11 Sweet Return Gifts for Rakhi: Gift Ideas for Elder and Younger Sisters That Celebrates the Special Sibling Bond (Updated 2019)

11 Sweet Return Gifts for Rakhi: Gift Ideas for Elder and Younger Sisters That Celebrates the Special Sibling Bond (Updated 2019)

Find yourself looking for wonderful Rakhi return gift ideas for sisters in India? Amid all the fighting and playing pranks on each other, the jokes and the tears, there is a lot of affection between a brother and sister. BP-Guide India has put together some sweet and sentimental ideas for Rakhi gifts for married sisters, little sisters, and gifts to send for a sister.

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What Does Rakshabandhan or Rakhi Mean for Indians?

Rakhshabandhan or Rakhi as it’s popularly known as is a predominantly Hindu celebration where sisters tie a thread around their brother’s wrist wishing them a long healthy life and in turn the brother promises to love and protect her from all harm as long as he lives.

The Rakhi thread is a colorful piece of chord made intertwined silken thread with decorations made of gold and silver foil. It’s also often decorated with colorful semi-precious stones and sequins.

A Strong Social Bond Too

Rakhi is celebrated by people belonging to other religious backgrounds as well. It’s a festival which transcends faith as it celebrates the sacred bond between a brother and sister. World renowned Nobel Prize winning poet, author and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore propagated Rakhshabandhan as a means of spreading the spirit of brotherhood in the society.

It is often also celebrated by people who are not siblings but share similar feelings. A lot of us don’t have siblings, but that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating this beautiful festival. Many girls and women who do not have brothers of their own often have 'Rakhi brothers', or siblings they have chosen for themselves by tying a Rakhi on their wrist. Tying a Rakhi around someone’s wrist is a gesture of faith and friendship. These brothers are just as protective and loving towards their Rakhi sisters as natural siblings. You can celebrate Rakhi with your friends, neighbors or anybody else who you consider an important part of your life.

5 Rakhi Return Gifts for Elder Married Sister

Gifting is an important part of the festival of Rakhee. It’s considered a good omen to gift your sister with a token of your affection on this auspicious occasion. Giving return gifts is tradition which is fun and thoughtful. The choice of return gift will vary according to the age of your sister. We have put together a list of cute and useful gifts which are perfect for a sister who is older than you and married.

Personalised Mug

Add some fun and charm to her morning cuppa of tea or coffee with a personalised mug. Surprise her with a gift that features one of her most favourite photos of you two and a sweet message that tell her how much she means to you. There is an amazing range of mugs to choose from today online, with all allowing you to decide on the design you want so you just need to let your imagination! We have chosen something that has a wonderful message along with your image from prestogifts.com. This Rakhi Coffee Mug can feature one chosen photo with a fixed message. Starting at Rs. 299 for a plain white mug, you can change the type of mug and go up to Rs. 400 for a Magic Mug.

If you want more flexibility in designing the mug, then opt for this option from regalocasila.com where you can take over the designing part in full.

Designer Clutch

A pretty clutch is something that no woman will ever turn down. The DOROTHY PERKINS Black Embellished Clutch is a stunning stylish piece that will send your sister over the moon. It’s made of the finest quality fabric with a chain sling and a button closure. She will be bragging to all her friends how her little brother had the sense of style and sensibilities to buy her such a cool Rakhi return gift. Buy it from Myntra.com for Rs.2,093.

Trendy Gadgets

Life must surely be super busy for your elder sister ! As our lives become more stressed and demanding, we may start losing focus on our health. Why not help your elder sister become more health-conscious this Rakhi with a gift that gives her the ability to know more about her health. This Mi Black Fitness Band is the perfect gift to make her life better. This smart wearable will not only give information about her messages and phone call but also provide information related to her heart rate, sleep, steps walked and calories burnt. An excellent aid to taking better care of herself isn't it? Buy her this amazing gift for Rs. 1,999 on Myntra.

Trendy Jewellery

Source www.amazon.in

If you want to win the award for best brother, well metaphorically, then give your sister some trendy jewellery. The Gold Plated Textured Disc Drop Necklace from amarapali.com is a beautiful and stylish piece that will make your sister the center of attention at any party. She will be amazed and thrilled by the fact that her little brother is now big enough to buy her jewellery. This limited edition handcrafted piece is made of brass with 18 K gold plating. It costs Rs.2,800 on Amazon.


Source www.hermo.my

Even as children you knew she held a deep fascination for perfumes and you often threatened to tell mom how your sister would occasionally try out her perfumes. Now that you are grown up, add a fragrant note to your Rakhi festivities by gifting your sister a bottle of good perfume. The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist has a warm, light and fresh aroma. It will leave your sister feeling refreshed and smelling great all day long. Buy it for Rs.1095 from nykaa.com.

5 Rakhi Return Gifts for Sweet Younger Sister

If your sister is younger than you then picking the correct return gift for her may be a bit of a challenge. Younger people have very specific taste and are more aware of the latest trends. We are sure that your sweet sister will appreciate any present that you give her. But with a little assistance from us you can make sure that she not only likes the gift but loves it!

