Still Searching for the Best Gifts for a 1 Year Old Boy? Here's a List of 8 Fun and Exciting Gifts which Will Surely Make Him Squeal with Happiness! (2019)

Still Searching for the Best Gifts for a 1 Year Old Boy? Here's a List of 8 Fun and Exciting Gifts which Will Surely Make Him Squeal with Happiness! (2019)

The market is filled with various toys both educational and fun for 1 year old boys. But not all are suitable for babies. You do not want your little angel getting hurt by anything, let alone a toy. And that's the reason we have consolidated the best and the safest toys for your little one to enjoy. We also added a few pointers to help you choose something that he would love. Give your little the best and more enjoyable tools and games to aid his growth.

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What to Keep in Mind while Buying Gifts for A 1 Year Old Boy?

Pay Heed to The Material of The Toys or Games

When heading out to choose a perfect gift for a 1-year-old, you should be utmost careful about the material of the gift. If you are thinking of buying exciting toys that the little boy can put his mind and attention to, remember that he is still in the age of teething and at such a stage, he might and surely will try to chew anything that comes his way. Toys for children are normally quite bright and vibrant in colour, which in fact attracts them even more, to just try and have a little bite of it. Therefore, it is important for such toys to be made up of materials that do not contain toxic elements, even when chewed or licked.

Do Not Buy Extra Small Objects That He Can Possibly Swallow

Another important point that should hit your mind before picking up any gift for the little one has to be the size of the toy. We often choose toys on the basis of how it looks, and what it can be used as, but forget that the size and shape of the toy matters. Even if the toy is too cute but, the size of the toy is too small, there always persists a risk of it getting swallowed by the little one accidentally. Toddlers love to chew on toys that they have and swallowing one such tiny piece of the toy that you thought was very pretty, can lead to dire circumstances. Similarly, the shape of the toy you’re picking up should also bother you. Do not pick gifts that have sharp edges or unfinished designs that may hurt the child accidentally. You want to be as cautious as you can while choosing a perfect take away for the little buddy.

Buy Gifts That Are Age Appropriate for The Baby

When you buy a gift for a child, you want them to enjoy it, and play their heart out. But, if you choose a gift that is just not appropriate for his age, having nooks and turns that just act as a bouncer to him, the dream of the little one to appreciate your gift will always remain a dream.

Always tell the shopkeeper or the person suggesting you the list of gifts about which age and dynamics does it focus on. If searching online read the descriptions of the products carefully and pay heed to the age range that the gift caters to. Don’t just pick up toys just because they look cute and are available at a too good to be true, price! In this listicle, we have handpicked 8 age appropriate and fun gifts for a 1-year-old child, making it utmost easy for you to make a pick.

Make A Pick: 8 Exciting and Trendy Gifts to Make the 1 Year Old Boy Happy and Occupied

Colourful and Fun Cottage Educational Toy to Keep the Little One Occupied


Toddlers of age 1 to 3 love to engage in toys that have multiple things going on. From various kinds of sounds to counting beads, they are attracted by vibrant colour schemes and creative shapes. This smartly crafted cottage house box has numerous things to keep the 1-year-old boy engaged for hours. It has counting beads, a playful activity of math toy, a few shape fitting toys, a music toy carrying sounds, a fun door opening game, a rocker rotation game and a shape guessing game. It helps the child in learning about form-fitting through the different shapes of toys, can be used later in the development of the concept of counting numbers, and the 6 animal sounds can help the child understand various sounds better. It not only is fun to play with but, helps in the development of Visual Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Motor Skills, Tactile skills and Hearing Skills. The material of this cottage is non-toxic plastic and its dimensions are 23 x 22 x 23 cm (approx.). It is priced at Rs. 1089 and is featured as Amazon’s choice in India.

A Cute Pair of Knitted Booties for His Winter Collection

In the world of Instagram and snapchat, babies are becoming the new supermodels and influencers that are cuter than ever. From velvety and tiny bathrobes to creative and pretty knitted booties; babies are rocking everything. This pair of cute looking hand knitted booties comes with a creative appearance of a little puppy with beautifully knitted ears around the boots and colourful nose and eyes. They’re made to suit the baby and provide him warmth in the winters along with an edge in the baby fashion sense. While the outer material of the boots is crosia, its inner area is made up of wool. It doesn’t have any irritating zip or weird closing and instead, can easily be slipped on. This beautiful pair of creative boots come for a price of Rs. 387 only, and can be bought from Firstcry.

Dress Him Up in a Set of Stylish Dungaree Style Romper with Tee

Rompers and dungarees are ruling the markets. With fashion houses and people bringing back the love for this classic pair of romper and tees back in the racks, they are now being specially made for the toddlers as well. Adding some style to the cute little one’s wardrobe, these rompers can be rocked with tees of both full sleeves and half sleeves. The brand Babyoye makes baby rompers with creative slogans written on them. The blue denim-like romper with the slogan “happy camper” has raging popularity and comes with a round neck tee. On Firstcry, these are readily available in the sizes of 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months and for 2-3 years old kids. It retails for a price of Rs. 750.

