15 Best Lehengas for Every Bride that are Worth Every Bit of Your Time and Money(2022).

15 Best Lehengas for Every Bride that are Worth Every Bit of Your Time and Money(2022).

In Indian weddings, Bridal Lehenga is an important element. Every woman wants to look the most beautiful on her Wedding Day. The bridal Lehenga is something you will never get a chance to wear again so everything about the bridal lehenga choli has to be perfect. So, below are the lehengas designs that will keep you comfortable while keeping the glamour quotient in check. Get, set and read on!

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Getting Ready for Your Special Day!

We Indians have a knack for making wedding events a grand spectacle owing to our vibrant culture and traditions. A wedding is the most precious thing in any woman’s life as she is going to have a completely new world around her. For this occasion, every girl dreams to have the most stunning wedding lehenga. Every year, we are witnessing new trends and amazing designs in bridal lehenga. Brides nowadays are going for experiments with their wedding look hugely. Even wedding designers are coming up with new varieties and trends daily.

Wedding lehenga shopping is exciting as well as a headache for any bride-to-be. So we have come up with lots of options and suggestions with details of each type of lehengas. If you are the bride-to-be soon then you should check out the latest trends going on in lehenga designs. It will surely help you to decide what kind of look you want to go for as it is all the trendy designs of 2022.

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Bridal Lehenga

Selecting a bridal lehenga is a tough part because it is a big day for any girl and she has the pressure to look the best for that day. As that day is not going to come into her life again, she wants to have the best look of her life. For selecting a lehenga, there are so many things that she has to consider. We can give a little help from our side to clear one’s mind with what points she has to keep in mind while selecting an outfit for the D-day.

Here are a few things given that you need to keep in mind while shopping for your bridal lehenga.

Know Your Body Type:

Every girl sees some random heroine in some random lehenga and dreams to wear the same for her wedding but maybe It won’t be a good option for you as your body type would be a lot different from that heroine. You should first consider your body type to flaunt your shape in the particular lehenga. So first see if the lehenga style is perfect for your body type or not then go for it if it flaunts your body shape. Whatever expensive lehenga you select, if it’s not perfect for your body type, it won’t suit you for sure.

Choose Colours Wisely:

This is the main thing to keep in mind while selecting any dress or lehenga for anyone. Every skin colour is beautiful but you have so many options to select the colour of your wedding lehenga according to your skin tone. Rather than red and golden colours, you have so many other options nowadays to go with. Go for some vibrant trendy colours that suit best your skin tone and you will look great.

Follow Your Budget

The major thing to keep in mind while shopping for anything is budget. You should consider what budget lehenga are you looking for. And then accordingly you should shop for your dream lehenga. All the budget and all types are lehengas are available in the market nowadays so you can choose consequently. We assure you that You won’t be disappointed in getting your wedding lehenga within your budget.

15 New Trends in Bridal Lehenga Designs for Indian Bride In 2022

From so many designs and so many fabrics and so many ideas, we have shortlisted the 15 latest designs of wedding lehengas one should look into before going to decide on her Dream Lehenga.

Bridal Lehenga Design - Traditional Red

The red colour lehenga can never go out of fashion. Women in India are wearing red colour on wedding occasions since ancient times. If you want to go with the same decent tradition as ours then you should definitely go with the red colour. Priyanka Chopra herself selected to go with all the red hues for her wedding. This is the lehenga to wear if you want to maintain the desi flavour of your wedding. The most popular colour combination is red and gold. The complex zari work is done in several hues of red, and you can choose from a range of patterns, including ones with heavy embroidery or embellishments. Check out this Red Lehenga for Rs. 22,745 only.

Bridal Lehenga Design in Pink

This is the most trending colour among brides. If you are not the old school kind and want to go with some modern look then you should go with the pink colour lehenga. A huge number of shades are available to select in pink colour lehenga like magenta pink, neon pink, blush pink, bubble gum pink, baby pink, pastel pink, and so on. One can go with a red dupatta or any contrasting dupattas with the overall pink lehenga. Be as creative as you can be!! Go and have a look at this beautiful pink lehenga for Rs.13,785 on Chhabra.

Designer Bridal Lehenga in Lovely Pastels

The celebrity wedding of Virat and Anushka has made the pastels in trend amongst youngsters. Pastels look so soothing and lovely. It gives a dreamier touch to your wedding actually. If you love to wear some dreamy outfit for your wedding, then pastels are for you girl. All wedding designers love to design pastel wedding lehenga as they look the prettiest of all. It will make you look ethereal on your big day. Check out this one from Manyavar for Rs.19,999 only.

Light Gold Lehengas

The light gold colour works really well with Indian skin and it adds a little drama to your dream look. Whether it’s an engagement or the after-party, Golden will never make you look dull. A colour like gold offers the ability to simply change up your jewelry or accessories for a distinct look. You can go with the stunning Gold Lehenga and can get everyone’s attention. If you want some elegant and dissimilar looks then this is the right choice for you for sure. Have a look at this fab one for Rs.26,225 only.

