Have You Ever Thought of Using Olive Oil for Something Other than Cooking or Eating(2020)? 10 Olive Oils for Smooth and Radiant Skin

Have You Ever Thought of Using Olive Oil for Something Other than Cooking or Eating(2020)? 10 Olive Oils for Smooth and Radiant Skin

The use of olive oils for skin and hair care has been around for years. From using it in the hair to using it on the eyebrows, olive oil isn't new to the beauty industry, yet still there's a lot to learn about its efficacy. Read on for more information about how olive oils can help give you radiant, healthy skin and 10 best olive oil for your glowing skin.

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The Many Benefits of Olive Oil!

Benefits for Skin

Olive oil is made by pressing olives and extracting their oil. This oil can be extracted in different forms and serves multiple purposes. For instance, Extra Virgin Oil is unrefined and one of the most premium quality olive oil, obtained by crushing olives and extracting its fresh juice. It has a higher concentration of natural vitamins and minerals with a low level of oleic acid; while Standard Virgin Olive oil comes from cold-pressing as well but has an acidity less than 2% and is comparatively better tasting than extra virgin olive oil. This form is commercially produced and contains a minimum of 3% oleic acid. Then, there’s pure olive oil, refined oil and Pomace oil.

Olive Oil is known to have some established skin benefits with a combination of essential vitamins present in it, primarily Vitamins A, D, K and E. An antioxidant, olive oil can help prevent and reverse damage from cancer-causing radiation, can help reduce acne by eliminating the bacteria, moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Benefits for Hair

Olive oil not only moisturizes your hair and reduces scalp irritation but also aids in reducing dandruff. Rich in Vitamin E, olive oil can make your hair strong and also prevent hair fall. Massaging olive oil regularly can also address the problem of split ends. A cup of warm olive oil massaged into your hair generously and the ends will take care of any scalp itchiness, while a pack made with ½ tsp olive oil, 2 tbsp of honey and an egg yolk, applied to the hair and left for 20 minutes can bring your dead locks to life. This regime is best followed twice a week.

Benefits for Health

While 14% of olive oil is saturated fat, 11% of it is polyunsaturated (omega 3 and 6 fatty acids). Its predominant fatty acid is a mono-unsaturated fat called Oleic Acid which makes up for about 73% of its oil content. Oleic Acid’s known to reduce inflammation and is also known to have positive effects on cancerous genes. These fats are heat resistant which makes the Extra Virgin Olive Oil a healthy option for cooking and also nutritious.

Aside from its beneficial fatty acids, Olive Oil also includes a fair amount of vitamins, is enriched with powerful antioxidants, which are biologically active and help reduce the perils of chronic diseases. These elements also protect blood cholesterol and reduce/prevent chronic inflammation, which is known to drive cancer, metabolic syndrome, heart ailments, type 2 diabetes, obesity, arthritis and alzheimer’s.

Is Olive Oil Good for Skin?

As is true for any other product, there are some mixed reviews about using olive oil on the skin. Some studies reveal that olive oil’s high oleic acid content can be damaging to the skin’s barrier and lead to dehydration. According to Dermatologists, olive oil’s heavy texture makes it a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause acne and clog the skin pores as well.

Not a good idea for people with oily skin, olive oil can cause blackheads and pimples if used quite often and it isn’t ideal for use in summers or under warm temperature. While, there are no absolute yes/no answers on using olive oil on the skin, and it may not transform your skin, you can still experiment with it, especially if you have very dry skin.

Best Olive Oil for Skin: Make Your Skin Glow with These

Khadi Natural Olive Oil

Khadi Natural Olive Oil has ample vitamins, minerals and protein to improve your blood circulation. Dark green in colour, it is abundant in alpha-linolenic acid. Khadi Natural Olive Oil protects your skin from various external conditions like the wind or harsh rays of the sun and its light texture makes it an ideal non-sticky moisturizer that suits most skin types and stays on for long.

It slows down visible ageing signs and improves overall skin health. Used in combination with some other ingredients, olive oil can work magic on your hair as well. Priced at Rs.255 for 210ml, Khadi Natural Olive Oil fights hair fall, soothes the scalp, prevents and fights dandruff.

Aroma Magic Olive Oil

A thick fruity oil, Aroma Magic Olive Oil offers multiple beauty benefits in addition to adding nutritional value to your diet. Rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins it acts as an ideal moisturizer for your skin, especially dry skin, is perfect for massages when blended with essential oils and can stimulate skin healing in case of burns treatment, arthritis, wounds, inflammation and dehydration. Priced at Rs.168 for 100ml, the Aroma Magic Olive Oil is abundant with healthy fats and phenolic antioxidant Vit.E with oleic acids which all help in damage repair, caused by sun exposure. Available on purplle.com.

Indus Valley Bio Organic Olive Oil

The Indus Valley Bio Organic Olive Oil is not only beneficial for your hair but can also improve your skin condition. With its natural and organic features, Indus Valley Bio Organic Olive Oil comes highly recommended by healthcare professionals for overall skincare. Indus Valley Bio Organic Olive Oil doesn’t have any harmful chemicals like Hexane or Bisphenol A, is obtained fresh from Farms and contains natural ingredients like Vitamin E and essential fats. Priced at Rs. 299 for 200ml, Indus Valley Bio Organic Olive Oil can be used by both men and women and applied on infants. It also addresses skin tan problems.

