How to Give Memorable Wedding Return Gifts and 10 Classy Gift Boxes for Weddings That Will Leave a Lasting Impression (2019)

How to Give Memorable Wedding Return Gifts and 10 Classy Gift Boxes for Weddings That Will Leave a Lasting Impression (2019)

Favours or return gifts are an essential feature of weddings today. Given as a token of thanks, they become a representation of all that the wedding was. As much as the gift, the packaging matters as well. Gift boxes are a convenient and elegant way to present your gifts to your guests. BP Guide India has curated a fantastic list of standout wedding gift boxes for you to consider. Along with 9 fun option we also have 3 tips that'll help you make the best choice

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Why Are Wedding Favours So Important?

As Indians, we all know that organizing a wedding can never be a cakewalk. There are troupes of guests flocking to your house, tonnes of preparations yet to be done and great amounts of expectations for the big day lurking in your mind. Weddings are a whole lot of work when it comes to preparations, checking on the guests, and making sure everything goes according to the plan. A lot of people are indulged in making the day, as perfect as a dream.

Offering wedding favours is a small gesture to show your thankfulness towards all the people who came together to make the wedding such a special occasion in your life. These are the token of love that the guests will take home and remember in the name of your wedding, forever. Therefore, the importance of this tiny little item on your checklist becomes fourfold. It might be the first thing which comes to the minds of your guest when they think about your wedding, 10 years from now.

4 Tips to Make Your Wedding Gift Box Absolutely Amazing and Worth Remembering!

Get it Customised and Make it a Memory

Wedding favours are something you want the guests to not forget. It should be able to captivate their attention and drive their mind to the beautiful wedding of yours. The box should be sturdy enough to be kept, in the house, for a long duration. The best way possible to make the box truly yours is to get it customised. All retailers these days offer various options on how you can customise your own wedding box. You can get the names of the bride and groom, calligraphically printed on top of the box or make changes to the colour scheme of the wedding box to suit your wedding’s theme. Putting specialized thank you cards are catching up the trend train as well. When you get the box personalised to your taste, it becomes more than just a pleasant gesture; it becomes a memory which is worth remembering, for you as well as your esteemed guests!

Say it with a Box of Personalised Chocolates!

Amrita Mittal

Founder, ChocoCraft Amrita Mittal

Personalised chocolates as a wedding party favour is something new and innovative and leaves a lasting impression. Most people have not seen the concept of printed chocolates before. The entire package of the box, chocolates and the thank you note looks beautiful.

The base chocolate is a mix of dark and milk chocolate and printing is done on a layer of white chocolate on top. We also do fillings of almonds, nuts and butterscotch. The taste of chocolates has been much appreciated by our clients and they can be packed and shipped easily without being damaged in transit.

There is a premium for personalizing chocolates but it is well worth the price in terms of the impact it creates.

If you really want to impress, nothing will do it better than a box of custom made chocolates, printed with your message and even pictures, presented in an elegant box. There is something about chocolate that is so irresistible but when it comes in a gift box as personalised as this, it shows an incredible attention to detail and is something no one is going to forget in a hurry. While sending a box of sweets with a wedding invitation, or giving a box of chocolates as return gifts at the wedding are both fairly popular, printed chocolates are a class apart.

Founder, ChocoCraft
Amrita Mittal
The story of ChocoCraft began in 2013. The basic idea was to do something new and exciting with chocolates. The founders eventually hit upon the concept of printed chocolates and realized that these chocolates could lend a special touch to any celebration or event. What began as a corporate gifting solution, soon also started appearing at personal occasions - as party favours for kids birthday parties, baby showers and birth announcements. They also do an exclusive range of chocolate gifts for wedding ceremonies and chocolates for wedding invitations and return gifts. Printed chocolates make any occasion memorable as they can print names, photographs or any colorful design on chocolates!

Add Goodies Which Symbolise Something

A standard wedding box is complete only when there are sweets and dry fruits packed in it for the guests to enjoy later. It symbolizes the sweetness that the guest added to the wedding by adding their presence in the ceremonies. But, with changing times there has been a whole lot of expansion in the choices that you might make for the goodies to be stored in the wedding boxes.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to add a useful set of goodies in their wedding favours. The goodies filled in the wedding boxes is now a way of the bride and groom to converse with their guests. Weddings which have a green theme to them often gift small saplings with a heartfelt note in the wedding favours box. The sophisticated couples often decide on gifting set of scented candles or essential oils to their guests. The traditional bride and groom add a twist to their wedding gift box by putting-in an exotic spice set or handmade soap pack. Companies specializing in wedding gifts offer bulk deliveries of all such out-of-the-box goodies, to make the wedding even more special and worth remembering for the guests.

