With Fashion Weeks and New Collections Hitting Shelves, Here are 10 Playful Wedding Lehenga Trends that are Set to Make Brides Happy.

With Fashion Weeks and New Collections Hitting Shelves, Here are 10 Playful Wedding Lehenga Trends that are Set to Make Brides Happy.

The most fascinating moment of a girl’s life is her wedding day when she is the center of attraction and everyone’s glance is on her! With the innovations and daily changing trends, it becomes tedious to choose the perfect lehenga for the bride and here we are to help you a bit to make it convenient for you to have a look at some of the latest trends for bridal lehengas!!

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Wedding Lehenga

A wedding day is a very joyous and precious time of life for women. Choosing the perfect outfit for this day isn't easy considering the number of options any bride can choose from.

How to Select a Perfect Lehenga for Your Wedding?

Every bride should keep in mind some important points before going to select a perfect wedding lehenga.

1. Know Your Perfect Color

Good to know about the recent trend; however blindly following the top trends without knowing what suits you is something that brides should avoid. In fact, it's not about wearing the most stylish and trendy lehenga, it's about making your choice look and feels amazing yet comfortable.

2. Perfect Fit

These days, there are a lot of different types to choose from, from ruffles to fringes, fish cuts to A-lines, but what's most important is how the bride can do it with ease and elegance by choosing the right "silhouette" for her type.

3. Choose the Fabric Rightly According to Season

There are many types of fabrics - flowy, stiff, rich. Choose a fabric that suits your needs without compromising comfort. Rich fabrics such as satin, silk, mesh and georgette retain a modern element in the traditional silhouette of lehengas. Classic silhouettes with intricate embroidery, classic embellishments and floral prints will be perfect.

4. Perfect Embellishment

One should always look for jobs that fit your ideal dowry. "Decoration" is used to enhance the beauty and richness of garments, be it gota-patti, zari, dabka-or-resham-thread work. Focus on that kind of embroidery that stands out. Flowers are very popular this season.

Buying Perfect Lehanga for Wedding

Source weddingz.in

A bride needs to discuss her thoughts, preferences, tastes and designs with her trousseau designer when shopping for a wedding dress. Some important things to keep in mind should be to consider your outfits in terms of your body type and shape while keeping in mind the location for the event and season of the wedding; these are the key points when shopping for outfits.

Ruby Pink Lehenga with Dupatta

These days pink lehengas are in trend, wearing pink at a wedding gives you a very decent look. Also, this lehenga has very necessary and basic embellishment and is not too much to make it heavy or uncomfortable to wear. It is good to wear equally at night or a day function equally.

Also, it is very reasonable to purchase, in just Rs. 7,824 you can order it from the following Link.

Embroidered Mirror Work Lehenga Choli with Dupatta in Pink by Panash.

Mirror work lehenga choli is top in trending these days. Also, this lehenga by Panash is very beautifully embellished with mirrors and comes in a lot of different colours at a very reasonable price. It is also very good to wear during a night or day function.

You can get this lehenga from the link below.

Embroidered Bridal Lehenga Choli in Maroon by Panash

Brides who want to get a relatively simple and basic designer lehenga that is neither too heavy to carry nor is too simple to look faded can go for this lehenga.

This lehenga also comes in a lot of different colours and beautiful alterations can also be made to the original design. You can purchase this lehenga from the link below for just Rs. 9,500.

Dark Green Thread Embroidery Net Wedding Lehenga

Source m.mirraw.com

Net lehenga gives a royal look to a bride at her wedding, also net lehengas are equally decent to wear at a party or any other event. Thread embroidered net lehengas are one of the best for women who want to keep it royal as well as simple and basic so that it may not disturb their comfort level. Dark green colour suits very well equally for all the complexions. Mirraw.com is one of the best marketplaces when it comes to lehengas and other royal dresses.

Get this lehenga in just Rs. 9,998 from the following link.

Blue Zari, Sequins and Thread Embroidered Slub Silk Wedding Lehenga

Source m.mirraw.com

This lehenga is also from one of the top marketplaces i.e. Mirraw. Dupatta is light peach in colour and made of net. A-line lehenga with beautiful thread embroidery is equally perfect for a night or a daytime event.

Very affordable to purchase, you can get it in just Rs. 9,000 from the following link.

Brown Zari, Sequins and Thread Embroidered Slub Silk Bridal Lehenga with Dupatta

Source m.mirraw.com

This lehenga is also from one of the top marketplaces i.e. Mirraw.com, which is a very reliable and reasonable marketplace. Brown colour giving a royal look designed in A-line shape embellished with beautiful thread embroidery is equally perfect for a night or a daytime event.

This is very affordable to purchase, you can get it for just Rs. 9,300 from the following link.

Navy Blue Embroidered Semi Velvet Lehenga

Source m.mirraw.com

The blouse of this lehenga is made in velvet, perfect to wear in winter. Dupatta is very beautiful with beautifully crafted embroidery, dark blue in colour, and gives a very royal look. Lehenga is A-line in shape made with velvet, perfectly matched with the blouse. Lehenga is also beautifully embroidered. Get this lehenga in just Rs. 9,114 from the following link.

