The Best of Myntra's Saree Collection: Step Out Looking Eye Catching in the 10 Hottest Accessories and Sarees Available in Myntra

The Best of Myntra's Saree Collection: Step Out Looking Eye Catching in the 10 Hottest Accessories and Sarees Available in Myntra

When you buy clothing like sarees online, you need to be aware of so many things like the fabric, the weave, print, embroidery and so much more. There are chances that you order a silk saree and end up getting a synthetic one or you may have to wait for weeks before you get your shipment. Hence while shopping online for sarees you must give preference to trusted and reputed sites only. Myntra is one such site. Read on to find the best saree collection and accessories from this popular site.

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Saree Styling Tips to Make the Most of Your 6 Yards

Trendy Drape Styles

The first step to wearing a saree is to know how to drape it well. A saree is typically 5-9 yards long and 2-4 feet wide, which implies that there’s a lot of fabric to manage and style. There are several trending styles that one can use to don a saree, some of them being, the Nivi style, Gujarati style, the Bengali style, a Marathi style and then some contemporary styles like the butterfly, the mermaid drape, or the dhoti.

You can explore and experiments with different draping styles, without getting too involved in anyone. Enjoy mixing and matching different methods and saree lengths to identify the styles you like. You can also style your sarees with some modern twists like wearing a jacket over the saree, wear it with a suspender, use it with flowing pants or a skirt for a unique look, add a belt for a quirky edge to the saree.

Blouse That Enhance the Look

Further, a blouse is another important part of the Saree outfit, which not only protects you from attracting unnecessary attention but also adds an extra inch of oomph to the outfit. In selecting a particular style of blouse, you can consider different shapes, fabrics or colours to find one that suits your complexion and body type. Go in ethnic or for a contemporary flavour, dump the ordinary for a more innovative and unusual style. For instance, a corset for excess length, a tube blouse for midriff exposure or a halter neck to emphasize your neck and collarbone, a strappy blouse or a backless one with long sleeves or collar on the neck would enhance your personality and the attire in totality.

The Perfect Hairstyle

Wearing a saree doesn’t really end the scrutiny there, there’s more to completing the look than just the drape. Whether the occasion is a corporate meet, a wedding or a formal event, or however you choose to drape the saree, you also need a complementing hairstyle to match it all. From a classic bun or chignon in terms of a simple style or a plait, you can choose to add embellishments from flowers to different kinds of clips for an ethnic or contemporary look. There are some women who choose to let their hair loose, for which loose curls swept to the side or waves falling over your back or shoulders can make quite a difference to your personality.

A glimmering or fancy hair accessory can add a perfect finish to your styling. For a more traditional touch, flowers work the best, however, clips with embellished flowers last long and can be used repeatedly. An eye-catching accessory on a braid at the end or on the top would look graceful too.

Matching Footwear And Jewelry

Sarees usually go well with high heels for those who like to appear taller than their original height. This is best decided before draping the saree, as it will impact your preferred style. If you wear your saree barefoot and then slip into heels, it may be off the ground further than you anticipated, but it doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily wear heels, you’d opt for flats too, such as Kolhapuris. Other modern-day options could be stilettos, heels with sparkle, glitter or peep toes. Be sure to paint your nails for an extra dash of colour and consider strappy sandals too. Another ethnic option is a pair of Morjaris with embroidery or beads. Whatever your choice be, ensure they’re comfortable and complement your outfit perfectly.

The Saree ensemble’s incomplete without appropriate jewellery. If you’re wearing a saree to work, be sure to wear jewellery that isn’t too flashy, while a wedding warrants decorative accessories. Neckpieces, from large statement necklaces to some subtle chains or pretty pendants, earrings that are a part of a set or independent long earring pairs that emphasize your neck, a bindi (small if you don’t wish to highlight your face or a long one to complement a bright saree), bracelets or bangles can really add up to your style quotient.

