Have Acne & Pimples Been a Major Downer for You? Fret Not! Here's a Guide on How to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally (2020)

Have Acne & Pimples Been a Major Downer for You? Fret Not! Here's a Guide on How to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally (2020)

Pimples are a common skin problem amongst teenagers; however, for some, the issue continues into their adulthood. There could be various reasons right from the type of skin to improper diet to hormones. There are several surefire ways in which you can get rid of the pimples permanently. In this post, various factors that cause pimples, acne, and other related issues and how to get rid of pimples.

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Factors That Cause Pimples

There are a host of factors that can cause pimples and acne amongst teenagers as well as adults. However, few are more common to cause skin problems than the others. The following are the common causes of pimples.

  • Blockage of pores: Clogged or blocked pores can be caused due to the dead cells in the skin rather than getting shed out. These tiny openings in our skin release sweat and oil and clogged ones cannot. The result of blocked pores is acne, blackheads, and other skin problems. Apart from dead cells, several external environments such as air toxins, pollution can also cause blocked pores. Keeping your skin clean and supple helps in getting rid of blocked pores.

  • Bacterial infection: You should also check out bacterial infection as one of the reasons for causing pimples and acne in people of all ages. According to several research done in different institutes, researchers have reiterated bacteria as one of the primary reasons for increasing the severity of pimples and acne. Several other assumptions are stating that these bacteria might also be interacting with hormone or sebum levels to make things worse.

  • Excess oil production: Excessive production of oil by the skin can also be a potent reason for getting pimples. It is only wise to ensure the balanced level of oil not leaving the skin too dry and neither excessive oil secretion. There are several home remedies to get the oil balance of the skin right and get rid of pimple issues.

  • Excessive use of makeup and chemical-heavy skin products: One of the most common causes of causing pimples and acne is the heavy usage of make-up products that contain toxic ingredients. These products gradually block the pores of the skin cause acne. On top of the recurring nature of these acnes, it is also challenging to find the connection between the specific product and the acne caused due to it. The reason being, it can take up to 4-6 months of regular usage of a product for it to react and cause acne. Being mindful while buying cosmetics is the potent tool of saving your skin from acne.

10 Tips on How To Get Rid of Pimples Naturally

Application of Apple Cider Vinegar

Those who have been tirelessly looking for solutions on how to get rid of pimples at home with a simple solution should consider using apple cider vinegar. This vinegar, which is made by fermenting apple cider, has strong properties of combating bacteria and viruses. Moreover, the organic acids such as succinic acid present in apple cider vinegar is a potent tool to fight acne and reduce the inflammation caused.

Less inflammation would result in lowering and fade the scarring caused due to pimples and acne. Further, apple cider vinegar also helps in reducing the excessive oil that causes acne. Make sure that you test a little amount on your hand first before directly applying on the skin and, if required, also dilute the concentrate. Be very cautious using ACV as it can harm your skin if used without adequate care.

Aloe Vera Gel

Rightly called as the panacea of all skin problems, natural aloe vera works as a natural cleanser. All you need to do is to generously apply the gel on your face, therefore, increasing the blood flow and getting rid of harmful bacteria. Aloe vera is known as an immensely powerful option for spot treatment of acne breakout areas.

Apply aloe vera on your face and leave it overnight to wash with water in the morning. The soothing and natural gel removes redness and inflammation. Although aloe vera is one of the few plants in the world to which very few people are allergic, make sure that you do the hand test before applying it directly to the skin.

Oatmeal and Honey Mask

Oatmeal works as a natural scrub, whereas honey is an excellent product to balance the bacteria of the skin, thus making it amazingly effective in keeping the skin healthy. To make a mask of oatmeal and honey, you would need to cook the oatmeal by just taking a few tablespoons as per the requirement.

Once it is cooked nicely, add two tablespoons of honey in the hot oatmeal. Apply the mixture on the skin after cooling it down to room temperature. Apply evenly on the skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes till the mask dries. Wash your face with warm water and pat it with a dry towel. You can replace oatmeal with turmeric and apply it on the skin for a generating result.

Neem Leaves and Fuller's Earth

This is one of the most popular and effective formulas you would come across when looking for how to get rid of pimples marks, acne, and other skin issues. Neem is known for its medicinal property and bacteria balancing. If neem leaves are not accessible to you because of the location, then neem leaves powder would also work the same.

