Dull Skin is a Bummer, So is Lacklustre Locks(2020): Know How to Maintain the Quality and Good Health of Hairs with Argan Oil Plus 2 of Our Favorite Argan Oil Products for Every Hair Type.

Dull Skin is a Bummer, So is Lacklustre Locks(2020): Know How to Maintain the Quality and Good Health of Hairs with Argan Oil Plus 2 of Our Favorite Argan Oil Products for Every Hair Type.

Similar to your complexion, your hair is prone to experience drab phase every now and again (it happens to the best of us). With the right hair routine, you can quickly turn your strands from blah to beautiful, and we’re here to offer up a guide on argan oil for polished hairs.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is drawn out from the kernels of the argan tree, basically in Morocco. Argan Oil can now be found in most of the shampoos and products due to its anti-ageing properties. Argan Oil can either be used for external purposes or can be consumed for the proper benefits in the form of capsules or the raw oil itself. People in Morocco also use this oil to dip bread in for breakfast or just for topping up on pasta and for many other purposes.

How is Argan Oil Extracted?

Argan Oil is extracted from the fruit argan tree.

The argan fruit grows to a yellow/green colour around mid-June or July, indicating that it has ripened enough for the extraction process. The fruits are in the size of an almond and oval in shape. The fruit is handpicked from the tree directly by the harvesting communities. Inside the fruit, there is a pulp covered by a hard shell. Inside it, there are almost three rich white kernels, which are the primary source of this oil. The process of extraction is the same, no matter what method is used.

Is Argan Oil Good for Hair? Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

1. Prevents Dryness

Stating its benefits for your hair, starting from helping to hydrate and soften your hair. With its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, the argan oil increases hair elasticity and fight against dandruff and dry scalp. It is non-irritating, so you can use it safely if you have a sensitive scalp. It helps in the deep conditioning of the hair and scalp.

2. Gaining Volume

Use argan oil shampoo regularly on hair for the perfect results. You will be seeing your hair getting more bouncy and thus gaining volume due to its ability to moisturize. It also repairs damaged, sun stressed, and over-treated hair by reversing the damage done by harsh chemicals and hair treatments. It makes hair less prone to developing tangles and knots.

3. Prevents Hair Fall

This all-purpose oil can be massaged on to your head for relaxation and repairing the dead cells at the same time. It prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth by making the roots stronger. Regularly applying argan oil provides a lubricity due to its easy penetration through your hair and prevents hair breakage.

4. Controls Frizziness

It makes hair more manageable in many ways by controlling the frizz. It is the perfect scalp treatment and gives the best result when it is used in a way as basic as possible, by just applying it to your hair as regular oil. Your hair will not be frizzy and lifeless anymore, once you include it in your hair-care routine.

5. Provides Essential Vitamins

Using it as a hair mask helps to soak up all the vitamins to your roots, and the use is appropriate at any time of the day. Its high content of Vitamin E protects the damage of your hair from chemicals, pollution and overheating tools by coating them with a strong film and also nourishes the roots and scalp.

6. Makes Hair Shinier

It naturally restores shine to your lifeless hair. Your every-time problem of split ends can be treated and prevented by the use of argan oil, which adds extra shine to your hair. Even if your hair is colour-treated, it is safe and gentle to use on a regular basis for all hair types. It protects your hair colour by creating a protective layer on your hair shaft.

7. Promotes Hair Growth

This oil removes the dry or damaged slippings at the ends and thus improves hair growth due to its inflammation property. Other than its benefits for your hair on the scalp, this oil level up your game for facial hair as well. It promotes the growth of hair on your face and heals razor cuts.

8. Reduces Grease

If your scalp is already oily, then applying oil might sound unfavourable to you. But argan oil is different because it is light and readily absorbable, it reduces grease from hair and makes them smooth. An added advantage is that when you apply it to your hair strands, your hands also get moisturized and nourished.

Best Argan Oil You Can Buy Online

While you buy an argan oil, you must look upon its scent. Unlike most of the natural oils, argan oil usually has a very good smell. This oil knows its job and is surprisingly well at everything. Use this oil in your daily regime and see yourself the difference it has brought to the areas applied.

Beardo Argan Oil

Beardo Argan Oil is a man’s must-have, all-purpose oil for taking proper care of the skin and inducing growth of facial hair at the same time. It has so many benefits that can be listed, from reducing dryness and roughness of hair to healing cracked skin. It works magic for your hair fall problem, which everyone faces at least once in their lifetime. This product doesn't just stop here, it can treat razor burns and bumps and can also be used as a skin toner. Use this natural and multipurpose product to lift up your hair game for silkier and smooth hair, as well as facial hair. You can buy this oil from beardo.in at just Rs. 349.

Moroccan Argan Oil, Cold Presses Organic

Another natural and multipurpose oil containing argan oil extracts is the Moroccan Argan Oil. This oil nourishes your scalp, fights dandruff and dryness and increases hair growth. It has many benefits for skin, from protecting from sun damage to just simply moisturize your skin. It is helpful in healing skin infections, treating acne, preventing, and reducing stretch marks. It also reduces skin oiliness. It helps in ailments such as wrinkles and joint pain. It also has anti-ageing properties, which makes it best suited for most of the cosmetic products. It serves all purposes, from dry scalp to chapped lips. Apply it directly to your skin for the perfect results. You can buy this product from anveya.com for Rs. 1,249 only.

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