The 10 Best Sarees on Myntra for 2019

Printed Bagh Handloom Saree

Crafted by merging hand block printing tradition of Bagh, from Madhya Pradesh with Maheshwar weaving on the loom, this Navy Blue Bagh Printed Saree in pure cotton fabric with a printed border is made using vegetable and natural dyes, extracted especially from the AAL or Madder roots. The saree measuring 5.5m comes with an unstitched blouse piece in pure cotton too. This saree is priced at Rs. 1,399.

You can pair the saree with Blue & Grey Handcrafted Circular Studs with artificial stones & beads, priced at Rs. 400

Wear this pair of oxidised silver toned Eelephant Kada Bangles priced at Rs. 1,050.

Silk Cotton Kanjeevaram Saree

This Off-White Kanjeevaram Saree with a woven design and a woven border comes in Silk Cotton. The border is multi-coloured in blue, orangish red and pink colours with gold weave patterns. The set also includes a blouse piece in Silk Cotton fabric with short sleeves with same woven pattern. The saree length is 5.5m with a width of 1.06m approx. This elegant and traditional saree is priced at Rs. 1,242.

This saree can be accessorised with a pair of heels and Off-White Gold Plated Beaded Drop Earrings with a back closure, made in metal with synthetic pearl beads, priced at Rs. 450.

Embellished Banarasi Saree

Banarasi Silk is a fine variant of silk originating from Varanasi, and one of the most popular fabrics in India. Banarasi silk has its roots in from the rich heritage of the country, originally created for royalty, from real gold and silver threads. This pure silk Banarasi saree in yellow comes with an embellished border and an unstitched blouse piece in pure silk as well. The set has a woven design with Indian motifs embellished through the saree and blouse. The saree measures 5.5m in length, with an approximate width of 1.06m and the blouse measures 0.8 measures. Priced at Rs. 2,879, the saree is recommended for dry clean.

To enhance the beauty of this authentic Banarasi, team it up with these lovely Gold Plated Oval Drop Earrings with artificial stones and beads, secured with a post and back. They are made of zinc and priced at Rs. 375.

Printed Chanderi Saree

An ethnic type printed in Chanderi, MP, Chanderi’s weave came into being between the 2nd and 7th centuries, which was produced from three varieties of fabrics, pure silk-chanderi cotton-silk cotton. In terms of designs, geometric patterns, peacock, floral prints and traditional coin are woven into different Chanderi patterns. This Green Chanderi Printed Saree is made in a cotton blend with an unstitched blouse piece in the same fabric. With a woven floral design border, the saree is apt for party wear and a beautiful blend of green, gold, blue and pink colours on the fabric. This saree is Priced at Rs. 1,049.

Pair this lovely saree with a Gold Toned & Off White Kundan Studded Set of Choker And Jhumka earrings priced at Rs. 1,000.

Baluchari Saree

Often seen on women from India and Bangladesh, the Baluchari saree originated in Bengal and is famous for mythological depictions on the saree drape. It involves an extensive process of cocoon cultivation, yarn processing, making motifs and finally weaving, symbolic of aristocratic status. This grey printed Baluchari in poly georgette has a zari border with a floral pattern and patchwork with an ethnic theme. It comes with an unstitched art silk blouse piece and is priced at Rs. 1,338.

Accessorize the saree with Orange Circular Metal Drop Earrings priced at Rs. 419.

Kasavu Saree

Worn mostly by Malayalee women, Kasavu is a Handwoven Cream Coloured Saree from Kerala, which is handloom designed with its intrinsic borders in pure gold. Considered auspicious in attire for women, especially during the New year, this off-white and red printed Kasavu is made in silk blend fabric and comes with an unstitched red blouse in the same fabric with a silver-tone pattern. A printed ethnic motif in red, creamish-yellow and pastel green on the border brings a beautiful vibrancy to the fabric. The entire span of the saree has a dull woven print on it. Best dry cleaned, the saree is priced at Rs. 689.

This saree can be paired with a pair of Dome-Shaped Jhumka Earrings with red and gold-toned shades priced at Rs. 1,249.

