Best Rakhi Gift Hampers for Brother This Raksha Bandhan and How to Make This Day Memorable

Best Rakhi Gift Hampers for Brother This Raksha Bandhan and How to Make This Day Memorable

This Raksha Bandhan show your how much you value him in your life with a wonderful Rakhi gift hamper. Why give him a gift hamper? Because a single gift isn't enough. Your brother has sworn to protect you in every way he can, and though he loves to tease and annoy you, there's so much he does. Best Present Guide brings you the best Rakhi gift hampers for brother and lots of ideas on making the most of this day.

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Importance of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to the love between a sister and brother. Raksha Bandhan comprises of two words - raksha, which means protection, and bandhan which means attachment or tie. On this day, sisters tie a thread called rakhi on their brothers' wrist, who in turn take an oath to protect her forever. Rakhi is considered as the sign of attachment and love between a brother and sister. It basically means a bond of protection.

This festival generally falls on Shravan Purnima in the month of August. Sisters tie the rakhi on their brothers' wrist and pray for their well being and happiness. Brothers also takes a vow to protect their sister from all evils until death. This festival has extended its roots, and now it's not the only festival of siblings, but now it goes way beyond it. Today, many people tie rakhi to their close relatives, neighbours, friends signifying a peaceful existence. It promotes the feeling of unity which encourages a harmonious life. This festival plays a vital role in binding the family together in a special, and beautiful bond of love.

Guide to Choosing the Best Gift Hamper for Brother

  • Keep Your Brother's Age in Mind:
    Make your brother feel loved and adored this Raksha Bandhan like never before. Give him a gift hamper according to his personality and age. Gifts according to age specificity is something which is sure to prove thoughtful and love-filled. You must give him a small return gift as a token of love and care, and this will make your bond even stronger. Before selecting a gift, think about his interest, passion, lifestyle, and personality type to choose the best gift for him. Age specificity will allow you to decide what will be the most appropriate gift for him. If your brother is a kid then gifts like chocolates, sweets, toys, and a personalised t-shirt of his favourite cartoon character are perfect. You should consider giving useful gifts like guitar, gadget, or cologne if your brother is a youth. Always keep in mind the age-factor while choosing gifts, it will help you to pick the perfect gift for him.

  • Combine Rakhi with What He Loves:
    Surprise your brother this Raksha Bandhan by giving him a combined gift with Rakhi. Being a sister, you know each and everything about him. Know his interest, hobbies, and passion then select a gift according to his needs. This way he can use the gift in improving his skills, or he can follow his passion. If he is a college student, then a cool gadget, a smart backpack, or a cool bracelet are some of the best choices for him. If he is a kid, then you should consider combining chocolates, sweets, or his favourite toy with the Rakhi to make him feel happy this Raksha Bandhan. This is the best technique to surprise your brother, and he will love it. Such activities can be memorable for both of you and your whole family. If your brother is a working professional, then consider him giving gifts like a nice tie, cufflinks for his meetings or things like laptop bag or briefcase that he can carry along with him on his work.

  • Get Personalised Gifts for Him:
    Personalise gifts are the most awesome gifts you can ever give to your brother. It shows that you care about his needs, interests, and hobbies. It also indicates that you always want to see him happy and pray for his well being. These type of gifts have some beautiful attachments that can only be understood by a brother and sister. You can personalise any gift that you have selected for him. For example, if you are giving him a stylish guitar then you can personalise it with a beautiful note marked his favourite song on it. You can also give him a personalised t-shirt of his favourite Marvel character printed on it. There are many gifts present in the market that are customisable. You can also customise an alarm clock display with his photo on it. These are cute and memorable gifts will always keep both of you together always.

Special Rakhi Gift Hampers for Your Kid Brother

Rakhi with Chocolate


The kid loves chocolates, and if he loves to eat chocolates all day long, then you can gift him a combo of rakhi with the chocolate hamper. He will feel very happy to have chocolates. Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with chocolates to make it more memorable.

You can make it even more interesting if you buy a rakhi which has his favourite cartoon character. He will be filled with happiness and joy. For chocolates, either you can customise it according to your choice, or you can directly buy it from where they offer different kind of chocolates with amazing Rakhi. You must choose the combo which includes his favourite chocolate. This Cadbury Celebrations Rakhi Treat combo from includes one designer Rakhi, 2 Cadbury's chocolate boxes. It will cost you around Rs.559on You can also check out other chocolate combo packs on Rakhi Bazaar.

Rakhi with Sweets


If your brother loves sweets, then a combo of rakhi with sweets is perfect hamper you can give him on this Raksha Bandhan. This festival is considered as a beautiful festival which strengthens the bond between siblings. Enjoy this beautiful moment by giving your little brother a rakhi and sweet hamper. This will add a sweetness to your relation. Spread the love and care by sharing these combos with brothers.

