New Saree Blouse Designs of 2020 that are Ruling the Fashion Scene: 10 Designs You Probably Haven't Worn Yet but Should

New Saree Blouse Designs of 2020 that are Ruling the Fashion Scene: 10 Designs You Probably Haven't Worn Yet but Should

As gorgeous as the sari is, a sexy blouse is what ultimately makes it look stunning, and makes heads turn. From the very basic to extremely glamorous, we’ve fetched 10 blouse designs that you’ll go gaga over. Be it for a simple saree, bridesmaid lehenga or a bridal lehenga, these blouse designs are the perfect inspiration you need for every big or small event this year.

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New Variations in Blouse Designs

Unlike 19th Century the tradition of the design of blouse has been changed hugely. The European culture had influenced the Indian heritage extensively. Blouse has replaced the corsets and full-length dress and also has brought the frills and embroidery. The different length, neck designs, and sleeve structures have identified and united the European and Indian heritage of fashion at some point. In such a way, the blouse is indeed a revolutionary garment of the century.

Types of Saree Blouses


There are various categories of shirts and some of the four main types of blouses which we can categorise. The elbow length sleeve blouses: When women are not sure what should go with their sarees the simple solution is to go with the elbow length blouses. This is a contemporary design that they can opt for whenever they like. They hide if there is any extra bulk in arms. Therefore it is always a complete winner.

  • Full Sleeve Blouse Design: these are the classic designs of blouses which looks elegant and classy. If you add some ornamentation to them, they can look outstanding. These kinds of blouses look amazing on tall and lean girls.

  • Neck Blouses: Halter necks create a modern look on your saree and you as they distract the hip-heavy lady’s look towards the neck and shoulder. They are perfect to wear with any saree, and they fit with all Indo-western styles.

  • Off-Shoulder Blouse Design: off-shoulder blouse designs are little bold but cute enough to carry with elegant sarees. This is the modern choice of women in parties and other festive seasons. They look amazing on the broad shoulder women.

A Selection Of Top Saree Blouse Designs For You

Jhumki Round Neck Blouses


The round common neck blouses fit well with any saree, whether it’s a festive or party wear or a daily wear saree. The pattern of this Jhumki Round Neck, the ready-made blouse is print work and short sleeve. It is a padded blouse, fully stitched and ready to wear. The hot pink colour and the Indian print look amazing with the Zari border. The size of the blouse is 38 inches (medium), 40 inches (broad), 42 inches (Extra-large) and 44 inches (XXL). Made from high-quality fabric, these blouses are made for extreme comfort and excellent fittings. It will fit your body shape easily and provide a stylish look to your saree. This smart and gorgeous blouse is priced at Rs.449 inclusive of all taxes.

Halter Neck Blouses


This Golden Sequin Work Blouse is highly recommended for women looking to wear Indo-western styled sarees. The cut of the blouse is like ‘princess cut’, and it is backless. This blouse is a combination of extremely modern and beautiful look which will make your attire more attractive. It has a sizzling single button closure at the back, which looks both bold and elegant.

The fabric used to make the blouse is dupion silk, and it can be altered up to two sizes, plus or minus of the 34-inch size. It has a high-quality crepe inner lining, and it is also padded. The halter neck pattern gives a charming look to your overall saree look and set you apart. The colour is golden brown, and the price of this gorgeous blouse is Rs.1,499 inclusive of all taxes.

Off Shoulder Blouse

The off shoulder blouse is a multipurpose style option for you. You can easily perk up your style quotient by wearing this blouse with your saree and even maxi skirt. The red brocade Bardot stripe blouse is a great fit and made out of durable fabric. The design has a modern touch and can be paired with light or dark both kinds of shades of sarees.

The blouse has an invisible zip in the side, and it is a non-a non-padded blouse. The inner lining is with butter crepe fabric and polyester. The colour is a combination is red and gold. This blouse is perfect to wear during festive and party season. The maintenance should be dry cleaned only, no hand wash is recommended. The price of this chic blouse is Rs.1,279 on Flipkart.

Elbow Length Blouse


The gorgeous looking Brocade Blouse accentuates your saree and gives you an elegant look. This Banarasi brocade blouse has beautifully made a geometric pattern which will embellish your look the right paired saree. It has nicely done neckline and sleeves which is quite appealing.

The stitching is done with precision and care which makes it well-fitted, comfortable and confident all day. The pure Banarasi brocade fabric accentuates the elegance of the blouse. The pure cotton lined inside the blouse gives it a certain dignity as cotton is a comfortable fabric to wear anytime and any season. It keeps the skin safe, and you get the ease and comfort all day long.

The blouse fits the upper torso well as it has a secure closure at the back. It is easily accessible when you wear, and opening and closing is quite convenient. The beautiful boat neck design enhances the collar-bone, which gives a chic and ethnic look. The blouse has elbow length sleeves that cover the upper arm and looks elegant when you wear it. It comes in three colours – Rama green, navy blue and maroon. The price of this blouse is Rs.899 on Amazon.

Quarter Sleeve Blouse


With the changes in style and designs blouse has no particular definition nowadays. The designer full Zipper Blouse looks elegant and gives a classy look with right saree. It can also be used with a lehenga or long skirt. The princess cut readymade long saree blouse gives an outstanding look to your attire which is highly ethnic. The colour of the blouse is golden, and it has around and beautiful embroidery on the front and the back.

