You Don't Need Batteries Toys to Encourage Kids to Play! 14 Cool, Creative and Fun Wooden Toys That Will Keep the Child Engaged for Hours(2020)

You Don't Need Batteries Toys to Encourage Kids to Play! 14 Cool, Creative and Fun Wooden Toys That Will Keep the Child Engaged for Hours(2020)

Wooden toys inspire creative and imaginative play through their simple and organic design. Wooden toys are safer for children than metal and plastic toys, we are not against plastic or metal products, but environmental considerations and children's health are eco-friendly. Shop from our selection of 14 cool and fun wooden toys that are designed for generations of children to love.

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Why Wooden Toys are a Good Investment Idea for Your Kid

Childhood is the time full of fun and play. Children love to play with toys. Toys help them learn and keep them engaged for a long time. There are different kinds of toys available for kids of all ages, but wooden toys are one of the best to play with. Here are a few things that make wooden toys so much better than the plastic once.

  • 1. They are durable: Toys are quite expensive and it breaks a parent’s heart to see their kids throwing them around and breaking them within a day or two after getting them. Wood is a strong material and is highly durable. Children can throw them around or play rough with them, they don't break easily. Children can enjoy their wooden toys for much longer.

  • 2. They are safe: Most of the plastic toys break easily, leaving sharp edges and small pieces which can hurt children. Wooden toys do not break easily, therefore there are less chances of your child of getting hurt.

  • 3. They are healthier: Wooden toys are a better choice because they are chemical and toxin-free. Most kids put toys in their mouth while they play. Most of the plastic toys contain harmful chemicals which are not healthy for children, whereas the wooden toys are made from organic sources.

  • 4. They develop cognitive skills: Wooden toys come in different shapes and weight, which helps the child to differentiate between them. Playing with wooden blocks helps the child use his reasoning and logic skills.

Wooden Toys for Kids 1 to 3 Years Old

Activity Triangle


It’s about time parents switch to wooden toys from plastic toys. Wooden toys are a lot of fun to play with and are safer as well. You can buy this wonderful Activity Triangle for Rs. 2,495 from

This is a five-faced wooden Shumee Activity Triangle which will keep your toddler busy for hours. Your kid will have an opportunity to learn alphabets, numbers, patterns and so much more through this one toy. It also have a letter, a fun way to teach the concept of time and clock, different patterns. Your kid can even draw on it and have loads of fun with it.

It's a fun way to teach your kids alphabets through the rotating alphabet and pattern block. It will also help develop your kid's motor skills, hand and eye coordination, wonders of colours and a lot more. You will get a five-sided wooden triangle with letters and pictures on one side, an Abacus on one side, a clock with movable hands one and gears on one side. It is made from eco-friendly material and is completely non-toxic. The colours used on the toy are water-based and are harmless for children. Your child will love this toy and will spend endless hours playing with it.

Cascade Cars

You want to gift your friend's son something cool and memorable; you can buy this Cascade cars toy for him. He will love it and your friend will thank you for getting an educational and safe toy for her child.Cars are one of the most favourite toys for kids and if it is a boy he will love it.

This is a fun game where the child can watch the cars move around on the slopes. A young child needs something moving to concentrate on and when they watch these cute little cars moving around through the stepped slopes they will have a blast. It will also help the child to focus on moving objects as it runs through the slopes at different speeds.

You can buy this great toy for Rs. 1,595 from The toy comes with a wooden cascade slope and 3 wooden cars packed in a Skola Doodle Box. It makes a great gift for young kids.

Wooden Rattle Drum Instrument

This is one toy all parents dread because it gives a headache, but kids love it. Almost all of us had it in our childhood and all parents hid it so we couldn't run around the house creating a whole lot of noise.

You can buy this wooden rattle drum for Rs. 399 from The rattle drum is made of solid wood with high-quality colours. It is non-toxic and does not have any taste to it. Don't fret if you see your child chew on it. It is one of the most entertaining toys for children between 4 months to 5 years. You can teach them to use it and add cool stories with it. It is colourful which helps in engaging the child for a long time.

Wooden Bead and Wire Maze


If you want to get your child something cool and fun to play with, you should get this wooden bead and wire maze. It is a fun game and even adults like to spend some time with it. It engages the child for hours and you will love to see your kid playing with it. Kids can roll and move these colourful beads through the wire maze and follow them with their eyes. The toy helps in developing coordination and problem-solving skills in children. The vibrant colours of the toy keep them busy while you sit back and watch your favourite show on TV.

Buy this amazing and fun toy for your child for Rs. 499 from Amazon.

Activity Walker


We all wait eagerly to watch our baby take its first step. It is a moment to remember and celebrate. Some kids walk faster than others and some need a little support to do so. If you think it is time for your child to learn how to walk then you should buy this cute activity walker. It is an ergonomically designed, multi-activity toy made with high-quality wood and colours. It has a wooden xylophone, a clock with numbers and hands, the child can move the shapes through the given grooves and it also has colourful gears and a bead maze to play with. Your child will love to take its support and try to walk and play with it at the same time. Your baby will be able to develop sensory skills, learn hand and eye coordination and of course walk. The walker comes with safe, rubber wheels for jerk-free walking and increases the child's confidence.

