It's Not As Difficult As You Think to Get Rid of Those Goomy Circles Beneath Your Eyes: Guide on How to Get Rid of Dark Circles through Natural & Artificial Remedies (2020)

It's Not As Difficult As You Think to Get Rid of Those Goomy Circles Beneath Your Eyes: Guide on How to Get Rid of Dark Circles through Natural & Artificial Remedies (2020)

Have those gloomy circles been bothering you for a long time now? It is very crucial to understand what causes these first so that you can treat them efficiently. If dark circles have also been the reason for you to now wanting to take your sunglasses off, worry not, as in this guide, we bring you tips on how to get rid of dark circles both naturally and through artificial means, such as creams and other remedies.

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Do Dark Circles Plague You?

Dark circles are an issue faced by both men and women alike. It is often attributed to fatigue, tiredness, or lack of sleep. However, dark circles are not entirely caused by these problems; it can also be caused due to allergies, poor nutrition, lack of skin hygiene, and ageing.

Dark Circles - Causes & Treatments

As mentioned earlier, dark circles are caused due to numerous factors, some of which are listed below.

  • Dehydration – Not drinking enough water causes dry skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation – The body produces more melanin.
  • Allergies – Eczema and hay fever can cause dark circles.
  • Anemia – Lack of iron in the body.
  • Exposure to sunlight – Exposure to the sun without using sunscreen.
  • Ageing – As one ages, the skin loses its elasticity and ability to generate new cells.
  • Inadequate makeup removal – Not removing makeup at the end of the day can darken the skin.
  • Medical conditions – Underlying medical conditions such as thyroid, and genetic conditions.
  • Insomnia – Lack of sleep can lead to dark circles.
  • Hormonal imbalances - Underlying health conditions can increase the occurrence of dark circles.

Can You Get Rid of Them Naturally?

Getting rid of dark circles naturally will require a mix of using home remedies and making lifestyle changes. Ideally, if you catch the problem in the early stages, there is a good chance that home remedies can be more effective. But eliminating them for good will require you to also address other issues in your life that may be causing the problem. However, for some, there can be a genetic reason, so it can never be eliminated entirely, but you can manage the issue with careful attention.

Natural vs. Chemical Treatments

Natural treatments - Natural treatments make use of natural ingredients that are mild on your skin and also suitable for sensitive skin. These ingredients are skin-friendly and brighten the skin. However, one has to be consistent in the routine when opting for natural ingredients as they take more time for the results to be shown.

Some of the best natural ingredients that can get rid of dark circles naturally are provided below.

  • Cucumbers - It consists of astringent properties that lighten the skin.

  • Lemon juice - An excellent natural ingredient that is acidic and lightens it. However, never apply the lemon juice directly on your skin; always mix it cucumber juice to dilute the acidic property.

  • Green tea - Rich in antioxidants that rejuvenate your skin and eliminates free radicals.

  • Coffee - Caffeine is an excellent stimulant that is efficient in eliminating dark circles and improves blood circulation.

  • Rosewater - Relaxes and rejuvenates the thin skin around your eyes.

Chemical treatments - When compared to natural treatments, chemical treatments are specially made using active ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, coffee oil, and niacinamide. They also contain peptides that contain collagen to boost skin’s elasticity and to aid in the regeneration of new cells that keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. Moreover, when compared to natural ingredients, chemical treatments show quick results within weeks of usage.

Best Natural Remedies for Eliminating Dark Circles

1. Coffee Eye Cream

Coffee not only gets you going in the morning, but it also refreshes your skin. Coffee is loaded with anti-oxidants that eliminate free radicals from your skin. One can make a mask, scrub, or cream using coffee grinds and apply it on your skin. Here are some of the benefits of using coffee on your skin.

  • Reduction in cellulite: Coffee, when used regularly, reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves blood flow to your skin.
  • Anti-aging: Coffee decreases the appearance of sunspots, redness, fine lines, and wrinkles from your skin with continued use.
  • Niacin: Coffee contains niacin that heals and repairs skin. It also helps prevent sunspots.
  • Dark circles: Coffee masks have proven to reduce the stubborn dark circle on your eyes due to its caffeine content. The caffeine dilates the blood vessels around your eyes and improves blood flow.

