Give Your Sister an Awesome Rakhsha Bandhan Gift: 10 Ideas for Return Rakhi Gift for Sister in 2019

Give Your Sister an Awesome Rakhsha Bandhan Gift: 10 Ideas for Return Rakhi Gift for Sister in 2019

Rakhi return gift for sisters can be a tough buy! Be assured that she has picked out a lovely rakhi for you and quite possibly a sweet Raksha Bandhan gift as well. If you are wondering what will be a good option to make her happy on this special day, we can help! Pick out rakhi return gifts for sisters online and with a little help from Best Present Guide, you will have a fabulous gift in no time. Let us guide you to the best rakhi gifts online.

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Tips for Picking Up the Best Return Gift for Your Sister

Make Sure the Gift is Exciting for Your Sister:
This Raksha Bandhan give something exciting to your sister. Gone are the days when brothers would give gifts to their sisters that were boring and mundane. You want to give something to your sister that will actually make her feel great. You can choose something that aligns well with her personality. Go for gifts that are funny or useful. If she loves fashion then maybe gift her some makeup from her favorite brands. You can look at the type of brands that she uses and also take some assistance from her friends to know exactly what would make her happy. Remember that what works for you might not be liked by her. This is why you should go for gifts that will bring a smile to her face.

Pick a Gift that Conveys Your Heartfelt Affection for Your Sister:
As a return gift on Raksha Bandhan, you should give something sentimental to her to show her your affection. Doing something as simple as gifting a card to your sister could be really touching. To make her feel special, you can give her a photo frame with her picture on it and a quote that speaks about sisters. You can also buy the mugs that have messages written on them like “Best sister ever”. These cute gifts will definitely make your sister smile and she will love you for giving such a wonderful gift. Put some effort into finding the right gift and you will be surprised to see her reaction when she receives it.

Your Return Gift Need Not Be Very Expensive!
The return gift that you give to your sister does not have to be very expensive! You should keep in mind that it is not a competition. The idea behind gifting is to only appreciate each other and the worth of a gift is certainly not measured in terms of who spends more money. Look for options that can be good gifts and they need not be ultra expensive. All you need to look for is something that she will appreciate and that is sensibly priced. It should definitely serve a purpose though. Keeping this in mind, you can definitely choose the right gift for your sister on Raksha Bandhan.

10 Best Return Gifts to Give Your Sister for Raksha Bandhan 2019

Classic Owl Red Wrist Watch

This classic owl red wrist watch is very pretty and has a feminine look. It works with Quartz mechanism and has a slim, sleek and sturdy build. The watch has a matte PU strap and it adds a fun pop of color to your look. The dial of the watch is printed and is glass encased. It has the brand name written inside of it. The watch comes with a beautiful Chumbak case. You can shop this from Chumbak for Rs.1,495. Gift this gorgeous watch to your sister on Raksha Bandhan. She would definitely love it. It is both funky and classy.

An Elegant Wallet

Wallets are an evergreen gifting idea - it's an essential accessory for every girl! As your return gift for Rakhi why not gift your sister a high quality wallet or handbag. Give her a design or a brand she has always yearned for and something she will be proud to flaunt. Try finding out her favourite brands so you can get her something from them

A good option is this Navy Blue Wallet from Lavie. Available on Myntra this two-fold wallet is made of PU. The wallet closes with a button and inside has three main compartments plus one external pocket.
Buy it for Rs. 1,036 on the site

Personalised Stationery/Notebook

Gift your sister some cute stationery this Rakhi. This Customised Wooden Notebook will revive in her the joy of writing down her thoughts and ideas physically. Make it special by getting your message engraved on you - it can be a message, a quote or even a photo. This notebook contans 70 high quality paper pages. Shop it from for Rs.899.

Looking for something simpler? Then consider themed notebooks available on This store has several designs like Wonder Woman: Warrior Princess which are a wonderful way to reflect her personality. Available for Rs. 199 on the site

Designer Precious Stones In 14k Yellow Gold Set


Gift this gorgeous jewelry to your sister on Raksha Bandhan. It is an elegant and sophisticated pendant set with a pair of earrings with three studded stones. It instantly accessorises and beautifies any outfit that you wear it with. It is accompanied by a stylish box that contains this beautiful jewelry set. The 14k yellow gold setting with a elegant mix of red and white makes it a eye-catching set that will go with all kinds of attire. Your sister can flaunt it on any occasion and match it with ethnic as well as western outfits. Get this designer stone studded pendant set from Amazon for Rs. 4,899.

