Stay Away from Mediocre Gifts and Give an Uncommon Gift to Your Friend for Their Marriage: 12 Unusual Gift Ideas to Please Your Newlywed Friend (2018)

Stay Away from Mediocre Gifts and Give an Uncommon Gift to Your Friend for Their Marriage: 12 Unusual Gift Ideas to Please Your Newlywed Friend (2018)

The wedding season is here. Apart from plates and glasses, what else can you buy as a wedding gift? There's a plethora of unique, quirky and interesting gifts that you can give your friend as he or she starts their new journey. BP Guide sheds some light on this important matter. Read on!

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Best Marriage Gift Ideas for Your Friend

There is nothing on this Earth more to be prized than true friendship. You will be the happiest on knowing that your friend is finally getting hitched. However, this happiness comes with a fair share of responsibilities, depending on how close your bond is. Besides the wedding to attend and the fun and celebrations to participate in, you may be engaged in helping your friend with some wedding-related preparations. At the same time, you may be thinking of arranging for the perfect marriage gift for your friend.

Does cash still pass? What about gift vouchers? What would my friend like to receive? Questions like these are normal and expected. Don’t be confused as this guide will help you solve your dilemmas and shortlist an excellent gift for your friend’s wedding.

The gift could be a thoughtful one, a complete utility gift, or a cool and quirky gift. Shopping for a marriage gift is intimidating because the will already be buying all the possible items while shopping for their wedding. You think you have very few options left to choose from? Worry not! We are here to ease your gift hunt. For starters, let’s look at the top things you should keep in mind while buying a gift.

Things to Consider While Buying a Marriage Gift for Your Friend

Is Your Friend Already Living with her Soon-To-Be Husband Or with Her In-Laws?

You need to know if your friend is going to move in with her in-laws after the marriage or no. If yes, then the possibility of wild and naughty gifts is ruled out. Some decent gifts should be your option. Gifts like home decor and dinner sets would be ideal as a gift. If your friend has already been living with her fiancée, then they might already have most of the primary household essentials. Therefore, it would be ideal if you give them personalised gifts. If this is a close friend’s marriage and you’re on great terms with their partner, too, you could even opt for gifts that would otherwise be embarrassing when opened in front of other people.

Has Your Friend Planned the Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party?

A bachelor/bachelorette party as a marriage gift would be a slightly different gift. If your friend hasn’t arranged for a party, you can pool in with your friends, organise a party, and have some wild and crazy fun before the D-day.

Has Your Friend Purchased Jewellery Or Makeup?

If your female friend is getting married, she will need a lot of accessories and makeup for her wedding functions. You can gift her a piece of jewellery or a makeup pouch so that she can get ready quickly for her small post marriage functions at home and look gorgeous without needing to run to the parlour.

You Can Categorise Your Search Based on Gifts for Him or Her, or Things for the Couple

Gift Ideas for a Female Friend

For a girl, marriage is a life-changing moment for her. As a friend, be through her all the times and support her whenever she needs you. It is one of the biggest days of your life. Gift her something, which should not disappoint her and will be useful for her in new the journey she is going to embark in her new life. Wish her loads of luck and love on her D-day.

Gift Ideas for a Male Friend

A wedding is an equally important day in a man's life as well. He also deserves the best wedding gift. Don't let your bro-code go for a toss after or before the marriage but make it stronger while he needs you the most. Guys do not emotionally rely on everyone if you are the one, be his pillar of strength until his ladylove takes charge in his life.

Wedding Gifts for a Couple

Another alternative gift idea for your friend’s marriage is thinking of a couple gifts. This is the time when two individuals become more of 'us', so couple gifts would make for a good marriage gift for your friend. You can give them home appliances, electronics, home decor gifts, couple spa coupons, a mini vacation, and so on.

