, or a corporate event, honey favours are a great choice of party favours for events involving a large number of guests. Plan in advance and order in bulk; you may choose to customize your order with regard to the packaging or flavours. If it's a gender-neutral event, it's recommended to opt for edible honey favors, such as flavoured honey, honey-caramelized nuts and seeds, honey-dipped chocolates, etc.

Retirement Party

A retirement party is thrown in honour and respect of an individual whose contributions have been significant and cherished. This event will see close and dear friends and colleagues get together for a celebration to commemorate the retiring individual's efforts. Say farewell in style by giving them return favours; this is a thoughtful way of saying a thank-you to those who matter. Miniature jars containing flavoured honey will make an apt gift for such a memorable occasion. After all, don't you want to part ways on a sweet note?

10 Best Honey Party Favors for Your Occasion

Now that you have a fair understanding of which occasions are best suited for you to distribute honey favours, we present to you some of the most popular gifts ideas for you to consider. We hope you will enjoy reading through this list of sweetness-filled gift options and find something that suits your purpose.

True Element Raw Honey Jar

Raw honey is one of the sweetest product of honey bees. It is associated with multiple health benefits given its raw, unprocessed nature. You can get your honey jar at Big Basket for Rs. 300. This True Element Raw Honey Jar weighs 350 grams when packed. Enriched with powerful nutrients like Vitamin B and Vitamin C which are known to boost immunity, this honey jar is a great gift choice as a party favour.

Honey Twigs

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Honey Twigs is an attractive product because of its sleek packaging in tubes. The honey has a mild, soothing aroma to it. It comes with no added preservative and is 100 percent pure and vegetarian. Known for multiple health benefits such as providing relief from cough and fever, and helping in quick healing of injuries, honey is a popular food item in every household. It is rich in fructose, minerals and vitamins, making it a popular choice among the health conscious as well!

You can order a pack of 4 Honey Twigs from Amazon at Rs. 279. If you order products more than Rs. 500, there will be no delivery charges. Remember to store these Honey Twigs at room temperature only.

Honey Dippers

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Honey dipper is a unique tool to gift anyone. It helps to collect viscous honey from a container to another container. It helps prevent spilling or dripping of honey when transferring from the jar to another container or food item. It is commonly used to drizzle honey on biscuits and bread. You can order honey dippers for Rs. 100 from Amazon. This dipper is made of wood and measures about 2.5 x 13 cm. We'd, however, recommend not gifting this alone, but consider this as an add-on item to your honey party favour, say with a gourmet honey jar.

Mira Belle Bohemian Honey Beer Soaps

Honey is believed to be a great treatment for acne. You can also buy soaps with honey in it to keep your skin healthy. You can order Mirah Belle Bohemian Honey Beer Soap from Purple. It weighs 75 grams and is available at Rs. 88. It is an intense moisturising, rehydration soap that fights skin infections. It is mainly used for sensitive skin. This handmade soap is free from chemicals, paraben, sulphate, SLS and Silicone.

Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Balm

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Honey has elements that can lighten the color of your lips as it acts as a bleaching agent. Regular use of honey on lips will ensure they are kept moist and soft. You can order Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Balm from Nykaa for Rs. 410. This lip balm creates a hydrating layer on your lips as it contains Jeju canola honey extract and canola seed oil. It also has Shea butter and murumuru butter for instant moisture to soothe your dry lips. So regular application of this product will keep your lips silky and fresh all day long with only one application.

Honey Bliss Gift Pack

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You can gift a "honey hamper" such as this Honey Bliss Gift Pack to your friends and relatives on a special occasion. Available from Amazon for Rs. 495. This gift set includes forest honey, acacia honey, ajwain honey and eucalyptus honey along with jellies. The honey jars are packed in a wooden pine box, making it look elegant as a gift idea. The honey used in this product is directly sourced from the forest and is claimed to not have undergone any food processing. You can also order a pack of 5 or 10 honey flavours at a very reasonable rate.

Honey Chocolates

Who don't love eating chocolates? And, chocolates with a combination of honey is a perfect mixture of treat full of mouth. You can order honey chocolates from The Honey Shop India for Rs. 650. These chocolates are filled with sweet honey in the centre. It weighs 0.60 kg and is made from dark chocolate and 100 percent, pure honey.

Honey Mango Jelly

Mangoes are seasonal fruits but you can enjoy all season with a combination of sweet honey jelly. You can get your honey mango jelly for Rs. 190 at The Honey Shop. You can store these jellies for 12 months. It is gluten and dairy free. These honey jellies are handmade and are made by local communities which means your every sale contributes to the empowerment of the local communities. It is 100 percent natural real fruit and honey with no added sugar, colour and preservatives. The product is FSSAI certified.

