Rakhi Making Craft: How to Make Rakhi at Home and 8 Creative Rakhis You Can Make for Your Brother

Rakhi Making Craft: How to Make Rakhi at Home and 8 Creative Rakhis You Can Make for Your Brother

Why buy a rakhi for your brother (or sister) when you can make one at home? Rakhis are surprisingly easy to make! Craft splendid rakhis on your own with these step by step instructions on where to find material and inspiration and learn how to make some simple yet beautiful rakhis.

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Basic Items Required to Make a Good Rakhi

The beautiful festival of Rakhi is around the corner and all the siblings are currently very high spirited to celebrate this auspicious festival. Out of all the Indian festivals, this one is very close to the heart as Rakhi is all about the beautiful bond of siblings. The eternal bond which sometimes feels sweet like chocolate and sometimes feels spicy as chillies. So, if you are all set to celebrate the sweet and spicy bond with your brother this Rakhi, then we will recommend you to add the charm of a rakhi made at home. Because this beautiful thread of rakhi holds so many wishes and good luck with it. That’s why your rakhi has to be special and unique this year. Well, if you don’t know how to make a rakhi at home, then by the end of this post you will get numerous rakhi making ideas. But, first for making a rakhi at home, you are going to need the following things.

Silk Thread:
The eternal bond of the brothers and sisters is stored in the beautiful rakhi thread. So, in order to learn how to make the rakhi , first you will need to buy is silk threads around which your whole rakhi will be designed. The thread has to be plain and colorful which can be easily tied around the wrist. You can use the waste threads available in your home to rakhi. But, if you don’t have a thread at home, then you can order multicolored threads online. Buy silk threads for Rs.500 from kraftly.com.

To make rakhi at home, the next thing you may require is some spare bangles. The bangles will become the round base of your rakhi on which you can add other rakhi making ideas. You can decorate the bangles according to your design as you can decorate it with stickers, paint, ribbons etc. You can get bangles easily from your wardrobe or from your mother’s wardrobe to make your rakhi. But, try to take metal bangles only as glass bangles breaks easily.

Alternatively you can buy sheets of thick foam as this too is a good material to make the base for your rakhis.

Satin Ribbons:
With the help of colorful satin ribbons, you can create a very simple and stylish rakhi design. Most men don’t like to wear flashy and big rakhis so, in that case, a plain rakhi with one bead on a satin ribbon will look elegant and classy. You can even use satin ribbons to decorate your rakhi if your brother likes big rakhis. Otherwise, instead of silk thread, you can use satin ribbons as your base of the rakhi. Moreover, like all the other rakhi making craft at home elements, you can easily get spare satin ribbons in your home. Otherwise, satin ribbons are very affordable and can be easily ordered online.

Decorative Craft Materials:
There is no restriction on ideas and how you want to make your rakhi, you can add any product of your imagination into your rakhi. If you want to design a cartoon themed rakhi for your brother, then you will be required to buy cartoon stickers for that. And, if you want to make a simple beaded rakhi, then you obviously need to buy some cool beads. So, apart from the basic threads, bangles, and ribbons, you may require numerous other decorative craft material according to your rakhi idea. A piece of advice, however, before picking up a rakhi making idea, look into the art supply at your home as you will get numerous ideas as well as decorations from your waste material.

Glue & Scissors:
It doesn’t matter which type of rakhi you are planning to make, but to complete any of them you need glue and a pair of scissors. You need glue to stick different decorations on your rakhi and scissors to cut down the threads and other things. So, basically, you cannot make a rakhi at home without the help of strong glue and sharp scissors. But, make sure to keep your kids away from scissors and glue plus use gloves while working with them for your own safety.

8 Best Ideas to Make Rakhi at Home for Raksha Bandhan

There is no limitations or boundaries of your love and creativity. So, you can dive deep into your imagination and come up with different rakhi ideas for your brother. But if you are feeling slightly lost and have no clue how to make a rakhi then we have gathered some rakhi making craft ideas you can try at home. All these rakhi making ideas are very simple and easy to make at home. So, try out any of the following rakhi making ideas this year and make your Rakhi super special.

Make an Aeroplane or Car Rakhi

Well, if you are looking for rakhi making ideas for your little brother or baby cousin, then nothing is better than taking inspiration from his favourite toy. Yep, if your little brother loves his favourite toy car or aeroplane, then you can make an aeroplane or car rakhi for him. These are very easy to make and require minimal work.

Make an Aeroplane or Car Rakhi

What you need:
  • To make this type of Rakhi you need foam felt aeroplane or car stickers, red satin ribbons, glue stick, cardboard and some colourful markers.

How to make it:
  • To make aeroplane or car rakhi, first cut the stickers in circles.
  • Cut the piece of cardboard similar size to sticker and paste sticker on it.
  • Then, highlights the outlines with the red marker.
  • Lastly, paste cardboard sticker piece on the centre of wrist size satin ribbon.

DIY Sticker Rakhi

This handmade rakhi will be ideal for children and toddlers. So, in this rakhi idea you have to pick up the favorite cartoon characters, animals or actions figure stickers and make a rakhi out of them. This is one is the easiest and quick rakhi making ideas.

