Terrific Gifts for Baby Girl 1 Year Old and 3 Suggestions to Help You Choose an Appropriate Gift

Terrific Gifts for Baby Girl 1 Year Old and 3 Suggestions to Help You Choose an Appropriate Gift

Trying to buy a gift for a one-year-old and perplexed with the options in the market? We're here to help you. We have collected the best gifts on the market to aid your little girl, in growing and learning which is very crucial at this age. We also have suggestions to help you choose an appropriate gift for her.

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Best Gift Suggestions to Fill Your Little Munchkin’s Heart With Happiness and Bring a Smile to Her Face

A child’s smile is the most precious gift the parents can give her. But for family and friends, it becomes a point of a dilemma for choosing a perfect gift for a one-year-old girl.

Gifts Her Parents will Thank You for

In this article, you will find several interesting gift items that the parents will appreciate. If they are unable to use your gift in any way, it is a waste for them. There are many costs associated with parenting. So, with little thought, you can give gifts that will help them cut their costs down. Also, a one-year-old child will be extremely active now that she knows how to get her hands onto anything she wants to. With the plethora of options available in the market, it can be difficult to pick one for the little angel. Here are three aspects to bear in mind while shopping for the little princess.

Help Develop Motor Skills

You must look for gifts which will help in the physical and mental growth of a baby girl in different possible ways. You can gift her with stuff which will help her to recognize her motor skills and she can manoeuvre them as fast as possible. This way the child tends to grow in a holistic way. It is vital for her to strengthen her finger and hand muscles so that she can carry out tasks such as combing hair, buttoning shirts, tying shoes, cutting papers and drawing lines and circles. Blocks and clays are two of the finest toy options for this.

Should be Educational

You can also provide gifts which are educational in a way that helps her recognize things around her like recognizing colours, sounds, and people around her. This helps elevate a response to the stimulus for the child. There have been many studies confirming that children learn faster and better with education toys versus watching educational videos. So, feel free to give gifts such as reading and activity books along with matching and memory games.

Should be Safe And Harmless

But you must also keep in mind that the gifts you would provide her must be of a good quality such that it is safe for the child and doesn’t hurt in any possible way. Toddlers tend to put toys in their amount and hence it should be made up of good material which is nontoxic and not harmful.

13 Gifts for the Little Angel on All Occasions

Bearing the above three aspects in mind, let us start brainstorming for the right toy.

A Beautiful Fairy Dress

There is a lot of craziness about the Disney movies. Most of us grew up watching them. Parents with little princess love to dress their girls in beautiful fairy dresses. It helps them go back to their childhood. Check out this adorable WhiteHenz Clothing Crochet Pearl Necklace Applique Party Dress with Headband. This lovely Baby Pink dress costs only Rs. 1,259. Everyone gets delighted to see a little girl dressed like a fairy. This comfortable dress is apt for the baby girl as she would not feel irritated wearing it due to its fine quality. You must pre-order it in advance at Firstcry.com so that the company has time to get it adequately stitched and shipped to you.


Choosing a baby walker can be stressful as it must meet the child’s needs. Ideally speaking, it must provide support to the little princess while walking. An ideal walker is the one which can keep your child amused and engaged while learning to walk.

Mothertouch Bear Rider Activity Walker is economically priced at Rs.1,022. This 69 x 57.5 x 54 cm walker is a perfect one for your child with rattle spinners and spinning balls. It has three position height adjustments available for your child to last her for a long time from 9 to 18 months of age. It is available at firstcry.com.

Ball Pool

Ball pool is an interactive toy which motivates your little baby girl to play with other children and develop her social skills. It will help her enhance her eye and hand coordination.

Playhood Ball Pool is full of multicoloured balls, priced at Rs. 1011 at Firstcry.com. It is typically found in amusement parks. Receiving such a fascinating toy as a gift would bring joy to both parents and child. Its wall ensures the safety of the child within the pool. Parents can keep the child playing in it for hours while they wrap up their work. It is ideal for children between the ages of 12 Months and 4 years.

