Show Your Mom How Much You Care by Showering Her with These 10 Stylish, Meaningful and Practical Gifts She’ll Absolutely Adore. Go On, Spoil Her

Show Your Mom How Much You Care by Showering Her with These 10 Stylish, Meaningful and Practical Gifts She’ll Absolutely Adore. Go On, Spoil Her

Mothers always have a special place every child’s heart. Mothers complete love and dedication to their children make their loved ones to fall for their love in all times. To honour their love and dedication kids can treat them with some special meaningful gift. This article brings out the top 10 gifts to surprise your mother.

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Let Her Know She Means a Lot

Moms are amazing. They deserve the world because they give their all at home and at work. To be fair, a mother really does not have many demands. Which makes you wonder what you can do to let her know she means a lot right? Not to worry we have you covered. There are a million and one ways to say thank you to mom. It’s easy too! From handmade gift cards to thoughtful trinket pieces, simply stylish kitchenware and love letters, here are some beautiful ways to let your mom know you care deeply when words alone are not enough.

Simple Things You Can Do for Your Mom Yourself

1. Make Her a Beautiful Bracelet


It is the cute little things you do that count to your mom. A beautiful bracelet made with love is a good way to say ‘I appreciate your mom’. Without having to break the bank you can easily buy a string of charms and beads from your local store and create an unforgettable piece to grace your mom’s wrist.

2. Make Her a Special Jewellery or Keepsake Box

Memories are beautiful. Why not make mom a box full of them? A thoughtful keepsake box crafted from fine wood, filled with pictures of unforgettable trips, goofy moments together, baby pictures and little notes of appreciation are a perfect way to show you have been mindful of her tireless efforts of love and care. You could also give her a jewellery box with her name on it. While you are at it, put in a few memorable trinkets to start her collection. A nice charm bracelet or locket with a beautiful picture in it are fantastic ways to say ‘I love and appreciate you mom’.

3. Offer to Paint Her Nails

Moms are the perfect besties. Doing fun activities together will definitely strengthen your bond and keep you close to her heart. Nail painting is the ultimate bestie activity to do with mom, it screams pyjamas and cozy conversation! Spice things up by giving her a nice big sundae while you are at it. Be sure to pull out all the crazy colours and ask her to choose, she will most likely say ‘whatever you pick is fine my love’ but ask her all the same. You can even turn it up a notch by browsing the internet for fun nail art designs that will keep you both busy and fully immersed at the moment. This will not only help her relieve stress but you will both get to spend quality time creating those unforgettable memories.

Our Timeless Rundown of 10 Super Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

1. Love Heart Key Neckpiece

There is no better way to let mom know she holds the key to your heart than to tell her with this Silver Love Heart Key Neckpiece. When thinking of doing something meaningful for your mom, you want to be able to draw out all her delightful emotions and this precious gem from at only Rs.299 will surely do the magic. This delicate Love Heart Key Neck Piece can be delivered as a surprise package directly to her doorstep in less than three days! All you need to do is choose your desired date of delivery on the delivery address page and voila! Imagine the smile on her face when she puts on the 45cm long chain and admires its thoughtful pendant. A mark of your heart always with her. There is nothing more precious than such moments.

2. Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal

Having the means to share intimate mother-daughter thoughts, hopes and dreams can serve as a unique gift for your mom. Now you don't have to wonder what your mom wished for as a girl or what she thinks about when you cross her mind. You can simply record each feeling first hand and share the beauty of growth together. The Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal (Activity Journal for Teen Girls and Moms, Diary for Tween Girls) Diary is a collection of carefully crafted questions, prompts and quality time activity ideas written by Sofie Jacobs and her daughter Meredith. This thoughtful 'tween girls' journal has even been named 'The perfect gift for mother's day' by Girl's Life Magazine. However, we say this journal is a perfect gift for your mom any day. Don't let any more precious moments with mom pass by without recording them in this best selling hardcover book of girl dreams. You can buy this journal made just for girls for a price of Rs.1,435 at and enjoy the full love experience together.

3. Pure Stoneware Cups - Set Of 4

The Pure Stoneware Cups by Devnow are the ideal gift for the classy and warm mom. This set of 4 finely finished coffee mugs will give her kitchen that natural feel earthen crockery adds to every living space. If you are thinking of buying a gift that merges the beauty of tradition with a modern twist then you can for just Rs.1,499. Gift her with this set of beautiful Pure Stoneware cups that will leave all the houseguests in awe of her good taste and guess who she'd gleefully keep referring to every time she brings them out... You? Exactly! So head over to and make her smile today.

4. Willow Tree Mother and Daughter Memory Box


Speaking of keepsake boxes and unforgettable things, have you seen the Willow Tree Mother and Daughter Memory Box. Each original of these cherishable Willow Tree Memory boxes are handcrafted by Artist Susan Lordi to show the priceless love of mother and daughter. This uniquely carved memory box delivered with an enclosed card can be used to store the most treasured things between mother and daughter. You can purchase a beautiful box for your mom now at a slashed price of Rs.4,419 on and save up to 30% inclusive of all taxes with free shipping. For mother's, the most important things are in preserving the little moments that make up the times they will always remember.

5. Letters to My Mom

Love Letters will never go out of style, they have been around for centuries and they have evolved in fashion and delivery over the years. Your father probably won your mom's heart with letters, its a form of affection she will always cherish. Forget about the messages in a bottle, letters to my Mother is a collection of heartfelt truth bits, printed out in simple style. With only Rs.490 you can give your mother fuzzy feelings of age seventeen as she reads through seven witty but loving letters. Letters To My Mother is the perfect gift to give your mom those nostalgic thoughts of love and appreciation only a child can give. Let mom know she means the world to you the good old way.

6. Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Figure, Close to Me

If you are looking for something elegant to give your mother then the Willow tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Figure, Close To Me is the exact one you should get. This Rs.3,518 Wooden piece could pass for ivory with its carefully crafted finish, giving your mom's coffee table or bookcase rack a soft aesthetic view that is sure to bring appreciation. The Artist behind each perfectly crafted Willow Tree series - Susan Lordi has made this piece especially to show the care, love, closeness, healing and the beauty of togetherness between mother and daughter. If you are looking for that emotional connection then you should definitely get this gift for mom.

7. Serial Chiller Wrist Watch - Red

Mom's spend a huge chunk of their lives being just mom's. The demand from work and taking care of the home tends to weigh heavily on them and sometimes this can make them lose touch. The Serial Chiller Wrist Watch-Red is a fiery piece that is sure to spice up your mom's corporate or even more traditional outfits, making her feel young and vibrant again. Now you can turn back the hands of time for just Rs.1,495. Simply make your purchase on www. and this Red Chiller Wrist watch with subtle digital art print inside will be delivered to your doorstep complete with a special box for that well thought out presentation.

8. Mug Ceramic This Lady Is One Awesome Mom Coffee Mug


Sometimes all your mom needs to remember you is a mug that tells her how awesome she is every morning. Now you can give your mom those positive words of affirmation with every sip of chai tea or coffee in a beautiful Mug Ceramic This lady is one awesome mom Coffee Mug. You can shop for this beautiful mug for all seasons, anyday at a price of Rs.165 on What's even more interesting? The positive message on this white ceramic talking coffee mug is inscribed on both sides. This means mom can see that she is awesome when the mug is sitting pretty on the coffee table or chilling out on the mug hanger. You also don't need to worry about the inscription fading away with time. The waterproof surface makes this portably meaningful gift dishwasher and microwave friendly. The Mug Ceramic gift is sure to keep safe and long lasting just like your love for mom.

9. Charcoal Portrait

Handmade gifts still have a warm spot in every heart. This is why the Charcoal Portrait has made it on this timeless list of meaningful gifts for your mom. Surprise your mom today with a carefully crafted sketch of her favourite picture. A life-size charcoal portrait is perfect for hanging up on walls in the sitting area or in her bedroom where she can always see it and remember how beautiful she is every time. This can also serve as a natural decorative piece of art to liven up her living space and enhance that feeling of home that mothers tend to give. Now that you have managed to sneak her best portrait out of the family album, you can turn it into a thoughtful Charcoal Portrait with only Rs.1,999 and guess what? shipping is free! So save up to Rs.501 for a heartwarming portrait from and put a smile on mom's face while you are at it.

10. Mom, from Your Biggest Fan Combo

This special gift package has a cute and colourful throw pillow with soft cuddly flowers that read 'MOM, From Your Biggest Fan'. The Biggest fan of mom combo will definitely leave your mother red-faced. Go all out to let her know you are constantly rooting for her by giving her this lovely picture frame and throw pillow set. The Cushion is perfect for mom to snuggle with a hot cup of coco and a book on her free days, while she occasionally stares at a picture of you both in the lovey frame that constantly reminds her she means the world to you. At a price of only Rs.1,449, you can order the Biggest fan of mom combo from It is such a heartwarming present.

Give Her a Surprise Treat

1. Package and Present to Her Favourite Pastry/Snack

What is the one pastry or snack your mom loves? That's right, you can whip up a fresh batch of her favourite biscuits, pies, cakes or doughnuts and wrap them up nicely. She will be delighted to know that she was on your mind the whole time. If you are not into baking, that's okay, this does not discredit how thoughtful the gesture is. You can always pick up her favourite snacks from the local bakery or a nice store where they are sold and present it to her in a simple gift bag or pastry basket. The magic still works!

2. Give a Treat to a Spa

Honestly an all expense paid spa day is one heart warming gift you can give your mom. Knowing that she will be grateful to finally kick back and have her aching muscles get some relief is a satisfying way to make her see you really care about her health and wellbeing. Simply book her appointment and slip the date and time into her mail box or ask that the details be delivered to her directly, (because you know mom's can ignore their phones sometimes, except when they call to talk about your future that is..) well the key is to make sure that she gets the details of the spa date and let her know it is an offer she can't refuse. Don't even worry if she makes a fuss at first, in the end she will be happy and relaxed and that is exactly what you want.

3.Volunteer to Make the Meals for the Day

Finally, volunteer to switch up the roles for a day and let your mummy lounge and watch TV, sip juice, read a book or take a nap. Let her know you really appreciate all her effort and so you will like to serve her for a change. This will give her some good time to rest and engage in other relaxing activities. Surprise her with your own exceptional or not so exceptional cooking skills, in time she will be more than happy to watch you perform in the kitchen area amidst laughter and a lot of loving corrections. Oh, Mom's will be mom's, but we sure do love them every way.

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Be Sensitive to Gifts That Could Be Read As Comments on Her Shortcomings.

Sometimes a gift is just a gift. And sometimes it can open up a big ol’ can of worms. Know your mom is trying to lose weight? Those gym shoes or membership, while thoughtful, could hit a sore spot; same with the cooking lessons if a regular family joke is that she can’t even boil water. Make it personal in a different way—personalized from you rather than for them. Create a piece of art, write a song, knit a scarf—you get the idea. Combine this with one (or more) of the above suggestions for an ultra-personalized gift.