To Bring Out the Best of the Lehenga, It Is Very Important That Makeup Is Done Right: 10 Makeup Ideas to Complement Your Lehenga (2020)

To Bring Out the Best of the Lehenga, It Is Very Important That Makeup Is Done Right: 10 Makeup Ideas to Complement Your Lehenga (2020)

Thoughts like 'will wearing a red lipstick be too much red', 'should I stick to subtle nude lips...or will that be too basic' are sure to haunt you until the last moment. But to make it easier for you, we list down some of the best makeup ideas to team with the quintessential lehenga.

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Lehenga Makeup Balance


Being a bride or a bridal party or even as a guest, choosing your lehenga and appropriate makeup is the most important decision that makes or breaks a look. With so many makeup trends coming up every year, you have to maintain a delicate balance between trends, and the one that suits you. Of course, your lehenga is the one that matters the most. But you have the option of multiple fittings to get it done the way you want it to be. That is not the case when it comes to lehenga makeup. Here is a complete guide of the latest trends that suit lehenga.

Contrast Makeup

A contrast makeup is the latest raging lehenga makeup trend. If you are someone who loves experimenting and comfortable with bold hues, contrast makeup can do wonders. The next time you are wearing a mint lehenga, try a pink or a purple-hued makeup for that contrast.

Contrast makeup works in two ways. You can either pair a pastel-coloured lehenga with bold and bright makeup. Or pick up a colour from the embroidery or thread work of the lehenga and match your makeup to it. The latter works perfectly if you want to be on the safer side of experimentation. This also brings an element of contrast, yet still goes along with the lehenga.

Matching Makeup

Contrary to the contrast makeup trend, which is quite new to the scene, matching your makeup to your lehenga has been around for ages. Going by the name, the makeup is done using the prominent colours of the lehenga itself. While your eye makeup is done with the colours of the lehenga, your lip shade and the blush would be a beautiful blend of both the shades.

The matching makeup trend works great with dark shades like maroon where the makeup has to keep up with the lehenga. The outfit tends to steal the limelight while you end up looking dull. In the case of pastel shades, plan your makeup so that one element of your makeup shines through to avoid being washed out. However, make sure you don’t end up being over the top.

Nude Makeup

Nude makeup is perfect for someone who prefers being herself and glowy. It is all about accentuating your features with subtle, soft and nude shades. It lets you shine and your lehenga speak for itself. It can be paired with traditional colours and pastel shades. The nude look is perfect for daytime parties and weddings.

However, the key lies in choosing the perfect nude. The right nude brings an ethereal beauty while the wrong nude shade can wash you out. If you are going to be clicking pictures, make sure the nude works in pictures too.

Smokey Eye Makeup


Trends come and go but a good smokey eye; now that never goes out of fashion. Be it parties or cocktails or even weddings a smokey eye can complement just about any occasion or attire. Smokey eye makeup is all about flattering your eye and making it more intense. If you do not want it as intense, you can skip the black smokey eye and go for gold, metallic or even glitter; whatever strikes your interest.

Smokey eyes and bright lip colours are a great combination. Be it bright red or hot pink, the smokey eye just amps up your final look. Not a fan of bright colours; Worry not, you can even pair it with pink nudes.

Shimmery Makeup

That one trend that is always associated with festivals and weddings alike are shimmer. A properly applied shimmer can reflect the light from within and make you glow. A subtle touch on the peaks of your face like the cheekbones, under your eyebrow or the cupids bow, can give you the glow that you seek.

Remember, shimmer and glitter are completely different. Given the choice between the two, the shimmer is the one you should go for. But not a great option if you have oily skin. Unless you have oily skin, go reach for that shimmer

Stunning Makeup Transformation Perfect for Lehenga

Simple Engagement Look

IIT graduate and accomplished blogger, Ankita from Corallista has this simple fresh engagement look inspired by the outfit she’s wearing. A perfect example of the contrast makeup, this look takes the colours from the thread work in the lehenga. The eye makeup is simple to almost being nude. But a touch of sparkle from a loose eyeshadow elevates it to a whole new level.

The turquoise kajal on the lower waterline adds a pop of colour to the otherwise nude eye makeup. In contrast to the eye makeup, the blogger uses a fuschia lip liner to make it more enchanting and give a fresh look. The peachy gold blush just ties the entire look together. For a detailed step by step explanation, check her “Engagement Look” video on the Nykaa Channel.