Here is a DIY coffee mask that you can easily make at home.

Ingredients Required

  • Organic coffee powder – 2 tbsp
  • Olive oil/Coconut oil – 2 tbsp


  • Step – 1: Cleanse your face and the area around your eyes with a gentle cleanser.
  • Step – 2: Mix organic coffee powder and coconut oil in a small bowl.
  • Step – 3: Apply it gently under your eyes and above the eyelids.
  • Step – 4: Allow the mask to dry or stay for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Step – 5: After 15 minutes, gently massage the coffee cream using your fingers in a circular motion for 5 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

2. Refreshing Cucumber Mask


Another famous ingredient that is well known for lightening your dark circles is cucumbers. Cucumber juice reduces swelling around the eyes and lightens. Due to its high moisture content, cucumber also moisturizes the skin. It acts as a mild astringent to reduce the appearance of dark rings around your eyes. The folic acid present in cucumber stimulates anti-oxidants to eliminate free radicals.

Ingredients Required

  • Cucumber – 1
  • Coconut oil – 2 tbsp
  • Vitamin E oil – 1 tsp
  • Arnica gel – 1 tbsp
  • Cotton pads


  • Step – 1: Blend the cucumber in a mixer into a fine paste.
  • Step – 2: Add coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and arnica gel to the cucumber mixture.
  • Step – 3: Soak about 15 to 20 cotton pads in the mixture and place it in the refrigerator to cool.
  • Step – 4: When required, take a soaked cotton pad and apply it on your eyes for 15 to minutes.

3. Coconut Oil Mask

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that are beneficial for the skin. Also, it also possesses potent anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties. One can use virgin coconut oil to treat the dark circles around their eyes and reduce skin inflammation. The oil is rich in caprylic acid that eliminates skin conditions like eczema and dryness.

Ingredient Required

  • Virgin coconut oil – 2 tbsp
  • Cotton pads


  • Step – 1: Remove any makeup off your skin and rinse with a mild cleanser.
  • Step – 2: Dip your finger lightly in the oil and rub your fingers to warm the oil.
  • Step – 3: Apply the warm oil under your eyes and massage gently for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Step – 4: Allow the oil to be absorbed by your skin.
  • Step – 5: Wipe off excess oil from your eyes using a cotton pad.

4. Milk and Baking Soda Eye Mask

Milk is rich in calcium and is a wonderful protein source for your skin. Also, milk consists of two types of protein – casein and whey. They are rich in essential amino acids that promote skin elasticity. It also contains traces of retinol that is well known for eliminating wrinkles and reduces skin inflammation. On the other hand, baking soda is a great exfoliator that removes dead cells and brightens your skin.

Ingredients Required

  • Fresh whole milk – 4 tbsp
  • Baking soda – 2 tbsp


  • Step – 1: In a mixing bowl, combine milk and baking soda.
  • Step – 2: Mix the ingredients well until you obtain a thick paste.
  • Step – 3: Apply the thick paste around your eyes and gently exfoliate.
  • Step – 4: Allow the mixture to stay on the eyes for 20 minutes and wash it with cold water.

5. Green Tea Eye Mask

Like coffee, tea is a beverage that possesses medicinal properties. Since ancient times, tea is used for its therapeutic properties on the skin. Green tea is considered the powerhouse of anti-oxidants and eliminates the signs of aging. It also possesses vitamin B-2 that is used for keeping the skin youthful and firm by boosting the collagen levels of your skin.

Ingredients Required

  • Green tea bag – 1
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Castor oil
  • Almond oil
  • Olive oil
  • Vitamin E oil


  • Step – 1: Boil the green bag in hot water and extract the tea.
  • Step – 2: In a mixing bowl, add aloe Vera gel and vitamin E oil.
  • Step – 3: Add olive oil, almond oil, and castor oil to the bowl.
  • Step – 4: Finally, add the tea liquid and combine all the ingredients to form a paste.
  • Step – 5: Apply the cream on your eyes after a cleansing routine and allow the skin to absorb it.

Creams to Eliminate Dark Circles

Eye creams are formulated with special chemical compounds, especially for the eyes. They contain a potent combination of compounds such as retinol, caffeine, vitamin E, and much to eliminate dark circles if an efficient manner.

