10 Thoughtful Toys for A 1-Year Old Boy That Will Keep Him Engaged And Happy

10 Thoughtful Toys for A 1-Year Old Boy That Will Keep Him Engaged And Happy

The toy section for one-year-olds is bursting with all sorts of playthings. The key is getting that toy that not only attracts them, educates them but is also safe. A tall order isn't it? That's why BP Guide has put together a well-researched list that has 10 of the best toys for one-year-old boys. You will find educational toys, fun games and useful utilities that will make his life better. So get started and find the best gift for the little boy.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying

Pay Attention to Safety

What’s the number one criterion when you are buying toys for a one-year-old child? Well, safety of course! One-year-olds are rapidly developing; their curiosity levels are up and so is their energy. They tend to pick up things, break them open and put them in their mouth. Therefore the toys you buy for a one-year-old need to be safe in every aspect. So that means no sharp corners, no small swallow-able parts and most importantly made of non-toxic materials. Make sure that before you make a purchase you look at the information on the box carefully. The box usually contains all the required information including material, the age which it is suitable for, etc. But if you still have questions then you could do a Google search about the particular toy. Read user reviews and make your decision based on that. Remember that when it comes to your child safety, you can never compromise.

Toys Which Aid in Development Are Always Welcome

Toddlers are going through a phase where they are developing at a rapid pace. The development that they are undergoing is both physical and cognitive. Therefore you have to be constantly vigilant about the influences which they are subjected to. The toys that a child plays with are an important part of their growing up process. Therefore make sure that your child’s toys are not just there for entertainment. The toys need to be engaging, but at the same time educational. Simple toys which increase brain function, teach them about colours, numbers and at the same time keep them occupied by holding their interest are the ones that you need to pick for your child. Give them toys which encourage them to move. This will kick-start their walking phase.

Stay Away from Expensive Toys

One-year-olds are rapidly developing and at the same time not very careful about how they handle things. They throw their toys around, sit on them, put them in their mouth and basically do whatever they want with them. So the rational and economical thing to do would be to buy them toys which are hard to break, and definitely easy on the pocket. Spending a huge amount of money on a gift for a one-year-old is not a smart idea as they will grow out of them sooner than you think. The toys that a child enjoys at one will be enjoyed by them for a maximum of two to three years. We are not suggesting that you buy cheap toys for your child, because safety is definitely an issue when it comes to children’s toys. But make sure that they do not cost a fortune.

10 Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys


The Rock-a-Stack is a game from Fisher-Price is simply designed. This classic children’s toy includes little pole and multicoloured rings that the child stacks on top of each other. It’s a simple toy that is just perfect for a one-year-old. The base of the toy is designed to provide a rocking action that will swing to and fro when the rings are thrown. Teach your baby to stack the rings based on size and colour on the base. This toy helps in the development of children’s motor skills and improves their hand-eye coordination. The bright coloured and differently sized ring improve a toddler’s motor skills and stimulates visual development. The product is made of plastic, measures 12 x 13 x 19.5 cm and weighs around 400 Grams. Buy it for ₹149 from Firstcry.com.

Wind Up Duck

A one-year-old’s attention span is limited therefore you need cute and fun toys that will keep them occupied. This mint green purple Playmate Windup Toy Duck with Headphones is sure to keep your little one engaged. This is a mechanical toy with varied action. All you need to do is turn the winding knob and watch this friendly animal shuffle comically across. It will encourage the toddler to get up and start walking. The toy helps in developing eye-hand coordination and also their gross motor skills. This wind-up toy is made of non-toxic plastic and is perfect for kids aged 12 Months to 3 Years. It has a height of 8.5 cms. Buy this cute toy for ₹80 only from firstcry.com.

Racing Toy Car

Boys love cars and this love affair starts at a very young age. Getting your little boy a toy car is therefore not a bad idea. We are not talking about complicated toy cars with minute details or remote controlled ones. But something smaller and simpler, like this red Racing Toy Car from firstcry.com. This brightly coloured toy car has freewheel action and incredibly smooth wheels which helps the car move without kinks. The car comes with a driver. This toy helps stimulate children’s imagination, increases their finger flexibility, helps in the development of colour perception and recognition. This toy is made of plastic and measures 13.5 x 8 x 7 cm. This car is also available in Blue. Buy this cute toy car for ₹168.

Snap Lock Bead Shapes

One of the main objectives of the parents of a toddler is making sure that the child grows up to be a constructive person. These skills do not develop overnight. Therefore to make sure that your child’s energy is harnessed doing constructive things, get them constructive toys, like these Brilliant Basics, Snap Lock Bead Shapes from Fisher Price. These multicolour beads are large and made from non-toxic plastic material. So you need not, be worried about your child, putting them in their mouth. These beads are of various shapes and they snap together to form chains. With these, your child will remain happily occupied all through the day. The package contains 11 pieces of differently shaped and variously coloured beads which measure 6.69 x 2.95 x 9.64 inches. Buy it for ₹149 from firstcry.com.