If you want to amaze your little brother this Raksha Bandhan in a delightful manner, then consider giving him this Evil Eye Rakhi & Kaju Katli Combo, a combo of Evil Eye Rakhi with 1 kg pack of Kaju Katli from This way you can enlighten his life with love, joy and happiness. Roli Chawal is of course included. Tie this amazing Rakhi on his wrist which will show how much you love and care for him. Buy this combo for Rs.1,349 on

Sending a Rakhi gift to your brother? Also see hampers with sweets on Archies and

Rakhi with Puja Thali


Raksha Bandhan is the most auspicious festival of Hindus in India which revives the bond of love between the siblings. It strengthens the relationship between a brother and a sister. If your brother is a devotee, then give him something which he could use while worshipping God. A combo of Rakhi with puja thali will be the best gift you can ever give to him on this auspicious occasion, like this Rakhi Thali With Kaju Barfi Combo from

You will get one designer Rakhi with 250 gms of soan papdi along with a small 4 inches diameter Gold Plated Puja Thali. It also includes two glass bottles of Roli Chawal. Wish him a happy Raksha Bandhan with this sweet combo. Buy this combo for Rs.949 on

Looking for something different? Try and

Rakhi with Dryfruits


If your brother loves dry fruits, then give him a combo of Rakhi with dry fruits which is the best gift you can ever give to him. Dry fruits will keep him healthy, and this is the best way to show your love, care, and concern for him. This is the best gift to let your brother feel the heartiest love and care of yours.

Give him this Rose & Khus Cashews With Designer Rakhi Combo from In this combo, you will get a designer Rakhi with 200 g of anardana flavoured kishmish, and 200 g of khus flavoured cashews, both packed in jars. There are many advantages of almonds as it has many health benefits which help to maintain mental and physical health. It also helps to lose weight and lowers cholesterol. Buy this amazing healthy combo for Rs.1,649 . Also visit to browse more options for such gift hampers for your little brother.

Special Rakhi Hampers for Your Grown-Up Brother

Rakhi with Mini Bluetooth Speaker


If your brother is a tech freak guy, then give him something which he will love. If he loves music, then he can enjoy his favourite track on a mini Bluetooth speaker anywhere and anytime. He can take it with him anywhere he wants and enjoys his favourite music on it. Gift him this Designer Om Rakhi with Mini X6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker from IGP.

This mini Bluetooth has a built-in microphone. He can connect his mobile phone with this speaker through Bluetooth and play any type of music he wants to listen. He can also answer calls through this speaker as it has an inbuilt microphone which would help him to do so. Speaker measures 6 inches in length, 2.5 inches in breadth, and 2 inches in height. Buy this special combo for Rs.1,150 on

You can also buy him this Ez-Nxt Wireless Dual Bluetooth Speaker Bass Sound Subwoofer from Amazon for Rs.724, which is a discounted offer specially for Raksha Bandhan. But there is no rakhi included so you will have to buy that separately.

Bro Rakhi with White T-Shirt and Delicious Peda


Your brother holds the most special place in your life, and it's your obligation to make him feel special and happy this Raksha Bandhan. Give him this Bro Rakhi With White T-Shirt and Delicious Mathura Peda. Your brother will appreciate you for this surprise.

Get this combo from which includes one red and blue BRO Rakhi, one white round neck t-shirt on which word "BRO" is carved in Red and Blue colour. You will also get 250 gms most yummy delicious Mathura Peda which he will love to have. Buy this special combo for Rs.950 on

Rakhi With Denver Perfume and Deo Set


If your brother is fond of colognes or perfumes, then giving him a perfume set is the best choice. Being a sister, you always want him to smell the best all the time you always want him to be the best of all. Give him this special perfume, and deo set to make him smell better all day along. Such gifts can enhance his personality and confidence as well. It is always best to give something productive rather than materialistic gifts.

You can gift him Denver Perfume, and Deo set from along with a stone-studded Rakhi. The Denver perfume contains a mix of musk along with different spices and scents which make it smell awesome. This perfume indicates a blend of tradition and modern look. With this set in hand, he can apply it whenever he is going to attend a party or going for an interview. Buy him this set for Rs.1.949 on

Like the idea but have already picked out a beautiful customised rakhi for your big brother? Skip the combo and pick up just a bottle of Denver Insight Eau de Parfum from Amazon for Rs.499.

Rakhi with Classy Tie and Chocolate Hamper


Any man looks attractive when he wears a necktie with his formal uniform. Neckties improve the overall look, boost the confidence, and provides him with the best professional look to him. Neckties might be small, but it adds the most essential part to pull off the best professional attire. Get your brother Beaded Bhaiya Rakhi with Classy Tie and Homemade Chocolate gift hamper.

This set contains a beaded designer Rakhi made with a yellow and red thread. You will also get a smart, and classy black and white tie along with a 100 gm yummy chocolates which will make the occasion even more special and memorable. The tie will complete his professional appearance, and wear it with office uniform will show his dedication towards his profession. You can get this set for Rs.995 on If he isn't a fan of such chocolates, get him a Chic Pink Striped Tie Set from Amazon. For Rs.499 you get a set of matching tie, cufflinks and pocket square.

