10 Perfect Rakhi Gifts for Sister: Cool Gifting Ideas That Will Make Your Sister Happy to Have a Brother Like You (2020)

10 Perfect Rakhi Gifts for Sister: Cool Gifting Ideas That Will Make Your Sister Happy to Have a Brother Like You (2020)

Time to buy your sister a Rakhi gift again? Well, You can call up mom and ask her to buy the gifts like she used to, or you can go through our fantastic gift ideas for elder, younger and married sisters for Rakhi and surprise her yourself. After all, you've come a long way from pulling at your sister's pigtails, teasing her and telling her scary stories of ghosts hiding under the bed. You loved her then and you love her still, show her what she means to you with a fantastic gift this rakhi.

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Rakhi: The Festival for Celebrating the Brother-Sister Relationship

Rakhi celebrates the loving and blessed relationship between brothers and sisters. At any other time of the year the siblings are usually busy picking arguments with each other, vying for the parent's affections or mercilessly teasing the other, but on this day all sibling rivalry is put aside to show genuine affection. As a brother you cherish your sister - raksha bandhan is the occasion to show her how much you care for her. Along with the traditional rituals, siblings also exchange gifts as a way to mark the special day and express their affection for each other.

Make Your Gift Count!

Sisters spend a lot of time and effort preparing for the festival – buying that special rakhi thread for you, preparing the puja thali carefully and carrying out all the rituals and prayers with sincerity and devotion.

A return gift for your sister is a beautiful expression of your appreciation for all of her effort, her love and her continued commitment to pray for your prosperity and long life. A thoughtful gift is a sweet way to tell you sister how much she means to you. She knows you love her, but take a break from teasing her to tell her how much.

Tips to Find the Right Gift for Your Beloved Sister

After lovingly tying the rakhi on your wrist, your sister will surely look eagerly and impatiently for her gift. You don't want to disappoint her, do you!

While sometimes cash given as a return gift, most often brothers would like to give their sister a gift that specifically appeals to her. We have put together a few top tips that may help you think up of exciting Rakhi gift ideas for your sister.

Consider Your Sister's Personality:
Give your sister a gift that reflects her unique preferences and likes or dislikes. Traditionally, brothers gift their sisters conventional items like clothing, jewellery, watches or bags. But you don't need to stick to these categories. If, for example, your sister likes to read, then you can gift her a book by her favourite author. The point is to make her happy and to let her know her brother loves her. So take some time to identify potential gifting ideas that relate to her interests and hobbies.

This one shouldn't be difficult; you've grown up with her and as her elder brother likely hidden her favourite pair of skates or doll at least once! Or as a little brother watched her paint or read for hours. Dig out everything you know about your sister and show how well her bratty or sweet brother knows her and cares for her.

A Gift That Will Suit Her Life:
Another critical aspect to keep in mind while buying a gift is to look at stuff she may need for making her life better. Perhaps she got married recently. In that case rather than clothes or jewellery, she will love a household appliance. Or perhaps she has kids and she may like it if you bought a whole lot of sweets and chocolates for the family. Or she may have just started working so she'll be thrilled to get a snazzy mobile phone. Also remember, elder and younger sisters often appreciate different kind of gifts, so keep that in mind as well.

A Gift Hamper Is Also A Good Idea:
Rather than giving one expensive gift, why not make a thoughtful gift pack with few of her favourite things. For one, people love receiving a multitude of presents and she may appreciate more multiple small gifts rather than one big gift. For example along with a box of her favourite chocolates you could gift her a small wallet. Or you could gather all her favourite sweets and savouries and make it into a gift hamper. She is sure to appreciate the time and thought put by you into the gift.

Ensure The Gift Is With You On Rakhi:
Whatever you decide to gift, be sure to have it in time for Rakhi. If you get busy with work pressures, order something online - almost everything under the sun is available on websites like Amazon. If you're sending her a Rakhi gift from another city or country, order it well in time so she gets it on Rakhi; an early gift can be held by a relative or family member till it's time to give it to her.

