Rock the Latest Lehenga Trends: 10 Stylish Saree Lehenga Recommendations for a Scintillating Look (2020)

Rock the Latest Lehenga Trends: 10 Stylish Saree Lehenga Recommendations for a Scintillating Look (2020)

Traditional wear like sarees or lehengas do not change but new trends pop up to make it a little more interesting. The Saree Lehenga trend mixes the convenience of lehengas with the elegance of sarees. BP Guide India has created a guide just for you that brings some of the best saree lehenga options available now. We also have handy tips to wear the new style of lehenga sarees so you can carry it off with confidence.

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Tips on Saree Lehenga Draping

Ignorance Isn't Bliss in Draping a Saree Lehenga

A fabric that comes as a combination of the traditional saree and a glamorous lehenga, the Lehenga Saree weaves a visual appeal of a Saree with an intricately designed drape over the torso and a lower pre-pleated skirt that’s styled as a Lehenga.

Unlike the saree, you can ease into the Lehenga Saree with just a slip and a zip, making it a trending favourite. When opting to go in for a Lehenga Saree, it’s not-so balanced make needs to be kept in mind, as it may or may not fit well with your body structure. For instance, for a pear-shaped bottom half of the body, a flared ensemble may attract attention adversely, while for a picture-perfect figure, a mermaid styled Lehenga Saree will be a perfect match to highlight the curves.

In a Lehenga Saree, the drape’s usually pleated, highlighting the blouse thereby. The complete blouse design both at the front and back should give a unique look to the ensemble. The blouse sleeves also require careful consideration, with elbow length the sleeves end up flattering and looking supremely stylish.

Draping the Saree the Lehenga Way!

The Lehenga Saree is designed in a way different from the saree, in a way that the bottom half is creatively enriching with embroidery or elaborate flares, with a minimal print or pattern display left for the upper half of the body and the drape to ensure a balanced presentation. The Lehenga Saree is made so, that the drape is at the right height and keeps it from looking shabby. When getting into the Lehenga Saree, it is important to ensure you wear it at the right level, not too high or low. If you wear it too high, it will look funny, and wearing it too low would look indecent, not to forget the fear of it slipping down further would keep you on your toes literally!


Any outfit looks appealing with the right kind of styling and accessorizing. Going overboard on either account can go against the visual appeal of the entire ensemble. One of the best things you can do is to wear or carry complementing accessories with your Lehenga Saree, matching it with the embellishments on your outfit. For instance, if the Lehenga Saree is designed plain, then a heavy jewellery item would be appreciated, like a choker, danglers or a forehead accessory. For a heavy Lehenga Saree, minimal jewellery is recommended.

For a party event, a head chain with a sleek chain necklace would look good. For a casual do, earrings are a must, complemented with a pair of white gold bangles and/or a lovely ring. An embellished or embroidered dupatta to match the Lehenga Saree, in contrast, would look interesting and you can pair it with platform heels or wedges.

10 Elegant And Glamorous Saree Lehengas For You

Net Lehenga Saree

The lehenga saree has picked up speed as a glamorous and one of the most popular evening-wear apparel. It’s considered trendy for special occasions. The Solid Pink Lehenga Saree is made of Net with a net blouse piece and a solid pattern. It is suitable for party wear and is priced at Rs. 2,855. It is best dry-cleaned for easy upkeep and cleanliness.

Embroidered A-Line Lehenga Saree

Usually, the lehenga sarees are fabricated intricately with ornate designs all over the length and drape of the outfit using different beautiful and delicate design techniques like gota patti, cut dana, zardosi and resham. The Embroidered A-line Lehenga Saree is an unstitched satin fabric apt for wedding occasion with a 100m blouse piece in Satin. Resplendent in the colour blue, the orange drape is all embroidered and the entire ensemble is priced at Rs. 1,499.

Lehenga Style Georgette Saree

Easy to wear and carry off, the lehenga saree’s plus point is the convenience it has to offer. Unlike the usual saree drape, this style just requires a dress type styling in a matter of minutes, tucking the skirt in place and putting the long drape over the shoulder! The Georgette Lehenga Style Saree in Fuschia and Fawn is an unstitched material enhanced with a contemporary blend of patch border work, sequins, dori and zari. It comes with an unstitched blouse piece in the same colour with a length of 13”-14”. The lehenga saree is priced at Rs. 3,393.

Self Design Jacquard Lehenga Saree

This self-designed Jacquard Lehenga Saree comes with a dupion silk blouse also unstitched with patch work, zari buta, embellished and embroidered into the fabric by machine. It is best dry-cleaned and weighs about 1kg. The Lehenga Saree is priced at Rs. 2,208 in a beautiful colour combination of Royal Blue, Peacock Green and Fuschia Pink.

Multicolour Viscose Lehenga Saree

The Multi-Coloured Lehenga Saree with a regal colour combination of Golden Yellow, Rani Pink and a Maroon border is appropriate for casual wear with a saree and a blouse piece. The blouse piece is coloured in Pink and Yellow with embroidery work, while the lehenga saree in viscose, is rich with embroidery, patchwork and lace border. It is priced at Rs. 3,260.

Printed Lehenga Style Net and Lycra Saree

This beautiful designer stylish Lehenga Style Net and Lycra Saree is all embroidered in an ethnic print with lace and zari work both through the length of the lehenga skirt and the blouse piece and is priced at Rs. 7,463.