Construction Toy Vehicle

Children are obsessed with mimicking adults. Therefore doing anything that a grownup does is a thrilling idea to them. Let your child explore the exciting world of construction with this Friction Powered Construction Toy Vehicle from Vibgyor Vibes. These brightly coloured construction toys come with a little driver. They can help improve your little one’s motor and cognitive skills. They also help with the development of your child’s imagination. These toys come in various designs and models. These toys measure around 17 x 8 x 8 cm and are made of non-toxic plastic. Buy the toy for ₹186.65 from firstcry.com.

Toy Piano

Your little boy could someday grow up to be a musician. But a young artist needs nurturing and encouragement from early childhood. So give your toddler a gift which would encourage him to play music. This adorable Light & Sound Piano Toy from Vibgyor Vibes. This is a battery operated musical toy which also plays music and animal sounds. The flashing lights when the piano keys are played will add to the child’s excitement. This toy will help your child become more sensitive to different sounds, which is very important during the formative years. The piano plays the sound of 5 different animals sounds namely Cow, Dog, chicken, sheep and horse. It also has 8 different piano sound keys. Each animal sound key is in the shape of the corresponding animal. The device is multifunctional which can be changed by pressing the heart button. This piano toy is made of plastic, weighs 300 gm, measures 15 x 18 x 3 cm and runs on 3 AA batteries. Buy the toy for ₹270.49 from firstcry.com.

Squishy Balls

If you want to teach sports to your little one, then it’s never too early to start. One-year-old boys can’t play hard-hitting contact sports. But these squishy Squeezy PVC Ball Family Set from Speedage is a safe and secure way to educate your little one about the various sports.
Playing with balls will also help improve hand-eye coordination and also their motor skills. This set includes a tennis ball, a soccer ball, a rugby ball, a baseball, a basketball and a golf ball. The round balls have a circumference of 24 cm and the brown rugby ball measures 11 x 11 x 6 cm Beep Sound. These balls are made of PVC and are therefore easily washable. The balls make a beep sound when they hit the ground. Buy the set for ₹240.98 from firstcry.com.

Pull Along Animal Toy

A one-year-old may be too young to have a real pet but that won’t stop him from enjoying the company of Digger the Dog! This funny plastic dog from the brand Giggles has large floppy ears which are made of fabric. This pull-along dog toy sports a little red deerstalker hat which makes it look goofy and cute. This cute dog is the perfect companion to your toddler for any mission that he decides to embark on. This dog has funny walking actions and would be a practice for the time when he gets a real pet. It measures 23.5 x 21.3 x 4.3 cm. Buy it for ₹401 from firstcry.com.

A Fun Book

Make bath times educational for your little child with the help of this waterproof book containing pictures of different animals. This book contains the pictures of animals like a lion, a Zebra, a monkey, a deer, a donkey etc. This book will help in the development of your child’s learning abilities and will also increase his vocabulary. Talk to your child and teach him the name of each animal. This book has a squeaker on the first page and vibrantly coloured pictures of animals. The whole book is made of floatable vinyl, which makes it easy to use in the bath and also easily cleanable. The book measures - 13 x 13 x 2 cm. Buy it for ₹138.75 from firstcry.com.

Play Gym

A one-year-old boy is just learning to walk and keeping him occupied for a few hours on his own can be a bit tricky. But this Twist N Fold Move N Play Activity Gym from Babyhug can be the solution to your problem. This activity gym will help keep your baby active and healthy. It’s a soft and comfortable multicoloured mat has a beautiful pattern and comes with attachable soft toys; a rattle and an apple shaped teether. It encourages movement and keeps the baby engaged for hours. This baby Activity Play Gym is easy to maintain. You just need to wipe the surface with a clean, damp cloth and air dry it. The play gym is easy to assemble and is compact enough for storage. It pops up in one simple step and folds down for easy storage. You can carry it with you anywhere you want, to the park, or on a trip. The play gym is completely manual and requires no battery or electronic power. It measures 90 x 63 x 48 cm. Buy it for ₹801.50 from firstcry.com.

Some Things that You Can Do for His Development

Engage in Conversation

Parents are always eager to hear their child speak their first word. But to encourage your child to speak you have to engage in conversation with him. Talk to your child and encourage him to talk back. Be careful about the kind of language you use around him though as kids pick up words fast. Do not use negative words. Talk to him in a calm soothing voice and don’t get frustrated if it takes a while for him to respond. To make him pick up on language and phrases make him ask you for things and do not give it right away. For example, if he wants a drink of water or juice, encourage him to ask you for it.

Read to Him

Reading is another great way for you to connect with your child. You may think that a one year old does not have enough intelligence to comprehend things. But little children are highly perceptive. Read him simple stories that he will understand. Make it a bedtime ritual. Try to do voices of animals and characters in the book to keep him engaged. Reading also encourages the child to learn new words and gather information. It will help increase his curiosity levels.

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Keep Them Interested and Occupied

One year old is a really interesting age when the kids are just absorbing everything you throw their way. They want to touch everything, learn everything and are keen to know about everything. You want to buy a gift that encourages all these Look for toys and games that grow with him, that challenge him and of course bring him joy. But remember your gift must not be annoying for the parents so stay away musical toys or those that are much too loud !