You can buy this amazing toy for Rs. ₹3,695 from

Wooden Toys for Kids 3 to 5 Years Old

Musical Wooden Guitar Toy

Musical toys one of the favourite toys among growing kids. Love for music can be developed in kids from a young age and one way to start the process is by buying this wooden musical guitar toy for your child. It is a small guitar, which plays great music. Your child will love to play with it and create music of his own. It is made from good quality wood and is perfect for small kids with an interest in music.

Buy this wooden guitar toy for Rs. 841.75 from

Melissa & Doug Wild Animals Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box


Puzzles are a lot of fun. It is one of the best gifts you can give to a child. Not only kids love to play with it, but adults have a great time putting them together. The puzzles are also great when it comes to teaching kids to concentrate on the task, develop motor and problem-solving abilities. It also brings a sense of accomplishment to them when they complete the picture.

This beautiful Melissa & Doug wild animal jigsaw puzzle is a great toy for growing children. It has a box full of 4 wooden puzzles of a Zebra, Tiger, Lion and an Elephant. The puzzles are lightweight and compact and since they come packed in a box they are easy to carry during travel. You can buy this puzzle box for Rs. 898 from Amazon.

Paint a Birdhouse

Each kid is born with a unique talent and if your child has an eye for colouring then you should buy her this Paint a Birdhouse for Rs. 1,199 from This is an adorable wooden birdhouse which comes with different colours. Your child can paint on it and make it look every prettier. She can hang it by her bedroom window and watch birds resting in it. This is a project she can finish her own and be proud of it.

Green Wooden Toy Kitchen Set

A toy kitchen is always a hit. You won't find a single little girl crazy for a toy kitchen set. You will be amazed to see her imitating you and making creative imaginary dishes with her kitchen set. Plastic or metal kitchen sets are also quite popular, but they are made from low-grade materials. The wooden kitchen set is beautiful and is hand made from lacquer turn wood. It is coloured with vegetable dyes, therefore, it is completely safe for your little angel. You get different sized vessels and dishes in the set which will keep your daughter busy for a long time. Go ahead and buy it from for just Rs. 499.

People of India - Figurine Set of 6

Another great wooden toy is the figurine of the People of India. It is a set of 6 little figurines that are dressed in different attires from various parts of India. You will get a Punjabi, Bengali, Tamilian, Goan, Kashmiri and a Rajasthani little doll in the set. They are made from high-quality wood and come in an MDF box. Your child will love to win this set and flaunt it among his/her friends. It is a great conversation starter as well, you can teach your kid about different kinds of dressing styles from different areas of India. You can buy this set for Rs. 1,495 from

Wooden Toys for Kids 6 to 8 Years Old

Hape Fix-it Wooden Tool Box

Growing kids are creative and the best way to encourage their creativity is to buy a toolbox for them. You will often see kids mainly boys opening up their toys and doing innovative things from scrap around the house. Buying them a tool kit will help them to make things better.

The Hape Fix it Wooden toolbox is a great gift for kids between 6 to 8. This tool kit is very attractive and comes with different tools like a hammer etc. Your kid can walk into the fantasy land and be the handyman you require for getting odd jobs done around the house. It also helps your child to develop motor skills and enhances their imagination. You can buy this tool kit for Rs. 1,519 from

Hape Furnished All Season House


We all remember the need to have a fancy dollhouse as young girls. A dollhouse is one of the best gifts you can get your daughter. This beautifully decorated and well-furnished house from Hape is a wonderful gift for any girl. It has six rooms with moveable stairs. You can also reverse it from winter to summer theme and the solar-panelled roof is great as well. There is a master bedroom, a family bathroom, a cool media room and a kitchen in this house which will let your daughter's playhouse for hours.

This dollhouse will help your daughter develop imaginary play and role play. It will also help her to communicate better with friends and build a relationship with them at an early age. You will enjoy playing it as well and go back to your childhood with your daughter. Buy this beautiful house for Rs. 14,999 from

Miniature Bowling Ball Game


Another great wooden toy is the Miniature Bowling Ball Game. This game is beautifully made just like the real bowling alley. You can play with your child and have her learn the bowling like the real game, you can also keep score while playing this game. It is important to be with the child during play to avoid swallowing the ball. It is made from natural wood and non-toxic colours.

You can buy this cool game for Rs. 399

Wooden Buguri Multicolour - Set of 8

A Buguri or a lattu is loved by kids of all ages as well as adults. The tops are made of excellent wood with non-toxic colours. Your kids will love to watch it whirl and turn for a long time. They are made with bright colours. You will be happy to see your kids playing with a toy you played with as a kid. This is a simple toy but gives a lot of thrill. Your kids will dance and clap around it as it twirls in the room. You can buy a pack of 8 wooden tops for Rs. 360 from

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Wooden toys inculcate creativity and imagination!

Early childhood, ages of one to five is considered to be the most sensitive and developmental period. For that, wooden toys develops many skills that needs to be developed in a child. In comparison to wooden toys, plastic toys can break easily, and their sharpened ends that can harm a child. Wooden toys are usually more durable and safer and maybe a good choice if a parent is involved in child health. Wooden toys inculcate creativity and imagination. Pretend play is the best way to develop imaginative play in a child mind. Hope this article helped you to find the best wooden toys for your toddler. Now all you need to do is go through the each product link do review and pick that best suits for your child.