Farm Toys to Grow the Creativity of the Little Farmer in 2020: Your Kids Will Love These 10 Exciting Farmhouse Toys

Farm Toys to Grow the Creativity of the Little Farmer in 2020: Your Kids Will Love These 10 Exciting Farmhouse Toys

All toys are best in the eyes of children. Its parents who decide which toys are best for their children. Toys give the best education to kids while playing. Toys give them pleasure and entertainment. And a good example of this kind of toy is farm toys. Kids still love farm toys, even in this 21st century. This article contains a list of 10 carefully selected farm toys outlet.

Farm Toys to Grow the Creativity of the Little Farmer

Farm toys are a favourite among kids, and they can spend endless hours with pretend play using animals and tractors. When your kid gets engaged with farm toys countless learning benefits are happening in the kid’s growth and development. And why should pretend to play always use pink playhouses and dolls? Farm toys are equally good and loved by both boys and girls. It brings the perfect set of animals, birds, vehicles, farm scenery and role-playing opportunity. Your child grows his focus, imagination and creativity, and develops problem-solving ability. Here are some benefits farm toys can bring to your children.

How Farm Toys Help Your Kids Grow

There is more to farm toys than fun and play. It helps in your child's physical and intellectual growth. The best part is that these toys bring out bonding for nature and an awareness of the animals and surroundings and help to lay a foundation for their formal education.

A great collection of farm toys can help your child in the following ways.

  • Improves their knowledge - Farm toys, make your child familiar with the various animals and birds. You can also help them associate the animals with their sounds by joining in their play and imitating the sounds of the animal figures. It is also easy to make them understand the movements of the different animals and also a great tool to make them learn the different functions and uses of the animals. You can also use the farm toys to teach them counting and sorting. When asked to count the number of cows or hens a kid will do so happily as part of the game.
  • Develops imagination - The natural farm settings and numerous animals ignite the creativity of the children. A farmyard set comes with several parts. Connecting and setting each one of them can develop their motor skills, coordination, and creativity. It could also develop a love and care for animals in their minds.
  • Push and pull tractors - Toddlers can keep engaged with push and pull tractors that encourages them to walk around and develop their balance. You can teach them the concept of transportation by demonstrating how these farm vehicles carry the load from one point to another.
  • Fine motor skills- Fixing the farm set develops the hand-eye coordination of the children. Attaching the tractor and loading and unloading them helps to improve their motor skills. This can also teach them the concept of measurement.
  • Narrative skills- Farm toys are a great tool to help develop the narrative skills of the children. Children love animal stories. The wide variety of animals can spark their storytelling ability. They can easily correlate the animals with the characters in their bedtime stories. You can encourage this further by interacting with them during the play and asking them to enact a story with the animals.
  • Bring out tender feelings and empathy in the child - You can teach the child to take care of the farm animals and make them feed water, food etc to the animals. Create stories where they need to take the animals for grazing or to the barn. This way you encourage the positive emotions in the child and also make them feel responsible. Make the kids wash and clean the muddy animals. This will give them early lessons in hygiene. Teaching them to clean their toys will not be difficult. Give them play ideas like bathing and feeding the cow or horses and before you know they would have cleaned the whole set.

Pick The Right Farm Toys

Choose for the Kids’ Age

Farm toys should be selected based on the kids’ age. Some farm toys might contain small parts and can cause choking hazards if you let toddlers play with it. Such toys should be avoided for all kids below 3 years. Older kids should be given toys appropriate for the age that will help them grow their reasoning and creativity.

Make Sure It Is a Child - Safe Toy


Since most of the toys use plastic, you need to ensure that these are high quality, safe plastics. Ideally, toys for small kids should not have hard parts that can cause cuts on this skin. Toys with small parts should not be given to small kids or if given, it should be strictly under adult supervision. Small parts pose a great choking hazard. Bright coloured toys are what kids love. But you should ensure that the colours on the toys will not harm your kids.

Get a Whole Set

Farm toys can be bought as a complete set that has everything to make a beautiful and lively farm. The sets will have some farm animals, birds, trees, tractors, and other farm vehicles. Even small farmer figures and fences to set up the farm can be found in these sets. If you are not using a set, you can buy the individual items as required and this also gives you the flexibility to introduce your variety and creativity on the farm.

Your Kids Will Love These 10 Exciting Farm Toys

Here is a collection of carefully selected farm toys that are wonderful, creative, engaging, and also safe for the kids.

Collectible Small Tractor

Tractors are one of the best farm toys that kids love. The mechanism of a tractor is always intriguing for them. Take them to a farm, and they might want to have a fun ride on those big vehicles and do a little farming. This red and white collectible tractor is a small replica of the farm tractor.

Even though it is a pocket-size model, it comes with all the details of a tractor. It has a removable trailer and cab and also powerful agricultural tyres. It is a perfect farm toy for kids 4 years and above. The tractor is 7 cm in length and has both plastic and metal parts.

