Turn Your Guests into Puddles of Mush with the 10 Cutest Return Gifts for Baby Shower

Turn Your Guests into Puddles of Mush with the 10 Cutest Return Gifts for Baby Shower

Everything about babies is adorable, even from the time before they are born! A baby shower is a way to prep and pamper the soon-to-be mother with gifts she can use when the baby comes. Thank the guests for their thoughtfulness and kindness with sweet baby shower return gifts. From useful little return gifts to adorable party favors designed to make your guests go awww, Best Present Guide has a little bit of everything. Read on to find out more.

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Tips for Buying Return Gifts for a Baby Shower

Do Most of Your Guests Have Kids?

While selecting the return gift for the guests who have come to attend your family shower, then determine how many guests have kids. Obviously, you are not planning to go over board and offer two return gifts so make sure that you select the return item that the kids would love rather than giving something serious useful. Kids love colors and cute things such as photo frames, cute candles and so on.

Do Not Buy From a Single Store

A Single gift store might be a bad idea if you are looking for variety while selecting the gifts. A gift store cannot stock all the gift items in their store and most of the items the quantity that you are looking for might not be available. We suggest you to have a look at different stores and even online stores to add that variety in your gift rather than making it a monotonous and boring affair.

Plan Unique Gifts for Singles and to be Parents

Again, some of your guests might be married and some would be single. There would be guests who have kids while others might be expecting or planning to have one. Again, you can keep the theme of gifts same but not all the gifts should not be same. Someone who has baby might be delighted to get the baby carriage but it might not be the best idea for a single woman. She might actually be looking for that small photo frame. It is better to write the name of the guests on the return gift boxes beforehand rather than ending up giving random boxes.

Think of Unique Gifts

You have a lot of creative space while selecting the return gift for the baby shower. From making customised cup cakes to cute photo frames, you can create a beautiful theme and select unique gift for the kids. In case, your creativity quotient is not something to boast about, the internet is always there to help you. Look for unique ideas over the internet and ask the gift store in the vicinity if it is possible. There are various websites who can take your bulk order and deliver the customised gifts on your doorstep as promised.

Top 10 Return Gift Ideas for Baby Shower

Small Cute Baby Carriage Candles

Colorful small candles not just look cute, they are also functional. You can use it for decorating home and at the same time can light it up for during the emergency. You would find various types of candles in the market and on the websites. Ask if the store keeper or the vendor who is selling it on the website can add a little bit of customisation. If not the candle, then you can probably get the customised pack or the ribbon. Scented candles with the ribbon engraved with good wishes are great idea. We liked Funcart Baby Carriage Candle in pink available on Firstcry. Priced at 209, the candle has the weight of 50 grams and product dimension of L 10 x B 8 x H 2 cm.

Baby Carriages

Carriages could also be a good idea if someone in your guest list is expecting or has a little munchkin on their side. It could be little on the higher side and therefore you might not want to buy it in bulk. Also, buying carriage is not as simple as it might seem for you will have to be a little expert on the technical side. For instance, check if the suspension of the carriage is alright so that it would not hurt the back of the baby. Size also matters and therefore you should know the age of the baby. Our pick would be Baby Stroller Cum Pram with Bumper Bar – Green on Hopscotch. Available for Rs.4,500 the stroller offers good suspension, two safety features, 2 position leg rest, canopy among various other features.

Small Photo Frames

Source www.amazon.in

There are so many beautiful, small and petite photo frames in the shape of milk bottles and various other cute shapes and sizes. These cute keepsakes are perfect for baby shower return gift. Our favorite pick would be Fashioncraft Cute Baby Themed Photo Frame available on amazon.in. The cute photo frame is available for Rs.580 and measures 2.75" x 3.75". It is made of white and pink poly resin. On the gift box, you can get “For You” engravings.

Baby Inspired Cookies

If you want to give return gifts to someone with a sweet tooth, baby inspired cookies would be your best option. Among the edible gifts, a jar full of baby inspired cookies such as footprint cookies, baby bottle cookies or baby carriage cookies are some of our favorite themes. For the fresh baked cookies, you can place the order in advance with your favorite bakery shop. Tell them in advance about the shape and patterns that you would want on the cookies. About the jars, either place the order with the bakery itself or buy online.