Top 12 Suggestions for Gifts to Give a Friend on Their Marriage

Once you have figured what kind of gift you would like to consider, it is time to shop for the specific gift item. Now, you can go around malls and various e-stores and hunt for the perfect gift, or you can go through our top picks below. We have a gift idea for every category, and we hope you find your ideal gifting solution right here!

Blissful Buddha

Buddha statues symbolise good luck, prosperity, spirituality, and positive energy. What else could be a better gift for a newly married couple than a Buddha idol? Wish your friend and their partner the best of wishes for the new journey they are embarking together. A blissful Buddha for marital bliss!

Buy this from Fnp at Rs.2,099. This precious Buddha idol is carved in a sitting posture, joining hands; it is black in colour with gold decoration on it. This Buddha comes along with a set of two candles decorated in golden.

Personalised Rotating Lamp Mini

Your newly wedded friends might want to decorate their room uniquely. Be their helping hand by gifting them some remarkable home décor items. Fnp has some amazing choices, but we personally like this mini rotating lamp. You can even add a personal touch by customising the lamp with your friend’s photos. A gift that will remind your friend of you will be a memorable one, right? The lamp is 4 * 4 * 4 inches so it’s small enough to be placed anywhere in their house, but if you want to operate the lamp constantly, then it must be near a switchboard. You can upload 5 high-resolution pictures to be printed on the four sides and on the top of the lamp. The photos will be visible even when the lamp is not lit, serving as a photo frame of sorts. The acrylic lamp is priced at Rs.1,599.

Pearls And Bows Personalised Wedding Clock

Home decor items are always useful for the recipient and never go out of style. Moreover, if you think of a clock, then nothing can beat your gift. A stunning personalised table clock is available at, and you can buy it for Rs.600. This clock can be personalised. It says, “Bride and Groom.” You can select two individual pictures of your friend and their beloved partner for this cute table clock. Make sure to send a good resolution picture for good printing results. The clock is of size 7.75 * 7.75 * 0.1 in (l x b x h).

Lavender Parrot Tulips Dinner Set

If your newly wedded friend is moving into a new house, it is bound that they probably will host a party or a housewarming ceremony for their new success and a new beginning. All you can do is gift them a dinner set to ease their serving problems. This is a perfect utility gift suited for anyone. The Milton dinner set available at IGP is a melamine, square/round dinner set of 31 pieces. The pieces have the parrot tulip design on them. This beautiful purple Milton dinner set is priced at Rs.4,150.

Titan Skinn Verge And Sheer Gift Set for Men And Women

You can gift your friend a sweet-smelling perfume so that he/she will have a tantalising smell all around. A couple of perfume set will be ideal. We have picked the Titan Skinn Verge and Sheer Gift Set for Men and Women from Amazon. This perfume comes in a 25-ml bottle, for both him and her. This perfume is made of long-lasting ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types and is long lasting. This perfume is priced at Rs.1,394.

Volo Stylish Beauty Combo Makeup Set

If your female friend is getting hitched, she is going to fall short of accessories, clothes, makeup, and jewellery no matter how much or how many she already has. You can think of giving her a beauty products kit so that she always looks ready and gorgeous for all her pre and post nuptial ceremonies. You can pick the makeup combo from for Rs.595. The kit contains 9 items including Eye shadow, Lipsticks, Compact Powder, BB Cream, Eyeliner, and Kajal. Last but not the least, it has a Volo Pouch , the red pouch will add some glamour to her new wedding look as well as on her dressing table.

Sexy Truth Or Dare

How about a wild and naughty gift for your friend is happily getting hitched? One such gift is available at Uncommon Goods for Rs.1,056. This gift is surely going to spice up their lives. It is Truth-or-Dare game. This game consists of 100 sticks; each stick is printed with some seductive truth and dare options on both sides. If your friend is a shy person, this game will do the talking and expressing. This game is made of cardstock and is of size 6.5" H x 2.75" W.