DIY Sticker Rakhi

What you need:
  • For this, you have to order different types of foam stickers such as elephant, crocodiles, Chota Bheem etc stickers. These stickers can be ordered online from Amazon or you can buy them from your local stationery shop.
  • Satin ribbon in a matching colour
  • A small piece of felt

How to make Rakhi:
  • Simple pick your kid brothers favorite stickers out of the lot.
  • Cut out a round piece of the felt in the size of the sticker and stick it to the satin ribbon
  • Paste the sticker on top of the felt on the satin ribbon or thread piece and your DIY sticker rakhi is ready to rock.

Simple Wool Rakhi

This woolen rakhi can be used for the kid as well as a little older brother also. This is a totally recycled rakhi making the idea and for this, you won’t have to buy anything from the market. The basic raw material required for this rakhi is waste wool threads. You can pick two different colors of wool from your grandmother’s knitting kit to make this rakhi.

Simple Wool Rakhi

What you need:
  • Two shades of wool scrap
  • A button or bead
  • Scissors

How to make:
  • Take a wool of red color and wrap it around your two fingers for twenty times and then tie the knot in the center and after that cut the edges of the woolen bundle to form pom-poms.
  • Repeat the action with the different color of wool like yellow.
  • Tie both the woolen pom-poms on the piece of woolen thread with the help of wooden bead and just like this your wool rakhi is ready.

Button Rakhi

This one is very creative and unique rakhi making idea. You just have to gather up all different types, shapes and colours of buttons for this idea. Just get some buttons and threads, and you are all set for making this rakhi at home.

Button Rakhi

What you need:
  • Assorted buttons
  • Thread

How to make Rakhi:
  • You have to cut the two decent size of silk threads.
  • Then, you have to knit buttons into the thread in such a way that it forms a criss crossed pattern.
  • When you get rakhi ready up to your brother’s wrist size, then you can stop adding buttons. Knot the ends and your rakhi is ready.

Gota Rakhi or Recycled rakhi

If your brother has no problem with little sparkles and shine, then you can make this gota rakhi for him. To make gota rakhi, you can buy ready-made gota flowers from the market or can make one at home and you also need one embellishment such as a small Ganesh idol or a bead.

Gota Rakhi

What you need:
  • Gota flowers
  • Small Ganesh idol or other embellishment
  • Thresd

How to make:
  • First, either you can get a gota flower from the market or can make one using glue and scissors.
  • To make the gota flower for the base of the rakhi you have to tie a knot in the center of the gotta thread, then you need to put one side of gotta on another until the thread is over. Then, you have to pull the one corner and you will see the flower forming slowly.
  • You can paste this flower with the embellishments on the gota piece and your rakhi is ready.

Rakhi with Butterfly and Flowers

Well, now who says that a cute rakhi with a little butterfly and flowers is not for boys? This is a rakhi and your brother has to wear whatever the hell kind of rakhi you want.

Butterfly with Flowers Rakhi

What you need:
  • Foam butterfly
  • Two red flower embellishments
  • Satin ribbon
  • Glue

How to make the rakhi:
  • Stick the foam butterfly on top of the silver ribbon (or any other colour you prefer.
  • Stick on the two red flower embellishments or buttons next, one on each side of the butterfly.
  • Wait for it to dry till the pieces are securely in place and your rakhi is ready

Jute Flower Rakhi

This handmade rakhi is also very easy. For this you have to get ready-made jute flowers in different sizes and colours. They are cheaply available at any craft store and you can make a pretty rakhi in no time.

Jute Flower Rakhi

What you need:
  • Jute flowers in different sizes
  • Sticky crystal embellishments
  • Red satin ribbon

How to make rakhi:
  • First, paste the small jute flower on the bigger jute flower.
  • Then, paste the crystal embellishments in the center of the flower.
  • Lastly, stick everything onto the satin ribbon.

If you want to attempt a more challenging project or are unable to get hold of jute flowers, there's a way to make a jute flower rakhi using the ordinary jute thread you have lying around at home. Watch the video below to learn how to make it.

Superman Rakhi

Everyone loves Superman, it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, we all love Superman. So, if your brother also loves Superman and is a great fan of the superhero's movies, then you can design a Superman rakhi for your brother. To make Superman rakhi, you need different types of superman stickers or you can make Superman stickers by cutting out pictures of Superman from comic books.

Superman Rakhi

What you need:
  • Superman stickers
  • Foam
  • Threads
  • Glue
  • Coloured glitter glue

How to make rakhi:
  • You have to paste the Superman stickers or cut out on a similar sized piece of foam.
  • Then, you need to decorate it with the colorful markers or glitter before pasting it on the ribbon.

Be Creative and Spontaneous

All the sisters out there, listen up. If you want to make this rakhi personal and special for your brother, then you have to be more creative and spontaneous this year. Try to make a rakhi with your own hands and trust us this will really make your brother super happy. So, try out all the above mentioned simple rakhi making ideas, or come up with something unique on your own combining different ideas, and make your rakhi special and creative.

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Combine different ideas

There are so many ideas available on the internet, ranging from simple to complicated, that making a rakhi at home becomes a really good option. But if you want to make something truly unique, browse and note the ideas you like best and try to combine them to make an original design. Try to personalise it further by including elements from your relationship with your brother and it will be a rakhi he will cherish and keep with him even after it comes off his wrist.