Looking for the best MAC foundation that suits your skin type?  10 MAC Foundations to Give Your Skin a Beautiful Dewy-Matte Complexion

Looking for the best MAC foundation that suits your skin type? 10 MAC Foundations to Give Your Skin a Beautiful Dewy-Matte Complexion

Finding a long-lasting foundation that suits your skin tone, gives you full-coverage yet feels natural on the skin, hides blemishes, pigmentation and acne, is quite taxing. When it comes to picking the perfect foundation base, no brand comes close to M.A.C.Here’s a list of 10 best MAC foundations of 2020. Choose your purchases wisely to get the best results out of a foundation. Scroll down!

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The Foundation of Majestic Beauty

The definition of makeup foundation says that it is a cosmetic product that is applied to the face and neck before putting on makeup. The purpose of the foundation is to give the face a uniform complexion, cover up acne, pimples, scars, bumps and other flaws of the skin, and sometimes it is used to alter the natural skin tone. So essentially, applying foundation is like preparing the canvas before putting on paint. It is the base of all beauty makeup and is pertinent if you want to pull off your makeup look without a glitch. Some makeup products that are highly pigmented like eye shadows, eyeliners, kohl, contours and rouges will not be prominent unless you put on a layer of foundation. In all sense, the foundation is the base upon which your makeup look stands.

Types of Foundations

Foundations come in many types to suit many skin types. The foundation formulas vary in ingredients used, consistency, texture, state and of course colour tone. What type of foundation is best for your depends upon your skin type, complexion and what you want from the foundation. It is important that you know about the types of foundations available and what each accomplishes in terms of coverage. Here are the 5 types of foundations:


The most versatile of all foundations, liquid foundation is the cornerstone of any makeup look. They come in both oil-based and water-based formulas and suit all skin types. But traditionally, they have been preferred by people who have dry skin. The versatility of liquid foundations become clear when you speak about its coverage.

In that respect, it comes in 3 types, light coverage which is used to even out the skin tone, medium coverage which is used to cover blemishes and full coverage which is used to cover dark spots and large pores. Since this foundation is easy to apply, it is best for beginners who are just stepping into the makeup world. The only drawback of this type of foundation is that the full coverage ones tend to block pores and cause whiteheads and blackheads. When worn for long hours, the oil and sweat can make it look patchy.


This foundation is specifically meant for people with oily skin. Since liquid foundations are a big no for people of this skin type, powdered foundations come to the rescue. Powder foundations are talc-based and they soak up the excess oil secreted by the skin but very oily skin can turn powder foundations clumsy. People with dry skin should avoid this type of foundation since it looks ‘cakey’ on their skin. Lines and wrinkles are more prominent on dry skin and powdered foundation cannot cover them. This type of foundation comes in light and medium coverage. Full coverage with this foundation is not recommended. The drawback with this foundation is that it changes colour on meeting sweat and oils.

Cream Based

Cream-based foundations are a blessing to those who have dry skin and need to wear makeup for long periods. This type of foundation can last up to 10 hours without caking or creasing. What more, the cream-based foundation keeps your skin hydrated that whole time. This is the best bet for many considering liquid foundations clog pores when applied for long periods. There is one problem with cream based foundations and that is they are prone to creasing, especially on dry skin but this can easily be remedied. Apply a moisturizer or a face primer before you apply a cream foundation to avoid this creasing. This foundation has medium coverage.


This is also called whipped foundations and is popular for its lightness. The microbubbles in the formula make this foundation a light makeup to wear. What is best about this type of foundation is that it does not settle into the ridges of the skin like the cream-based foundations do and hence does not make the wrinkles and lines prominent. It comes in medium and full coverage formulas. The drawback is that mousse foundations do not last long. It starts wearing off after 3 hours.

Serum Based

Serum foundation is relatively new and the best type of foundation available. The formula of a serum foundation is such that it feels light on the skin, almost like a moisturiser, but it has the coverage of a foundation. The formula is silicone-based which gives the consistency of a thin liquid which makes it easy to spread and apply. But serum foundations set quickly and hence you have to quick in applying it. Again, serum foundation do not last long and that is the only drawback of this amazing product.

5 M.A.C Foundations for PoC

Until recently, makeup brands never really involved themselves in making beauty products meant specifically for people of colour. Racism and systemic oppression over the years are responsible for it. Add to the fact that there is a misperception that only light skin tones are beautiful. But times are changing and justice is steadily waking up from its slumber. Acceptance of ‘brown’ and ‘black’ is increasing and is being felt in all sectors, the beauty industry included. Beauty giant M.A.C has an array of foundations for coloured people. Follow this BP Guide to know about them:

Studio Tech- NC45,NC50

Source www.nykaa.com

This powder foundation has two shades for people with medium-dark(brown) and dark complexions. The NC45 Shade can also be used to give a tanned appearance to people with a light brown complexion. The product is a high quality one with a formula consisting of a blend of powder, emollients and water. It glides on the skin with a soft and creamy finish and gives full coverage. The tints of the formulas are very realistic with true to complexion shading. The formula blends perfectly and is appropriate for all skin types, is long-lasting and is non-acnegenic. The light-diffusing properties soften lines to give a smooth, flawless texture to the skin. The NC45 comes at a price of Rs. 3,600 and the NC50 at Rs. 3,300.

Studio Fix- NC55,NW55,NW45,NW47,NC50,NC60

Source www.nykaa.com

This is a Foundation Stick that you can use while travelling and commuting. It is a multitasking product that can be used for contouring, highlighting and skin tone correcting. People of colour can use the shades of NC50, NC55, NC60, NW45, NW47 and NW55. The product gives medium coverage that gives a matte finish. Besides, it is long-lasting, non- porous, does not cause caking, blends smoothly, is hydrating, does not cause creases and can be used by people of all skin types. A stick comes at a price of Rs. 2900.