Rakhi with Round Clock and Chocolate


Clocks are something which ties a room together. It can complement your decor and add a whimsical touch to his room. Clocks not only shows time but it also used as a decor for walls. Clocks design, colour, and purpose might vary, but they are the most efficient product to decorate his room. It can also help him to be punctual.

Gift him a cool and stylish clock whose display has word "bro" printed on it. Along with around clock, you will also get a beaded rakhi and some chocolates wrapped in a blue wrapper. Clock measures 8 inches in diameter and has a thickness of around 0.5 inches. The clock is made of wood which makes it stronger and durable. The pack also contains 8 small chocolates which you can give him to make this beautiful occasion even more memorable. Buy this elegant Traditional Beads Work Rakhi With Round Clock & Chocolates hamper for Rs.925 on

You can also make a customised wall clock for your brother with images from your childhood. Personalised wall clocks are available on; prices start from Rs.999.

Personalised Rakhi and Mug


How about a completely customised rakhi gift set this year for your brother. Get a rakhi that features his name with a sweet message from you. Added to that give a nice and good quality mug customised with a favourite photo of you to to perk up his mornings!

This gift hampers from includes one custom made Rakhi along with the mug. Buy this gift for Rs.350 on

If you want to make your own hamper, buy the chocolate, sweets or candy he likes, customise a rakhi for your brother and throw in a pair of headphones. You ca buy these Xech A5 Wireless Bluetooth Magnetic Sports Stereo Earphones with Neck Band from for Rs.525. Add any other small gifts that he will like, and a handwritten card.

Special Things to Do with Him and the Family This Raksha Bandhan

Outing with Family and Brother

Raksha Bandhan is the festival of brothers and sister when a sister ties a Rakhi on her brother's wrist. On this day, do something exciting which refreshes everyone in your family. You can opt for going for a picnic, water park, or his favourite restaurant with your family. This will not only spread the joy of happiness, but it also helps to relieve all the stress, anxiety, and pressure. An outing with the family will bring a real happiness to them for this awesome union at a very exciting and positive ambiance.

You could go for the picnic and can do anything you both love to do. Because you are with your parents so share your talks with them also and made them feel special. Tell jokes, eat food, talk about the old days when you both were little kids, and go swimming if there is any swimming pool around there. It will help to reduce stress by a constant flow of positive energy. On this Raksha Bandhan, plan an outing with family and enjoy. At the end of the day, celebrate the Rakhi ceremony there and make your brother feel special.

Shopping with Brother

Shopping with a brother is a fun way to spend the day. On this special occasion, move out with him to a good shopping place, it could be a shopping mall or any shopping store. Get him a stylish pair of clothes that he would love to pair with his personality. He is going to love this surprise. Shopping together will enhance your relationship and also strengthen the bond between you.

It will give you a chance to know and understand his choices better. Being a sister you will get to know him better, and also he will appreciate you for your extreme love and care. It could be the best way to make this auspicious occasion even more memorable.

Re-Live Your Childhood Memories

Childhood is the best stage of anyone's life. Every sibling has different reasons to fight with each other, and it could be the sweetest moment for any brother and sister. Might be you have fought for the TV remote, for fan speed, for who is mother's favourite, for the bathroom, or for sitting on the front seat of fathers car. At this age, those old moments can't come back to you, but you both can always recall them at any stage of life.

On this Raksha Bandhan sit together and recall those old happy days with him and have a smile on the face. You can go to a green place, or any peaceful place and talk to him about those old priceless memories and laugh out loud on crazy cute things you both have done in your childhood. Today's era has changed now, everyone is busy with his own stuff, and they don't have time to remember those old memories. Just do this with him, and you will feel the finest feeling in the world. You can also include your parents in this activity, and once again it will take you to your childhood.

A Long Video Call

If your brother is in another city or country then on this Raksha Bandhan make him a video call and talk to him about his routine, his lifestyle, career, and food. This will make him feel happy for your love and care. Sisters are the most important, and a craziest cute person in any brothers life. You must make him a video call and talk frankly to him about anything. You can memorise your old days together which will take both of you back to those priceless moments.

If he is residing in any other country, or any other city then call him at the end of the day and perform the Rakhi ceremony from long distance in front of your phone screen. Such activities will increase the love between both of you, and he will feel blessed to have a cute and crazy sister like you. Send your Rakhi to him with speed post or deliver it with an online website. Ask him about the holidays, your Raksha Bandhan gifts, or when he is visiting home. This will show your love, care, and also delivers the message that you are missing him this Raksha Bandhan. Include your parents in video call and then enjoy a long family chat.

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For one day make your brother a priority

Growing up your lives were so deeply entwined but as adults you may find yourself spending less and less time with him. Each has their own lives, whether studies, college, demands of the workplace or if either or both of you is married you have your own families to look after. On most days you are expected to prioritize your individual lives, but on Raksha Bandhan put everything else on the back burner and focus solely on your brother. We need hardly tell you how to connect with your sibling, you already know him so well! Simply reconnect and replenish those precious bonds.