Silver Anklets

A striking piece of silver anklet has several benefits including helping to keep the child healthy and entertained. Its musical sound helps keep her diverted. Adorning this lovely piece will help activate your daughter's lymph gland, thus boosting her immunity.

Rudrali Anklets for girls comes in a pair for Rs. 1200 at Flipkart.com. It is considered a sign of purity and tradition in Indian culture. It is endearing to see little baby girls wearing anklets as they walk their first steps. It is considered a beautiful gift for the babies. It is available for both Cash on delivery and online payment

Baby Kit

Source www.amazon.in

Johnson's Baby Care Collection includes Organic Cotton Baby Dress and Milestone Book Gift Set (11 Pieces) priced at Rs. 580. It is the topmost priority for parents to take care of their charming baby. This comprehensive baby kit from Amazon.in can prove to be a useful gift for the baby as well as parents because this is something the parents would definitely need while nurturing the child. It is available in different sizes – small to large – so you can pick the one that fits your need and budget.

It contains Johnson's baby TTT bath 200ml, Johnson’s baby powder 100g, Johnson's baby oil 100ml, Johnson's baby hair oil 60ml, Johnson’s baby lotion 100ml, Johnson’s baby cream 50g, Johnson’s baby wipes 20s, Specially designed round toothed comb, Special cotton romper made of 100 per cent certified organic fibre for your little one's comfort, Exclusive baby care knowledge booklet and exclusive milestones book for every special memory.

Baby Bedding Set

Source www.amazon.in

Baby bedding set is a perfect way to keep your child safe and healthy. The product should be 100% cotton so that it doesn’t irritate their sensitive skin. It also helps evaporate the sweat of the child, thus keeping his body temperature balanced throughout the night. Alongside it must have a long lasting softness to make your angel feel comfortable as he or she will be spending a good amount of time on it.
KiddosCare Play Gym and Baby Bedding Set, available for Rs. 649 at amazon.in, is a convenient gifting idea for babies as it is difficult for parents to make babies sleep in a different room. This is a practical and preferred gift because it helps parents out of the bedding difficulty they face with the babies. This 100% cotton sheet won’t irritate the baby’s skin, thus allowing air to circulate in the system. It also prevents insects and mosquitoes from entering and hence protects the baby.

Pop up Books

Pop up books are for all ages, regardless of their capability to read. Even if your child cannot read, he can enjoy looking at large images as they pop out of the book. If you read out loud for him while pointing at the images, he will learn much more. This interactive activity is a great gift for any child and parent with a focus on learning.

Your baby will love the bright photographs and 5 fun pop-out surprises from Pop-up Peekaboo! Woof! Woof. Four toys are looking for their pet dogs and they're all hiding behind the pop-up flaps. It is perfect for reading aloud and encouraging early word recognition. Your baby will surely love the new dog and puppy-themed pop-outs in this highly popular series. Pop-up Peekaboo! Woof! Woof is also great for developing imagination, early-thinking and memory skills. Peekaboo! Woof! Woof is available at Firstcry.com for Rs.347.

Set of Stuffed Toys

There are many benefits of gifting stuffed toys to a one-year-old baby girl. It helps her gain confidence, manage emotions, develop language skills, enhance social skills and feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Starwalk Winnie The Pooh Plush Soft Toy Yellow Red, priced at only Rs. 355 at Firstcry.com is one of the most traditional and most sought gifts by parents as well as children. It is usually useful to keep a crying baby quiet for a longer time as the newly improved stuffed toys tend to draw their interests towards them and they eventually keep quiet.

Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls are a proven strategy to teach your child responsibility and social skills. They develop a sense of compassion, empathy, care, imagination and much more.

Barbie Fancy Stationery Set brings to the interest of girl children, the beautiful barbie dolls and teddy bears which are really adorable. They are available for a reasonable price of Rs. 100 at Firstcry.com.

Wooden Puzzle Blocks

Wooden blocks have been a toy of preference for many generations as it helps strengthen the cognitive skills of children at a very young age. It enhances their motor skills and attention span. They are available in many shapes and sizes such as cylindrical, triangular, rectangular and many more shapes. There are even magnetic toys available.