Last-minute Gift Ideas:
Unable to find something special in time? Don’t worry – there are still options you can consider. Buy her a gift card to her favourite online or retail store. This is a simple gift to organise but gives her the thrill of buying stuff she wants. Another fantastic option is to take her shopping on Rakhi. Plan a fun outing with her- take her to malls or shopping markets and she can choose the gift she wants!

10 Memorable Rakhi Gifts to Give Your Sister in 2018

Colourful Jewellery Set

Source blingvine.com

Jewellery has always been a top choice for brothers to gift on Rakhi. This sophisticated Magical Hues Pendant Set is a wonderful gifting choice for a stylish sister who likes to wear beautiful jewellery.

The set contains one necklace and a pair of drop earrings. Embellished with delicate rose pink pearls and 18k gold plating this gorgeous combo is priced at Rs.2,500 and is available at blingvine.com. An important aspect to keep in mind while buying jewellery is her personal style – it may be a good idea to take inputs from your mother or your wife (if you are married) while buying jewellery to check if it would suit your sister.

Amazon Gift Card in a Blue Gift Box

Source www.amazon.in

Give your sister the freedom to buy whatever she wants by gifting her gift cards to her favourite store. Amazon.in has literally limitless options when it comes to shopping, so their gift cards will be a boon for your sister.

The amazon.in gift card comes in a festive blue box and can be filled with different gift amounts starting at Rs.1,000 so you can gift as per your flexibility and comfort levels. While this particular gift comes in the form of physical cards, it can also be shared electronically. The e-card gets sent to your sister via email with a code which can be used at the site.

You can also get more creative with this gift idea. Get her gift cards from places that she is fond of shopping at. Choices range from large departmental stores like Shoppers Stop to reputed spas and beauty salons close by as well as restaurants and coffee chains.

Titan Raga Women Silver Toned Dial Watch

Watches today may not be worn by many as more people turn to their smartphones to tell them time, but some still love flaunting elegant watches on their wrists. If your sister is one of them then this classy bracelet-style Titan Raga watch is a great choice. It features a silver-toned dial with stone-studded embellishments along with gold-toned metallic strap. Available for Rs.5,810 on Myntra, the watch is a timeless gift well suited for an elder sister.

If your sister is not someone who wears a watch why not consider sunglasses. Check out the Guess Cat Eye Sunglasses available for Rs.2,999 from jabong.com. The sunglasses are a perfect combination of fantastic coverage and sleek style and will leave her squealing with delight.

Navy Blue Art Silk Printed Mysore Silk Saree

An ever-popular gifting idea for sisters, especially those elder to you. Traditional and gorgeous, saris are a welcome addition to every Indian woman’s wardrobe. They may often be relegated to the back of the wardrobe but when a woman wants to really dress to the nines, she will reach for her beautiful saris.

Saris come in a wide range and in every budget. This Art Silk Printed Mysore Silk Saree is a beautiful light day wear sari for your sister. Available for Rs.493 from myntra.com. If you are looking for classy silk saris, then look at well-known sari brands as that'll assure you of quality. Consider this brilliant Blue Bangalore Silk Saree with embroidery and zari border from Nalli which is a gorgeous pick. It can be purchased from nalli.com for Rs.4,505.

As in case of jewellery, if you are unsure of what will appeal to your sister, get opinions from other female family members or your female friends.

Accessorize Multicoloured Printed Sling Bag

A perfect gift for your younger sister. This trendy and bright shoulder bag can be used for college as well as work. The silver-toned solid shoulder bag has two main compartment and 5 organiser pockets, plus a closure zip. The PU bag comes with a long a foldable slip strap. It is available for Rs.1,258 from myntra.com

Shoulder bags and even messenger bags and backpacks make for ideal gifts for today's working women. If you understand your sister's style and needs, give her a bag she can use on a daily basis. You may be drawn by the dressier pieces that are used for formal events, but bear in mind women like to match their clothes and jewellery as well as other accessories like bags to make a complete ensemble for a special occasion. Besides, she will use it only sparingly, and a daily use bag will be more useful.

Yardley English Rose Gift Pack

Source www.amazon.in

Gift your sister a Yardley personal grooming pack that comes with 3 high quality products - English Rose Deo, English Rose Soap, English Rose Talc. The pack can be purchased from amazon.in for only Rs.350. You can find a lot of different grooming kits available online that come with a wide variety of products, so you can pick out one depending on your budget and her tastes.

