10 Perfect Gifts for Newborn Baby Girl, from Baby Essentials to Small Indulgences + Baby Shopping 101

10 Perfect Gifts for Newborn Baby Girl, from Baby Essentials to Small Indulgences + Baby Shopping 101

Babies are cute but that doesn't mean shopping for them is easy. Or should we say, buying them the right presents isn't easy. If you want to look beyond baby gift sets, frilly pink frocks and inadequately sized furry soft toys, this is the newborn baby gift list you need to look at. Find here all the baby essentials every new parent will welcome, and which will earn you a definite invite to her first birthday bash!

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Try and Help the Parents

Having a friend or family member become a parent is amazing news. It really is exciting. But behind all that excitement is the reality that bringing up a child is no easy task and needs a lot of equipment, clothes and other very necessary items for looking after a newborn baby. So it is important for you, as the gift buyer, to be practical.

Being practical means you are lending a helping hand in getting all those much needed items to help bring a child into this world easier. Yes, there are of course the things a mother may like but would not buy herself, or the traditional cute toy, but overall, what really goes appreciated are the things to help the parents. It may help with outings, help them get some extra sleep or help them get more smiles out of their baby girl. However you help out with a new born, help is appreciated.

If There is a List, Stick to It!

Baby shower registries are become more of a thing now, like you may do for a wedding also. These can be done online and the links emailed to your friends and family. It is not quite yet as popular as other countries like the States, for example, but it is a growing practice. This helps the mother-to-be not end up with countless amounts of the same blanket, diaper bag or any other necessity. It also helps the parents have a certain control over what comes into the baby’s life early on. So while it isn’t common practice just yet, it makes sense that it is growing due to online shopping, practicality and convenience. It is something to be aware off.

If There is No List, Here Are 7 Gift Ideas of Baby Essentials

Baby Grow

All babies will need clothes, that is common sense. This is why baby grows make a brilliant gift for a new born baby, and it also helps the parents along the way. Another benefit from buying a baby grow is that if it is a bit too big, the little princess will soon grow into it. So while it may seem like an initial blunder, it isn’t a problem at all in the long run. A good website to look at is firstcry.com, as they have a massive collection of baby clothes and accessories.

Be sure to check out the Carter’s Full Sleeve 2-Piece Bodysuit Pant Set – Grey Green. Don’t be confused by the colours at the end there, this beautiful 2-piece has a cute swan pattern and is made from soft fabric to keep the baby comfortable at all times. For just Rs.749.25, this adorable outfit will be appreciated by any parent, and the little girl will look amazing. Buy it here.

Kick and Play Set

Source www.amazon.in

A kick and play set is a great way for a baby to learn about senses, stimulated by light, sound and touch. It is also a great way for the little girl to begin moving her arms and legs that will lead to crawling and eventually walking. For these reasons, you can see why a kick and play set is a perfect gift for any new born baby. You can be part of their growing and learning process with a simple gift that will set them up for their future.

As always, there is a great range to choose from, but the Kick & Play Multi-Function Piano Baby Gym & Fitness rack (medium) By Magicwand is the best value for money. For Rs.1,999 on amazon.in, you get a completely safe gym for the baby to play and learn in from a well-known toy maker. A great gift!

Baby Mattress and Pillow

A baby pillow will become the parent’s best friend. After sleepless nights, being able to put her down to sleep somewhere comfortable and enjoyable for her will be their biggest relief. You can buy pillows big enough for the baby to sleep in, completely surrounded by softness and joy. With that idea in mind, the best idea is Skyloft’s Soft Stuffed Elephant Shaped Pillow Cover Toy Grey.

The 20 cm high pillow is soft, carefully crafted to be safe for babies and becomes an ideal bed companion and pillow for anywhere, the sofa, an armchair or on her play mat. You can buy the soft cuddly elephant for Rs.1,575, which is a great price for a great gift. It also will help parents regain the gift of sleep, while their little princess enjoys cuddling up to the elephant’s soft coating. Buy it from firstcry.com.

Baby Socks

Baby socks are famous for being pulled off and giving parents the nightmare of putting them back on kicking legs. However, for a new born they are an essential winter clothing item, because keeping the baby’s feet warm will help keep the rest of her warm. Heat is mostly lost through our extremities, and that is especially true when you are a baby.

As with any socks, there is always a huge range to shop from, so don’t be shy to search and shop around for the best pair or pack. The best thing about socks at that age, is that size is almost irrelevant, but consider the Eio Multicolour Cotton Socks – pair of 6 for example; they are designed to fit feet from ages 0-6 months, they come in a beautiful range of colours, red, purple, blue, green, black and pink, with a bunny rabbit pattern. They are made from safe and soft cotton, and for Rs.324 on Snapdeal. They are a perfect buy for a new born baby girl.

A Baby Blanket

Blankets are capable of being sleep companions for children from birth for many years. So getting it right is essential. And not only for sleeping, they will take them everywhere with them. The best is to hand-knit it yourself if you can, then it will have a true personal touch. But it is understandable that not everyone is up for that challenge or has the skills and time to knit a blanket. So a good place to look is at your local market, you might be surprised!

