10 Bestselling Baby Gifts: Great Ideas for a Gift for a Baby Girl & How to Pick the Right Gift for Her Age

10 Bestselling Baby Gifts: Great Ideas for a Gift for a Baby Girl & How to Pick the Right Gift for Her Age

Babies may all look adorably alike but there is a lot of difference between what a month old baby can do and what an eight month old needs. BP Guide India helps you understand the needs of babies by age and has some fantastic gifts for 1-3 month old babies, gifts for 6-11 month old babies, and other gift ideas for babies that new parents will welcome.

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How to Choose an Appropriate Gift for a Baby Girl

Your Relationship with Her Parents is an Important Factor in Selecting a Gift

The period between 0-12 months in a child’s growing journey is significant in every way, be it the child’s physical, emotional or mental growth. When selecting a gift for a baby in this duration, it is advisable to understand what is important for the baby and the parents and if your gift can contribute towards it. In addition your personal relationship with the parents and the baby of course will help you in being thoughtful of the kind of gift you’d like to give.

For instance, if you are related to the family then getting the baby girl valuables like a baby bracelet in silver, which is considered auspicious in India or a gold coin may be appropriate, or you can get something useful for her. A personalised gift can be an excellent keepsake that will be treasured forever!

Consider the Baby's Practical Needs While Choosing the Gift

Parenting is not an easy job and neither are the expenses that come along with being a parent. It is a lifelong commitment towards a child’s development and well-being. It is vital that the baby gets lots of care, love and attention through her growing journey. While your relationship matters in deciding what kind of a gift should be given, you could help choose one which can come in handy for both the child and the parents thus helping them somewhat in keeping their expenses down. There is a broad range of things from toys that can be a good start for her, to clothes that will make her comfortable and organic items to keep her protected from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Safety Comes First!

Depending on their own skills and the speed at which they develop, babies can be faster in learning, moving and handling things. Their physical development, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, etc., are areas that should be monitored regularly and in that respect, when buying a gift, it is important to look for items that are child-friendly, non-toxic and made with smooth edges. Their structure, sound and smelling features should be considered as well to prevent any choking hazards or physical damage to the baby. It would be wise to get her something that she can play with independent of adult supervision.

10 Ideas for a Gift for a Baby Girl

Night Suit

Whether she is wearing a night suit, gown or bloomer, it is important that the baby rests comfortably during her nap time. You can choose a cute, comfy and pretty night suit for a baby girl in the range of Rs.170-300 between the age of 0-9 months. With a choice of pastel colors, sleeveless to full-sleeves, different prints and patterns or designs, you can take your pick and go berserk in buying some really lovely night suits for the baby. There are night suits for summers, winters or in-betweens, sets that come in shorts, hoodies, pajamas and even nighties. There’s so much variety that you may end up buying them all! When buying clothes, you should check the child-safety features of the material used, the washing and maintenance part of the clothing as well.

This Carter's Unicorn Zip-Up Fleece Sleep and Play is a very popular one piece with handy zips all the way from the ankles to the chin. Made of polyester microfleece, this onesie has safety features to prevent the zips from injuring the baby and the built in footies means the baby is always snug. Buy it from firstcry.com. For a larger variety of night wear you can browse here.

Baby Record Book

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An easy to use scrapbook which can record a baby’s first year and all the milestones she’s covered, so that it can be cherished by her family forever, this baby record book will be a good keepsake to track her monthly progress. Her parents can choose to record her first words, her first crawl or independent walk and or all the special moments she accomplishes! With pockets to hold pictures and space to pen down her favorites or her not so favorites too, the record book comes with different food recipes that would make her meal times her most special time of the day. It also includes steps to create delicious eats and activities that her folks can be involved in with her. The book comes in hardcover with 64 pages and is priced at Rs.346 on Amazon.

Baby Bath Robe

Infant bathrobes are an important item in the baby essentials kit. The time between dressing down-bathing-dressing up is a time which can be very crucial for a baby’s body temperature to fluctuate, making the infant prone to cold. The time in between may be short, but very significant in preventing common cold and flu conditions for the baby. The Baby Oodles baby bath robe is made of cotton, embroidered, and comes with piped borders in patterned fabric. The fabric enables handling the child comfortably and safely during the bathing period. With different colors, designs and borders to choose from the bath robes come with baby themed characters likes dolphins, panda, butterfly, kitties, etc., The bath robes range between Rs. 375-438 on babyoodles.com.

Baby Cloth Diaper

Cloth diapers keep a baby’s bottom dry with their specially knit moisture wicking fabric which are easy on their skin too. These diapers are not only eco-friendly but easy on the pocket too with a saving margin of 30-60 per cent. In comparison the plastic diapers which can only be disposed off and are harmful for the environment, the cloth diapers can be washed by hand or machine, along with other clothes as well, with a rinse prior to a detailed wash. If you are unsure of which category of diaper cloth to select as a gift, select the basic starter pack which comes with a duet dry shell, an organic cotton shell, a duet insert and an organic cotton insert (each usable with either shell). These comes in different colors and designs. Priced at Rs.1,649 on bumpadum.com.

Fisher Price Honey Bee Silicon Teether

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Teethers are a basic essential for a teething baby that come handy in soothing the baby’s tender gums, can relieve them of pain and act as a play toy too. Most babies start teething within 4-6 months and hence that’s a good time to introduce them to teethers. There are a variety of teething toys that a baby can be given from teething rings, toys, jewelry to staged teethers. Making for a safe and clean chewing surface, teethers can help alleviate some pain the baby may experience through the teething process.

