10 Best Gifts for a Girl on Her Marriage: Useful, Thoughtful Ideas To Make Her Happy

10 Best Gifts for a Girl on Her Marriage: Useful, Thoughtful Ideas To Make Her Happy

At one of the most special days in a girl's life as a friend or family member you want to shower her with the best gifts. If you are looking for inspiration, follow our guide to selecting gifts to find something suitable, and if you still can't decide, pick from our gift suggestions instead.

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4 Kind of Gifts A Bride Will Love

  • Stuff She Needs:
    Marriages are expensive, there is no denying that. Help her out by buying things she needs anyway so she can cut down on her costs. Items for her trousseau, things she could use at her new home, even a useful emergency kit containing all sorts of odds and ends she could suddenly need at the last minute during the wedding and even after - safety pins, band aids, wet tissue, basic medicines, hair spray etc

  • Something with Sentimental Value:
    A new bride goes through a gamut of emotions, she is happy and excited about the new phase of her life, yet sad about leaving her home and family; the pain of separating becomes even deeper if she happens to be moving to another town or even country. Give her things that she can emotionally connect to in the physical absence of the loved ones she is leaving behind. Photo albums and scrapbooks, personalised items, anything that comforts her and reminds her that she has people who love her and whom she can rely on and turn to in times of need.

  • Unforgettable Experiences:
    Everyday appliances and home products get used up, broken and thrown away. They are extremely useful gifts no doubt, but things, however helpful, once part of a daily routine tend to become mundane. So if you want to give her a gift she will not forget in a hurry, or will get her pulse racing every time she remembers it would be an unforgettable experience. It can be anything from an adventure holiday for her and her husband, a fun trip with the girls pre-wedding, a nice farewell dinner at the best restaurant in town, or even some pampering through spa packages.

  • Expensive Keepsakes:
    Many people opt to give the bride gifts of money, or other useful things for the home. But money gets spent and the the thing about these gifts is that once used or broken they will get discarded. If you want to give her a long lasting memento then you should consider expensive keepsakes such as jewellery, fine china or cutlery, leather goods, personalised keepsake boxes and high end timepieces. Things that have a high sentimental as well as materialistic value will last long both because of the superior quality, emotion attached to it.

Practical Gifts She Can Use After Marriage

Kitchen Appliance

As exciting, romantic and dreamy as weddings are, at the end of it all the couple has to go home and lead a normal life which involves mundane tasks like running the kitchen. Kitchen utensils, smart gadgets and appliances and clever tools that can make their daily life easier to manage will be a huge boon for the new couple. Brides normally have earmarked things they want around the home and you could just ask her what she still needs to buy from her list.

We suggest you get her a fantastic grill sandwich toaster. Why? It’s unlikely to be a priority on her list, and guess who loves grill sandwiches? Everyone! The ultimate comfort food, can be put together in a snap and the contents are insanely flexible. Why do you think most people choose to suspend their sense of personal hygiene and go back again and again to the roadside sandwich vendor? Because he grills his sandwiches.

The Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates is easily the best grill toaster in India. It has a 4 star rating on Amazon and over a thousand reviews. It comes with a one year warranty and has a non-stick heating plate that needs little to no greasing, leaving plenty of room to make healthy sandwiches. Buy it for Rs.1,200

Coffee Maker

We as a people claim to love tea but coffee is quickly turning into a favourite beverage, the thousands of coffee shops sprouting all over the country stand as proof. Instead of always having to head out for a nice cup of coffee, and without the need to succumb to instant brews, a coffee machine is the obvious answer. But many people pass over this nifty little appliance considering an expensive non-essential, precisely why it is a good idea to gift it to her for her wedding.

Philips HD7431/20 Coffee Maker is one of the best options available here, and it has a 4.1 star rating based on 529 ratings on Flipkart. The drip coffee maker has a .92 liter capacity - enough to make 4-5 cups of coffee, takes about 10 minutes to brew you a cup, is easy to clean and the removable parts can even go in the dishwasher. Buy it for Rs.1,915 on Flipkart.

Luxury Bathing Essentials

Beautifully scented and packaged, nice bath products can be a great pampering gift for a new bride. Sure she will be thinking about buying such products herself but you can offer to buy them for her, or surprise her with a luxurious set.

We suggest Forest Essentials Facial Indulgence Kit. The brand is known for its natural products and this set has a range of products. Infused with goodness of narangi and gotkule, this set contains a bottle of - Lip balm, facial cleanser, rose water, facial cleansing paste, night cream, and sunscreen. Buy it for Rs.2,475 on nykaa.com and spoil her silly.

Things She Can Use for the Wedding

Bridal Hair Accessories

There are us so many big and small functions in the typical Indian wedding where she has to dress up and adorn herself with jewellery. Bridal accessories are an important feature of weddings and she must have spent lots of time scouring for the perfect pieces to complement her various outfits. Why not give her a helping hand with a few accessories of your own. Hair accessories are available in a range of designs and styles and if you are aware of what are some of her outfits for the lead up to the wedding day, buy her pretty accessories she can wear. Look for eclectic pieces that can be matched with a variety of clothes and colours. She can also use these later for other weddings and functions she attends. Such as this Peacock Royal Red Green Pearl Hair Pin. It is plated with 18 k gold and will not easily tarnish with wear. It can be worn with a range of traditional clothes. Buy it for about Rs.1,444 on mirraw.com.


Jewellery, especially when made from precious metals like gold and silver, holds a special place in Indian weddings and it is customary for people to give the bride an array of jewellery as wedding gifts. These are long lasting tokens that stay with her for life, and she can always exchange it for jewellery of a similar value at a later date.