Best Sister in the World

You and your sister may fight and bicker constantly but deep down you know that you love her, but how often do you tell her that? Well now you don’t have to. The ‘For the best sister in the world’ gift set from Rakhibazaar.com will convey your feelings all right. The set contains 4, 12.5 gm packs of Dairy milk Chocolates and 4, 12 gm packs of Munch Chocolates packed into a beautiful container with delicate filigree work along with a 'You are the Best Sister in the World' mug. Buy it for $10.75 which is around Rs.690.

Makeup Hampers

Source www.nykaa.com

Your baby sister is growing up and every young girl loves make-up. So gift her something which would make her immensely happy. The hamper from Nykaa contains a whole collection of exciting items - Sketch Eyeliner, Nykaa Matte Nail Lacquer, Nykaa So Matte Lipstick, Nykaa MATTE-ilicious Crayon Lipstick, Nykaa Get Cheeky! Blush Duo, Nykaa Eyem BLACK Kajal Eyeline and Nykaa Gold Rush Nail Lacquer. The icing on the top is the Rose Gold Nykaa Party Edit Clutch which is super stylish. Order this hamper for Rs. 2,708 on Nykaa.

Afraid you might pick out the wrong cosmetics for her? Then its best you opt for a Nykaa Gift Card that she can use just as she wants!

Giant Teddy Bear

Source www.amazon.in

Pamper your little baby sister this Rakhi with the return gift which will definitely bring a smile on her face. Holme's Stuffed Pink Teddy Bear from Amazon.in is 3 feet of pure of pure cuddliness. We can guarantee she will sleep with this giant squishy toy next to her every day. It's made from non-toxic polyester and good quality fur fabrics and can easily be washed by hand or in the washing machine, making it safe even for younger kids. It costs Rs.849.

Sister Best Friend Cushion Set

Source www.amazon.in

If you think your sister is awesome then you need to make her feel it. A non verbal assurance of how much you love your sister comes in the form of this World's Best Sister Cushion set from Amazon. This pretty 12 x 12 inch cushion set of 2 comes in a pretty red color and plain white, both of which will add an edge to your sisters bedroom décor. Buy it for Rs.599.

Cute Jewellery or Accessories

Source www.amazon.in

Gift your little sister some fun and trendy jewellery that she can show off to her friends. The cute and classy Yutii Circle Links Rose Gold Crystals Bracelet will definitely win your sisters heart. It has a very pocket friendly price of Rs.399. Little sister isn't so little? Buy her a 22k gold pendant like this one for Rs. 2,700

Bonus Gift on Rakhi: A Box of Handmade Chocolates

Source www.igp.com

Almost everyone loves chocolates and we are sure that your little sister is no exception. Why not end the day on a sweet note by gifting your baby sister a box of handmade chocolates from igp.com. These nut and raisin chocolates are attractively packed into a gorgeous white metal container with delicate filigree work that she can use to store trinkets in after the chocolates are over. We are sure that your sister would love to get such a sweet and delicious return gift from his dear brother. The box contains 10 pieces of assorted gourmet chocolates and will cost you around Rs.595 on IGP

Sweet Bonding Activities Brothers and Sisters Should Do on Rakhi

Relive Childhood Memories:
If you are lucky enough to have a sibling then utilize this occasion to strengthen your relationship. Plan a fun day together. Relive childhood memories; go through old photographs and albums. You can pick out your favorite ones and maybe create a scrapbook together. You can revisit old places which you two used to frequent as children. Pay a visit to that old milkshake shop which you two loved visiting when you were younger. Take a walk together in the park. If you have children, take them along. They would love to hear stories from your childhood.

Play Childhood Games:
A sibling is not just another member of the family. He or she is a friend, a confidant and sometimes even a parent. They know all your little secrets and also most of your weaknesses. But when it comes to playing and having fun they were probably your constant partner. Why not re-live some of those fun times that you both used to have by playing some of the games that you played as children? Worried that you will look silly running around like children? Well, a little bit of childishness never hurt anybody. Get out those badminton rackets or that cricket bat, or simply play a game of chase. If indoor games were more your style, then take out that old scrabble, ludo or chess set and give your brother or sister a run for his or her money.

Cook Together:
Your mother may have shooed you two out of the kitchen when you were children, but now that you two are grown up, why not use cooking as an activity to bond? Cook up a scrumptious meal for your entire family this Rakhshabandhan. Cooking is a relaxing and fun activity and will help you two connect like never before. You could cook up some family favorites or try your hand at something new. If neither of you are adept at cooking, then explore cooking videos on YouTube or visit the various food blogs available on the internet.

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Importance of Rakhi

Rakhi isn't just about the festivities, sweets and gifts. As a sister she is investing her faith in you to protect her and care for her. The roots of this tradition lie in another time when women sought the protection of their family, and as a modern woman your sister may well be capable of looking after herself. But that doesn't mean you can't still look out for her. Be there for her as a source of moral support and let her know in no uncertain terms that she can depend on you when she needs it, even in the smallest of ways.