Studio Fix Fluid- NW45

This is a Liquid Foundation that also has sun protect properties (SPF 15). The NW45 shade is perfect for people who have tan to dark complexion. Consequently, it can also be used to give a tanned skin tone. The formula is creamy and spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin to give a luminous finish. It gives medium coverage and can be used on normal skin type. It is long lasting and so is perfect for office. 30 ml of this product comes at a price of Rs. 2,700.

Studio Fix Powder Plus- NW50,NC45,NC46,NC47,NC50,NW44,NW40,NW43,NW45

Source www.nykaa.com

This is a Foundation that serves more than the traditional purpose of a foundation. The formula is in powdered form and offers medium to full coverage. The end result is an oil-free, matte look. It lasts up to 24 hours and doesn’t dry after some time. Besides it fairly covers the pores and controls oil production. Coming to the other functions of this foundation, you can dust a light layer over your glossy lipstick to give it a matte look. This is very helpful when a matte lipstick goes with your attire but you don’t have one. You can also make your lashes look voluminous by applying this powder in between coats of mascara. For people with dark skin tone, NC45, NC46, NC47, NC50, NW40, NW43, NW44, NW45 and NW50 are the shades to use. It comes at a price of Rs. 2900.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural- Dark Deep, Dark, Give Me Sun!,

Source www.nykaa.com

The formula in this powder is slow baked to create a luxurious product that has pearlized pigments and gives a satin finish. Despite the satin finish, the effect looks quite natural and sublime. It contains M.A.C’s multi-mineral complex and vitamin E. This product is best for setting the Foundation and the regular touch-ups throughout the day. It has the thumbs up from ophthalmologists and dermatologists and is perfect for contouring. People with dark skin tones will have to use the “Dark”, “Dark Deep” and “Give Me Sun!” shades. It comes at a price of Rs. 3,100.

5 M.A.C Foundations for Light Skin Tones

The above stated M.A.C. foundations are not only meant for people of colour. These same amazing foundations are available for people with lighter skin tones too. There are different shades among light complexions as well; ivory, beige, wheatish, arabesque and so on; and each one of them has their specific foundation under M.A.C. Follow this BP Guide to know about these foundations and the shades to use under each for lighter skin toned people:

Studio Tech- NC25,NW20,NW25,NC30,NC35,NC40

Source www.nykaa.com

This Foundation is available in powdered form and has 6 different shades for people with light skin tones. The shade names are NC25, NC30, NC35, NC40, NW20 and NW25. This shade range covers almost all light complexions. This foundation gives full coverage that has a soft and creamy finish and the tint is true to the wearer’s complexion. The soft and creamy finish is on account of its high-quality formula which is a blend of water, emollients and powder. It is suitable for all skin types and is long-lasting. The formula also has light-diffusing properties that give a smooth texture to the skin. Each shade comes at a price of Rs. 3600.

Studio Fix- NW20,NW30,NC17,NC18,NC20,NC16,NC25,NC27,NC35,NC37,NW18,NW22,NW13,NC13,NC15

Source www.nykaa.com

This Foundation Stick comes in a variety of shades for people with light skin tones. Given the shape, its multi-tasking characteristics and the many shades,, it won’t be wrong to consider this product a beauty magic wand. The formula blends smoothly on the skin, it hydrates, is non- porous, does not cause caking and creasing, and above all it is long-lasting. The various tasks you can perform with it are highlighting, contouring and skin tone correcting. The product gives medium coverage and matte finish. The shades to look for are NW20 , NW30 , NC17, NC18, NC20, NC16, NC25, NC27, NC35, NC37, NW18, NW22 , NW13, NC13 and NC15. The product is priced at Rs. 2,900.

Studio Fix Fluid- NC18

This Liquid Foundation have sun protect properties( SPF 15). The formula is long-lasting, gives medium coverage and the shade NW18 serves people with fair to light complexions. It is meant for all skin types and gives a matte finish. The creamy and smooth liquid formula also glides effortlessly on the skin thus allowing easy application. It comes at a price of Rs. 2,900.

Studio Fix Powder Plus-C3,C3.5,C30,C5.5,NC20,NC15,C2,NW10,NW18,NW13,NC30

Source www.nykaa.com

This Foundation does more than the regular tasks of a foundation. You can lightly dust your glossy lipstick( after application) with this powder foundation and you have your DIY matte lipstick. Lashes can also be thickened by putting this powder in between coats of mascara. As a foundation, it is long-lasting, gives full coverage and gives an oil-free matte finish. People with fair and light complexions should use these shades, C3, C3.5, C30, C5.5, NC20 , NC15, C2, NW10, NW18, NW13 and NC30. This powdered foundation comes at a price of Rs. 2,900.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural- Light,Light Plus, Medium, Medium Plus

Source www.nykaa.com

This powdered Foundation gives a satin finish and is perfect for people with ivory complexion. The satin finish does not compromise on the natural effect. The formula is slow-baked and that creates a luxurious product with pearlized pigments. This product is approved by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists and contains vitamin E and M.A.C.’s multi-mineral complex. It is best for foundation setting and regular touch-ups. People with light skin tones should use “Light”,” Light Plus”, “Medium” and “Medium Plus” shades. It comes at a price of Rs.3,100.

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Take Your Time to Remove Make up

Your daily cleanser should be sufficient to take off foundation and blush. "Massage the cleanser over your face and let it sit for 15 seconds. Giving remover time to work shows its magic, it also prevents you from having to rub/scrub with your makeup-remover pad—always a mistake, since friction can damage the delicate skin around your eyes, causing irritation and contributing to wrinkles.