This above too expensive? Try this super elegant and understated gold plated set for just Rs. 1,499 on Snapdeal

Exclusive Beauty Gift Set


Beauty products are always an exciting gift for girls. Why not gift her brands or products that she might not buy herself? Give your sister this beauty essential gift set from premier brand Forest Essentials. This exclusive set contains products made from high quality natural ingredients. You'll find in the box one
honey lemon facial cleanser, one botthe of pure rose water, one bottle of aloe vera/sandal wood sunscreen lotion, a box of Kashmiri walnut gel facial scrub and one narangi lip balm glaze.
Order it on Amazon for Rs. 1,695

Paisley Owl Tote Bag


Give this adorable bag to your sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. It is red and blue in color and can be carried to college, office and also on casual occasions. The bag has a central compartment with zipped closure and double handles. It is very spacious and can carry all her essentials with ease. The bag has an out of the box and funky appearance. The bright colors are very eye catchy and you can order it online from for Rs. 796. Give this paisley owl tote bag to your sister and make her smile on Raksha Bandhan.

I Love You Sis Hamper

This gift hamper is specially curated for Raksha Bandhan. Show your sister how much you love her with this Hamper. The An Admirable Present gift set has two chocolates bars and a coffee mug that has You Are The Best Sister written on it. It will certainly bring a smile to her face when she opens it. She can savor the delicious chocolates and use the coffee mug to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. Make her feel special with this awesome gift and enjoy it all day long. You can shop for this amazing gift for Rs.849 from

Hair Styling Kit


What’s a better gift than this awesome gadget that helps her look better and make her life easier? Buy her a gadget like the Nova Multi-Styling Hair Straightener and Curler which she can use in her daily life. This beautifully designed set offers safe and gentle drying of her hair, with two settings. The curler will help her style her hair the way she wants. Perfect for a sister who's working or attending college. You can shop for this keychain on Amazon India for Rs.1,281.

Brother's Gift for Sis

You need not say anything to your sister, just give this awesome gift to her as a return gift on Raksha Bandhan. Let your Rakhi gift speak for you. It is a perfect gift hamper of cute teddy, delicious chocolates, lip balm, and nail paint. Isn’t is everything a girl needs? It has a Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm, a small cute teddy, a color nail paint, 2 dairy milk chocolates, and a pretty container that features the painting of scenery. It is perfectly curated for Raksha Bandhan. You can buy this from for Rs.1,099.

Frozen Combo

This Icy shot combo is a perfect return gift for a little sister on Raksha Bandhan. It has 2 munch chocolates and 2 perk chocolates, one small and a beautiful basket to contain it all. It also has one beautifully printed cushion. Your sister will certainly be pleasantly delighted after receiving this as a gift. The gift hamper of yummy chocolates and gifts will make her feel special and she would completely love it. The pillow has Frozen Free Fall Icy shot printed on it. She can keep the pillow in her room and by the bed. You can shop this gorgeous gift from for Rs.445.

How to Make This Rakhi Extra Special for Your Sister?

Do Something That You Loved During Your Childhood

Apart from giving gifts to your sister, you can also do something special for her that she will really appreciate. What was that fun thing you two used to do as kids? Maybe both of you used to play a certain game together or watch a cartoon series. Do it all over again and remind her of your cherished childhood together. You can find a lot of old cartoons and series online and it is never too late to relive those moments with your sister on Raksha Bandhan. Visit the places that you used to play in as kids if you can. It will truly make her happy and remind her that you really appreciate her.

Re-Create Old Photos By Enacting Them with Her

This one never goes out of style! All that you have to do is to pick your favorite picture from your childhood with your sister and recreate it. Get the same colored clothes if you can and pose exactly the same way you did then. It will show you at a glimpse how much you both have changed over the years. It can also be a nice way showing your journey from then to now. One thing does not change though and that is your love for each other! Do this every Raksha Bandhan and you will have some wonderful pictures to look back at years later.

If She Lives Far Away, Surprise Your Sister By Visiting Her

If your sister lives far away then plan a surprise visit to her on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Go to her place unannounced and take her by surprise. You can also carry your gift with you while surprising her. She will be delighted to see her brother on this special day. Check with her roommates or family about her plans for the day and then visit her accordingly. Take help from those who stay with her to make it a well-planned surprise. Nothing matches your own presence and she is going to be utterly happy to see you!

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Revive past connections

Sisters quite look forward to what their big or little brother will give them on Raksha Bandhan, and many will even put forth special requests in advance. If you're stuck between choosing between a trendy item and one that brings back fond childhood memories, pick the latter. The trendy gifts can wait for her birthday or another occasion; this is a festival that celebrates the sibling connection, so give her gifts that bring back beloved childhood memories.