Every Kid Would Love to Drive a Vehicle of Their Own! Here, Make Your Tot's Wish Come True with These Ride-On Toys (2020)

Every Kid Would Love to Drive a Vehicle of Their Own! Here, Make Your Tot's Wish Come True with These Ride-On Toys (2020)

Parents are always on the lookout to get the best for their children. Quite evidently, you, too, are on this page as you must be trying to find out the best ride-on toys for your kid! Ride-on toys are one of the best toys that you could get your child as apart from the benefits of developing motor skills and encouraging exercise, these toys have the added benefit of keeping the little ones busy for long hours. In this post, we bring you the list of the best, safest, and trending ride-on toys for children.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Ride-On Toys

Always Choose Age-Appropriate Ride-On Toys for Children

Ride-on toys of several varieties are available in the market. However, it is always best to decide on the toy by considering the age of your child. For example, push ride-on toys are best for babies, while toddlers may find it exciting to get pedal toys to move on by themselves. Battery-powered rides are best for kids above 3. Also, children below three could find it challenging to ride a kick scooter.

Ride-On Toys for Babies Must Have a Safety Armrest Bar/Seatbelt

Safety armrest bar or seat belts prevent babies from falling off ride-on toys. This is an important feature that must be present in these toys for children below two years of age so they can play around without you getting worried about their safety.

Battery Box of Electric Ride-on toys Must Be Kept Away from Children

Stylish battery-powered cars and bikes are leading among ride on toys these days. Before splurging on motorised rides, we urge you to make sure to check the safety of these ride-on toys. The battery box of the toy must be secured safely and away from the child’s reach.

Be Aware of the Approximate Price Range of These Toys

Some of these toys, especially motorised ones, come with a baffling price range that could startle you! So, it's always better to keep yourself aware of the approximate price range of ride-on toys. You can refer to this guide to get an idea or check with other sources before making a purchase!

Ride-On Toys for Children Aged 1-5

This age group comprises of babies and toddlers or preschoolers. These kids are the ones who require more supervision while on the ride, and well, most probably all the time! Hence, you must pick a ride-on toy that features all necessary safety precautions.

Baby Tricycle

This ride-on toy is perfect for smaller babies and toddlers. The highlight of this push ride-on toy is the safety features provided. The armrest bar enclosure prevents the child from falling off it. The parental control push bar keeps you in full charge of the speed and steering while your baby enjoys a joyful ride on his/her first bike! A fabric canopy keeps the little one away from the sun while you go on a morning walk.

The rear basket can carry a water bottle or toys and is placed away to prevent distraction. When your kid is ready to pedal the bike on his own, you can always remove the footrest and the push bar to make things easy for him. The tricycle has a music playback feature that your baby would love! The ride on toy from Amandeep comes in attractive bright colours and is made from high quality plastic. The bike is very durable and easy to ride. It is available on amazon.in for Rs. 2,497.

R for Rabbit Tricycle

Here is another ride-on toy that is going to add cherishable memories through his early years of childhood. This high-quality ride-on toy is exceptionally durable and can be adjusted to suit the needs of the growing kid. The ride-on toy from Tiny Toes boasts of safety certification adhering to European standards for tricycles. No compromise on safety there! This push ride-on toy is great for babies from 1.5 years onwards as it features a seat belt and a comfortably safe seat. The comfortable handlebars with extra grip is also there for added security.

The removable parental push bar helps you to be in directional control, while the baby simply enjoys the fun! The plug and play feature of this ride-on toy makes assembly the easiest and takes only around 5 minutes! This toy seems sturdy and durable enough to stand the test of time. Check out this ride-on toy on rforrabbit.com at a discounted price of Rs. 2,799.

Toyshine 2 In 1 Horse Rocker Cum Ride On Toy For Kids

Here is an exciting 2-in-1 ride that smaller kids are going to love! This horse shaped ride-on toy is both a rocker as well as a ride with wheels. The toy is made from organic ABS plastic material which is very durable. This stable toy also has a minimal rocker arc, keeping your baby safe from tipping over. The safety armrest bar adds to the safety of the toy, and leaves you with one less thing to worry about! The rounded hand pegs and foot pegs make for a safe ride-on toy for younger kids.

The ride when on wheels acts like any other ride on toy, and is great to take outdoors too. The appealing red colour is attractive and a great addition to your kid’s room and is sure to capture any toddler’s attraction. The product however comes in a semi knocked down format. Hence, if you aren’t good with the knack at assembling of toys, we suggest you get some professional help for quick assembly. Also, it is battery operated to play music to keep the little one engaged! Available on flipkart.com for Rs. 2,499.

Kids Ride-On Push Car Toy

Kids love to mimic their elders. Driving isn’t anything different. That is precisely why push car ride-on toys are their favourite. This one is ideal for babies above two years of age. This non battery-operated ride challenges the kids in exerting physical force and developing motor skills even without them knowing about it! And, not to mention that they simply find this fun!