Simple Elegance: Roses and Chocolate Gift

Source www.fnp.com

Who doesn't like beautiful flowers and chocolates? If your sister lives far away and you may not be able to get together for Rakhi, then send her a gorgeous hamper full of flowers. Available from fnp.com for Rs.1,499, this Simple Elegance gift hamper includes a bouquet of 12 pink roses and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

If this doesn't appeal to you, no worries. The choice is endless in gift hampers. Several websites offers attractive combos so you can pick as per your sister's likes. You can combine flowers with cakes, chocolates, dry fruits or even her favourite sweets. Just make sure to pick a reliable site for the delivery as you don't want to your sister to be disappointed on this special day.

Deep Sister Love: Mug and Cushion Set

Source www.amazon.in

This is a cute combo gift pack for a younger sister. Available from Amazon India for Rs.499, the gift set comes with a printed cushion cover and a ceramic mug, and a key chain bearing the message 'I Love My Sister'. A wonderful way to make it clear to your sister just how much you love her!

Personalised Best Sister Coffee Mug

Customised gifts are an awesome way to show your affection. Gift your sister a mug that has been personalised with a print of your favourite photo of you two or an unforgettable childhood memory. A daily reminder of the beautiful relationship shared by you two. This ceramic mug from myflowertree.com has the photo on one side and the other side has the message 'World's Best Sister'. It is available for Rs.395 from myflowertree.com

If a mug is too boring then how about a fun personalised photo frame? The Hey Sis Quirky Photo Frame from archiesonline.com will be a lively addition to her home. Priced at Rs.300, the frame can be personalised with any one of your favourite photos.

Portico New York Blue Printed Bedding Set

Gifting home accessories are a great idea for married sisters. You can gift appliances, home décor items like wall hanging or even something simple like a beautiful clock for her home.

A bedding set is a practical gifting option that may appeal to sisters who prefer simple gifts for the family. This high quality cotton set from Portico contains a double bed sheet, two pillow covers and a comforter. There is a wide array of bright and cheery designs available from the brand. This Portico New York Blue Printed Bedding Set is available for Rs.2,999 from myntra.com

Bonus Celebration Idea: Relieve Your Favourite Memories Together

On Rakhi, the focus is on the siblings. The relationship is a unique one which changes as years go by. From childhood years that were filled with pranks and fights , it becomes a deeply affectionate bond of love, friendship and caring. The pranks and fights may continue but they are more affectionate as the equation changes from sibling rivalry to a deep bond where each knows they can rely on the other for important things.

Take the opportunity of Rakhi to spend time with your sister and bond over childhood adventures, youthful escapades and other moments of shared fun over the years. It is indeed a wonderful occasion to reaffirm the sacred bond you share and bring you both even closer.

Nurture the Special Brother-Sister Relationship

The relationship between siblings is a special one – it not only has the unique bonding that comes from being family but also the companionship and affection from being friends. A simply irreplaceable relationship, but we must make sure to nurture and nourish it else it will fade, buried under the stress of daily responsibilities.

Find Time for Each Other Even Amidst Busy Lives

We are all caught up with our work and personal concerns but make the time to reach out to your sister once in a while to check in. Your sister may be hesitant given your busy schedule but do reassure her that you have time for her howsoever tied up you are. Even better, schedule a call to your sister at regular intervals so you know what’s happening with her and share the highs and lows of her life.

Give Your Sister the Confidence of Your Support at All Times

The brother-sister bond is an eternal one, but the strength of the relationship comes through the support you show for your sister through the year. As life throws up challenges, encouragement and support from your family helps us get through the tough days. Provide your help in any way she may need - this can be emotional, monetary or physical. She will feel reassured that she has someone to lean on in times of stress and anxiety.

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This relationship too needs TLC

Brothers and sister have such a love hate relationship when growing up, when each is vying for their parents' attention and affection. This unique relationship blossoms into a deep and satisfying camaraderie as the years go by because no one else knows you like they do; each has witnessed the other's childhood. But don't take this bond for granted; it is just as easy to drift apart. Just like any other relationship you value, this sibling bond too must be nurtured and cherished.