Buying a Jewellery Gift for Wife Made Easy: How to Buy Jewellery, Pretty Baubles to Buy for Her, Gold Jewellery with Price & More

Buying a Jewellery Gift for Wife Made Easy: How to Buy Jewellery, Pretty Baubles to Buy for Her, Gold Jewellery with Price & More

Women love jewellery, there's no two ways about that, and they are perfect gifts for your wife no matter what the occasion: it's her birthday, buy her jewellery; your anniversary, again jewellery; a festival, you messed up or want to send her over the moon - jewellery gifts will do very well. Read on to find out how to buy jewellery, what to look out for, help with shopping for gold, as well as some gorgeous gold and imitation jewellery that you can buy online.

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A Jewel for Your Jewel

Your wife is the jewel of your life. She has made your life precious, given you your precious children and has stood by your through thick or thin. It is now time to thank her for her wonderful presence in your life.

There are all kinds of jewellery a woman loves to wear, right from toe rings to maang tikka, they should possess everything even if the occasions demanding them to be worn are few. Jewellery is an asset for most Indian women. The fathers of Indian brides start collecting jewellery for them right from the moment they are born. Jewellery is an essential possession for every Indian women and most of them hold an emotional attachment to their jewellery.

Some of their priceless jewellery pieces have been gifted to them by their parents or relatives and hence hold a special place in their heart. The most precious jewellery for an Indian married woman is her mangalsutra which represents a bond of marriage and is given to her by her husband at the time of marriage. If you want to convey your feelings to her with a gift, then what could be better than jewellery. After all, she is worth it!

Traditional Jewellery Gift Ideas for Wife

If she fancies traditional jewellery then we have got the best collection of traditional jewellery for your wife. Scroll down further to see our wonderful range of traditional jewellery. These pieces are timeless and evergreen. They match perfectly with Indian ethnic wear. These jewellery pieces have been crafted and designed by master artisans who hold an expertise in their fields.

Traditional jewellery pieces like uncut, jadao, meenakari and others can be found in our collection below. Uncut and jadau jewellery pieces originate back to the era of kings and queens and have been worn by women since then. Women often analyze each other by the kind of and the amount of jewellery they have worn especially in India. This just proves how much all Indian women love their jewellery.

Gold Bangles

These 22k pure gold bangles from Tatacliq are elegance personified. Tatacliq is slowly carving a niche for itself in the online jewellery buying industry. Surprise your wife on her special day with this pair of gold bangles from Shagun collection by Tanishq. Its 22 kt gold body features a high polish shine and flawless machine cut designs. Sleek, stylish and contemporary in appearance, these M size gold bangles will enhance her delicate wrists. Buy these bangles for Rs.31,961 here.

Gold Necklace

Josalukkas, the renowned jewellery store in India has some priceless and evergreen jewellery collections. Check this vintage-style necklace that will never go out of fashion. Crafted from 22k gold, it has an ethnic look which never goes out of style. This Gold Necklace - Jaubni weighs 35.46 gm and is priced at Rs.1,32,234 on This gold necklace is certified for authenticity by third-party international laboratories like SGL, IGI, BIS, GIA, GSL, GSI and Variety Hallmark. So you can click this one and buy it online without a second doubt.

Ethnic Dangler Earrings

These Ethnic Danglers and Drops by S Shiv Shubham are a class apart when it comes to comparing ethnic jewellery pieces. Sweetly shimmering in 22 Kt yellow gold this design is trending! Get these traditional earrings online from where they are priced at Rs 29,724. The total weight of the earring is 6.25 gm and the metal weight is also 6.25 gm. The earring has a easy to access screw to tighten the grasp behind the ear.

Contemporary Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Wife

If your wife fancies contemporary and modern jewellery designs which match with western as well as Indo-wester wear, then look at these pretty options below. These contemporary jewellery pieces look cool with jeans, kurta sets and other fusion wear clothing.