Day Wedding Makeup

Sarah Jane from BeBeautiful has this stunning yet dreamy and simple day time wedding look. Shimmery yet subtle is what makes this look so striking. The wash of colour from shimmery brown to the purple sparkle in the inner corners brightens up the eyes without being dramatic. The brown liner adds a bit of definition without being as stark as a black liner.

Since simplicity is the mantra for this day look, go for a mauve lip. Mauve hues give a subtle purplish pink shade without being nude. The blogger has preferred a crayon instead of lipstick for a subtle lay of colour instead of the full-on mauve look. Go for a hint of pink on the apples of your cheeks for that inner glow. For a complete break down of the look including the base, check out the “Simple Day Wedding Makeup” at the Be Beautiful Channel.

Smokey Eye and Hot Pink Lips Makeup

Daring and bold; If that is you, smokey eye is the look for you. It is the most sought after makeup look. One mistake and you end up with racoon eyes. But in reality, a smokey eye is not that difficult when you have shortcuts like these. No black eye shadow to overdo; just your kajal pencil, smudged over a matte brown shadow and blended to give that smokey look. For a more intense look, apply kajal to the lower waterline and also the lash line. It surely shows off the beautiful almond eyes Indians are famous for.

Match your lehenga to your lip; preferably a bright colour. Here the makeup artist goes for a hot pink lip, but red could also be a great option. As a bonus, we also have a few draping styles and hairstyles for you. You might want to visit the makeup artist Geetanjali on her youtube channel for a complete breakdown on the look.

Bridal Makeup with Peach and Pink

Another makeup look that gained traction after the runways, is the pink makeup look. However, it is a famous makeup look for brides in India since ages. This peach and pink makeup is a perfect example of the matching makeup look. The artist took her inspiration from the bride’s lehenga colours, pink and gold. The use of peach along with the pink and gold in the eye makeup delightfully breaks the monotony.

What about those cheeks? Pink and highlighted cheeks just bring out the bride, all glowy and gleaming. Complete the look with a matte peach lipstick. Not a bride? Tune down the gold in the makeup, make the pink more subtle and you have your festival makeup. For a detailed breakdown on the base and the makeup, check out MUA Meenakshi Dutt on her youtube channel Beauty Mantra.

Smokey Green Eyes and Nude Lips Makeup Look

Check out this really pretty smokey eye makeup. This particular look is a delightful mix of nude pink lips and cheeks with a bold smokey eye with blue and green shades. A base of blue with a layer of green blended with a more blue powder shadow gives you that stunning eye makeup. Make sure to blend, blend and blend; Blending is the key to a good smokey eye regardless of the colours that you use.

The rest of the makeup is quite simple and nude to let the eyes speak for themselves. The subtle colour from the dusty pink blush and highlighter gives you a natural glow that shines from within. Tie the look together with another pink nude lipstick. Want to try this look? Check the video for a detailed breakdown.

Orange Shimmer Indian Bridal Makeup

Shimmer has been associated with makeup since long especially when it comes to festive makeup for ethnic outfits. Ankita from Corallista has this beautiful shimmery orange look with rust orange shimmer and brown eyeshadows; Almost similar to a smokey eye but not as intense. Just this sparkle and twinkle from the shimmer. Finish the eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara.

Since the eye makeup is quite shimmery, the rest of the face can be quite muted and understated. Let the eye talk for itself and go for a peachy lip and cheek. In all the mayhem, do not forget the highlighter for that glow. Want to try this look? Go check her channel Corallista for the detailed breakdown.

Neutral Pink Makeup

A well-implemented nude makeup never lets you down. It need not be just brown-based; it can also be pink based and that is what we have for you. You have no idea what a matte copper, deep brown and black shadows could do for you. No liner, the back shadow in itself creates an intense look.

Go mauve on your lips and cheeks for that understated pink glow. If you like contour why not try that too. But make sure you know what you are doing. Too much contour can turn the look artificial in a second. Visit Mona Sangha on her Youtube channel for the deets.

Neutral Kajal Makeup Look

An understated makeup for those casual lehenga looks. This is especially for those who prefer minimal makeup. A very neutral makeup using brown shades that accentuate and emphasize your beauty. And MUA Jaya has just the perfect look for you. The look uses predominantly brown shades yet doesn't wash you out. The maroon and deep brown shades help the eyes to look bigger and be the centre of attention.

