Know All About Buying Rakhi Gifts for Sisters, Brothers and Sisters-in-Law Plus 13 Awesome Gifts to Pick From

Know All About Buying Rakhi Gifts for Sisters, Brothers and Sisters-in-Law Plus 13 Awesome Gifts to Pick From

Here's your one stop shop for Rakhi gifts for a sister, for brother, or for sister in law! BP Guide India has collected all the top picks and popular choices for Rakhi gifts, be it jewellery, perfume and watches, or experiential gifts like spa vouchers, cruises and holiday ideas. Spoil your siblings with the best rakhi gift ideas! Some of these rakhi gift items are so great you will not want to wait till Raksha Bandhan to give them!

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How to Buy the Best Rakhi Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Raksha Bandhan, popularly know as the festival of Rakhi, is a traditional Hindu festival mostly celebrated in South Asia. It is considered to be an important days for brothers and sisters. The tradition has sisters tying a talisman or amulet called rakhi around the wrist of their brother. She conducts a small pooja and with this she seeks his protection and blessing; the brother in offers to always stand by her and will give her a gift as a token of his affection for her.

In India Rakhi festive is most significant day for all the brothers and sisters and rakhi gifts are a big part of this day. On this day brothers purchases rakhi gifts for sister, and she too may get him a small present as a sign of her love. Following are the tips need to be considered on making smart choices when buying such gifts.

Maintain a Shopping List

Shopping is one of the best aspects of our lives. It brings us immense joy whether we are shopping for ourselves or others. In modern times shopping has become even more fun as it can be done by visiting a store or online. In order to have a fun, stress-free shopping experience, we must make a comprehensive list. Make a list of names you plan to present a gift to. This will ensure you don’t forget anyone. For example, if you have many sisters or the cousins all gather in one place to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, you wouldn't want to leave anyone out!

Hang the list on your fridge so that you can keep adding names to it. Bear in mind that ‘failing to plan is planning to fail.’ Once the names are listed down, assign each a budget. You may have different budget for each family member or friend. So, it’s important to have a tentative budget in mind. The next step is to research. Using online shopping sites and your own knowledge, list down possible gift options for every person based on their individual budget. Keep checking the list during the shopping. Put a check mark next to the shopping completed.

Think Beyond Typical Gifts

To find the perfect gift for your sibling especially sister is not so simple. It should reflect your love and care for her. So think hard to find that perfect rakhi gift for your sister. Giving her chocolates and a teddy bear, or a cute mug is great once, but you can't give her the same things again and again.

Relationships are very precious. So it’s important to think outside the box and present something different and unique. Here are some rakhi gifts ideas that you can give your siblings.

  • Financial gifting idea: This gifting option has been around for generations. You can invest into a mutual fund scheme that can help to fulfill your sister’s dream in the future.

  • Technology apps: You can add monetary value to the technology app of your loved one; such has online banking, Paytm, or any other mobile application and e-wallets. This way they can use it to fulfill their desires or financial necessities.

  • Gift electronic devices: Electronic devices are more of necessity now days than luxury. Gift your sister a useful electronic device that can strengthen your bond.

  • Help her during financial crisis: There is no minimum commitment required. Offer her the help which is affordable and comfortable for you. This will bring a smile on your sister’s face. You may also take her to a financial consultant who can aid her in financial management and getting out of the crisis.

  • Take her to an unexpected place: Plan a destination rakhi celebration. Instead of celebrating rakhshabandhan at home, take her to her dream destination. Imagine celebrating rakhi on a hill station, mountain top or during trekking.

Look Around for Deals and Discounts

As the festive season approaches, there are many trusted online stores that offers you huge discounts and other deal offer. Its not so difficult to know about the discount offers now a days. Everything is on your smartphones and laptops. If not online then look out in the news papers or any other means to find discount offers at your nearby malls.
There are some apps that will help you to get the details.

Raki Gifts for Sister: Bring a Smile on Your Sister’s Face with Amazing Gifts

A Day at the Spa

You can surprise your sister with a spa gift this Raksha Bandhan. The gift will bring good health and relax her body and mind. You can gift her a voucher for a simple massage,a facial massage, or foot massage or a whole body massage. You can see all fresh an aglow on her face when she comes back from her spa visit. Every girl loves to be pampered so she will adore this gift.

There are numerous spa services that be purchased online. One such is the Swedish massage. This massage deals with relaxing the muscle tension and promoting relaxation with other health benefits. Turkish baths, on the other hand, are a unique massage treatment, allowing your body to sweat in a spa chamber that is set to a temperature of around 60 degree Celsius. You can opt for a Thai spa, one of the oldest spa treatments. It includes variety of healing techniques like massaging, herbal application, facial scrubs, body wraps, herbal steams, floral bathing, tai chi, yoga, Pilates, spa cuisine, physiotherapy and many others.

One of the best options would be to give her a gift voucher and let her select the services of her choice. The Four Fountains Spa has centers across the country and offers gift vouchers ranging from Rs.500 up to Rs.10,000. These can be used to avail of a variety of services.