Chic Yellow Gold Bracelet

Velvetcase has this pretty bracelet design which is super stylish and contemporary. This marvelous Yellow Gold Bracelet by ZKD Jewels gives a bold look. It showcases your spirit and style with this immaculately designs. This bracelets is made in yellow gold with gross weight of 10.45 gm. With an easy to access lock, this bracelet can fit any wrist size. Get this at Rs.42,306 from These have been crafted with 22 kt pure gold. The total metal weight is 10.45 gm. The website also gives you an easy EMI option with a monthly installment of Rs.3,490 only. So if you are short of cash right now but need to gift a good jewellery piece to your wife now then this EMI option will be quite helpful.

Dressy Rings

Get this dressy ring from which is the leading online jewellery retailer currently in India. This pretty gold cut-out design on a contemporary style ring will turn head wherever you go. This Coleta Cutout Ring from the Gold Lace collection features an intricate carving on the round solitaire giving it a dressy look. Set on 18 kt yellow gold, this 3.33 gm ring has a 30 day money back gaurantee and also home delivery option available. Get this one online today at Rs 11,593.


Pendants are versatile jewellery pieces which look cool with western wear as well as Indian fusion wear. This Urbane Pendant from Caratlane is stylish, pretty, dressy and very modern. The intricate setting of stones are beautifully set giving a pendant a very rich feel. The white gold metal makes this piece easy to match with your western outfits. If you have the slightest doubt after buying it, Caratlane gives you the option of returning it within 30 days. It is a win win situation from every angle. Buy it for Rs.24,573 from here.

Initials Heart Pendant

This pretty Two Hearts Engraved Pendant from gives you the option of sending your initials which they engrave on both the pendants. This will be the perfect gift for your wife with both yours and hers initials engraved on both the hearts.

Priced at Rs.8,996, this one is an ideal piece which she can wear daily. Set in 18 kt yellow and rose gold, this pendant has 2.18 gm of metal weight. Personalized jewellery pieces with your initials or names engraved are priceless, precious and close to the heart. If you want to gift a beautiful jewellery piece to your wife which stays with her forever, you can consider this engraving option for a personalized touch. Engraved jewellery items are often gifting by parents to their children at the time of birth or when they accomplish a special feat in their lives. Gift your wife a pretty engraved jewellery item which will always remind her of your loving relationship with her. There are other options for initials jewellery too. You can also go in for initials rings available at Caratlane.

Statement and Imitation Jewellery Ideas for Your Wife

If you are on a budget and still would love to gift your wife jewellery, then we have an awesome collection of replica jewellery pieces too. These are crafted with equal passion and expertise. The pretty designs and the intricate detailing can fool anyone for these being replicas. These days more and more women are preferring to buy replica jewellery. It is inexpensive, travel-friendly and also easy to possess.

Replica jewellery items are made both in traditional and contemporary designs. Real jewellery often just lies in the lockers while women have started getting inclined towards replica these days. So if your wife too has started loving the wide options available in replica jewellery then we have selected some pretty ones for you. Have a look at our selected options.

Choker with Matching Earrings

This Chokker Set Embellished With Ruby Beads And Rivoli Stones is stunning and breathtaking. Your wife will love this shimmering choker set to add to her jewellery stash. Featuring yellow gold finish with rivoli stone embellishment along with ruby colored beads, this one is quite unique and classy. This piece priced at Rs.2,599, is a gorgeous statement piece that will enhance many Indian ensembles. The rivoli stones have a sparkle to them and are exquisitely set in an appealing arrangement. The ruby colored beads are attached to the stones in multiple layers giving the choker necklace a very wide look. Buy it from

Shimmering Cuff


Statement cuffs can pull an outfit together like no other piece of jewellery. If your wife likes to wear minimal jewellery then a bracelet like this is a must have in her jewellery box. A broad wedding diamond bracelet pretty much sums up your entire accessorizing need. To match with your heavy ethnic lehengas, a lady either adorns some colorful bangles or a heavy diamond bracelet. Get this broad and shimmering diamond bracelet for your wife in a very cheap price. Enumu has this Broad Wedding Diamond Bracelet priced at Rs.3,200. An exquisite bracelet , this one is a perfect compliment for your bridal lehengas and dresses.

