Wedding Gifts for Couples in India: 11 Traditional, Modern and Creative Gifts to Fit Every Kind of Budget (2019)

Wedding Gifts for Couples in India: 11 Traditional, Modern and Creative Gifts to Fit Every Kind of Budget (2019)

How much to spend and what to get are some of the biggest concerns when it comes to buying wedding gifts for couples in India. BP Guide India gives you lots of options with gifts starting at Rs 1000 and all the way to over Rs 60,000. From gold to furniture, photo frames to silverware, there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for Indian wedding gifts for couples, wedding gift ideas for friends or unique wedding gifts ideas, this is where you will find it.

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Check the Invitation. Some Say No Gifts, Some Have a Registry

This may sound like an obvious point, but inspecting the invitation with a close eye can be beneficial. Some couples specifically say not to buy a gift, because your presence at their special day is enough, this also cuts out the chaos of thinking about gift ideas or the chance of the couple getting multiple numbers of the same gift. Another way for the lovely couple to prevent those types of incidents, is one that is very popular in places such as the US and is growing in popularity in India: a registry. The details would be found at the bottom of the invitation.

A registry can be done by the couple online or in a large store. This means that the guests can go through a list of presents the couple wish for and can also see what has already been purchased. This is not as common in India as it is in other countries yet, but it is growing However, traditional gifts are to be expected.

Being Traditional Doesn’t Exclude Being Unique

An Indian wedding is full of tradition, and gifts for the home or kitchen utensils will flood the newlywed couple. So it is important to make yours stand-out and be different to other guests. Helping the new couple on setting up their new joint living arrangements is normally the best way to go when buying a gift for the couple, and which modern technology forever advancing forward, there are more and more options to buy commodities for the home. On the other hand, some essential utensils and the likes for living in a new home remain the same, the trick is to find something remarkable, or that stands-out for some reason or another. Thanks to the internet, and an ever expanding market, this has become easier than it sounds.

Getting the Right Envelope

The gift of money is one of the most popular wedding gifts, and gift vouchers are being seen more frequently too. Without forgetting to make sure the amount ends in 1, this is a great gift idea if you are stuck for what to get the couple. However, you must ensure you get an envelope that is suitable for the occasion. The Elegant Floral Theme Shagun Envelopes in Royal Red by Lotus are perfect for a wedding. Each envelope costs Rs.27 on and can be personalised with a message for the couple. Made from metallic paper in red, with a golden floral patterns and white rhinestones in the details. Perfect!

Some Unique but Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples

If you decide against cash or a gift card and want something traditional and special, here are some ideas.


Silver is a beautiful and traditional wedding gift, especially if it is something for the couple’s new home. It is both elegant and functional and always a great gift. There is a wide variety of silverware you can buy, but we think that a Silver Diya Lotus Multidiya by episode is a level above the rest. Its functionality can only be surpassed by its beauty. Five silver leaves sit on a large green lotus leaf, in a V-shaped formation, allowing the point of the V to be lit. For the reasonable price of Rs.5,390, this addition to a new couple’s living arrangements will be welcomed with open arms. Beautiful, practical and well prices, a trifecta of a perfect gift. Buy it from

Voice Activated Speaker

There is a vast world of voice activated speakers to search through trying to find the right one. You have to consider style, shape, performance, any special features and price range. Those are a lot of factors to think about when looking for something to simple as a speaker. So we recommend the Google Home in white; this stylish speaker has it all.

With instant access to Google, it can answer any question, it can play music from any streaming site and can easily connect with other wireless speakers around the house so the couple’s favourite song can be played in any room of the house. All this awesomeness comes for just Rs.8,999, so it is also well prices. A bargain for a piece of modern technology that is rapidly becoming essential. Buy it from Flipkart.

Photo Frames with a Difference

A photo frame is more than just that, it is a vestal for treasured memories, and none are more treasured than wedding day photos. So having a different and smart place to keep those memories safe and on display is essential home décor and traditional wedding gift material. And what makes photo frames even better, are inspirational quotes. That is why Black Fibre Wood Live-Love-Laugh Wall with Plaque Photo Frame – Set of 7 by Art Street is a perfect gift in terms of frames. Seven frames for the couple to choose their best photos and arrange them around the words Live, Love and Laugh. All for Rs.1,099.00, an ideal wedding gift. Buy it from

A Spa Day

Every couple needs to relax, and while that is what happens during the honeymoon, it doesn’t hurt to give them a little back-up relaxation for a different time. So a spa day for two makes for a brilliant wedding gift idea, as it is something both bride and groom can enjoy together at a later date. It is worth checking out a site called Little App to find spa deals near you, however, booking a Shirodhara for the couple is a safe bet. These can also be booked online at multiple locations of the Four Fountain Spa for Rs.2,419 per person. The treatment involved a rhythmical pouring of herbal oil on the forehead, which increases blood circulation to the brain and relaxes the nerves. What any couple of workaholics would love!