Mini Plants with Cute Notes

Return gifts that you give to guests at the end of the party should be something that reminds of your little and adorable member who is yet to come in the world. If you belong to the go green squad and want to give something to the guests that is nature friendly, then mini plants with beautiful notes are the perfect return gift for the occasion. You can always count on the local nursery in your city for the plants but in case the quantity is less than what you require we suggest Money Plant, Scindapsus (Pack of 4) – Plant at Rs.1,051 from nurserylive.com. Reviews of the website and the products are quite good. For Bonsai Plants we also liked Amazon, offering casual as well as rare and exotic plants.

Cup Cakes

Again, in the edible category you might also want to consider the cute cup cakes of different flavors. While you would want to retain the essence of the cupcakes, a little bit of customisation through some special message on the box or the wrappers would be a great idea. Just like the cookies, you can give order of the cupcakes to your favorite baker in the town. There is this wonderful website Wish a Cupcake that offers customised theme cupcakes. The website would ask you for the details like location, eggless and all and after that they would take up your order. On average they charge Rs.1,500 per six cupcakes.

Fruit Bowls

For the health enthusiasts, a fruit bowl is also a good idea. However, you should fill the bowl with the exotic and cute fruits rather than normal ones like apples and bananas. Every gift should remind the guests of the occasion and therefore small and exotic fruits that perfectly fit in the small bowl are the better idea. For exotic fruits, you can check websites like bigbasket.com and for the cute bowls we liked Pasabahce Perla Basket with Acyrlic Handle on pepperyfry.com. The bowl is available on the discounted price of Rs.625 and available in various sizes.

Baby Show Keychain

Keychains are very useful and we do not realise that until one is lost and all our keys are just lying here and there. It’s not just kids who like the cartoons, we all had our favorites where we were kids and getting a little moniker of that all these years later is enough to bring back all the cutest memories we have of our childhood. Among other keyrings, the one which caught our attention is Techpro Multicolor Double Sided Doraemon Family Key Chain on Snapdeal. At the price of Rs.206, the keychain in non metal and double sided.

Petite Milk Bottles

Ok, we agree that throughout our conversation we have been talking about the functionality of the return gifts and how it should be something that is either edible, decorative or functional. However, there is one oddly cute item that would bring a smile on the face of guests. There are so many websites that sell baby bottles and petite bottles are one of them. However, we liked Babyhug Polypropylene Drop Feeding Bottle Pink in particular for its cute little paintings on the bottle and small size. Priced at Rs.145, the bottle is available in two colors on firstcry.com.

Small Bags with Goodies

This, we can say would be the combo of both a functional item as well as an edible item. You can select cute and small pouches and fill them with chocolates and candies. Watermelon Shaped Pencil Pouch - Red Green available on First Cry is the perfect pouch that you can give as a return gift to guests. You can fill these pouch with the chocolates, beads and various types of candies.

Additional Suggestions on Giving Great Return Gifts

Keep it Small and Cute

Well, throughout we have been hinting you on how to select the gift which keeps the whole essence of the occasion alive. At baby showers we celebrate the new member of the house who will soon make the whole house a place of joy with his innocent smile and cute activities. Your gift should keep that spirit alive and should remind the guests that they were part of this beautiful shower organised by you for welcoming your bundle of joy. Therefore, petite and colorful gifts would be better option compared to the big and heavy ones.

Not the Time for Serious Gifting

Do not worry too much about whether the gift would be of any use to the guests that have come to attend the baby shower. You can leave the serious and useful gifting ideas for some other occasion. This is the time to celebrate the arrival of new member in the family. Some of us grow over conscious about whether or not we should gift something like milk bottles to the guests. Sometimes, people love the unconventional and cute surprises which they never expected and getting a box full of chocolate or the cute pink little candles is definitely going to bring smile on their face.

Something That Fits the Occasion

You should always choose the gift according to the occasion and the gifts ideas that we have mentioned above would be best for the occasion like baby shower. Also, some of us like bright colors but most of us are a little hesitant to experiment with bright colors. However, everyone is expecting you to be more on the side of colors rather than going all black, white, blue and grey. Select the gift items that are bright in color and also match perfect with the occasion. To add more fun to the event, you can even keep the colorful theme and ask the guests to come dressed in the brightest colors that they have.

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A child is the blessing of god and every moment is special for you as to be parents. The guests who you have invited in the baby shower hold importance in one or other way in your life. So, do not hold back and regret later on what you could have done and everything that you so wanted to but did not have the courage to. Celebrate the arrival of your baby in the way it seems fittest to you.