This cute little tractor can be bought from Toy Champs for Rs. 275.00.

Pullback Tractor with Trolley


A fun pullback tractor with a trolley to keep your kids entertained while developing their eye-hand coordination and motor skills. It comes in eye-catching blue and red colours and is made from safe plastic.

It is ideal for kids 3 years and above. They can play with this individually or use it for group play. You can buy this tractor from Snooplay for Rs. 225.00.

Farmhouse Play Tent

A farmhouse tent is great for pretend play. It makes it easy to create a farm setting. This play tent has prints and designs of a farmhouse. It is multi-coloured and attractive and can be set in the backyard to keep the kids in your vision.

It is made of plastic and is spacious with 28 in x37 in x 40 in dimension. The tent is easy to install with support rods and fibreglass poles to provide stability and ease. You don't require any additional materials for installation. Once your kids are done with playing, you can easily remove it and store it in the portable carry bag. It is also highly durable, water repellent, and flame resistant. If it gets dirty, not to worry, it can also be cleaned easily.

This tent can be bought for Rs. 1,099.00 from Snapdeal.

Medium-Sized Farm Animal Figures Set


Once the tractors and the tent have arrived it is time to bring some animals to the farm. Here is a pack of 12 farm animals made of safe plastic. You can use this medium-sized animal model to teach your kids to identify the various animals. It is a great toy for kids 3 years and above.

This toy can be used for pretend play and enacting animal stories. It is a fun way to learn more about the animals in their food and life and also grow creatively.

You can order this farm animal set from Amazon for Rs. 320.00.

Unbreakable Truck Trolleys

More truck trolleys, but this time unbreakable one. This unbreakable trolley set has 4 attractive farm trucks in eye-catching colours. It contains a bulldozer, tractor with trolley, dumper, and mixer truck. You can teach the kids the functions of these vehicles while they have fun playing.

It is made from high-quality ABS plastic and is 100 % kid-safe. Friction powered and unbreakable it is durable and will last for years. The tyres also have friction power and are designed to last. It is a perfect birthday gift for kids 36 months and above.

These cool trucks are available at Amazon for Rs. 569.00.

Old MacDonald, Piano Synthesizer

The song Old MacDonald is a fun way to introduce the kids to various farm animals and their sounds. Using this piano, synthesizer, you can play the farm song in two different tones - the piano tone and xylophone tone. It comes with 10 single tone or tritone keys.

With this synthesizer, your kid can enjoy seven types of animal sounds - the duck, dog, hen, frog, cow, sheep, and horse. There is a repeat mode to play all the songs continuously. Your kid is not only getting introduced to the farm animals but also music, rhythm and sounds.

This large piano, synthesizer is ideal for the 3-5 age group. It can be bought from Shop Clues for Rs. 499.00.

Simulation Collectible Pig Model

A realistic looking collectible pig can be a wonderful addition to complete your kids’ farm. This cute pig is made from environment-friendly PVC plastic. It is an excellent work of high-level craftsmanship, giving it a real-life look. It is of cute pink colour and makes it and 5×2.6×1.7 cm dimension. You can use this for farm play and during your storytelling sessions. It also makes a good home decor.

It can be bought from Eassycart for Rs. 438.00.

19 Pieces of Farm Animals with Fence

Introduce 19 more members to the farm. This set of farm animal collection consists of a duck, cock, hen, goose, trees, and a fence of 12 pieces. Your kid will learn about all these birds during their play. It is made of plastic and is child-safe. But do not let children below 3 years play with it since there are small parts that can cause choking. Once laid out the set gives a visually appealing farm design.

You can buy this farm animal set from Order2India at Rs. 1,253.00.

Multicolour Farm Birds and Animals Set

This set has both farm and wild animals. You can use this to let your kids have fun on the farm and also teach them about nature, animals, and wildlife. These are beautifully crafted to give your kid an exact idea about how the animals appear in real life.

The set has 6 animal figures made of safe plastic and includes both birds and animals. It is suitable for kids between 3 and 6 years.

This animal set can be bought from Firstcry for Rs. 68.00.

Friction Farm Tractor

Get an attractive farm tractor to complete the farmyard. Your kids can push and play and use it in their farm stories as well. It gives them the perfect feel of a farm tractor and will complement the farmyard you have set for them. This friction farm tractor is red and black coloured and is a great farm toy for kids aged 3 and above. When they play with the tractor you can also teach them the uses of a tractor and how it works.

The toy is made of plastic and requires 3 batteries. It is sturdy, durable, and value for money.

You can buy it from Flipkart for Rs. 249.00.

Read Farmer and Animal Stories for Pretend Play

Farm toys are fun for pretend play. Read a lot of farmer and animal stories to your kids. Stories involving animal characters are the most popular among kids and usually best to convey moral values. When you read these stories, the characters will come to life in their creative brains, and they will act out the stories during their pretend play. This can develop their imagination, creativity, and storytelling ability.

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