Aloe Veda Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Distil’s Aloe Veda Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made by cold-pressing olives and is beneficial for both body and hair massage. It can absorb UV radiation and is quite effective in reducing the metabolism rate of body cells. Soothing and healing to most skin types, this oil can help relieve skin inflammation, dryness, stings and bites, treat burns, reduce and prevent dandruff and serves as an excellent hair tonic for dry hair. Abundantly rich in antioxidants, Aloe Veda Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is nutritionally powerful as well that protecting you from age-accelerating free radicals. Priced at Rs.395 for 200gm, Aloe Veda Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil guards your body and skin against inside out.

La Flora Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Flora Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a multipurpose Extra Virgin Olive oil apt for daily use and comes with varied benefits for your hair and skin. Certified organic, and made of the finest quality olive oil from Seville, Southern Spain, this oil is obtained using the cold press method and is packed with anti-ageing antioxidants, is enriched with Vitamins E and A and has Squalene which is not only hydrating but also helps your skin cells regenerate and maintain their elasticity and suppleness. It also supports strong hair growth, making it less frizzy and softer and shiny. Priced at Rs. 360 for 200ml, La Flora Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is non-sticky, can be an ideal carrier oil, help treat dandruff, moisturize all skin types and work as an anti-wrinkle oil/ humectant for dry and itchy skin.

Aroma Musk Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Aroma Musk Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the oldest and most versatile gifts from Mother Nature which is enriched with Vitamins A and E and can help sustain your skin’s suppleness, restore an even tone and help regenerate skin cells.

With powerful anti-oxidants that help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, the Aroma Musk Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by cold pressing the Olea Europaea Fruit. It works on fading scars and stretch marks, relieves dry skin by restoring its hydration, prevents hair loss and promotes hair thickness, it strengthens nails and restores their healthy shine. Priced at Rs.399 for 100ml, Aroma Musk Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil acts as a natural makeup remover and is free from Parabens, harmful chemicals and has not been tested on animals.

Nykaa Naturals Cold Pressed Olive Oil

A perfect addition to your skincare and hair regime, this Spanish marvel is renowned for its rich and extraordinary minerals and protein content. Nykaa Naturals Cold Pressed Olive Oil gives your scalp a hydrating treat with a long-lasting shield to your skin to sustain its softness and elasticity. Beneficial for your skin, it can repair skin damage and promotes a younger-looking skin with restored glow, boosts hair growth and encourages shiny, lustrous hair and boosts healthy nail growth. Nykaa Naturals Cold Pressed Olive Oil is priced at Rs.315 for 200ml.

Ubtan Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The rejuvenating Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Ubtan is 100% pure and free of harmful chemicals. Extracted from the cold-pressing method, Ubtan Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is enriched with Vit.E, and topped with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants which make it a treasure for skin and hair care. Applied as a pre or post-bath oil, Ubtan Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil can help stimulate cell repair for a firm and smoother-looking skin, relieve skin ailments, act as a moisturizer and treat skin irritations. Abundant with anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and antibacterial properties, Ubtan Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps restore your hair’s moisture content, also protecting it against pollution and sun’s damaging rays. Ubtan Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is priced at Rs. 425 for 200ml.

Morpheme Remedies Pure Coldpressed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Morpheme Remedies Pure Coldpressed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes with a variety of skincare and hair benefits that are hard to miss. With a good amount of Vitamin E that protects the skin from different external elements, Morpheme Remedies Pure Coldpressed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil can also work wonders to your hair’s health. Fighting hair loss, relieving fatigue and strengthening the bones with massage, healing cracked heels, etc are just some of the positive results that are visible with the use of this olive oil. Priced at Rs. 349 for 120ml, you can apply Morpheme Remedies Pure Coldpressed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly on your face to remove makeup or use it as a pre-shave oil as well. Its best used regularly for noticeable results.

Bonus Tips: Olive Oli Natural Skin Remedies

Used as an ingredient in face wash products Olive Oil is also used in cosmetics, soaps and lotions as a base. Olive oil can be used as a moisturizer without any added ingredients, especially after being exposed to the sun, be used as an exfoliator over rough spots, smoothen out uneven skin and used for reducing visible signs of ageing. In other words, Olive Oil can be used for practical purposes of skincare, hair care and overall health benefits. Here are some skin remedies that include Olive Oil for obvious benefits-

  • Olive Oil + Leomon Juice - Lemon juice unclogs pores and brightens your skin complexion, and has astringent and antiseptic properties. Combined with lemon juice, Olive oil can lighten your skin and hair.
  • Olive Oil + Honey– An olive oil and honey mask can help maintain your skin’s elasticity, smoothness, restore moisture and induce natural glow. As a humectant, honey also has anti-oxidants that rejuvenate the skin cells. This pack will help restore your skin’s firmness and bring out a gorgeous glow.
  • Olive Oil + Turmeric – With curcumin being a key element that aids beneficial effects to the skin, turmeric can be used with olive oil as a face pack not only to treat skin issue but also bring about a natural glow. With an addition of yogurt to the pack, your skin will be conditioned and lightened as well.
  • Olive Oil + Castor Oil – A blend of these two oils to massage your skin will restore its natural oil production to normal levels, nourishing your skin and replenishing it with a soft, supple and glowing texture.
  • Olive Oil + Vinegar– While Olive Oil can nourish your skin, Vinegar tones the skin and even outs the skin tone with its mild acidic properties.
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Olive oil absorbs into the skin quickly and provides instant moisture with a finish that isn’t greasy. As a huge plus, these oils are extremely budget-friendly compared to many skin products on the market. So next time you’re shopping for new skincare products, why not try olive oil?