Crafted with Swiss zircon, this 22.2 m wide, white gold plated bracelet is timeless and beautiful. The gem cut is marquise and the gem color is white. The approximate weight of the bracelet is 60.7 gm which makes it very light for the wrist. The white gold plated bracelet will match with ethnic wear perfectly. The bracelet also features a easy to lock and open closure on one side. Buy it from

Ruby Drop Earrings


Understanding the difference between studs, danglers, drops and chandelier earrings may not be your cup of tea, but if you were to ask your wife, she would list a few more varieties and then explain how many of each kind she needs to complete her collection. Buy her these elegant Ruby Dangle earrings as a pleasant surprise. Bigger than a stud but more subtle than a dangler, these drop earrings are perfectly suited to semi formal and even casual wear, transitioning with ease from western wear to Indian outfits.

A very contemporary piece, this one is equally stunning and timeless. This dangler comes in stones of different colors and you can select the stone color of your choice. The base metal is copper alloy which makes these pieces so reasonable. The gems are Zircon which remain shiny and timeless. Get these for Rs.999 only from

A Few Points to Keep in Mind Before You Buy Jewellery

Now if you are a first-timer when it comes to buying jewellery, then we can help you with some essential tips.

If You are Buying Jewellery Online, Check for the Authentication Mark

Jewellery buying is no joke and even an experienced jeweller can, at times, be fooled with the quality, purity and authenticity of a jewellery pieces. If you buy jewellery pieces which have a hallmark mark, ISO mark or such authentications, then you can be sure about the purity of the gold. There have been many cases of people getting duped by fraudsters buying duplicate jewellery pieces.

Always Buy From Trusted Sources

A very important point to remember while buying jewellery is to buy it from a trusted source. There are many fraudsters selling duplicate jewellery in the name of real and cheating you with lakhs of rupees. Ensure that you buy your jewellery from a certified and trusted source. If you buy your costly jewellery from trusted sources, you can always revert to them in case of any issues.

Opt for Gift Vouchers if You're Clueless About Jewellery

If you feel you have no idea whatsoever when it comes to buying jewellery for your wife, then it is better you gift her a cash voucher from retailers like Tanishq or Caratlane instead. There is nothing more a woman loves than buying jewellery for herself especially when it is funded by her loving husband. Tanishq vouchers start at Rs.1,000 and can be increased to any value in denominations of Rs.1000; buy one here.

Check for the Return and Exchange Option When Buying Online

What if your wife does not like the jewellery piece at all? You should have an option of returning it or exchanging it for something according to her preference than ending up wasting money on a product she is reluctant to wear. Caratlane has an exchange/return option for such cases.

Take Her Jewellery Shopping!

We hope this gifting guide helps you to get the perfect jewellery for your beloved wife. Women love jewellery of all kinds. If your wife possesses a lot of jewellery, then it would be a great idea to ask her indirectly about what she wants next. She will be happiest if you surprise her with a jewellery piece she has her eyes and heart set on. Perhaps, you could take her to a jewellery store in the pretext of buying something for a relative or friend and just ask her casually about what she liked.

However women are pretty smart and she will see right through so take her shopping. If you're worried about over spending you can take a trip to the store beforehand, select a few pieces and get an idea of the prices. Then take her to the store and let her choose. She will be delighted!

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Buy what she will love, or can exchange

It's true women adore jewellery but that doesn't mean your wife will love everything or wear anything you give her. Every woman has very specific taste and even if she likes what you get, if she has something even slightly similar, she will want something else. Either you study her dressing carefully, find out all the kinds of jewellery she has, or be prepared for her wanting to exchange the piece for something else. You cannot take this personally, it just goes with the territory.