The pieces you choose depend entirely on the budget you have. Close family members use it as a means to contribute to her trousseau by giving her necklaces, earrings and rings. If you cannot find anything suitable in your budget for gold jewellery, consider silver and semi precious stones, also pearls. If you find a piece of statement jewellery that isn’t made of a precious metal, that too will do, but avoid casual trinkets. This 18 k yellow gold Amer Fountain Pendant from the Jaipur collection, set with a single synthetic pink ruby is a good choice. Buy it for Rs.11,539 on Caratlane.

Makeup Set

Girls love makeup whether they are getting married or not. She will have had made bookings with a stylist and makeup artist to get her looking fabulous for her big day but what about when the pancake makeup is off and she is back to her normal day routine? She needs to be pretty and dolled up through the days leading up to her wedding and even after, as friends and family pour in to spend time with the new bride and invite her to lunches and social soirees. A good makeup set will supplement her own collection.

Makeup sets with multiple options and palettes are always a better choice than single products when shopping for gifts. Like M.A.C Nutcracker Sweet Nude Mini Lipstick Kit with 4 shades of lipstick. The miniature editions comprise of Lush Toffee Brown Shades, neatly organised in a stylish little box, perfect for carrying on the go, or even to slip a single lipstick in the bag for quick touch ups. There is Whirl, a dirty rose shade with a matte finish, Nouvelle Vogue - soft blue pink with a matte finish, Kinda Sexy, a matte neutral pinky-rose, and Creme Cup, light blue pink with a cremesheen finish. Buy the set for Rs.8,518 on Amazon.

Personalised Gifts

Chocolate Hamper

It is customary to congratulate with something sweet, and a wedding is one of the sweetest moments in a girl’s life. It is also customary for traditional Indian mithai to be a part of any wedding, so giving her a box of these sweets will not be amis, but she would already be surrounded by plenty of it. Chocolates are a better alternative as they last longer and she can keep them away to enjoy in peace when all the festivities are over and things have settled down.

When giving chocolates for a wedding select premium brands that offer good quality, and preferably come in a good looking gift box. Like this Zoroy Pure Wood Box With 15 Chocolates. The assorted treats are made with premium Belgian chocolate, weighing about 200 gm, and together with the elegant box make a nice wedding gift. Order it for Rs.2,099 on Zoroy.

Photo Album

As a new bride she is embarking on a whole new life and will create many fond memories of the coming year, a nice send-off would be memories from the life she has led so far. We aren’t talking about a photo album filled with pictures from the wedding, but of a scrapbook filled with pictures of her life thus far with family and friends.

This will be a beautiful and highly cherished gift from any member of family as well as from her friends - collect all your favourite memories, important celebrations and put them in an album for her to look at when she is missing those who are close to her. This gift is especially valuable for a girl who is going far from home. There are umpteen ways to connect with loved ones across the globe, but nothing can replace the value of pictures. You can select something like Sehaz Artworks Our Memories Album to paste pictures in before giving it to her. It supports 2 pictures measuring 4” x 6” on a page and has 30 high quality black card pages. Buy it for Rs.549 on Flipkart.

Throw Her a Bachelorette Party

One of the best ways to celebrate a friend, cousin or sister’s wedding is to throw her a fabulous bachelorette party before the official festivities begin. It’s a way to take a break from wedding planning, let her hair down, relax and have a blast with her closest girls. A surprise party works just as well as one planned with the bride’s input, provided you know her well enough to be confident about what she will love.

Choose a creative theme which she will like where everyone can enjoy. There are myriad options ranging from pretty themes to wild parties - most people have a different idea of fun so go with something the bride likes best and where everyone will be on board. Prepare the guest list and send out invites - do this as early as you can to ensure everyone can be present, especially if it involves travelling out of town or to another country. Early bookings can also help you save money and clinch great deals.

The term bachelorette party usually conjures up images of wild, boozy, drama infested celebrations but it doesn’t have to be that way unless the people involved want it to be so. There are plenty of classy ideas you could work with too. Such a party is also a great place to give the bride her wedding gifts or playful and naughty gifts.

Bonus: The Gift of Advice

Marriage is a completely new experience, different from any other kind of relationship she has had so far. Some sound advice can often turn out to be the best thing to give her. Family and friends who are married can help prepare her for what are the likely things she can expect, how to maintain a healthy relationship with her in-laws if she will be living with her husband and his family, dealing with tricky situations, and helpful tips on how to make a successful marriage.

Dating someone is very different from living with them, she will be in a new environments and will most likely be in a household where things are done differently from the way they were back home. Adjusting to so many new things can be quite overwhelming. These first steps are also crucial to building a strong, committed and loving relationship, and people who have been in this situation can share their wisdom with her. If she is going to be a homemaker, perhaps sign her up for cooking classes so she is better prepared to fulfill her new role.

Going in with her eyes wide open is preferable to her thinking that marriage is a bed of roses the way is shown in romantic movies and novels. The obvious advice is to not take your partner for granted, make time for each other even during the busiest of times, and to be honest with each other, but there are several other nuggets of wisdom that those closest to her will be able to offer.

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Times have changed and it's no longer acceptable to give boring and useless gifts that are re-wrapped and passed on to the next bride or dumped unceremoniously. You don't have to spend a lot on over the top expensive gifts, think creatively and come up with interesting gift ideas for things that the bride can actually put to use. As a last resort ask her or her family what she needs and give her that instead.