But if you are going to search online, try woollen-wear.in they have a great selection, but by far the best value for money, and the highest recommended is the Winter Blanket for Infants with Pink Hood. There is a selection of colours, two shades of pink, yellow, blue, and cream, so you are not stuck with the old pink and blue scenario, and the price of Rs.495 is very reasonable for the guarantees and the quality item you receive.

Baby Multi-Purpose Bag

Source meemee.in

The must have parenting tool kit essential. The bag that will carry everything. Spare diapers, milk bottles, packed lunches, etc. The bag will be the backbone of every outing for the parents, so having a good bag is extremely important. You don’t want one that is too big and bulky, but it needs to fit everything in. If you bag is too small you can’t take all you need. If it is too big, it will be uncomfortable to carry around. So, doing the looking around for you, we have found that MeeMee do a Lightweight Compact Diaper Bag which is the perfect bag for any parent.

It is small and compact as the name suggests, but big enough to fit everything in. It has easy access pockets, so you can grab what you need with one hand, while the other is busy holding the baby for example. It is priced at Rs.599 and that is a steal for such a great bag. The perfect size, weight and accessibility to pockets. Simply, it is a must have.

A Pram

Source babysworld.in

The reality of it is this: Any outing without a pram or stroller with a new born girl, would be impossible. The parents have packed the baby bag full of everything the need, so it isn’t as light as you may think, and above that, they also have to carry their baby? That is a big ask. So a stroller is a gift they cannot live without. The other problem is, they are not cheap, so it is recommended you group up to buy one. Again, the market is endless for these types of essentials, so don’t be afraid to try and find the right one. But, remember that it is new born, always make sure it won’t be too big.

The Mee Mee Pram Cum Stroller Circle Print Red and Navy – MM- 22 is the perfect option. At Rs.4,199 it isn’t the cheapest of gifts. But you get a lot for your money, a removable canopy with windows, for the child to enjoy the view and learn from the stroller, the front wheels turn 360 degrees for easier manoeuvrability and you can lock the wheels in place. All in all, a good gift for a baby shower.

Cute Little Gift Ideas for the Newborn Baby Girl

If you are not looking to spend loads of money, or the practical stuff as already been bought for the parents, then fear not. Here are some ideas that are cute, cuddly and will make long lasting memories for the new parents to share with their baby girl as she grows up.

Soft Toys

The baby may be floating on a sea of cuddly toys as it grows up, but one has the chance to be the most faithful companion. Normally the simple and effective one, an animal. So keep that in mind when diving into the unforgiving world of soft toys. Don’t go over the top! Whilst it may seem a good idea to go big and extravagant, the little girl won’t be able to appreciate it as much, so stick to something small and furry, but make sure it is safe for new born children. Softbuddies Purple Soft Toy is a great example. A soft purple bear, with an adorable smile that will make her smile too. The right size and very eye-catching, for Rs.599 on Myntra, it has the potential to become a life long companion.

Footprint Impression Kit

Give the parents a memory that will last a life time. Capture how small her little hand or foot was before she quickly grows! An impression kit is the perfect way to do just that. By making a hand print or a foot print in non-toxic clay, and allowing it to dry solid. Then all that is needed is to show it off in an elegant frame with a photo of their special little person. Simple, no mess and no harm done to the baby’s sensitive skin. But, a memory that will be on display a life time.

This is exactly what you get with the Babies Bloom Baby Keepsake Photo Frame (with red clay)! Easy to use, no mess and non-toxic, an elegant frame to display it in and there is nothing else to it, all for Rs.1,799 on Babies Bloom Store. A bargain for such a beautiful gift.

A Collection of Dresses or a Single Dress

Have your part in making the new baby girl look as cute as she possibly can with a beautiful dress or dresses. Don’t worry if the dress you buy is a bit big, as she will quickly grow into it. While a dress is a thing of personal taste, here at BP Guides, we believe that this one, is for all tastes.

The Ice Cream Print Purple Casual Dress by Zero is winner. A white dress with a purple ribbon around the waist, and patterned with multi-coloured ice cream cones, it is a pure delight. Made from cotton it is soft on your baby’s skin, and the colours will bring out her cutest smile. Looking cute for Rs.238 has never been so cheap! Buy it from hopscotch.in.

Baby Steps to Remember

Here are ten pointers to always remember when buying for a baby shower/ new born baby:

  • (1). Think of the parents!
  • (2). Stick to any list that may be provided.
  • (3). Shop around, but don’t get too obsessed.
  • (4). Always check to see if you gift is safe for her age.
  • (5). Don’t be scared if you buy clothing that is a little big. She will grow.
  • (6). Hand-made gifts are a good personal touch, but remember tip No.4.
  • (7). The right gift, can be a life companion.
  • (8). Shop as if you were shopping for your own baby.
  • (9). Ask other parents (if you are not one) what they wanted for the first born.
  • (10). Enjoy yourself and help her enjoy her first steps on this earth!
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Think beyond pink

Baby girl does not automatically mean pink! Just like blue should not be reserved only for boys. Yes, girls often favour this colour but only because they have been conditioned to do so since birth! How about we give you a different perspective - what if everybody the parents knew all gave them assorted baby products in pink? It may sound cute to some, but in reality it is a ghastly overdose of one colour and almost an assault on their senses. Be kind to the parents, they already have a lot going on. And there really are very many colours to choose from.