10 Best Return Gifts For Weddings: Traditional and New-Age Gift Ideas Your Guests Will Remember! (2019)

10 Best Return Gifts For Weddings: Traditional and New-Age Gift Ideas Your Guests Will Remember! (2019)

Share the love and laughter with the most thoughtful gifts for the guests at your wedding so that they remember this day with as much joy as you do. We have here a selection of traditional gifts that follow our culture but we also have a few offbeat ideas for those of you who want to shake things up.

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A Token of Memories

Friends and family make weddings special and worth all the efforts. It is filled with love, appreciation, and laughter. A wedding is incomplete without recognition of the guest’s presence. A return gift is a token of love, a memento of memories filled with joy. Giving wedding return gifts is a small but significant way of expressing gratitude for their participation and blessings. So give each one of them a gift which made it possible to come for the wedding a good return gift to take home.

Traditional Return Gifts for Wedding

Weddings have several traditional ceremonies and functions, each of which has its charm! So, why not gift guests something that has a classic touch to it?

Oxidised 6-Piece Glass Set

A great way to think of a gift is that it should not be just a gift; it should be useful for the receiver at some point or the other. A glass set is an ideal gift option as it is a kitchen item and is used by everyone every day. Boontoon has this amazing set of six oxidised glasses; it has a perfect aesthetic design on every glass. The exquisite design is on the lower part of the glass while the upper part is transparent. The Oxidized 6 Piece Glass Set is perfect for serving refreshments and is priced at Rs.500 per set.

German Silver Vodka Glass Set

Glasses are common, but vodka glasses are something out of the box. Boontoon has a German Silver Vodka Glass Set priced at Rs.775. These glasses have fine carvings giving it an aesthetic look. The golden-hued stem makes usage of the glass best suitable during festivals, occasion, and parties. So appreciate the presence of the guest’s by gifting them a royal and different return gift.

Fresh Organic Honey

Source utmt.in

Give guests some health goals by gifting them some healthy gifts for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Natural honey is something you can think of for a return gift on the wedding day. You can check out Under The Mango Tree, an enterprise that promotes a social cause, fostering the age-old practice of beekeeping which in turn increases agricultural productivity. Purchasing products from this organisation means you are indirectly enhancing the income and improving the livelihoods of marginal farmers in India.

Bangle or Jewel Box

We all know women love accessories more than anything and it is their most valuable priced possession. A variety of boxes are available in the markets to keep precious jewellery safely tucked and prevent it from accidentaly damage or exposure to air. You can gift guests a solution to such common problems by gifting them a pretty jewel box. Nandi Gifts has amazing bangle and jewel boxes available. It is made of plastic covered with decorative fabric, which makes it look attractive. The round box of size 14 cm in diameter and 6 cm in height and weighs 95 gm. It is available at Rs.140 each.

Raw Silk Hand Bag with Golden Print

Women never feel they have enough accessories, jewellery, and makeup! One of these would be an ideal wedding return gift option. Wedtree has this amazing raw silk bag with golden print, which looks elegant and beautiful. All the women attendants will be super happy on receiving this as a gift. It available in various colours and is of length - 8.5-inch, height - 7 inches, and weighs 60 grams. This beautiful handbag is priced at Rs.79 for each piece. Buy it here.

Combo: Mini Potli + Marble Ganesh

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Lord Ganesh idols are very decorative, auspicious and make for good home décor. A combo of Marble Ganesh and Mini Velvet Potli With Zari Design is available on theoneshop.com at Rs.130 each combo. The potli is available in assorted colours and assorted zari designs. The dimensions of the potli are length: 10 cm, width: 10 cm, height: 15 cm, sling length: 38 cm, and weight: 38 gm.

Brass Haldi Kumkum Set with Lids

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Haldi kumkum sets are used in every Indian household for every day pooja, small religious and other ceremonies, and much more. You can give guests this utility haldi kumkum set as a return gift. The One Shop has an amazing brass haldi kumkum set available at Rs.175 each piece. This set has lids to it and dimensions length: 17.5 cm, width: 10 cm, height: 4.5 cm, weight: 65 gm.

New-Age Return Gifts for Wedding

Appreciating the presence of beloved friends, family and colleagues on the wedding day is as important as sending them an invitation. Why go for the boring mithai boxes or shagun ka lifafa? Think of something trendy, unique and worthy as a gift. If you are someone who likes to evolve with the changing times and welcomes new ideas, this list of stylish and unique wedding return gifts is just right for you!