This stylish ride-on toy car adheres to the highest safety standards and hence, is a good choice for your little one. The car steering features a horn and music that is sure to keep them indulged in play for long! The car comes with four big and wide durable tires that adds to the safety. The toy is made from double virgin PVC plastic body that is perfect to handle the constant wear and stress. The toy is of optimum height and round edges so as to cause no harm to the child. Besides, a spacious storage bin is also provided under the seat for your child to store his toys. Check out this ride-on toy on flipkart.com, which is available for Rs. 2,199. It is also available in blue colour.

Kids Pedal Car

This ride-on toy is another version of the push car. However, this is more suitable for kids or toddlers who can push pedals for the car to move. The pedal drive can be moved and adjusted for the child’s leg to reach the pedals. This pedal car comes in an attractive and appealing colour combination of red and yellow. It has a steering wheel and mirrors on both the sides, quite much resembling an actual car!

This ride on toy is made from high quality plastic material and looks very durable. The toy is quite sturdy, and safe for small kids to ride on. The colours and detailing on the car are very vibrant and are sure to attract a toddler’s attention! This is a battery-free toy and enhances the child’s motor skills and keeps him engaged for long. However, a word of caution here. Your child could outgrow the toy soon as there could be less leg room when he grows bigger. Nevertheless, this ride-on toy could be one of the best toy options for your child, while he or she is big enough for it! You can check out this out on indiamart.com, available for Rs. 850 only.

Mini Yellow Bike Bike Battery Operated Ride-On

A battery-operated ride-on toy, especially bikes are suitable for children of ages two and beyond. Smaller children are more likely to find it difficult to ride and also, are prone to more accidents while using these toys. This sporty little ride-on bike from HLX-NMC is specially designed for kids of ages 2 to 4.

The bike is extremely comfortable to ride and equipped with all safety features. The ergonomic features provided with the ride on toy, such as the easy-to-hold handles and durable tires adds to the security of the child. The product is made from premium quality PVC material and hence, is very durable and long-lasting.

It runs on a powerful 6 volts 4.5Ah battery that is sealed safe from children. Once charged, the bike can be operated for hours. Also, there is a trendy storage box at the rear of the bike, adding more dimensions to its functionality. This 30 kg bike drives at a maximum speed of 4km/hr. Find this ride-on toy at snapdeal.com for Rs. 3,390.

Ride-On Toys for Children Aged 5-8

Children of these ages are curious for more adventure and are attracted to rides that are more thrilling and faster. So, if you are looking to get a ride-on toy for your kid within this age group, then we suggest you get them more adventurous, yet safe ride-on toys, like the ones mentioned below.

Babyhug Velocity 3 Wheel Scooter

Kick scooters or push scooters are great ride-on toys that develop a great sense of balance and control. This three-wheel scooter from Babyhug is a stylish and trendy toy that your kid is just going to love! The scooter is designed with a wide footplate and three wheels to ensure the safety of the child. It is lightweight, foldable and compact, thus, can be carried conveniently while going outdoors. It also features a unique design that is eye-catching and attractive. It comes in three colourful combinations for you to choose from. It is great for kids above three years of age. Available on firstcry.com for Rs. 2,655.

Kid Trax CAT Power ATV 6V Battery-Powered Ride-On Toy

If your kid is a vehicle fanatic, then he is going to love this ride-on toy that resembles a construction vehicle of the famous brand, CAT. With the rubber traction strip tires, this rough ride-on toy can quite much deal with all kinds of terrains. The 6 volts battery operated toy has a forward speed of 2.5mph and is fast enough for older kids. The toy also features a seat belt to make the adventurous ride safe too! Available on ubuy.co.in for Rs. 9,329.

Kids Electric Motorcycle 12V Blue

This 12-volt electric motorcycle introduces child to the concept of controlling a powered vehicle. It closely resembles a real-life motorcycle, except for certain obvious features like the extra third wheel. This trendy bike is safe to ride and fit for kids aged 5 and above. The hand accelerator and foot brake give the feeling of riding a real bike. This ride-on toy comes in a sporty blue colour, and is surely going to be your kid’s favourite! You can find this ride-on toy on 11cart.com for Rs. 8,499.

Lamborghini Style Electric Car

This stunning electric ride on toy car is designed to resemble a real-life Lamborghini sports car! Every detailing on the toy car is designed to perfection, even the doors that open upwards, like that of a Lamborghini! The 6 volts battery operated ride-on toy has a dual motor and needs to be charged for about 5 hours for operation. The toy has an inbuilt music system with mp3 player that can operated with a remote. This ride on toy car is available on patoys.in for Rs. 9,521.

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Although these toys are completely safe for children, as it is said, we can never be too cautious with children. Always keep an eye on your children when they are riding their little bikes and cars, as sometimes they might lose control of it. After all, they are just kids!