Hair Styling from a Leading Stylist

Girls love trying out new hairstyles, cuts and colours. You can take her to some good personal hair stylist around town. Either book a surprise appointment for her with the top stylist at the best salon in town, or ask her which place she'd prefer to go to. Keep in mind that hair styling can be pricey and depending on where your sister lands up and the services she has in mind, expect a bill ranging from a few hundred to several thousand rupees. If you have a young fashion conscious sister and want to spoil her, this is one of the best gifts ever.

Enroll Her in a Dance Course

What are some things your sister really enjoys? It could be a hobby or something she has a natural talent for but hasn't considered pursuing or would love to try. If she is keen on fitness, gift her a gym membership (with a personal trainer if you;re feeling especially generous!), cooking classes, or enroll her in a dance school. Whatever you pick, it must be something she has a passion for or it will not feel like a gift.

You can enroll your sister for a dance course at Shiamak Academy. He is knows as the guru of contemporary dance in India, and if there is a center in your city, it would be the ideal gift for a dance aficionado. There are different courses along with the duration you can register. Visit the website and pick a programme or class she will enjoy. Prices vary according to the selection.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

One of the finest gifts on rakhi for your sister is a Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch. This gift hits the spot in so many ways that you may be willing to look past the Rs.19,595 price tag on Flipkart.

If you're still interested after recovering your breath, here's why you should give her this. A watch is a timeless gift, and the rose gold tint sets it apart. Not only will this particular colour distinguish this timepiece from other watches, it is a classic so she can wear it for years. And finally, there are some brands every girl covets. Michael Kors is one of those. If you're vying for brother of the year award, and have deep pockets, throw in a MK handbag as well. The Michael Kors MK6110I Watch for Women has a rhinestone studded bezel and dial, displays date and is water resistant up to 100 meters.

However, if this is too pricey for you, there several other pretty watches in rose gold you can consider. You will find many with deals and discounts online. Some products worth a look are Gio collection G2024-44, a hybrid watch priced at Rs.5,526. The Titan 2579WM01 Raga Viva Watch is a simple yet elegant timepiece available for Rs.3,060 only. Also take a look at the Giordano 2795-22 watch for women with a price tag of Rs.3,063.

We also have a super budget option: the Cosmic AEDS0429 Geneva, a big dial watch measuring 32 mm in diameter, suitable for party wear, priced at only Rs.549; all are available on Flipkart.

Rakhi Gifts to Make Sister-in-Law Feel Part of the Family

Have a sister in law? Wondering what gift you can give her so she doesn't feel left out? Some rakhi gifts for sister in law are listed below.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Give the girls bottles of eau de toilette but the elegant ladies, and specially your sister-in-law, deserve a bottle of exquisite perfume. Perfumes have been around for many years and their use has ranged from aroma therapy, curing insomnia, enhancing mood, boosting confidence and triggering memories. What distinguishes them from eau de toilette is the long lasting fragrance, largely due to the greater strength of essential oils used in making them. This also makes them dearer than an ordinary fragrance. A dab behind the ear, a smear across the wrist is enough to make the scent linger for hours.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is a fresh oriental eau de parfum and helps any lady express the true essence of her femininity. It can be bought on Flipkart on a discounted rate of Rs.11,499, a far cry from it's usual price tag of Rs.25,999. So, get online and order your expression of personal luxury now!

Michael Kors Tote Bag

Handbags are a lady’s best friend, you can never have enough of them. Let your sister in law know how much she means to you by purchasing her favorite Michael Kors Tote Bag. It will help her make a fashion statement and boost her personality. This Voyager collection truffle color tote bag is ideal to complement any outfit. Let the diva adorn this signature design with everlasting appeal and have all the heads turning towards her. Buy it for Rs.32,000 from

Massage Chair

Your sister-in-law looks after everyone, soothes away the aches, pains and complaints of those in the house, but what about when she is feeling tired? A massage chair is a great way to relax and soothe your body. It is no longer a luxury for the elite class. A common man can afford it without any financial pressure. In older days, one had to go to a private masseuse or spa to get the required massage. Today, it can be achieved through the electronic massage which you can purchase and keep as a part of the furniture.

There are many health benefits of these chairs such as reducing pressure on nerves by aligning the spine, relaxing muscles and maintains good posture, relieving stress and improving blood circulation. Gift it to your sweet sister in law and let her know her health is of equal significance. Buy this Telebrands MCQ3 Massage Chair for Rs.79,999 from Flipkart.

Adventurous Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Tell your active and adventurous brother how much he means to you with these fantastic and adventurous rakhi gifts that can be availed from any location. Relive your childhood with these memorable activities.

Whether your brother lives near you or far, he can avail these gifts without any issue. The below mentioned rakhi gifts for brother can be planned to suit his location and preference. Let us look at some exciting gifts that your brother, younger or older, will thank you for.

A Cruise Vacation

Imagine spending the entire day touring an island, laying on the beach, or swimming with stingrays. At night, you can eat four-star cuisines, take in a show, or dance with your spouse or partner. There is nothing like taking a cruise, and going on one with the whole family is a fantastic idea. There are several reasons to go on a cruise such as covering multi-level destinations, bundle deals, diverse experience and meeting new people.