This cute Honey Bee Teether is the perfect teething accessory for the baby. Holding and teething the bee aids the baby’s motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Its texture and bright colors provide a visual appeal to the baby. It is priced at Rs.399 on amazon.in.

Elephant Plush Pillow

With its delicate make and high quality material, this cute and comfy elephant plush pillow is not only a play toy for the little princess, but also ideal for being tucked in to for bed-time stories, doubles up as a cushion for the back or a head pillow giving a cozy and comfortable feel to the child. It's adorable design and expressive eyes provide emotional support and help develop the baby’s social skills. The Skylofts Soft Stuffed Elephant Shaped Pillow Cover Toy is made in plush with 65 x 65 x 20 cm in dimensions. It weighs 1200 gm and has been well-received and loved by infants everywhere! It is priced at Rs.1,764 on First Cry.

Baby Bather

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When it comes to bathing, babies either avoid it like the plague or love splashing around! There are a lot of bathing tubs that are diverse in their design, fun features and considerately priced. To ensure a safe and enjoyable bathing experience for both the baby and her Mother, a baby bather would be an ideal gift.

The Mee Mee Anti-Skid Compact Baby Bather is a good choice. Made of highly durable and premium material, which is non-toxic the baby bather comes with cushioned edges for easy seating and a pillow for head support during bathing. The backrest is adjustable and can be locked as well, with an anti-skid base. It is portable and can be easily cleaned, stored or carried. Priced at Rs.1,199 on meemee.in.

Tropical Baby Mobile

A musical baby mobile with an assortment of 8 classical soundtracks that can play for 30 minutes without being repeated, comes with cloud hangars that can attach the toy in two locations for different movements. The Taf Toys Tropical Mobile has a monkey, a pineapple and a tree toy attached in different colors, patterns and textures. A lovely display of star shapes on the cloud hangars will shower the baby when the mobile rotates gently over the crib. With its spell binding combination of music, lights and movement, the mobile will keep the baby calm and develop her emotional intelligence and cognitive skills. The tropical baby mobile is priced at Rs.2,849 at babycenterindia.com.

Infant Shoe Socks for Girls

The baby girl would look like a lil’ fashionista with these cool and stylish Infant Shoe Socks which come in a boxed set of 6 pairs of socks in different designs of green sneakers, brown loafers, peach and brown sandals, black mary janes, brown and blue cowgirl boots and pink spectators. These socks have anti-skid soles to help the baby have a steady foothold while walking and are made of 75 per cent cotton and a mix of nylon and elastane. These trendy shoe socks for baby girls are priced at Rs.1,734 on Uncommon Goods.

Portable Rocker & Musical Toy

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Certified on European standards for baby and toddler safety, this premium portable rocker and bouncing musical toy from Baybee has a modern sleek design with adjustable incline settings for sleeping and sitting position and can be used in the rocking or stationary reclining mode. The repositioning seat closer to the toy bar sits within the child’s reach for a plug-n-play and is also easily detachable for on-the-go play. The baby can keep batting the hanging toy, which activates the music bar. The rocker comes with pre-assembled frame units for easy assembling, with an instructions manual. It requires two 1.5 v alkaline batteries that are not included in the package. The Baybee Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker with Soothing Vibration and Musical Toy is priced at Rs.2,819 on Amazon.

Bonus Tip: Explore the Different Things She Can Do at Her Age

From the time they arrive, babies love playing. So how does one choose the ideal game or toy for the baby?

  • In 0 to 1 month, an infant’s vision can extend to just about an arm’s length, with a colorful vision but with contrasting shades. The child can grasp anything that you put in her hands and can identify familiar voices as her hearing develops. At this stage, getting her baby carrier would be good, in which she can be carried easily, allowing her to bond with her parents, encouraging her hearing skills and helping her become familiar with their voice, trace them with her eyes and ears and feel comfortable.

  • Between the age of 2 to 3 months, she begins exercising her control over her limbs and work with movements that make her happy repeatedly. Next comes her hand-eye coordination. During this phase, getting her toys that will aid her in the developmental milestones can be baby crib mobiles or play gym which will also encourage her to extend her hands, swipe at things. The hanging toys from the mobile or play gym with music or soothing vibrations will encourage her to raise her head, thus strengthening her upper body and enhance her breathing patterns that will support her when she starts talking.

  • At 4 to 6 months, she starts exploring with her mouth and sounds it can make! Teethers in different shapes, textures or taste would be excellent for her right now, playing ball with her would be physically encouraging for her. At 7-9 months, simple board games made of foam or cloth or books can be enticing for her, what with her viewing everything as a toy. So selecting items which can aid her learning skills and identifying objects in her daily routine would be helpful.

  • And at 10 to 12 months, the baby’s sense of balance, her motor skills are higher. Toys or games that help her putting things in order or finger & hand games that emphasize language are an excellent choice to engage her.
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Set a budget beforehand

Old hands at baby product shopping find it hard to stay on track, but inexperienced shoppers will find themselves overwhelmed by what they find at baby stores, online or a brick and mortar. There is so much variety, everything looks painfully adorable, or absolutely essential for any child. A budget will help you stay grounded and shop realistically. Doing some research, perhaps checking with the parents or family will further guide you to the right gift.