Dazzle Your Brother with Amazing Rakhis from Amazon India + 5 Trendy Return Gifts for Sisters

Dazzle Your Brother with Amazing Rakhis from Amazon India + 5 Trendy Return Gifts for Sisters

Looking rakhis and gifts on Amazon? As great as the e-commerce giant is, the sheer multitude of offering can be distracting so let us lead the way for you. Best Present Guide has hand picked some of the best rakhi gifts on Amazon for you.

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Shopping on Amazon India

Source www.amazon.in

After its launch in India, Amazon has cornered the online shopping market so much, that it is the first choice when it comes to shopping online. Be it fashion or grocery, Amazon has everything that you need. Most of you guys would have shopped at Amazon at one time or the other. The list of products available with amazon.in rivals any other ecommerce website in the same category.

A Few Money Saving Hacks for Shopping on Amazon

Often Amazon is the go-to e-commerce website that you rely on when you want to buy something. They even have same day and next day delivery too. But often you will find yourselves paying through the nose or delivery fee in many cases. Additionally, there are also times when you cannot afford something you really wanted to buy due to its exorbitant prices. However, we compiled a list of successful money-saving hacks that can help you grab great deals!

  • Amazon Pay:
    If you have shopped on Amazon, you would have come across Amazon Pay which is primarily their wallet service. Amazon often offers cash back for just loading the wallet. Many products also come with cash back whenever purchased using Amazon Pay. Keep an eye out for those cashback offers and load your wallet then. However, they might have limits on those cash backs.

  • Amazon Gift Card
    By buying a gift card you can save 10 per cent up to ₹100 in the form of cash backs at the time of purchase. These are great for when you want loved ones to be able to choose their own present, and perfect for the times you're not sure what to get them. Since they are available in so many denominations, gift cards a good choice for anyone.

  • Amazon Sales:
    Amazon often has some sale or the other running. This is apart from their daily deals and lightning deals. Check out their lightning deals which offer you an awesome chance to buy something that you have coveted for a long time. Also, keep an eye out for Super Value Day, Great Indian Sale and Great Indian Festival Sale, which are the most famous sales run by Amazon and are the best times to purchase whatever you need. Super Value Day happens on the first two days of every month and it is the time when the prices are slashed on grocery and essential items. If you have anything that is sure to cost you, you’d better wait for the Great Indian Sale. Great Indian Festival Sale happens during the festival season and this is the time you do your festival shopping. You also need to keep an eye on the cash backs offered by banks and on Amazon Pay.

  • Return, Replacement and Compensation:
    If you happen to get a damaged product write or call to the customer service who will readily offer you money back on your Amazon Pay or credits. If your product is broken they offer you replacements for the damaged product. In most cases, they let you keep the damaged item without asking for a return. If the damage is not that big, you get two products at the price of one in this case. It is assurances like this that enables to shop from the website with a certain peace of mind.

  • Subscribe and Save:
    If you have any essential needs that you purchase say diaper, it is better to subscribe for it rather than purchasing it every month. That way your product gets delivered every month and you need not worry about it running out. With the Subscribe and Save option, you get a 5 per cent discount on the product. If you don't need the product for any particular month you can cancel the order too.

8 Great Rakhi Combo Offers on Amazon

Rakhi celebrates the bond between a brother and his sister. The bond between brothers and sisters is one of the deepest and unbreakable bonds, you’d ever see. Raksha Bandhan celebrates this bond with the sister tying a rakhi to her brother on Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi also means “a bond of protection”. Rakhi also transcends the boundary of family and can be celebrated between cousins too. After the aarthi and the tying of the rakhi, the brothers gift the sisters' something that they most desire.

With Rakhi approaching fast, there is no doubt about the variety of rakhis and gifts available with Amazon. You can even find huge discounts which enable you to get your favourite gift for your brother/sister. To make it extra special, we have compiled a list of the most amazing rakhis and gifts for your siblings.

Rakhi with Chocolates by SFU E Com

Source www.amazon.in

We have the most delicious rakhi for your brother first. This rakhi combo set features delicious chocolates and an elegant and subtle rakhi for your brother. The rakhi has shimmering stones held together by a traditional red thread. Along with the rakhi, the hamper also contains assorted chocolates like Lotte Choco Pie, 3 pieces of Dairy Milk, 2 pieces of Perk, 5 Star, 5 pieces of Eclairs and 2 pieces of Kit Kat. Get this rakhi combo set for your brother from amazon.in for ₹499.

Gold Plated Sterling Silver Rakhi by IskiUski

Source www.amazon.in

Sterling Silver is quite an elegant metal and that is why it famously used in jewellery and in this case, to make a rakhi. This rakhi not so subtly spells “Brother” with a red stone, smack in the center that you certainly cannot miss. The rakhi is gold plated and is an ideal rakhi for your brother if you are ready to spend a little extra on this. You can get it for ₹4,549 from amazon.in.

Fancy Rakhi by Jaipri

Source www.amazon.in

How about a quirky rakhi from Amazon for your younger brother? This trendy rakhi spells “Bhai” with a moustache and a pair of glasses on top which is sure to tickle him. It is a gold-plated rakhi which is held together by an auspicious red thread forming a beautiful rakhi. Buy it for ₹190 from here.

