The Elixir Dermatologists Swear by(2020)! Top Argan Oil Brands in the Market and Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin!

The Elixir Dermatologists Swear by(2020)! Top Argan Oil Brands in the Market and Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin!

Argan oil, the natural plant oil extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree in Morocco is lauded as "Liquid Gold". The benefits of this oil are many and is a must-have in your skincare regime. Here are the top 10 argan oil products according to our skincare experts. They have also answered your queries to clear your doubts.

What is Argan oil

Most of us hear about argan oil but very few know about it. Argan oil is a plant oil that comes from the kernels of the argan tree in Morocco. People in Morocco use the oil to dip bread in or to drizzle it on the pasta but the most use of it is done for cosmetic purposes. Earlier argan oil was used by tribal people but now has become the most prized oil in the cosmetic world for its anti-aging properties. The oil is rich in antioxidants, sterols and omega fatty acids which hydrates skin and increases the production of collagen which leads to firmer and wrinkle-free skin. It is also a natural antiseptic which does not clog pores at all and helps your skin breathe freely.

Why You Should Add Argan Oil to Your Routine: 5 Benefits of Argan oil for Skin

Argan oil has various benefits for the skin. Here are a few for you.

  • It has great benefits on ageing skin as well as hair. The oil is rich in nutrients which helps in cell renewal and fights the signs of ageing. Regular use gives a supple and wrinkle-free skin. You can apply argan oil at night and let it work on your skin when you sleep.
  • It has vitamin E and other fatty acids which absorbs into the skin. It moisturizes your skin and suits all skin types.
  • Argan oil also works as a physical filter against UV light and prevents sun damage and gives you an everlasting glow.
  • People with eczema and other dry skin issues can benefit from Vitamin E and fatty acids present in argan oil. Applying it directly on the afflicted skin can encourage healing.
  • It soothes and repairs acne-prone skin. Acne is the result of oily skin and argan oil is non-greasy therefore it provides natural moisturizer without clogging the pores.

Top Argan Oil Options for skin

Sheer Veda Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair, Skin, and Body

This is an all-rounder oil that offers great benefits for hair, face and skin. It deeply moisturizes your skin and the non-greasy formula sinks deep into your skin and gives you a wrinkle-free face. If you want a supple skin then you can buy 15 ml of the Sheer Veda Moroccan Argan Oil for Rs. 209. It is available on

Marrakesh Pure Argan Oil for Face And Body

Marrakesh Pure Argan oil is one of the best oils for face and body both. It revitalizes your dry and lifeless skin. The oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids which lets you pamper your skin to the most. Simply apply it to your face and body and see it work on your lifeless skin. You can buy it for Rs. 2,150 from

Allin Exporters Moroccan Argan Oil

Another good argan oil is the Allin Exporters Moroccan Argan oil which is imported from Morocco. It is extracted by the traditional cold pressing method. The oil is kosher certified and is 100% pure therefore it is great for all skin types. It works wonder for your skin as well as your hair by deeply penetrating and nourishing it. It is available for Rs. 249 from

Grandeur 100% Pure and Natural Moroccan Argan Oil

If you are looking for oil which can bring back your youth then you should buy Grandeur 100% pure and natural Argan oil. It improves both your skin and hair. It has moisturizing properties which treat dull hair and dry skin effectively. The oil is prepared by using the cold-pressed method and is loaded with pure, organic and natural compounds. It also has antiseptic and antifungal properties which repair your skin and hair and makes it healthy again. You can buy it for Rs. 299 for 30 ml from

Urban Platter Argan Oil

The Urban Platter Argan oil again is a great oil which is extracted from the argan tree. It is 100% pure with no additives or colourants. It is also fragrance-free and works wonder on your skin and hair both. You will see the effects of the oil on your skin and hair from the very first application. It is available for Rs.1,450.00 for 200 ml on

Anveya Pure Moroccan Argan Oil, Cold Pressed

If you are tired of trying different things on your acne-prone skin then you should try the Anveya Pure Moroccan Argan oil. It is a cold-pressed oil which is 100% pure and natural. Applying a few drops on your face in circular motions will moisturize your skin in an instant. You can also dab some oil on acne-prone areas to regulate sebum and prevent breakouts. It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which prevents the signs of ageing from showing on your skin. You can also use it on your lips for a smoother texture. Buy it for Rs. 1,395 for a 100ml pack from

Argan Radiance Face Oil

Another great argan oil is the Argan Radiance face oil. It combats the premature ageing symptoms and revives your skin making it brighter and softer. It also improves the elasticity and treats the sun-damaged areas on your face. The oil is chemical, additives, parabens, silicon-free, therefore, it is safe to use on all types of skin for women of all ages. You can get it for Rs. 899 for 20 ml pack from

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Radiance

If you are a fan of Lakme products then you are at luck. Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Radiance is a lightweight formula which easily absorbs into your skin leaving it radiating. The oil provides complete nourishment to the damaged and dull skin and makes it look fresh again after a few applications. You can also use it as a waterproof makeup remover. It is available for Rs. 449 for a 60 ml pack on

FAQs on Argan oil

Here are some FAQs on Argan oil which will help you understand its benefits and use better.

  • 1. Does it have any side effects?
    There are no proven side effects as long as you are using it externally. If you have sensitive skin you can consult a doctor before using it.

  • 2. Why is Argan oil unique?
    The most unique thing about it is that it is only found in Southwestern Morocco. People have tried planting it in different areas but have been unsuccessful. Raw argan oil has vitamin E which neutralizes free radicals and is a great antioxidant. Vitamin E in argan oil helps fight ageing signs. It is a great way to protect your skin from sun damage.

  • 3. Is it good for oily skin?
    It is great on oily skin as it does not clog pores and absorbs faster than any other oil.

  • 4. Is it good for acne-prone skin?
    Yes, it is as it regulates the production of sebum which causes acne.

  • 5. What is the best way to store Argan oil?
    Keep in away from heat as light and heat breaks down its properties.

  • 6. Who can use Argan oil?
    People will all types of skin conditions can use it. If you have nut allergies then you should consult a doctor before using it as it comes from a nut. People with oily skin should use it at night.
From our editorial team

Know Your Oil!

Argan oil is a rare and precious oil and has many duplicates in the market. Hence your product should be chosen with care. Here are some points to note when buying argan oil. Argan oil has a nutty smell due to the roasting process involved in extracting the oil. Also, make sure the oil is for cosmetic purposes. Oil for cooking purposes doesn't work on your skin. Verify the authenticity of the oil you are purchasing. They should be 100% pure and organic. Rest assured you are sure to love the oil for the multitude of benefits.