Choose Boxes That Fit Your Budget


Big Indian fat weddings are a rage all over the world. People across different countries dream of getting married in a similar fashion as the dynamic and vibrant Indian weddings are performed. Hundreds of guests, numerous functions, food items representing different parts of the country and a lifelong bond of marriage; all of this working out simultaneously.

While Indian weddings are extremely fun and enjoyable, people often forget that they can easily become overpowering. Budget is something that should be strictly maintained and the same goes for the preparation of wedding boxes. When choosing the perfect wedding favour box, don’t splurge completely on the box because you will need a separate amount to purchase what goes inside those boxes. Plan how you want the boxes and goodies to be, in advance, and then start matching it to the available options. Compare the prices and quantities offered by different retailers and pick the one that fits your budget; leave no room for its overexpansion.

10 Absolutely Gorgeous Gift Boxes to Give in Wedding Favours

Add a Little Quirk with the Bohemian Auto Storage Box


For the wedding that is themed to be as vibrant and dynamic as the ‘Jodi’ of the bride and groom, the bohemian Auto Storage Box is the perfect choice to serve as the wedding favours box. It isn’t just aesthetically beautiful but, can be reused by the guests in the form of a storage box. It has metal locks and hinges to add another feather to its utility. You can purchase it from the website of at just Rs. 1,595.

For the Wedding with a Countryside Twist


Antique and traditional wooden boxes are one of the luxurious kinds of wedding favour boxes that you could opt for. They are sturdy, durable and can be personalised with the carvings of the names of the couple who’s getting married. There are beautiful intricate designs on the tiniest of boxes that you see, and can easily store the mementoes you are planning to distribute to your guests. Most of these are handmade and can be purchased from starting at a nominal price of Rs. 350.

A Box of Personalised Chocolates

This is one wedding return gift your guests will be talking about for days. While most boxes of chocolate are eaten up shortly after they’ve been given, images of these beautiful printed chocolates will do several rounds of social media before anyone has the heart to sink their teeth into one of them. We suggest the 12 Chocolate Box with alternate printed chocolates as shown above that costs Rs.8,300 for 10 boxes. Should you want to order a sample before ordering, one box is priced at Rs.1,195. There are lots of other options, both in terms of number of pieces of chocolate in a box (minimum 2, maximum 18), to the print on the chocolates. You can even order a box of plain, un-printed chocolates that come in a personalised box. The smallest order would be Rs.1,900 for ten boxes and the largest would be Rs.10,000 for ten boxes, depending on the range of customisation.

Browse the options and place your order on

Amrita Mittal

Founder, ChocoCraft Amrita Mittal

We offer printed chocolates that can have the name of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, any text or design printed on them. Further you can also choose the design you want for the gift box. We also have designs that include a picture of the bride and groom. In fact, if the client has a particular design in mind that can be recreated as well.

We have pioneered the concept of printed chocolates in India and had been primarily catering to the corporate sector. It just came to us that printed chocolates would make an interesting idea for wedding favours as well. Turns out we were right and clients have been very appreciative of this unique gift as well as its quality.

As always what motivates us is the joy in creating a gift that will bring a smile to someone's face. For every order that we get, we work with the client to design and create beautiful gifts that are truly one of a kind.

To Add to the Royalty, Give Away the Wooden Embossed Two Drawer Box

If being a royal and living life king size is your mantra then the handcrafted wooden embossed wedding favour box should be your pick. The website of offers an exclusively designed wooden favour box which has two drawers to store the goodies for the wedding guests. It is painted with vibrant colours which are uplifted with the handmade ethereal designs on it. The company offers various kinds of personalisation like having your name engraved on the gift box, or attaching a thank you card or even wrapping the whole box to make it look more like a bulk gift. They offer heavy discounts on bulk orders while the individual price of each box remains Rs. 1,660.

Engraved Wood Keepsake Box with a Elegant Floral Theme


Amongst the huge numbers of people going gaga over vibrant and extraordinary wedding themes, there are some families who believe in the mantra of ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. While choosing the colours for the mandap or any other marital ceremony, you were the ones standing in solidarity with subtle and elegant shades rather than going in the ponds of the dynamic reds, purples or bright yellows. If this describes your thought process to the tee then, the beautiful laser engraved wooden boxes will suit your taste perfectly.