Maroon Velvet with Zari and Thread Work Bridal Lehenga by Diadem

Diadem lehengas are world-famous, especially for the brides who want something royal, something really beautiful and extra for their wedding. This lehenga which we have chosen for you is actually the royal and the unique one. This is made with velvet in maroon colour which is the queen's color. Also, it has a very beautifully crafted dupatta made with raw silk which suits very well with the choli and the lehenga. This is a round-neck lehenga; it is semi-stitched so it can be customized or altered according to the bride's choice. 

Get this is just Rs. 3,500 from the following link.

Sea-Green Mirror Work Lehenga Choli

Source shreeman.in

This lehenga is made in georgette fabric with very delicate and fine mirror work and basic embroidery. Perfect for the bride to channel diva out of themselves. This is available for just Rs. 11,199 which is very reasonable and affordable. Also, this gives a very elegant and simple look and suits equally well for every occasion be it the bridal shower or the wedding day.

You can easily order it from the link below.

Green Lehenga Choli Embellished with Gota Patti and Zardosi Work

Source shreeman.in

This green lehenga embellished with gotta patti and golden design is best to give a bride a very royal look and make her a princess for her very special day.

The silk used to make this lehenga is very rich and flowy to give it a very delicate and royal look. Zardosi work and gota patti enhance the elegance of this beautifully crafted lehenga.

You can't get this in just Rs. 35,000 from the link below.

Mirror Work Red Lehenga Choli

Source shreeman.in

This is probably one of the best lehengas on the list. A very pretty royal red coloured lehenga is something any bride would love to wear on her big day. Also, it is very reasonable at just Rs. 11,000. This red lehenga choli is perfect to give a bride a very royal and diva look.

You can order it from the following link.

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Perfect Bridal Lehenga

You might think you know exactly what you want - but trust us, once you start shopping for wedding dresses, it can be pretty overwhelming! With so many designers and options, it can be hard to choose what you want, but we can help you decide what you don't want—yes, brides-to-be tend to make some mistakes here and there along the way. Bridal shopping, we have a complete list for you to avoid - avoid making them and you won't have as many or maybe zero regrets later!

So your wedding date is a year earlier, that doesn't mean you start shopping! Keep an eye out, yes, start doing some online research, but only start shopping about 6 months ago - so your lehenga doesn't go out of style!

This is something a lot of brides forget to do - do enough online research before you start visiting the store - so you can get a clear idea of ​​what you want and what you definitely don't want. Have an initial idea of ​​your dream wedding lehenga and try to get as close to it as possible - but keep an open mind!

Following are some additional mistakes that need to be highlighted and need to be strongly avoided to have a perfect day of yours:

1. Ignoring Your Skin Tone

One of the biggest mistakes brides make is not knowing their skin tone. The first step a bride should consider when buying or choosing a wedding dress is to know her skin tone. Because there are different types of skin tones, not all clothing colors are suitable for all skin types. It is vital that the bride knows her skin tone in order to have the right dress color and style to enhance her beauty and give you the heavenly look you desire on a big day.

With changing trends, red is no longer just the only bridal color! So, you might think you have the perfect lehenga for a bridal gown in mind, but with so many designers, collections and images, the whole process can be tough and sometimes overwhelming. As a result, bridal dress shoppers often unknowingly make mistakes that they later regret. Aaliya Deeba, the founder of haute couture brand Ideas London, lists brides-to-be in.

2. Keeping No Time for Alterations

It is very important to have a set schedule as every wedding dress needs to undergo certain changes to fit perfectly before the wedding. Certain times and dates must be assigned to avoid confusion. A wedding is a time of a lifetime. By following the tips above, you'll avoid most of the mistakes brides make when shopping for a wedding dress. A wedding dress should be a part of your wedding moment, not a pity!

Also, most brides don't consider their body type when shopping for their dream gown. Since everyone has a different body structure, it becomes very important to understand your own body structure. It is not correct to choose a lehenga that looks good on a model as it will most likely not match your body type and will not give you the look you want. Always try something, if not, consult a fashion designer or stylist.

3. Not Choosing the Right Fabric

Since many brides are unaware of the different materials and fabrics used in their wedding dresses, many will regret getting a wedding dress that doesn't last long even if it lasts a few weeks, making you very uncomfortable on your big day. Bridal gowns are made of different types of fabrics such as stiff, flowing, rich, but not all fabrics fit one’s needs. Research plays a very important role as deciding the final look in advance helps avoid a lot of confusion and confusion. You want to make clothes a part of you!

The weather should also be considered when deciding on your wedding or reception dress. The timing of the wedding in the first season should be considered, if one decides to get married in winter then darker shades should be considered, and for summer weddings, light shades should be considered. You should also consider location.

4. Not Keeping in Mind the Time Slot for the Event

Source insider.in

Last but not the least, some brides do not keep in mind the time slot for their event while choosing their lehenga, they do not bother whether their event is in the morning or evening and they ignore it as if it doesn't matter. Actually, it really is a matter of concern while deciding the perfect dress and jewelry as some dresses do not look good if worn in the evening and some look weird if worn in the morning as regards the colour. So it is very important to keep track of everything while choosing a bridal dress.

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Invest in a Special Box

A garment as special as your wedding dress obviously can't be tucked inside any box. Get your hands on a special box made from acid-free materials. You aren’t likely to use your bridal lehenga regularly so keep the box properly in a safe place. You can store it under the bed, inside a large cupboard or even in the closet. Just ensure the place is not subject to too many temperature changes, dust and humidity.