Learners Play English Alphabet Uppercase Wooden Puzzle with Knobs is available for Rs. 130 at Firstcry.com. Learning English letters is fun and easy with this wooden puzzle. All the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet, in upper case, are set in a rectangle shaped wooden board. All the letters have knobs on them making it easy for kids to remove and replace them. Children learn through play as they fit the brightly coloured wooden pieces on the board. It will encourage kids to learn the alphabet in a creative and innovative way.

High Chair Suction Toy

Small children of one year old have a habit of putting things in their mouth. They can’t seem to stop the craving to do so. Thank God, companies have started glueing certain toys to the high chair. The suction toys can be enjoyed fully without being pulled out, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting infected or fall sick.

Sassy Fishy Fascination Station Rattle encourages baby to reach, tug and bat, strengthening hand-eye coordination. This economically priced toy for Rs. 945, has colourful beads trapped within the clear structures that allow baby to connect the sound to sight. This eccentric 2-in-1 toy can be suctioned to a table or high chair tray, or removed from the base for floor play. It comes with four spinning pieces with a variety of textures and sounds to invite baby's touch. The sturdy suction cup base attaches to high chair tray or flat surface. Alternatively, it can be popped out of the suction part to use as a rattle. It is available for both Cash on delivery and online payment at Firstcry.com. If you order via cash on delivery there is an extra charge of Rs. 50 as shipping charges

Squeaky Shoes

Source www.amazon.in

This is a great option for parents wishing to teach their child proper way to walk. It has many health and safety benefits. It helps you track your child so that you can keep an eye on her.

Baby Bucket Sandal with Side Touch Fastener Strap is the best way to introduce your toddler to walk. These squeaky shoes squeak out sounds as the baby walks up to you. For a base price of Rs. 375, you can gift these exciting shoes to her. Baby Bucket Sandal is available at Amazon.in.

Piano Cum Xylophone

Source www.amazon.in

Experts claim it is beneficial for children of all ages to listen to soothing music. They further recommend letting them create their own music as it helps to enhance their IQ along with social and emotional skills. So, buying them rhythmic toys is a fantastic idea.

Zest 4 Toyz 2 in 1 Piano Xylophone for Kids is a highly desired educational and musical instruments Toy with 8 Key Scales in Clear and Crisp Tones with Music Cards Songbook. This comprehensive kit is priced at Rs. 699 in Amazon.in. Music is something that fascinates every child. This is a gift idea which would draw attention and passion of every child.

Active Child Therapy that You Can Gift Her

Between the age of 1 to 2 years, babies start on the path of becoming independent by using their senses and actively engaging with things around them. Babies need therapy which will help them to elevate their reflexes. This can be done by the following ways:

Enroll Her in Art Classes

Surrounding the child in a creative environment will help her develop confidence, problem-solving skills, patience and determination. Through art and music classes, she will gain cultural awareness and gain an understanding of her own culture and of those around her.

Take Her to Self-Discovery Science Museums

Taking the child to amusing places like museums and dollhouses will help the child gain experiences in seeing things which she hasn’t seen. This will help her to recognize things around her while engaging in self-discovery activities.

A Visit to the Zoo

Getting to see different plants and animals in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries will help her encounter a feeling of wisdom about the different kind of organisms present around her. A day at the zoo helps bring the family together and gain insight into a healthy lifestyle.

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Mindful of The Baby And Parents

One to Two years is the crucial period for a baby. She develops gross motor functions, hand-eye coordination and speech among others in this time period. This is also the time when babies learn everything by putting it in their mouths. So, whatever toys you buy should be bought with these in mind. If there are any small parts, there is a huge chance that the baby might swallow it which might put him in grave danger. Also, you need to be mindful of the parents when buying a toy for the child. Toys with loud music will definitely end up as a headache to the parent. So, when you buy a gift for a one-year-old, be sure you buy something that the girl can play on her own and not need adult supervision.