Gold Rakhi Jewellery for 2019: 12 Top Gold And Silver Rakhis Designs To Last a Lifetime & Gold Jewellery Gifts for Sister

Gold Rakhi Jewellery for 2019: 12 Top Gold And Silver Rakhis Designs To Last a Lifetime & Gold Jewellery Gifts for Sister

When you want nothing but the best for your brother, then gold rakhis are the perfect option! Brothers flaunt their rakhi clad wrist for as long as they can, before it frays and has to be removed. Consider getting him gold and silver jewellery rakhis this Raksha Bandhan. The benefits of a rakhi made of a precious metal, or a gold plated rakhi is it lasts a long time, reminding your brother of your affection. Find here the latest gold rakhi designs along with pure gold rakhis with price, because your brother deserves the best. If you're a brother looking for gold Rakhi gifts for your sister, we have something for you too!

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Why Gift Gold and Silver Rakhis Gifts to Your Beloved Brother or Sister

Timeless, noble and valuable – gold has been favoured as a gift in India for centuries. In fact, buying gold is ingrained in Indian culture. We delight in gifting our loved ones gold on special occasions - weddings, birthdays and festivals like Diwali. Valued as heirlooms, gold jewellery is cherished and often passed down generations by families.

It is no surprise therefore that for an important festival like Rakhi, gold rakhis and jewellery is a top option for many.

Auspicious and Evergreen:
Gold is highly prized as a gift.Gifting gold is seen as one of the best ways to show how much you care for the relationship and the value you place on it. It is also used as a way to show the purity of your intent. That’s one of the main reasons why gold rakhis are considered as extra special. And that is why brothers love to gift gold jewellery to their sisters.

A Special Rakhi Your Brother Won't Forget:
Kundan, designer, pearl....there are choices galore in rakhis today. But gold or silver rakhis are a class apart. The unique relationship you share with your brother is irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind – he was your partner in crime in childhood pranks, the one you went to in times of trouble, the one with whom you share countless precious memories. For him, surely nothing but the best will do.

Gold rakhis are a truly exceptional idea to make your brother feel loved. He will cherish the rakhi gift for years as a tangible reminder of your special bond. Depending on your budget and style preferences, you can choose from either pure gold rakhis or gold-plated ones where other materials like silver or brass are usually used as a base metal, making them more affordable.

Trendy Gold and Silver Rakhis for Your Brother

Make this Rakhi doubly special with a gold or silver rakhi. Thanks to the immense choice available today, you can pick from pure gold, gold plated or silver based rakhis, depending on your budget and also your brother’s preferences. You can look for options at jewellery stores near you, reputed jewellery brands in your city or online stores like or

Pure Gold Rakhis

Jewellery stores today offer dozens of beautiful designs in pure gold rakhis ranging from spiritual motifs, floral patterns or funky designs, giving you enough flexibility to choose the style that'll best suit your bro.

Ganesha Rakhi cum Pendant

Several jewellers have introduced rakhis with multipurpose uses like rings or pendants. This way your gift can be used even after Rakhi as a cherished reminder and keepsake.

Gift your brother this rakhi bearing a cute Lord Ganesha who is the embodiment of strength, wisdom and prosperity. This adorable Ganesha rakhi has a solid gold design and comes studded with 6 diamonds. It can be converted into a pendant which your brother can wear close to his heart. Available from for Rs 9,322.

A simpler option is the delicately designed Ganesha rakhi from Malabar Gold & Diamonds that doubles up as a pendant. Made of 18K gold and embedded with two diamond stones, it can be purchased at for Rs.4,099.

Personalised Initial Rakhi Pendant

Made especially just for your beloved brother, personalized gold initial rakhis are a wonderful idea.

This pure gold elegant rakhi cum pendant will bear one initial designed in cursive text in gold and have 7 small diamonds studded artistically around it. It can be ordered at at prices starting at Rs. 5,812 on Kuber Box. The site offers a host of options to customize the rakhi including the gold purity, its colour and the diamond quality.

My Brother Forever Bracelet

Looking for attractive rakhis in gold? Traditional designs are not your only choice! If you would like to pick out a funky design for your cool bro, then this has several choices like the My Brother Forever Bracelet. Designed as a bracelet, the rakhi has a cute medallion featuring a mouche and the message My Brother Forever. You can pick out the bracelet size on the site and as well as the quality of the gold to be used for the bracelet. The price of this offbeat rakhi starts at Rs.10,901. Order it here.

Gold Plated Rakhis

18k Gold Plated Om Rakhi in Silver

A simple yet spiritual rakhi option is the elegant OM rakhi from The rakhi has a pure sterling silver base with a 18K gold plating, with the Om symbol decorated with a single diamond-type stone. Perfect for the spiritually inclined brother. The rakhi can be purchased for Rs.1,100 here.

Silver Gold Plated Floral Round Crystal Rakhi Cum Pendant

This gorgeous traditionally designed rakhi is a choice for a brother who likes elegance and style. The rakhi has a round floral central piece, that’s made of pure silver and gold plated in 18K gold. The delicate surrounding stonework complements the look. Available for Rs.1,300 at

Golden Floral Design and Studded Rakhi

An excellent option in gold rakhis for those on tight budgets. This gold plated rakhi has a very basic design but is beautifully decorated with stones. Priced at Rs. 251 at the site offers options to make it into a full gift hamper by adding a box of sweets. This gift set is a great idea if you are sending rakhi to a brother who live away from you.

Peora Traditional Round Kundan Rakhi

Featuring a traditional golden design with a large Kundan stone and a red thread, this simple gold plated rakhi is a good choice for those looking for affordable options. Slim and classic, the rakhi will be loved by your stylish brother. Available from Peora for Rs.449.

