As Beautiful as a Saree May Be, the Border Can Make it More So. Start Paying Attention to Yours and Here are 10 Saree Border Designs to Transform Your Favourite Sarees

As Beautiful as a Saree May Be, the Border Can Make it More So. Start Paying Attention to Yours and Here are 10 Saree Border Designs to Transform Your Favourite Sarees

Being one of the most interesting and versatile outfits, it’s no wonder that the quintessential saree keeps reinventing itself to keep pace with the style needs of the modern Indian woman. Undergoing constant innovation in terms of colours, patterns and designs, this traditional Indian garment has come a long way from being the modest outfit. You will be surprised to know that a carefully chosen saree border can make a marked difference to your look. So, here are some of the top saree border designs for a bold style statement.

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Choose the Best Saree Border Designs to Make a Bold Statement

Choosing a saree can be difficult at times. Choosing the right pattern, the right border and styling can be a tough task given the immense range of choice we have. Among other things, the saree border patterns and designs play a major role in the look a saree project. We bring you the best selection of saree border designs to help you jazz up your wardrobe. These designs cover all different looks and styles so you can choose as per your preferences. From looking simple and elegant to look bold and classier our options to help you shine so bright!

Floral Saree Border Design

This is one of the most common designs which we have come across numerous times. The whole craftsmanship lies in the simplicity of the saree border. The plain floral style helps you look just perfect. The Crafts Villa Orange Colour Kalamakri saree brings out the tender women in you. The high border matches your blouse and makes the dress even better. Available at a really affordable price of Rs. 447, this exclusive piece of clothing will surely turn heads. It is a perfect outfit for your casual outings and parties.

Velvet Saree Border Designs

Velvet has always remained as one of the top choice of women while choosing a attire. Even during the era of kings and queens it use to be the royal piece of clothing adorned with jewels to suits the royal needs. Thus it is also considered an obvious choice for Indian traditional clothing too. Velvet dresses to velvet saree borders; we love the fabric in every way. The classic Velvet Georgette Lace Border Saree is the perfect party outfit. It is ideal and suitable attire for all your night and evening social gatherings. The classy velvet bordered saree is a piece of art with its beautiful sequence work enhancing the beauty. The maroon velvet can be teamed up in a stylish manner with a perfect maroon blouse. The designer saree can be yours at a modest range of Rs. 1,599. The heavy sequins work sure catches eyeballs when you are passing by any crowd

Zari Border Design

When we talk about Indian dressing styles, we always dream of the royal thread work, sequins patterns and the forever classy Zari thread work. It is one of the most popular choices of boutique designs. The Zari work is a complicated handicraft of our Indian tradition. But it never fails to bring the right amount of exposure to the saree or ethnic wear with the work. The Baby Pink Hand-Woven Linen Saree with Zari Border is the elegant piece of beauty with a beautifully designed grey Zari border. The saree can be paired with a matching blouse of similar fabric in a grey or a silver color. The dress can be availed at a price of Rs. 4,000. A few royal chunky pieces of jewellery and high heeled sandals will give you the royal look you desire. The simple and elegant design will be the talk of your circles in a few instances.

Checks Saree Border Design

We all remember the 80s and the 90s when checks were a common print even in saree. As we always say, History repeats itself in fashion always. Check bordered saree designs are again gaining popularity. We can visualize Bollywood heroines wearing those extravagant check based designs. So if you want to perfect your next party look, why not experiment with a Pink Printed Checkered Chiffon Saree. We all know how women love pink. Thus this is a perfect combination to make every women drool. The chiffon saree has a checkered border with textural patterns all across the saree. Available at a modest price of Rs. 7,790, it is a design which suits your classy taste and can be worn on different occasions including parties, sangeet a or luscious wedding ceremonies.

Classy Temple Saree Border Design


Elegance and cotton saree goes hand in hand. But with temple designs and patterns, it is a look which is a desire of every woman of different ages. The Black Thenni Cotton Saree with Inquisitive Temple Designs makes it a perfect match for every festivity. The border designs are specially handcrafted with thread work in a temple design fashion. This is one of the traditional prints which have been worn since ages. But the 21st century brings it with back with a modern twist. Black is the favourite colour for every woman, making this classy saree a perfect fit for the women of today’s era. You can team up the saree with a bold black backless blouse and some ethnic silver jewellery. The saree can be bought at a genuine price of Rs. 1,250.

Scallop Saree Border Designs


Scallop Saree Brasserie Styled Blouses and the chic look. Don’t we just speak the perfect lingo of this era. The scallop design is inspired by the ancient designs of our culture. Te typical scallop design gets a new sense with The Intrika Blue saree with scallop lace border. This quintessential fabric gives us the feel of the western culture mixed with our Indian emotions. The scallop designs do not overwhelm the 9 yards but helps in keeping it stylish and elegant. The lacy designed saree can be availed at a price of Rs. 13,000. The look can be teamed up with some royal gold jewellery to complete the look. Accessorise this attire with a high bun style hairdo and a classy long glimmer purse to perfect it.