Group Together and Splash Out on Wedding Gifts

In traditional weddings, you can also group up with work colleagues, friends and family to buy a gift that is a little larger and bit more expensive too!


Every new house needs furniture to become a home. The problem with it though, is its price tag, not cheap for first time home owners or an individual to buy as a wedding gift. This is what makes furniture a great group buy for the happy couple. It can be said that at the centre of every home, there is a sofa, the most important piece of furniture you can need. Where everything happens, the place to be.

That is why getting a good sofa can change a house, into a home. The Casper Fabric Lounger, does just that. Shaped in a L with right and left hand siding available and he option to be brown or grey, this sofa is a perfect addition. Priced at Rs.29,900 it is not an amount that cannot be reached by a group, and this sofa is worth it for the beautiful newlyweds. Buy it from HomeTown.

A Trip Away

A trip away takes planning and time, especially for a newlywed. But congratulating them with a trip away, even if you stay within the country and just give them an escape to the countryside, is a good idea. Between a few of you, you can group together to get them both to go see the sights they always wanted to see. Be careful you don’t pick the same place as the honeymoon! And here you can go as cheap or as expensive as you can budget, so whatever you decide, and wherever you can afford to get them, it will be received with great appreciation and admiration.

Television and Amazon Fire Stick

As mentioned above, the sofa is the heart of a home, but, you need something to face the sofa at. In comes the new TV with Amazon Fire Stick! That way they will never be stuck on something to watch, because the Fire Stick gives you access to all your favourite streaming apps and more. Plus with a new LG 43UJ752T 109 Cm (43 inch) Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Edition) the colours will be so vibrant and crisp that it will be TV viewing as they have never experienced before. This television is a demonstration of how technology is advancing and what it can do. Buy the television for Rs.57,743 from Croma.

The Fire Stick with voice control will set you back by Rs.3,999; buy it on Amazon; that is a bargain for a cinematic experience in their living room.

Gold Jewellery for Both

It is very traditional to give gold jewellery to the happy couple, but gold is not cheap. So grouping up and buying extra special jewellery gifts for them both is a good idea. For him, the Calvin Rudraksh Gold Bracelet is a beautiful accessory he can wear daily. Made from 22K gold and styled with 9 brown and round Rudraksh stones, giving it a touch of style and beauty and for Rs.63,707.

For her, maybe a Saroj Gold Bangle, made with 22K gold again, and traditionally styled. This small bangle looks beautiful and will be the envy of her friends for Rs.59,974. Both come from Candere, an excellent jewellers with a great passion for what they do.

Luxury Household Item

There can never be too much beauty in one home, and adding a luxury item to a new house to make it a home is no exception. A rug, especially one that has been handmade makes for a beautiful gift at a wedding and one that will last a long time in a new home. Yak, who have been voted the best handmade rugs in India, are a great place to find a good rug, as they also do customised orders. But, for this intent and purpose, we recommend the Sea Ground Woolen Area Rug, which is hand knotted from New Zealand wool in India and designed to look like the sea bed, a most intricate pattern that has taken craftspeople up to 7 months to weave, and you can gift it for Rs.1,299. Buy it from here.

One for Him, One for Her

If you are looking to buy the couple something a little special each, then have a look at these ideas, one for him, and one for her.

A Cashmere Sweater for Him

Sweaters never go out of fashion and this is his special day, so with that in mind it is important to get a sweater that means something. Cashmere or pure wool does exactly that. And Monte Carlo are the experts of delivering quality. Their Black Solid V Neck Pullover is a symbol of fashion and elegance. It looks great, and in all black it easily matches any trousers and shoes, making it a daily essential. So how much he means to you for Rs.1,960 and let him walk around in style. Buy it from here.

A Beautiful Saree for Her

There is nothing more essential to a woman’s wardrobe than a beautiful saree. The day of her wedding is a perfect time to give her such a luxurious gift of beauty and class. The Red Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Saree by Luxurion is a prime example of how elegant a saree can be. Made from Benarasi silk, amongst the finest silks known, woven in the city of its namesake. This beautiful garment can be bought for Rs.10,185, but it is worth every penny. For her new husband really won’t be able to let go of her, showing her off anywhere they go while she is wearing this outstanding handmade garment. Buy this beautiful saree here.

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Don't know anything about them? Give them cash

Gifts of cash are not only perfectly acceptable, they are also often welcome. Commonly referred to as 'shagun', money is given as a gift not just on weddings but for many festivals and occasions, so your gift will not be out of place. When you don't know enough about a couple or what things they need for their new home, it's best to give them money rather than a useless, and possibly, expensive gift that may never get used.