Fuller's earth, or more popularly known as Multani mitti is an excellent way of balancing skin oil. To make a face mask, mix 1 teaspoon of neem powder with Multani mitti and form a paste by adding a few drops of rose water. The paste should be thick to cover the pimples and dry thoroughly. The antibacterial and antifungal property of neem will clean the skin and blood, therefore, reducing the occurrence of pimples.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil has been proven by the researchers to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This is an effective option for treating acne lesions and pimples. However, make sure that you use the tea tree oil with some sort of carrier oil, therefore, diluting the mixture. Cold-pressed tea tree oil could be too strong on the skin and might cause redness, itching, or other such side-effects. Alternatively, mixing a few drops of tea tree oil in face mask will also give you the benefits of the oil. Make sure that you do not apply the oil directly on the skin and do a hand-test before using in the face masks or along with a carrier oil as well.

Egg White Mask

Eggs are a rich source of amino acid and vitamins, therefore, providing a clearer and healthy-looking skin. To make an egg mask start with separating the egg white in a separate bowl, and you would need at least the white part of two eggs. Afterward, whisk the eggs for 2-3 minutes and apply the solution on the affected areas. Let the solution dry and then apply again, repeating the process at least 3-4 times every time it dries. Leave the mask for a maximum of 20 minutes on your face followed by rinse off, pat dry, and apply a light moisturiser.

Zinc Supplement

Zinc has been proven fix for the skin ridden with acne and pimples. There has been a string of researches showing that how people with clearer skin have more zinc content compared to those who suffer from pimples and acne. Monitored intake of zinc can reduce the chances of getting acne and pimples and also slowing down the recurrence.

As per the recommendations, the safe dosage of zinc daily is somewhere around 40 mg per day. Also, be known that taking a higher quantity of zinc might cause side-effects such as gut irritation and stomach infection. Consult a dermatologist or a doctor before taking zinc supplements on a regular basis just to be on the safer side.

Banana Peels

Yet another excellent for your skin removing fine lines, aging marks, and of course, acne, banana peels are one of the most natural remedies to get rid of acne and recurring skin issues. An excellent toner for the skin, banana peels can be rubbed gently on the skin for toning purposes as well. Make sure that the peels are from ripe bananas for the best result and maximum effect on the skin.

Potassium and antioxidant-rich peels would give you never before glow and firm skin. If storing a banana peel is an issue, then make sure to put a banana in the refrigerator and take out just 20 minutes before the application on the skin. Cut a small portion of the peel and use it to rub on the face. The rest of the banana would go in the refrigerator again until the next use.

Ice and Cucumber

This combination is one of the best when used together or separately. The cooling properties of ice and cucumber help in reducing the inflammation. Ice increases the blood circulation, along with removing the dirt and extra oil on the skin. You can keep the ice and bite-size cucumber pieces in an ice bag and apply it to the affected area. This is an excellent remedy and quick fix for pimple and breakouts. Talking about the side-effects, there are actually none, but still, make sure that you do not have skin too sensitive.

Clean Routine and Good Diet

Last but not least, a healthy diet and good routine also reflect massively on your skin and face. Having good food and a lot of leafy greens provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other such ingredients that are good for skin and overall health. By clean routine, we mean a proper routine, less alcohol consumption, and smoking, regular exercise which leads to sweating, etc. Additionally, a lot of fluid intake also keeps the skin hydrated and looks more supple, therefore retaining the shine.

Think Your Acne is Getting Out of Control?

Home remedies are mostly effective, but in certain cases, you would want to consult a dermatologist. We elaborate on the conditions under which you should check with a doctor for skin issues.

  • When pimples leave scars: While there are several home remedies and masks that can help in getting rid of the scars, at times, you would need to consult a doctor depending on the severity of the scars. Remember that the home remedies are effective but at a slow pace, and if you feel that the situation is getting out of hands, relying on just natural remedies might not be a good idea. In addition to inquiring about how to get rid of pimples at home, you should also ensure consulting a doctor in such a scenario.

  • Inflammatory acne with pain: If acne is recurring and combined with inflammation and pain, you might want to visit a good dermatologist. Nodular acne usually causes pain and itching, therefore, making the situation worse. You would tend to touch, pick, or scratch your skin more frequently in such a situation, thus making the acne worse. Regular touching of the affected area would infect it, and picking would cause permanent scars. Seeing a doctor and getting the right medicines, gels, and ointments that soothe the skin and stop the urge of touching the affected area would be the right approach.

  • Reaction to some medicine: You should also consult a doctor in case you feel that the acne or skin problem might be an outcome of some sort of medication that you are taking. At times these medications mess up with our internal system, resulting in skin problems. Often skin problems such as acne are also an indication of side-effects that the medicine might be causing internally. In such a scenario, it is best to consult the doctor who prescribed the medicine and take a second opinion as well.
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Consider the Home and All-Natural Remedies

In this post, we brought you a regular skincare routine that would help in retaining the right oil balance, keeping the skin clean and healthy. If you are thinking of getting rid of pimples naturally, now is the time to consider the home and all-natural remedies for getting pimple free and clearer skin! However, if you think things are getting out of hand, do consider giving a dermatologist a visit!