Faux Chiffon Lehenga Saree

The Faux Chiffon And Net Lehenga Saree is a lovely colour blend of black and grey with embroidery and border work with dimensions of 430 x 110 cm ( L x W) and an attached blouse piece of 80cm. It is best dry cleaned, priced at Rs. 3,375.

Printed Poly Chiffon Lehenga Saree

With an unstitched art silk blouse piece, this printed Poly Chiffon Lehenga Saree comes in grey and white with ethnic motifs printed on it, apt for daily wear. It has a printed border and the lehenga saree is priced at Rs. 2,855.

Lehenga Style Lycra Shimmer Saree

In a lovely combination of Sea Green and Turquoise colours, the Lycra Shimmering Lehenga Saree is rich with resham, beads and patch border work drape, available with an unstitched art silk blouse in sea green. The fabric comes with free fall and edging is priced at Rs. 4,590.

Designer Net Lehenga Saree

This elegant outfit features the striking combination of pastel green and midnight blue. The material for this classy lehenga saree is weaved silk with lycra, while the matching blouse is made of net and silk. The lehenga and the dupattah feature delicate cord and thread embroidery. The Designer Net Lehenga Saree is priced at Rs. 9, 112.

Bonus Tip: 7 Ways of Wearing a Half Saree like a Lehenga Saree


It’s established now just how popular the Lehenga Saree is these days, which has become even trendier with some smart draping techniques to don a new look. Here are some different ways of using the Lehenga Saree to drape one distinct from the other.

  • Style I This style is immensely popular among the stars and celebrities. It is one of the best half-saree draping styles.
  • Style II – This style is all about wearing the saree as a lehenga by wearing the saree on the underskirt with the basic tuck on the right-hand side to wrap around once. The next step is to start making small pleats of 2” from the left-hand side, beginning from the right side and tucking it in the waist. Proceed further with the pleating in the length direction, tucking the pleats one by one, till only the drape is left, tucking it inwards at the right side. This completes the entire saree and makes it look like a lehenga saree. You’d also choose to pair it with a dupatta to give it a lehenga choli vibe.
  • Style III – Drape the saree from left to right in a single wrap and pause at the right side, then take the saree to make small pleats, just like in style II, however don’t make pleats at the back, just stop them at the left side from where the drape border begins. Now taking the drape from back to the front, place it over your right shoulder in an open style or pleat it up and place over the right shoulder at the front.
  • Style IV – This style resembles a lehenga and dupatta worn like a saree, usually known to have been worn as a lehenga choli ensemble. But this time, it will work with a saree. Following similar steps to pleating as from above styles, stop the pleats at the left side and take about a foot of the drape, folder it diagonally and tucking it on the waist at the front covering the pleated tucks. Then, drape the remaining saree that is the drape from back to front, making the shoulder pleats. Drape the front bodice to the left shoulder, securing it with a safety pin from inside the blouse. Here’s a video explaining style 2,3, 4.
  • Style V - For this style, you’d require a lehenga, blouse and a saree to contrast the half saree look. Begin by wearing the lehenga and start pleating from the drape section first, completing it on the left shoulder. Taking the pleats from left to right across the front bodice, tuck the inner border of the drape roughly on the waist at the right side. Now taking the other end of the saree, bring it to the front from the left side, making pleats on the wide side, tuck them in at the midriff, pulling out the same edge, drape it from centre to the left side neatly. This will bring an inverted V shape to the front of the lehenga with your drape, now from the back, loop the saree, and with the edges on the left, start pleating, spreading them 1-by-1 style at the back and tucked at the waist. You can complete the look by wearing a waistband over it.
  • Style VI – Take a lehenga and dupatta in the same colour in the same or different fabrics like a georgette or net dupatta with a satin lehenga. Draping the dupatta end at the corner end of the midriff, tuck the pleats securing them with a safety pin. Taking the other end, bring the drape around from the left to the front side to the right. Drape the edge of the dupatta’s top border around your waist neatly till the midriff securing it, then pick the drape end of the open dupatta and make small pleats, from the left shoulder and securing them in a pile at the waist together. This is how you don a half saree with a dupatta in a distinct way!

  • Style VII – Using a silk saree or a lightweight saree, wear it over a lehenga and start draping the first saree of the 2 sarees you’d be using for this style. Drape the saree normally till the lower pleats of the drape and then pause the pleating at the waist. With the pallu, pleat up and drape them over your right shoulder from back to front like a Gujarati drape and secure them on the shoulder. Taking the second saree, pleat up from the inner end, with the pleats facing right, and the saree coming out on the top of the pleats from the right side. Tuck it all in at the midriff with a safety pin. Now taking the drape from right to left, make the pallu pleats, drape them on the left hand, such that they are on your left arm, securing them at intervals to keep them piled together, tucking the loose saree (if any) at the back neatly at the waist level.
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From 20 years old lasses to modern women in their 40s, the lehenga saree is a fusion that can be a safe pick The lehenga saree combines the charm of a saree along with the splendour of lehenga thereby making it a perfect outfit for women who wish to look traditional as well as modern. Go simple and subtle or loud and glamorous, depending on your preferred style. There are dozens of option so your saree lehenga can effortlessly match your personality and make you look like a star in no time!