The box is crafted out of natural wood, having the most sophisticated peachy hue to it. It has a hinge and is spacious to store goodies to be received by the wedding guests. It comes for a price of $15.99 or around Rs. 1,127, being shipped from the USA through the website of

The Luxurious Looking Silver Wedding Favours Boxes


A shiny, regal looking, glamorous silver wedding favours box will serve all the right impressions that you want to give away to the guests. The size and dimension of each box are 5,6 cm x 5,6 cm x 2,7 cm Or 2,20" x 2,20" x 1,06" inch and the retailer holds a wholesale price point when ordered in bulk (that is more than a hundred pieces). These wedding boxes can be found on the website of where each one of them retails for Rs. 125. These are recommendable if you want to give away small and pretty wedding favours box with a fewer of goodies in them.

Exquisite Dome Shaped Golden & Silver Favour Boxes All the Way from Turkey


If you have had enough of the regular rectangular shaped boxes as the choice for your wedding favours, here are the beautiful dome shaped wedding favour boxes to captivate your guests’ attention. Presented to you by, these pretty little boxes come in four exquisite colours namely- silver, gold, Antique Gold, Antique Silver and are shipped to you all the way from Turkey. The dimensions of each of these boxes is approximately 11 cm x 8.5 cm x 7 cm Or 4,35 " x 3,35 " x 2,75 " inch and they retail for Rs. 255 each. The retailer gives you the liberty to customise these boxes by adding your choice of tassels to give them a pop of colour or tiny heartfelt notes to warm up the guests’ hearts. You can even design a cool logo and get it printed on these wedding favour boxes. As mentioned on the website, the retailer offers wholesale prices for orders of more than 200 pieces at once. Isn’t that amazing?

Classic Dry Fruits Thank You Gift Box with Wooden Base And Meenakari Brass Lid

If your dream wedding is straight out of the royal diaries and gifting your guests a box that will leave a mark in their minds is your goal then this Gift box with Wooden Base and Meenakari Brass Lid is beyond perfect for you. It is handcrafted meticulously by master craftsmen and is provide with four slots to place different goodies or dry fruits. The box is sturdy and durable, while its beautiful decor is sure to make it stand out. It retails for a little pricey cost of Rs. 535, but will be discounted on bulk orders when an enquiry is placed. The dimension of the box as mentioned is approximately 10” and is circular-shaped favour box.

Eco-friendly Wedding Gift Boxes for the Bride And Groom Who're Nature Loving

With more and more couples taking up wedding themes that are inspired from real life issues and social influences, eco-friendly wedding have risen up the bar of popularity. From including planting trees on the wedding day to using environment friendly boxes in the wedding favours; a green wedding pushes all its boundaries to set examples. In case you are a couple with such incredible ideas, your perfect wedding boxes can be found on the website of the

They offer elegant wedding favours boxes made up of Kora grass with beautiful Zari finish to accentuate its appearance. The gift boxes come in seven vibrant colours and you have the liberty to customise their design as well as the size they also offer gift boxes crafted out of palm leaves which are also available in various colours. They retail in bulk and hence offer discounts for wedding gift boxes.

Be Edgy with Vibrant Triangle Shaped Favour Boxes

If your wedding day is all about being edgy and quirky then ditching the abundant rectangular wedding box might be your move. Papertail offers a set of quirky triangular and pyramid shaped favour boxes which retail for Rs. 500 for each set of twenty such boxes. The material of the box is of 200gm matte textured paper which comes with satin ribbons arranged in beautiful bows and the dimensions of each box are approximate 3.5in x 3.5in when closed. Each box can hold up to 50 gms of goodies. Make sure you order them in advance because the firm may take 5-8 business days to complete the delivery.

Bonus Tip: What Kind of Goodies Should Be Kept in the Wedding Favour Boxes?

With the beautiful wedding favours box being decided upon; it is necessary for you to have its fillers in your mind. Filling them with just a few sweets won’t do much for the impression you’re trying to make on the guests, so buckle up a little!

With the modern day wedding trends, companies are now offering great packages of selected perfumes, handmade soaps, scented candles, essential oils and what not! People also try to give a modern-day twist to traditional gift items like spices, flavoured dry fruits, cookies and biscuits. There are other comparatively inexpensive options of personalized key chains, a jar of forest honey and even quirky jewellery. If nothing else suits your preferences, then go for the classic gold coins and silver coins which are not only considered auspicious but are also great for the future use concerning the wedding guests!

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Keep It Simple

For a guest, wedding favours are always an entertaining bonus, a fun treat waiting for you at the end of the celebrations. As a host you definitely want to make the gift a pleasant and welcome surprise, but beware, you can easily go overboard without knowing. Favours are a sweet little gesture to give thanks to your guest but when added up they can end up as an expensive extra. So budget carefully and choose a quality gift but within your available finances.