White and Off White Lehengas

The recent pictures of Ranbir and Alia’s wedding will surely make you fall in love with white or off-white bridal looks. This bridal Lehenga design has come from Manish Malhotra’s bridal lehenga collection. If you, as a bride, want to have a delicate and minimal look for your D-day, then the girl goes for this shade. You won’t regret choosing white for your wedding as it looks dreamy for a minimal wedding outfit. A piece of matching jewelry and light makeup will work amazing for your wedding look. The ones with silver detailing look gorgeous on you. Look at this beauty for Rs. 13,710 only.

Floral Bridal Lehenga Design

Floral designs are always welcomed by any bride whether it’s for wedding functions or regular wear. Sabyasachi has given us the best of the look of brides with floral prints. Nowadays Brides are ready to do experiments with their wedding look and floral lehengas are one of them. It looks really pretty and gives you a heavy bridal look for your wedding day. Have a look at this on Chhabra for Rs. 25,470 only.

Bridal Capes

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day and if you want to apt some modern look with little drama and fashion then bridal capes are a thing for you, girl. Bridal Capes are a stylish alternative to the traditional wedding veil. Bridal capes, which range from all over embroidered forms to beautiful floor-length silhouettes, have the same stylish and romantic attributes as veils and may be worn with any kind of wedding gown. Wear it, own it, and let it flow with all the colours of the wind. Check out this one for Rs. 23,744 only.

Double Dose of Dupatta

This is the most ongoing trend amongst brides in 2022. You are allowed to carry a double dupatta whatever the way you want. Most brides are carrying one traditionally and another one on their heads. It gives you a wow look like a bride. You can choose any contrast dupatta with your bridal designer Lehenga. It’s totally up to you how you flaunt your style. Check out this one for Rs. 19,950.

Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

Now this one is surely for a modern bride-to-be. If you are not so traditional wearing person and unable to handle the typical heavy traditional lehenga for your wedding day, then this one is for you. The off-shoulder sleeves are in trend for modern brides. You can experiment with your look with these newly trended sleeves for your lehenga blouse. It gives you a modern as well as a trendy look. Moreover, it won’t make you feel heavy as you can go with minimal jewelry and a not-so-heavy hairdo. Go for it if you want a simple, elegant, and modern look. Check out this beauty from Ritu Kumar for Rs. 52,000.

Indian Bridal Lehenga with Belt

Another ongoing trend in 2022 is a lehenga with a belt. A belt with your traditional lehenga gives a modern touch to your look. The not only belt holds your dupatta in place but also flaunts your waistline in your bridal look. Nowadays lehengas are available with the belt itself. If you want to carry a belt with your Lehenga, you can go with the stunning look for your D-day. Celebrities like Anushka Sharma also carried a waist belt with her mesmerizing lehenga for her wedding. have a close look at this one for Rs. 28,350.

Bridal Lehenga Design in Velvet

A rich and classy look for a wedding is every girl’s dream for her wedding. A designer like Sabyasachi has reintroduced this Velvet Lehenga trend into Indian bridal looks. This is the most famous trend among the brides of India. Not only rich and classy but it gives you a royal look like a bride. Especially for winter weddings, a velvet designer lehenga will be the best choice for a bride. Velvet is a thing that never goes out of trend. You can surely try this look for your wedding if you want a classy look. this one is only for Rs. 31,350 if you need to check out.

Deep V-Necks Lehenga

Deep V-neck is a high choice right now as you can wear it with heavy jewelry or a thick choker, which looks stunning as a bride. It gives you an elegant look for your big day. Brides nowadays do a lot of experiments with their look whether it’s the lehenga or the jewelry. If you want to try some different yet elegant look then a Deep V-neck Lehenga would be the best choice for you. Check this beauty at Rs. 29,940.

Technicolor Lehengas

Technicolor is a word that is likely to bring back memories for everyone who grew up in the 1990s. It is not only a classic fashion that many people adore but it has also been proven to appear like a million bucks when it comes to bridal lehengas. These Lehengas have been designed by some of the most well-known designers and will go great for completing your wedding look. If you want to try something new as a bride, then this is the right choice for you. Check out the new jazz for Rs. 22,096.

Printed Lehengas for Pre-Wedding

Source vasansi.com

Brides have opted for the style and comfort, especially when it comes to their wedding celebrations. Printed lehengas are the best option for this. Just because these lehengas are more laid-back doesn't mean they won't turn heads. If there's anything that stands out in print, it's Lehengas, with their bold colours and bright images. Late on, they're the easiest to reuse. What about this one for Rs.21,500.

Colour-Blocked Lehengas

Source vasansi.com

Brides who like to play with colours are going for colour-blocked lehengas. A designer like Manish Malhotra states that this year brides like to wear different bright colours than the monochrome type lehenga. These type of Lehengas not only look stunning but also gives style and comfort to brides on their big day. Colours make you look young and joyful. That’s why brides are going with more colours than a single tone. Look at this stunning one for Rs. 26,500.

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Bottom Line

Whatever colour you select or whatever type you go with, just keep in mind that it is completely up to you how you carry your lehenga. Always wear a smile on your face and you will surely be going to look like the best bride in the world. Not only the lehenga but the jewelry and the bridal makeup you are going to do is a big point for your bridal look. Wisely select the jewelry and make-up according to your bridal lehenga and you will rock on your big day.