Mirror Work Saree Border Design


Mirror work has always been used as an integral part of Indian clothing. The style was very common in the western part of the country from decades before. Our Indian designers have understood this thoroughly. Intricate mirror work designs are included in the top fashion parades and are a part of quite a few celebrity wardrobes. The jashvi creation Georgette Yellow Saree is a marvellous design if you want to wear an excellent mirror work bordered saree. This georgette fabric and the handcrafted mirror work looks appealing and royal at the same time. The blouse work teams up exactly merging your mirror work border. This designer saree will suit every woman and can help you in almost every occasion from parties to ethnic wedding ceremonies. This embellished saree can be bought at a modest price of Rs. 1,000 and will surely have its own followers wherever you go.

Contrast Saree Border


Contrast is the style statement of today's modern world. Complementing our outfit with our choice of shoes, dresses and jewellery is a common feature. Even with Indian sarees it has become a popular trend. The organza silk saree with a maroon border is a delight for sore eyes. It chooses the popular fashion of blending silk and merging two contrast colours. The gold with maroon border pure organza silk is the fashion trend you want to follow. The silk has an overwhelming presence of Jari butta , a very heavy pallu and a contrasting shade of blouse. The saree is the perfect attire for your festivities. The gorgeous dress can also be used as a perfect gifting option for your loved ones. The pure silk with contrasting design will surely win hearts. The Saree can be yours at an affordable and budgeted range of Rs. 2,000.

Handwork Saree Border Design

Hand woven dresses and craftsmanship is a popular area of functionality in India. From jewelry, handbags, crockery’s to dresses. People adore this art. Slowly people have recognized it as an art form and have started including it in our dressing style. Recent weddings saw us glimpses of celebrities in such ethnic designs. Even the popular celebrity designers have adopted such styles and making them a part of their runaways. Jubidubi brings classy handwork and cut gajri saree which is a solution to all your wedding attire confusions. This Saree is a royal choice and will make anybody look equivalently gorgeous and elegant. The pink colour hand work saree has beautifully crafted signs all over which will attract eyeballs. This elegant piece of party wear clothing can be yours at a range of Rs. 5,000. With gorgeous hand-woven thread work and banarasi print, this is a must-have attire in every women’s wardrobe.

Recent Trends of Saree Border Designs 2019


Clothing in India varies vividly due to a couple of factors including ethnicity, climate, geography, etc. Female clothing has taken inspirations from our rich cultures and ancient roots. Indian women have an incomparable beauty, but what enhances her, even more, is our traditional style of clothing.

Saree is one such Indian attire loved by women in every part of the country. Draping a saree has been part of our rich customs long before we could imagine. We Indians are in love with our diverse cultures and different dressing styles associated with it. Ethnic saree with beautiful pallus and heavy borders are one of them. We shall bring you some of the ravishing saree border designs which play a significant role in the entire look.

Ethnic Border with Traditional Designs


The craziest part of wearing a saree is that it has unlimited designs with different patterns to go. Indie picks give us this blossoming new design in a south cotton chettinad saree. A traditional Indian saree border still attracts a lot of crowd towards it. These gracious sarees are inspired by all those childhood memories. We have seen our mothers dazzling the cotton saree look. So shall we. This Chettinad Saree is a must have if you love cotton prints. The dress can be availed at a modest range of Rs. 899. The maroon brown print can be easily matched with a dusky brown shade of blouse piece.

The Real Roots with Banarasi Borders

We all have grannies and mothers singing praises about their heritage Banarasi saree. We all have wondered what is so special. But now as adults we know the classiness it emanates. Banarasi saree have always been associated with royalty and grace. The best of banarasi border represents your taste in dressing. We all want to outshine as a fashionista. Even with the ongoing trends, banarasi borders have their own audience. Utsav Fashion brings you the best banarasi collection in a green and cream saree combination. So you are worried about the first wedded look after your marriage. This should be your first choice. The beautiful intricate saree border in red and the partly cream pallu just take our breath away. The prettified look with tassels and Zari in the saree is available at a range of Rs. 6,000.

The Classy Gota Patti Border

Remember those huge gottas which we used to buy for our crafts project. The gotta Patti saree border a speciality of Rajasthan reminds us of that exactly. If you want your wardrobe to be perfect then a gotta patti border saree shall do the same for you. We need classy traditional wears in the era of contemporary taking the lead. To complete the look Golden shade hand-woven Saree. The Silk Clade Golden Saree is a must if you want to perfect the classy look dream of yours. It is a little pricey but worth every penny. The linen Gotta saree can be yours at an exclusive range of Rs. 10,000.

Bonus Point : The Classy Choice of Embroidered Saree Border

Different saree types have their own each followers and lovers. This is a human tendency that different people follow different trends and dress accordingly. There are a very few such instances where the particular style is followed by every women for decades. Embroidered saree are trends which are ruling the fashion industry for longer than we can imagine. The Embroidered Linen Saree is the first love of every woman. The linen off white embroidered saree is the perfect design which will suit all your fairytale dreams. . The saree is exquisite in every manner and can be yours at an exclusive range of Rs. 8,000.

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