Jamdani Saree

Considered one of the finest muslin textiles of Bengal, Jamdani is a handloom woven fabric made of cotton, traditionally woven around Dhaka and excellently rich in motifs. The Black And Red Woven Jamdani Handloom Saree is made in a cotton blend fabric with a woven design and comes with an unstitched cotton blend blouse piece with the same design. Owing to its handloom texture, the fabric may be subject to uneven selvedge and may bleed colour due to the traditional method of dyeing employed on it. The saree is priced at Rs. 4,949.

In terms of accessories, a pair of Red Crescent Drop Earrings in metal, priced at Rs. 449 will add more glamour to your look.

A Red Metal Multi-Strand Bracelet at Rs. 499 would really add to the charm.

Khadi Saree

Khadi is a handspun, hand woven natural fiber fabric from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, chiefly crafted out of cotton and may also include silk or wool, spin into a yarn on a spinning wheel. This Teal Green Khadi Saree is made in an art silk fabric with geometric patterns with multi-coloured shades of gold, blue and rust orange. It comes with an unstitched teal green blouse piece in art silk and the set is priced at Rs. 599.

A pair of Multi-Coloured Gold Plated Antique Hoops with textured, circular and beaded details priced at Rs. 594 would look very elegant.

Narayanpeth Saree

A popular choice in and around Sholapur in Maharashtra, this traditional saree is usually created in cotton and silk fabrics, designed with contrasting zari borders and a distinct silver tone drape. The Navy Blue And Mustard Silk Cotton Narayanseth Saree in solid print comes with a mustard zari border and an unstitched silk cotton blouse piece with the same design and mustard sleeves. This saree is priced at Rs. 1,234.

The saree ensemble apt for evening wear would be complete with a pair of patent pumps, Gold Plated Dome-Shaped Jhumkas. This is priced at Rs. 499.

You can also pair your saree with a Blue Gold Plated Stone Studded Bangle Style Bracelet, priced at Rs. 549.

Ikat Saree

Made out of a dyeing technique in which the yarns are bound tight in a desired pattern and then coloured by a resist dyeing process, Ikat prints come into being, post the removal of the knots, to be incorporated or woven into the fabrics. This beautiful Pink And Blue Ikat Print in Geometric Patterns is made on art silk fabric with an included & unstitched blouse piece in the same fabric. This is priced at Rs. 1,024.

With a zari border this lovely ensemble is suitable for ethnic wear and would look gorgeous with gold-toned and Pink Classic Kundan Drop Earrings . This earring is priced at Rs. 482.

Pair your saree with Gold-Toned & Pink Stone Studded Polki Bangles, priced at Rs. 487.

Bonus Tip: Draping a Saree Without Heels And Still Look Tall

If you choose to forgo high heels and instead opt for flat and short heels, here are a few easy tips to keep in mind to come out looking taller and slimmer without heels!

  • Pleating – can help you win the battle, if done right. Leave the pleats loose or make them really sleek, the folds can accentuate your body better and make you look taller. Also, tie the saree below the navel to elongate your body frame.
  • Fabrics – Light and airy material like georgette, crepe, satin or chiffon are the best choices in the 6 yards category.
  • Colours – Dark colours work the best on all frames and body types, covering up the problem areas and accentuating the highlightable!
  • Prints – Small and drawn out prints that are sparsely spread across a saree will add to your height and create an illusionary compression of your body frame.
  • Borders – Choose subtle borders that flow around your body and make it look sleek, avoiding broad or gaudy edging.
  • Blouse Sleeves – with quarter length are more elegant and create an illusion of a taller frame.
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Some Online Shopping Hacks

It is the wedding season going on and most of you would be scouting the online shopping websites for scoring some beautiful designer sarees for wedding season. You need to consider a few things before ordering your favourite saree online. Like, look for evergreen pieces and solid colours which go well with all accessories and can be worn on all occasions, fix your budget before browsing the online collection and sort the pieces price wise. Also, check the fabric of the saree carefully to see if it is made with pure fabrics. These tips will help you get a good designer saree within your budget so that you wear something nice without breaking your bank.