New Friends for His Bath Time: A Pack of 8 Animal Shaped Bath Toys

Bath accessories are a huge rage all over the internet, with bath bombs, candles and other lux items making rounds over the market. Following the same theme, you can gift the baby boy a set of new friends to play with, when he splashes in the water. Animal shaped bathing toys will not only be loved by the baby but will also help his mum in easily engaging him to take a bath! A set of these cute friends comes with 8 PVC material toys which are non-toxic and safe for children to play with. These are colourful and useful. A pack of these costs Rs. 326 and is available on Firstcry.

A Rocker Napper to Make The Baby Sleep Peacefully

Every parent dreams of an amazing toy for their toddler which can switch up between their sleeping mode to play mode and keep them engaged for hours. Something that is both comfy and attractive for their kid. The 3 in 1 rocker napper can be the answer to all of their prayers!

Not only does it have Super Soft Plush Seat but keeps the baby engaged with inbuilt lights, hanging musical toys, and gentle rocking motion which can easily put the baby to sleep. Whenever the baby is ready to grab some sleep, the rocker napper can be converted to a safe spaced flat napper with borders raised enough to not let the baby fall. The best part is the versatility of the product, as it can hold up to 18 kg of weight, and thus, can be used for years together. It’s both lightweight and stylish with nine different tunes and lights to keep your baby pampered. This elegant product can pose a bit on the pricey side but is totally worth every penny spent on it. It retails for a price of Rs. 5032 and is available on Firstcry.

Convertible High Chair

If you’ve recently been blessed by a child, you know how difficult it is to make the baby sit in one place and have his meal. The Babyhug High Chair can be the ultimate product for your child as it can be converted into a baby chair with feeding tray, or a study table or a plain chair that he can be seated on. Along with this, the chair comes with a 5 point safety harness that enables the child to be safe and secure at all times. It has lock system when the tray or the study table is aligned to it. All four legs of the chair come with non-slippery and anti-tipping base grip. The gross weight of this amazing product is 4.87 kg and it can carry up to 25 kg, making it adaptable enough to carry your baby in his growing age. The package comes dismantled and needs an adult to assemble when delivered to your house. This sturdy 3 in 1 chair with cushioned seat retails for a price of Rs. 3247, and is available on Firstcry.

Playhood 3 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent House with Tunnel & Ball Pool

Babies love to play with toys and games that offer them some sort of adventure. They often get easily bored by those putting the right shapes exercises or other such repetitive games. To offer newness and a great deal of adventure, you can gift the little one Playhood 3 In 1 Pop Up Play Tent House. The pop-up play tent house includes a play tent, a tunnel and a ball pool. The play tent house is covered with accessories, including zipper curtains which create a convenient method to get in and out of the tent.

There is a basketball loop provided to expand the utility of the product when the child grows gradually. The grids all around the ball pool are breathable thus, never creating a suffocating environment for the child. For a better level of connection and fixation between parts of the tent, there are safety straps provided at right places. There are 6 different ways in which a child can play with this tent while all the components can be used together or separately. It is both lightweight and portable and therefore makes it perfect to use in parties, picnics, playgrounds, carnivals, parks or sleepovers. It retails for a price of Rs. 1937, and is available on Firstcry.

A Multi Activity Musical Board Which Also Acts as A Baby Walker


Toddlers of the age group 1-2 years old start learning the art of crawling and walking. They try and grab onto whatever is near them for balance. To such kids, one of the best gifts can be a baby walker. The product might seem a bit pricey when looking at its retail cost of Rs. 2995 on Amazon, but the money is worth spending considering the different activities that this baby walker offers. The sit-to-stand multi-activity walker comes with a musical piano which has three modes as it can make the sounds of numbers, animal sounds and even play music.

It can be used for the kid to stand still and click a balance or help him learn how to walk by moving gradually. It has other accessories like a moving toy tortoise, shapes sorting, rotating gears, and a board (alongside a pen) to write on which can be wiped and cleaned easily. It not only helps your child guide on how to walk but also develops agility and the coordination in movements between hands and feet.

Bonus tip: Always Choose Vibrant and Fun Colours for Babies

You might not be well versed with what the baby likes or dislikes in particular but one thing you can mark in his checklist for sure, which is the colours he would love! Children have a special fondness towards bright and playful colours like reds, yellows, blues, greens, purples and so on. They might like a toy somewhat, but they’ll surely like a toy which is multicoloured or just, catchy to the eyes. It makes them want to eat the toy, just because they’re teething and exploring their newly found sense of taste.

Thus the checklist to find the perfect gift for a one-year-old boy can never go wrong with such bright colours, good non-toxic materials, not too sharply edged corners and something fun to play with. At any cost don’t move on to buy toys that are more on the side of subtle and chic colours like beige, browns, pale yellows, or dull greens.

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Talk to Them (A Lot)

Nowadays there are toys that help in the growth of every aspect of a child. But nothing ever matches the social interaction they have with their parents and other family members. That is probably the best gift you can give him/her. It lays the stepping stone for cognitive development, social interaction and all the learning that happens in the later years. Do not forget that the babies learn from you even though you think they are too little to understand. So, make sure you talk to them a lot. They might not talk back but they definitely love it (a lot). Their heart-melting smiles prove it to you.