Let your charming brother spend quality time relaxing during a well-planned cruise holiday. There can be no better rakhi gifts for brother than this presenting him with this ultimate experience. Thomas cook has some exquisite packages and you can browse them here to find one that suits your purpose.

There are various offerings, from domestic to international cruise tours, starting at Rs.29,575 per person for a four night, five day cruise from Mumbai to Mangalore, going all the way to nearly 5 lakhs per person for an 18 night American-Alaskan extravaganza. Send you brother alone, with his spouse, or plan a family trip according to what your budget allows.

An Outdoor Adventure Amid Nature

If your brother thrives in the outdoors or is an avid wildlife enthusiast, the Jim Corbett Tour Package For The Adventurous Soul is the thing for him. Spending time in nature can progress your brain function, diminish stress, keep you fit, provide thrill and aid in protecting threatened landscapes and wildlife. If your brother is a nature lover, let him indulge into the wildlife which he will not only cherish but also get health benefits from.

There are many small packages available for Jim Corbett, organised by Travel Triangle. The starting price is Rs.5,299 for a 3 days and 2 nights stay at a 3 star hotel; a 5 star accommodation will cost Rs.9,499. The package includes wildlife safari and local attractions. So, help your wildlife enthusiast brother get away from his mundane life, if only for a few days.

Amazon Gift Voucher


With so many options available in the market today, consumers prefer receiving gift cards, instead of a specific gift. This way, they are able to purchase an item of their liking and need. Amazon is the biggest market place today and has almost anything and everything available on its online portal.

Gifting an Amazon Gift Voucher will ensure your brother utilizes it to purchase something he desires or needs. This online shop carries everything from personal care items to electronics and even groceries. So, show him your love and care with this well thought out gift. You can buy Amazon E-mail Gift Card for denominations ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.10,000.

Do Something Big for Your Sister this Raksha Bandhan

If you want to do something good in your sister's life you can take the following ideas into consideration.

Create a Long Term Fixed Deposit for Her

A fixed deposit in her name will help your sister with financial stability during hard times of life, and the best part is it grows with time. This is a great way to help your sister so that she need not need to ask help from anyone. A large percentage of Indian women do not work after marriage and are completely reliant on their partner for money. You can open an bank account in her name and gift her a fixed deposit. The minimum amount to start a FD in most banks is Rs.5,000 although individual banks may vary. There are other schemes like the Public Provident Fund and National saving Certificate which offers income tax benefits too. You can also invest in mutual funds or shares for long time benefits.

Pure Gold Jewellery

Gold has always been highly valued by Indians. Traditionally, women were given lots of gold jewellery at the time of marriage and subsequent functions and important landmarks. These served not only as adornments but were seen as investments for her and her family, providing a sort of financial security for her. Despite the rise of other investment options, gold continues to be popular today for these reasons.

You can gift gold to your sister on Rakhi. It can be jewellery in the latest design which she will enjoy wearing, or even gold coins and biscuits. There are plenty of reliable gold retailers online that you can shop from if a visit to the local jeweller isn't viable.

If you're looking for jewellery we suggest this pretty Saanjhi Gold Bangle by PC Jeweller. The 22 Kt gold bangle weighs approximately 17.34 gm and comes with a BIS Hallmark certification. It is priced at Rs.65,726 at; buy a single bangle or a pair.

For a smaller piece of jewellery we would recommend Tanishq Diamond Treats 18KT Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant with Circular Design. This dainty pendant is great for daily wear and you can also buy a chain to go with it. Buy it for Rs.15,152. from Tanishq.

Book a Vacation for Her

The bond between brothers and sisters is unique and special in India. The best rakhi gift idea is to offer a relaxing holiday package to your sibling. Make the bond even stronger by gifting her the holiday she has been dreaming of. Our busy schedule life will never allow us to spend the time together but you can plan for a trip to strengthen and discover your sibling bond to fun loving places. You can visit online tourism websites like to get more details about the plan and the place and they will guide you through the process.

Some of the more popular holiday destinations lately are the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Unforgettable Andaman package on starts at Rs.16,000 per person. It includes accommodation, airport transfer, meals and sightseeing for a 5 days, 2 nights stay. Two nights will be spent at Port Blair -and the other two at Havelock Island. Visit the website for further details or to customise the trip according to your preferences.

Kerala is another beautiful destination and the hill-stations are particularly sought after. The Glorious Munnar- Standard package offered on Yatra is good for a short trip. Priced at Rs.5,500 per person for a 3 days, 2 nights stay, it includes accommodation, meals, sightseeing and transfers. Customise the trip on the website.

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Can your gift make a difference?

A Rakhi gift is only a token of your affection, given to a brother or sister on a festival that celebrates the bond between siblings. But can it be more than a token and make a difference in their life? Look for things your brother or sister could do with, something they need, or a present which will help them in any way. There are lots of gift hampers of chocolates, mugs, cute stuffed toys and the like available online, but wouldn't it be far better to give a more useful gift?