1. Clinique All About Eyes


The eye cream from Clinique consists of a lightweight formulation that promises to eliminate dark circles, reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, and eliminate puffy skin. The skin around your eyes is extremely fragile and dries out quickly. The gel-based cream is infused with special moisturizers and optical diffusers to reduce wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines. Secondly, it also consists of botanicals, proteins, and anti-oxidants, which fade dark circles, puffy skin, and protect the skin against the harsh environment. The product is gel-based and is easily absorbed by the skin and can be applied at night for improved benefits. This gel-based cream can be purchased for Rs. 3,400 from Nykaa.

2. Olay Eyes


Olay Ultimate Eyes consists of 3-in-1 Decircler, Dewrinkler, and DePuffer formulation. It efficiently reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The cream is supercharged with peptides and vitamins; it renews the skin texture over time. Additionally, it also reduces the puffiness of the skin and improves skin elasticity. Also, the cream comes with a colour-correcting formulation that doubles up as a concealer and matches all skin tones. Massage the cream gently around your eyes to eliminate dark circles, eye bags, puffy eyes, and crow’s feet. The 15 ml cream can be purchased for Rs. 1,563 from Nykaa.

3. Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream


Aroma Magic Under Eye gel is formulated with essential oils that rejuvenate your eyes. The cream is infused with the goodness of rose extracts, aloe gel, lemon peel, and green tea. These ingredients eliminate the appearance of dark circles and lighten the skin around your eyes. Secondly, the gel-cream is infused with essential oils such as witch hazel, chamomile, and fennel. These essential oils contain anti-inflammatory properties that brighten and freshen the skin. Since it is a natural formulation, it is free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, synthetic colours, and phthalates. Gently massage the cream around your eyes with your fingertips twice a day. It can be purchased for Rs. 210 from

4. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream


The formulation is enriched with coffee oil, chia seed oil, and Vitamin E to remove dark circles and fine lines. As mentioned earlier, coffee-infused oil is rich in anti-oxidants to reduce puffiness and improves blood circulation to the skin. The ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3, and chamomile oil decreases the appearance of fine lines, pores, and evens the skin tone. The cream also comprises of almond oil that moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness. As it is formulated with natural ingredients, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Finally, the product is certified toxin-free by Australian society. The bottle comes with a ball applicator that enables easy application and is hygienic. It can be purchased for Rs. 374 from

5. Bye Bye Dark Circles Eye Cream


Dark circles can dull the appearance of your eyes. The eye cream from Mama Earth is infused with cucumber extract, daisy flower extract, peptides, and hawkweed extract. The cucumber extract is rich in Vitamin C and moisture content to regulate melanin production. It is also rich in anti-oxidants that eliminate free radicals and keeps the skin hydrated. Daisy flower extract exfoliates the skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Peptides stimulate collagen production and make the skin look healthy and moisturized. Finally, the hawkweed extract conditions the skin and aids in the regeneration of healthy skin. The cream can be purchased for Rs. 399 from Mama Earth.

Bonus Tips: Lifestyle Changes to Do for Getting Rid of Dark Circles

  • Stay hydrated
    Water is rightly called the elixir of life due to its hydrating properties. Drink at least three litres of water each day. Moreover, drinking water hydrates your body and skin from within.

  • Nutritious diet
    Stay away from junk and processed food items as they are harmful to the skin and body. Ensure to include green leafy vegetables, wholesome carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats in your diet.

  • Get enough sleep
    Insomnia and irregular sleeping pattern are considered the primary contributors to dark circles. Get adequate rest by sleeping for at least 7 to 8 hours per day. Sleep in a dark and cool environment to have an undisturbed sleep. Always have your dinner early and refrain from using electronic items such as phones or laptops before sleeping. Moreover, you can also try using aromatherapy using essential oils for inducing sleep.

  • Exercise regularly
    Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to improve blood circulation and increase oxygen consumption in your body. You can also walk briskly in an open environment to breathe fresh air.

  • Remove your makeup Remember always to remove your eye and face makeup before going to sleep. You can use coconut oil, micellar water, or makeup cleanser to remove the makeup.
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