Gold Plated Cursive English Personalised Rakhi

How about a rakhi that’s been specially customized for your brother bearing his full name? This unfussy rakhi will just have his name elegantly handcrafted in cursive text in gold plated metal. Available for Rs.666 from, the site send you the rakhi in red thread.

Silver or Silver Plated Rakhis

Silver Plated Round Brother Rakhi-Keychain

Buy your brother a beautiful Silver Filigree Rakhi that has been handcrafted. This delicate rakhi made of pure silver weighs just 7.5 gm and has a length of 7.2 inches. Available at for Rs.1,379.

Silver Divine Om Rakhi

If your brother is inclined towards his spiritual side then this authentic rakhi is a wonderful option to consider. Featuring a genuine moli thread and an Om charm made from 92.5 Sterling silver, this rakhi is one he can wear as a bracelet for years. Emanating elegance and serenity, this Om charm is studded with a red cubic zirconium bindu. Buy it for Rs.1,350 from fourseven.

I Love My Brother Rakhi

A rakhi that very simply tells your brother how much you look up to him. This I Love My Brother Rakhi available for Rs.199 from has an unpretentious style, making it suitable for brothers who don't like showy things. You can choose from different colour options which can be used to give a personal touch. Buy it here.

Photo Engraved Silver Rakhi

Take personalization to another level with this photo engraved silver rakhi from Augrav. This rakhi will immortalize your favourite photo of your bother to make a really special rakhi. Priced at Rs.1,999, the site offers several options to customise this rakhi such as its weightage, colour etc.

Classy Rakhi Jewellery Gifts for Your Sister

Gifting gold or silver jewellery to your adored sister on Rakhi is bound to thrill her. Take a look at some of our beautiful selections to get an idea of what you can gift her on this auspicious day.

Evil Eye Pendant

As a brother you renew your promise to protect your sister from all evil on Rakhi every year. Bring this to pledge to life with the Evil Eye Pendant by Raayah which she can wear around the year and feel your protection. This finely crafted pendant in silver features the classic evil eye, which is said to protect the wearer from bad fortune and ill-luck. Available for Rs.3,967 from

Trendy Ferna Shine Ear Cuffs

Gift your sister a pair of classy yet trendy ear cuffs made of gold and diamond from These gorgeous earrings are made of pure 18K gold and features several small diamond stones. Priced at Rs.18,760, the site offers customisation in the kind of gold to be used and also its colour. Buy them here.

Paisley Filigree Pearl Drop Earrings

For a sister who is stylish and elegant, these Paisley Filigree Pear Drop Earrings from Ahilya Jewels will be a fantastic option. These silver gold plated earrings are large but delicate and are a wonderful option for an evening out. Available at for Rs.5,801.

Contemporary Bevan Hammered Matching Set

Nothing can match up to a pure gold jewellery set gift. If you are looking to make this Rakhi a really special one for your sister then consider jewellery sets. The sophisticated Bevan Hammered Matching Set is made of 18K pure gold, and contains a pendant and matching earrings. The leaf-pattern design is of solid gold which is set off with a pearl. Simple yet stylish and contemporary they are suitable for daily wear and will appeal to sisters of all ages. Available at for Rs.19,214.

Keen To Buy Gold Rakhi? Make the Best Choice With These Tips

  • Look for Hallmarked Gold:
    While buying gold jewellery is an exciting process, we must pay attention to the quality while making our decision, so that we get the full worth of our investment. One of the best ways to be reassured of the gold quality is to look for the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmark stamp on it. This ensures that the gold sold by the jeweller has been verified by the agency for its purity and quality.

  • Know the Purity:
    Purity of gold is known by looking at its karatage. The higher the number, the more pure gold is. The highest grade of purity is 24 karats, but such gold is not suitable for jewellery. So the gold jewellery available in retail stores are typically of 14 karats, 18 karats or 22 karats. Jewellers usually stamp every piece with the kind of gold used in them. But if you can't find the stamp in the rakhi jewellery you are considering, make sure to inquire.

  • Consider Reputable Stores:
    Gold shops are found virtually in every neighbourhood of India. But there are always worries regarding the quality and reliability of gold sold in such places. To ensure you are not ripped off, opt for stores that you trust. You can go for stores that are recommended by friends and families or choose reputed chain stores like Tanishq that guarantee their gold quality. Don't get swayed by attractive deals or shady offers as they may prove to be a sham.
    These days online jewellery stores are becoming a popular option . They offer an incredible range that can be purchased at a click of a button. However here as well, verify the reputation and reliability of these stores before you part with your hard-earned money.

  • Cross Check Price of Gold:
    Remember to check the rate of gold that the jeweller is using to calculate the final price of your rakhi jewellery. While the basic gold price is based on the daily bullion rate, jewellers add in other kinds of charges such as making charges, charges for any stones used etc. Make sure you see a breakdown of the final price that lists the actual gold cost, making charges and any other charges loaded by the jeweller. Use this to compare prices for similar designs in other jewellery shops or online stores.

  • Know the Weight of Gold Purchased:
    In many cases, jewellers charge by weighing the whole piece of jewellery. This is not entirely the correct way to estimate price as there might be other materials like stones used. Find the weight of the actual gold used in the piece of rakhi jewellery you have selected. This will also help you understand the pricing breakdown of the jewellery item.
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Include other gifts too!

Don't blow up your entire Rakhi budget on a single expensive gold or silver rakhi. The bulk of it can be spend on it but also buy some sweets, perhaps a nice card or some other small presents for your sibling. The other items do not have to be as expensive but unlike gifts of gold jewellery which a brother may give his sister, you don't want to tie an expensive rakhi on his wrist and have nothing else to give him.