Gold and Diamond Bhai Bracelet Rakhi by KuberBox

Source www.amazon.in

This elegant Rakhi is perfect for your elder brother who spoils you so much even though you are grown up. The centerpiece spells bhai and it is adorned with two diamonds. The best thing about this Rakhi is that it can be hooked on to a gold chain and used as a pendant too. This awesome piece is available for ₹5,582 at amazon.in.

Rudraksha Stone Rakhi with Pen and Keychain by Decorative Buckets

Source www.amazon.in

A welcome change from all those stone and kundan rakhis is this Rudraksha Stone Rakhi which goes the traditional way. This is ideal if your brother prefers an elegant and subtle rakhi which clings to tradition. It also comes with a pen and a keychain gift for your brother. The gift and the rakhi celebrate the love and affection you have for each other. You can buy this gift from amazon.in for ₹499.

Pearl Rakhi and Printed Coffee Mug by Sky Trends

Source www.amazon.in

You are really blessed if you have your brother to fight and play with and this coffee mug says exactly that. The coffee mug is of fine quality and can be used in the microwave too. Along with the coffee mug is a pearl rakhi and a greeting card for your brother. The gift pack also has roli and chawal for the puja. This is perfect if your brother is away in a different place. You can send the gift to him and he has everything needed to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Of course, your prayers and blessings are with him. The rakhi and the coffee mugs talk the words of love that time and distance do not. It is available for ₹299 at amazon.in.

Sports Sipper by Sky Trends

Source www.amazon.in

How better can you talk the words of love other than encouraging your brother to do something that will aid him in leading a healthy and successful life? Buy him this sports sipper that he can use at work to keep himself adequately hydrated or use it proudly at the gym. The sipper itself is made of high-quality stainless steel which is definitely durable. Get it for ₹399 at amazon.in.

Leather Wallet and Belt Combo by Wild Horn

Source www.amazon.in

Your brother is special to your and that is evident in the fact that you are hunting a perfect gift for him. What better words can you speak than getting this awesome leather gift for your brother. The exquisitely crafted wallet and the belt combo is perfect for his needs. He always needs a good wallet and a belt to add to his professional look when he is at work. Buy it from amazon.in for ₹899.

Rakhi Gifts for Sister on Amazon

Raksha Bandhan is the time when you celebrate the love your sister has for you. While you offer your protection for your sister it is your sister’s love that humbles and elevates you. It is a source of inspiration and you would do anything to bring a smile to her face.

3 in 1 Clock with FM and Torch

Source www.amazon.in

Is your sister a sleepy head who needs an extra nudge to wake her up? Get her this amazing clock which is also a torch and an FM. As an added benefit it also comes with humidity and temperature function which shows the weather for that particular day. It also has an auto scan function which selects the correct frequency for your favourite radio station. This beautiful bedside companion is available at amazon.in for ₹775.

Make-Up Pouch Organiser

Source www.amazon.in

Get the Makeup Pouch Organiser for your sweet little makeup junkie sister. Women prefer their makeup to be perfectly organised even if they aren’t. It is not just a tool to look beautiful, it is also a thing of pride and beauty. This makeup pouch organiser helps her keep everything in place, especially when she is travelling. They come in three different pieces to make it easy for her to carry it along. The lightweight product comes in a perfectly feminine and glittery look. If it isn’t for the use, the look of the pouch alone will get you an extra hug. Buy this for her from amazon.in for ₹499.

Faux Leather Backpack

Source www.amazon.in

This is a perfect fashion statement for your college-going sister to take to her college. Though the material is faux leather, you need not worry about its quality. The backpack comes with a zip closure and an adjustable closure. The backpack itself is studded and follows the latest trend among teenagers. When you gift the backpack to your sister, you can fill it with chocolates or sweets for her to start the day fresh and sweet. Buy it for ₹699 from amazon.in.

Wallet with Wallet Mirror

Source www.amazon.in

A mirror is an essential item for anyone, as is a wallet. It would rather be impossible to get anything done without any of them. A mirror that fits within a wallet and can be carried. How amazing is it? The mirror comes with the wallet itself. This amazing wallet in a floral design is a perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for your sister. The lovely hamper includes a wallet mirror, a wallet and a greeting card. She would love this gift especially if she is a teenager. This awesome gift is available to buy from amazon.in for ₹549.

Tote Bag

Source www.amazon.in

A tote bag is essential for any woman, whether a teenager or an older woman. Totes are usually very versatile and can be used to carry books and multitude of other things that women like to carry with them. The tote itself is made of cotton canvas and the handle is crafted from pure leather. The leather and the poly cotton lining makes the tote very durable. The tote features a multicoloured colour block pattern which makes this tote very trendy especially for younger women. Buy this for your sister from amazon.in this Raksha Bandhan and you are sure to be her favourite brother until the next year at least. This lovely tote will cost you ₹1,499.

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Send a belated Rakhi gift

Were you travelling or away from home during Raksha Bandhan, or just didn't manage to bring a nice gift for your brother or sister on Rakhi? A present on the day would be perfect but so what if you missed it? It shouldn't stop you from showering your sibling with affection. Either plan it ahead and send Rakhi gifts to each other before the festival comes around, or make up for it with a belated gift. Even if the timing isn't perfect, the affection will be.