Honey and Oats Cookies

Oats and honey are both considered to be healthy food options, So a combination of oats and honey surely means a healthy and nutritive product. And, when the product we're talking about are cookies, you know that you're in for a yummy treat! We recommend the Baker Boys Cookies from Big Basket. These are available for Rs. 180 for a pack of 200 grams. These biscuits are chewy, gooey, and absolutely delicious. The cookies come with added flavour of blackcurrant and cashew nuts, giving it a crunchy texture.

Ginger Honey

Ginger Honey combination is a treat for your health as it serves as a detoxifier, helps to promote digestion process and boosts immunity. You can order a bottle of Ginger honey from Honey and Spice for Rs. 250. This product is sourced from the tropical forest of Kerala and is slightly thinner in consistency. It has a ginger aroma to it. You can select your bottle size in the option.

Therapeutic Honey and Grapeseed Oil Hand Cream

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Burt's Bee Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey and Grapeseed Oil Hand Cream is your answer to perfectly smooth and flawless hands and feet! Available at Rs. 1275 on Amazon, this hand cream is 99.1 percent natural! It contains aloe vera and vitamins that work to hydrate and soften delicate and sensitive skin. This cream is dermatologically tested and is not known to cause any allergies. It is available in a 73.7 gram packaging and is handy to carry, making it a useful and practical gift choice!

Essential Burt's Bees Skin Care Kit

Everyone loves to have glowy and clear skin, and honey is considered to be one of the best products to keep your skin naturally clear. There are many honey skin products but the best one you can order is from Burt's Bee. It has a skin kit of essential skin routine that will make your skin healthy. The kit has five products- Burt's Bee soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream, Burt's Bee hand cream, Burt's Bee coconut foot cream, Burt's Bee honey wax lip balm, Burt's Bee body lotion with milk and honey for Rs. 891. All five products are eco-friendly, paraben free and cruelty free.

What are the Benefits of Honey?

Honey is believed to help to improve health. Honey not only helps in digestion and immunity but is also beneficial for your skin and hair. Here is how honey can benefit you, should you decide to use it regularly:

Rich in Antioxidants

Honey is rich in antioxidants; it is composed of organic acid and phenolic compounds. Honey boosts the level of antioxidants in your body; for the uninitiated, antioxidants are chemical substances that help you body fight free radicals, or molecules that contribute to aging. Studies have shown that regular consumption of honey will help you increase the level of antioxidants in blood.

Healthy For Your Heart

Having honey every day will keep your heart healthy as it is known to reduce cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins. It also decreases platelet aggregation and aids blood coagulation. Thus, honey consumption helps alleviate heart weaknesses. It is directly responsible for cardioprotective effects caused by adrenaline-induced heart disorders. But, make sure that you are consuming honey in the raw form as much as possible, and avoid the processed varieties.

Helps Alleviate Cough

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Honey is a common mention among age-old home remedies across cultures. In Indian and Chinese traditional medicine, in particular, honey has been proven to provide quick relief against cough and related symptoms. Drinking tea or warm lemon water mixed with honey will help you soothe your sore throat. It is thought that honey works better and effectively than over-the-counter or prescription drugs for cough. Honey acts as an antibacterial agent, resulting in all mucus and cough clear out from your lungs. The best remedy is to mix a tablespoon of raw or pure honey in a glass of warm water, to be consumed at night.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Honey helps to lower blood pressure as it contains antioxidants that have been linked to lower blood pressure. Honey has essential elements like vitamins, probiotics, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that help in lowering blood pressure and hypertension. It soothes your blood vessels which help to reduce blood pressure. For best results, consume about two tablespoons of honey early in the morning on an empty stomach; try this for a fortnight or more and monitor your results.

Fights Inflammation

Honey has anti-inflammatory elements that help to heal wounds quickly. It is helpful to prevent chronic inflammatory process like atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. It has been proved that Manuka honey, which is produced in New Zealand from the nectar of the Leptospermum scoparium species of honeybees, is effective in fighting against inflammation. Because of its acidic nature, it helps in fast wound healing. Even application of honey over a fresh wound is reported to be soothing by many people.

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Honey and it's benefits

And there you have it, the uses and benefits of honey. Of particular interest is its therapeutic nature. As we know, health is wealth, so do endeavour to incorporate honey into your diet. Also, honey is a good replacement to sugar, so instead of sugar, go for honey and enjoy its sweetening effect along with the antioxidants and all.