The high neck design and long sleeve give a smart look to the blouse. You can comfortably wear a sheer saree with it to flaunt the design. The fit is perfect, and it makes your torso look straight and long. The blouse comes with a 2-inch margin on both sides so that it can be altered up to two sizes plus or minus. The fabric is dupion silk, which makes it wearable at a festive time or party season. This blouse is padded, and it has a high-quality crepe inner lining. It is a full zipper stand closer silk blouse which needs dry clean only for the first time use. The blouse length is 17.5 inches, and the price is Rs.1,499.

Backless Halter Neck Blouse


The bold and fancy backless blouse is ideal for a modern look and elegant sarees. The fabric of the blouse is Bangalore silk, and it is made in a bustier style. The neck style is the halter neck, and it is a princess cut design. The backless ready made halter blouse comes in two colours red and black. The blouse is padded, and it has high-quality crepe inner lining. It has a golden machine embroidery design with a nicely fitted cut. The size available is 32 inches, and the blouse is made of single button closure at the back. It would be best if you did not use warm water to wash it otherwise the silk texture can be ruined. The price for this item is Rs.1,595 at

Jacket Style Blouse


Jackets have all the attention these days. Long and short jackets worn with saris, lehengas and kurtis are all the rage this season and you must have a few pieces in your wardrobe. This Jacket Style Blouse is just the piece you need for a fashionable yet understated look and the plus side is it can be used with various garments.

The fuchsia colour naturally makes the blouse bold and more ethnic. The fabric is pure chiffon crepe and it is comfortable enough to wear all day. This is a ready made item which is enhanced by gota patti, bandhej print and dori work. It has a round neck and short sleeve which looks smart when used with traditional wear. It has a front hook closure and cotton lining which gives a nice fitting and extra comfort. The embellishment is silver in colour, and it has an extended length which is excellent for the festive season. The price of the blouse is Rs.3,990 on Amazon, and it is available in various sizes.

Knotted Blouse


A statement blouse is a must-have for your wardrobe which is a go-to item during the party season. It is undoubtedly a beautiful blouse which is intricate with sequence aari criss-cross work, embroidery all along the neck and the hands. The criss-cross design looks tremendous and versatile too. The fabric is butter crepe dupion silk with front and back both round collar with dori at the end.

It is a short sleeve padded blouse with front open. The readymade blouse is available in the sizes of 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42. It has two inches of seam allowance on both sides. The maintenance is easy as it needs a regular hand wash only. The price for this princess cut readymade blouse is Rs.899 on Amazon, and it has free delivery.

Peter Pan Collar Blouse


This lovely and fun design featuring a Peter Pan collar is a festive wear blouse. The red blouse is a stretchable cotton Lycra fabric which gives the ultimate comfort when you wear it. It can fit a wide range of sizes between 28 inches to 34 inches. In this blouse lace and the net is used to give a modern look as well as make it suitable to wear with western wear too. A right saree and accessory can make this blouse pop-up in the crowd. The price of this blouse is Rs.429 on inclusive of all taxes.

Spaghetti Strap Blouse

Black is the ultimate multipurpose colour that suits every skin tone, and a black spaghetti blouse can be a go and grab blouse with anything you wear with it. This is a style statement saree blouse for the elite parties and wedding functions along with any festive occasions. It is a premium festive designer blouse with padded support, a perfect fit for pretty plus size Indian saree wearers. This is a custom made designer blouse which can be created with any colour and size. This Spaghetti Strap Neck Designer Blouse is a must-have for your party collection. The price of this blouse is Rs.2,795, and it is available in the following sizes – 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42.

Bonus Tips Before You Buy a Designer Blouse

  • Reliable Shop: The place or website from where you buy is significant when you are buying something that is expensive or multipurpose. Readymade blouses need to be well-fitted as they do not come with your exact body measurement. To choose a reliable shop or e-store is necessary when you experience any trouble with the size, fittings or anything else as they help out when you need.

  • Fittings: A well-fitted garment can make you look stunning and change the whole way of dress up. While buying, it is essential to try out the blouse you are buying. It is necessary to try it out even if you are sure about the fit and how it will look on you.

  • Material: A comfortable material is vital to wear whether you are buying it for a long time party or at home. A smooth material is always needed before you choose the style or design for your comfort. The type of fabric is also important because it can make you look wider, taller or shorter, it can also create a heavy or light, dark or glowing too. Choose the fabric according to the season to be comfortable with it.

  • Fit for the Occasion: Decide on the colour, draping style, design, prints and also the border, which will make the blouse best for you on the particular event. All these criteria decide on the look you are going to carry with the particular blouse for the specific occasion. Also, do not forget to take a right accessory like a purse, tote bag, potli bag, and earrings like a tub or chandelier and many more.
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Wear Offbeat Blouse Designs with Borders, Sexy Cut Out Patterns

Your fashion competitors are always hunting to see the trend you are following. It’s not all about envious fumes but sometimes you just love the look your mirror reflects. Blouse designs are one of them which will accentuate your ethnic saree looks to the best. The online marketplace is providing you with an array of a classy and sophisticated look, one can find easy ways of trying more glamorous sarees at every event time. Try any marvellous blouse designs and draw instant appreciations. Shun the looks of over-flown pins and hooks to avoid a clumsy appearance.