Colourful Succulent Plants

How about giving a healthy and eco-friendly gift to all the guests in attendance? Succulent plants are gaining popularity as they not only add beauty to one’s personal space but also are a thoughtful gift for weddings, parties, and other ceremonies. Succulents are exotic plant species available in various forms and colours. Give a succulent plant, which symbolises growth, nourishment, and prosperity as a gift to guests.

Source www.amazon.in

Consider something like this option that's available on Amazon. Here you will get 5 different types of live succulents embedded in soil mix placed within an artistic cute white planter. Order this for Rs. 599 on the site. Alternatively, you can walk into a few nurseries in your neighbourhood and ask them to customise for your needs.

Mini Oak Whiskey Barrel

Looking out for perfect return gifts is a daunting task. All guests will not be the same, or have the same perspectives or maybe some are not so close to you. You can give a mini oak whiskey barrel to all guests. It is something unique and will be loved by all liqueur connoisseurs. For all the teetotalers it will make a good piece of home décor. Therefore, surprise guests with this total fun and cool gift.

Love Poems

Source www.amazon.in

The Virushka wedding gave some serious wedding goals to all the couples and families who blessed the celebrity couple! Why not get inspired by them and do the same for the wedding? As this cute celebrity couple gave out amazing, thoughtful gifts to all their guests at their wedding; you can do the same. Virat and Anushka are said to be spiritual and love Rumi. Rumi is a poet, theologian, jurist, and Islamic scholar. They gave an anthology of the most spiritual poets in the world to their guests. You can think on similar lines of giving a thoughtful return gift as a token of love and appreciation for attending your wedding. The book with translation by Coleman Bark for easy understanding is available on Amazon at Rs.298.

Fortune Cookies

The advent of serving sweets has been evolving with unique ideas every day. From mithai to homemade chocolates and flavoured tea to fortune cookies, it has been a sweet journey. Now you can give specialised chocolates to guests who attend the wedding and surprise them with the new technique. You can print various designs on chocolate with edible ink and make it unique. You can also print the groom’s, brides or a picture of both on the chocolate. For a wedding, giving a return gift to guests is a good and old tradition but add a modern touch to the present by giving them these printed chocolates as return gifts. Order fortune cookies from here.

Personalised Treats

How about sweetening your wedding invitations? Sounds like a sweet idea. You can send cookies with invitations and bring a smile on the recipients face as cupcakes, cakes and all sugar cookies. The Spring Street Bakery in Mumbai specialises in all kinds of cakes, cupcakes and cookies. It is a classic American style bakery and has over 1000 sugar cookie cutters to meet all your needs. It has been taking custom orders not only for invitations but also as the dessert section in the wedding celebrations for guests. After all, food is what makes everyone happy! The sweets range from Rs.50 to Rs.1400 per piece.

Bonus Tip: Invest in Packaging

The first impression is the last impression. With this saying, however amazing a gift is if it is not packed well and decorated, it is going to be a big turn-off for the recipient. You can make a simple wedding gift look attractive by wrapping it with colourful paper, tapes, and ribbons. If at all the readymade gifts come without packing or packing as good as nothing then you can also customise each gift by attaching a written note to it and make the guest feel special. If you are packing, some edibles make sure to have sealed packing to avoid leaks and grease oozing out, eventually ruining the gift.

Few Additional Tips To Consider

Should you Invest in DIY Return Gifts?

Giving a return gift for the sake of it makes no sense. It will also be like an insult to guests. Hence selecting the right gift to please all guests is very crucial. It necessarily should not be an expensive gift; it just has to thoughtful and useful for the guest. If you know of some homemakers, who make special items and take bulk orders. You can go for that because you have tried it and liked so all guests will love it as well.

Another fantastic gift option is going the DIY way. Look up for something simple, or you will be caught up having some hectic before the wedding. Some of the other options you may consider while deciding wedding favours are jams, honey, parfaits, and chocolates. Whatever you choose, please ensure that the packing and logistics are taken care of a few days before the D-day. Gifts for guests should be the last thing to add stress while planning for a big event!

Making a Mark with Creative Gifts

Traditional Indian return gifts like mithai, lifafa, and clothes are taking a spin for the new unique items available. For customised gift boxes, printed chocolates do check Chococraft for some amazing and unique wedding return gifts.

Balancing Quality and Quantity

Theoneshop is an apt online platform from where you can pick great gifts in wholesale. They ensure that they have a stringent quality check for all their products. All the bulk pieces delivered to you will be damage free, and they deliver worldwide for customer comfort. Shop from here for a hassle-free experience.

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