All-New Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart Speaker with Alexa (Black)

A tech gift is one of the best gift options available. Alexa by Amazon is creating some buzz in the tech market for sure. You can give your friend an Echo Dot, a voice-controlled speaker that connects with Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more. This speaker can stream music from Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, and TuneIn. It has 4 far-field microphones and can listen to the voice even in noisy environments across the room. It is also compatible with smart lights, plugs, and remotes from Philips, Syska, TP-Link and Oakter – just using your voice. You can also connect to another speaker with Bluetooth for a better and loud noise. It is priced at Rs. 4,499.

Aristocrat Nile Polyester 54 cm Purple Soft Sided Carry-On

Newly wedded couples love to travel together, so what better than a travel-themed gift to encourage them to holiday more often? Consider gifting your friend a luggage bag as a marriage gift; they would appreciate it! There is a wide range of bags available online as well as offline. But to save you the chase, we have hand-picked an Aristocrat luggage bag from Amazon, which is priced at Rs.2,173. This is a Nile Polyester 54 cm Purple Soft Sided Carry-On bag. This bag has 5 years manufacturer warranty from the original date of purchase. This bag is of 54 cm in length, 37 cm in width and 24.5-cm volume capacity. The bag weighs 3.47 kilograms and has 4 wheels. It also comes with number lock closure and is water resistant.

Personalised Couple Cushion N Mug Combo

Give your friend's room a delightful personal touch with a personalised sketch cushion and mug combo. You can get this combo from at Rs. 649. It will be a memorable gift for your friend. The photos will be converted into a sketch using a software. The canvas cushion is of approximately 10 * 10 inches. This white-coloured ceramic mug is 4 inches high and 3 Inches in diameter. This mug is microwave safe and dishwasher safe. It needs to be cleaned with a sponge or cloth only.

Digital Portraits

A portrait is a very thoughtful gift idea for your friend's marriage. If you do not know of any artist, here we are to help you. Oye Happy can help you have a worthy picture sketched into a portrait. You can send not only your friend’s picture but also the couple’s pictures for the portrait. It would make a good gift for their beginning of a new life. Once you send a picture to them, they will get it done from their professional artist, and it will be framed using a wooden frame. The size of the frame is 13.7 * 18.5 inches and is priced at Rs.4,500.

Stuck on You

Gift your friend a quirky and cool gift on the D-day. Oye Happy has a startling collection of quirky gifts on its website. The Stuck on You fridge magnets are very creative and unique. These magnets can be customised with your friend’s pictures. These magnets also come with a rewritable marker you can use to doodle on your magnet. It is a pack of 5 customisable magnets. You can upload the photos on their payment site, and each magnet is sized 2 * 1.5 inches These cool conversational magnets are priced at Rs.950.

Wrap Your Gift Well

Last but not least, make sure you take some time to wrap your gift well because it is said the first impression is the last impression. You can also leave a note inside the gift box. What’s more? Consider adding a greeting card with choicest of best or funny wishes and sign it with your name!

Bonus: Have a Blast at Your Friend’s Wedding

Your presence is more important than buying an apt gift for your friend. Try to attend all the pre-wedding functions, dress-up well and have loads of fun. Make sure your friend has bachelor/bachelorette parties for sure and tick all the items off your wild fantasies bucket list before the wedding. Have fun but in limits and fall in for no controversies!

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Get Desirable Gift for Your Friend And Let Him/Her Broom

When you are invited to a wedding, whether it’s a close friend or a sibling, the first thought that strikes your mind is what to gift them? As a couple takes the vow, there could be many common things people gift them. In such cases, it becomes difficult for you to choose the right thing that a couple would love to have or to use.

Of course, gifts are important tokens of love to the people you care about, but there comes a point at which they cross over from gracious to burdensome. A lack of money or a desire to keep from overspending shouldn’t stop you from extending your good wishes to the happy couple. In fact, they’re probably more concerned that you show up to their big day than they are about getting a pricey present. That said, acknowledging a new union is important, so try looking for gifts that are thoughtful and you won’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money.