The rest of the makeup is also neutral but not dull. Keeping up with the neutral theme use a peachy gold blush on the cheeks to perk it up. Now the lips can be anything from a nude lip or a maroonish brown or any other colour that matches your attire. The lips are the ones that make the break the look, as in this case, so choose one accordingly. For more details on the look and the products visit MUA Jaya on her Youtube Channel.

Everyday Lehenga Makeup

No! We did not forget the makeup beginners as well. An everyday look with pink and mauve shades that looks festival enough but easy for beginners as well. The look just brightens up the entire face and gives you that pinkish glow. Though the entire look is pink based, the monotony doesn't overpower; instead, it adds to the festive radiance.

The lips also match up with the eyes with a wonderful dark-toned pink. You can also go for a fuschia pink for your lips. But when it comes to your blush, go for an understated one that gives you a wash of colour rather than depositing colour. This dazzling look was curated by Megha Madhusudhan for her Youtube channel.

Warm Bronze Eyes Red Lips Makeup

If the smokey eye is the queen of all eye makeup, bronze follows quite closely. Anyone can flaunt a bronze look without the fear of overdoing it. Use your bronze shadows with a mix of browns to help create depth. This look is very versatile. You can create a sun-kissed look as the blogger does or you can do some contouring.

Don't miss out on the bronzer for this look as it looks like healthy glowing skin. Supplement it with a plum blush and blend the harsh lines. Choose your poison for your lips. You can either go festive with a bright red lip or tone it down a notch with a coral pink lip. Shalini Srivastava has the breakdown and the deets for the look in her Youtube channel. Check it out.

Avoid These Makeup Mistakes


You’ve got your lehenga ready; killer heels; dazzling jewellery; Now that you have everything ready, one that breaks or makes your look is the makeup. Even if you have been doing your makeup for a long time, chances are, you have been doing makeup blunders without realising it. Before recreating your favourite makeup, check out if you have been doing any of these makeup mistakes.

  • Last Minute Experiments
    Choose a makeup look that you are comfortable with. Avoid trying out anything new the day of the party. However you are tempted to experiment with a new smokey eye look that you are in love with, now is not the time. Else you can practice beforehand and be sure of your skills. Same goes with skincare. Your skin might not be perceptive to new skincare. If not for adverse reactions, skin purging might happen with certain products and your skin needs at least a month to settle.

  • Follow Every Beauty Trend
    Cat eyes and contouring are the major trends of the season. Big brows are also in big time. But these tend to heavily manipulate your looks and might not suit you, especially if you are a bride. You are better off sticking to classic shades and looks. Of course, you’d want to look like yourself and a princess at that.

  • Overdoing the Foundation
    When it comes to foundations, the mantra is “Less is More”. The more you go, the more caked you look. And also, make sure you have the right shade of foundation. The wrong shade can make you look ashy or orangey. Your foundation should be free of SPF if you would be photographed. SPF in the foundation reflects light and tend to look white with flash. Better to use a sunscreen under all your makeup.

  • No Prepping
    Prepping your skin before makeup is as important as blending and choosing the right shade of foundation. Start with a good moisturizer, sunscreen and finish with your primer before starting your makeup. A good primer keeps the makeup all day/night long and prevents your skin from getting oily. It gives your skin a smooth finish as a fresh palette for the makeup to sit on.

  • Last-minute Facial
    Never do any face treatments including waxing and facials the day before the d-day. You certainly do not want to do makeup on a tender face. And then there’s the issue of redness. Go for a hydrating facial 3 days before the wedding even though a week before is preferred. Anything that requires a chemical peel or intense exfoliation should be done 2 weeks before the deadline.
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Be Wise in Choosing Something New

Although it is wise not to experiment new on your day, sometimes none of the colours of attire matches well with your makeup kit colours. Some people are very confident with new colours and if you are one of them and know your skin well, then with the help of makeup artists you can introduce a new colour by mixing two existing shades, which can do wonders! If done right, this will give you an edge and add charm to your look.

So, making smart and wise choices is the best-proven way to dress. Regardless, your options can not go wrong. Be a unique lady with confidence in body language and sparkle on the face; everything else will fall in place