10 Return Gift for Kids: Best Return Gift Ideas for kids' Birthday Party to Make it Memorable for Everyone in 2018

10 Return Gift for Kids: Best Return Gift Ideas for kids' Birthday Party to Make it Memorable for Everyone in 2018

Return gifts are what most kids used to and still look up to after a birthday party. You should therefore not disappoint them, make them remember the party like it was yesterday with a memorable return gift. Here at BP-Guide, an in depth research on what to give as a return gift has been done, and here are some of the best return gifts and a few tips on how to make it worthwhile.

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Tips to Choose Return Gift for Kids

Aviod Going Over the Top to Flaunt Anything

The best birthday return gift for kids are supposed to be a token of love from your side to the kids and it must not be something over the top or extravagant. In this way, you are not only flaunting your wealth in front of innocent kids but also spoiling them with expensive gifts too. You must keep things low key and full of love rather than loud.

Prefer Useful Items Over Materialistic Ones

One of the most basic things that you can keep in mind while picking return gift for kids is that choose useful items over materialistic ones. For example, a fancy vase or showpiece is of no use for the kids but a stationary kit or a bunch of chocolates are surely their cup of tea. We believe that you should go for educational items more rather than any other options.

Try Searching in Wholesale Shops Instead of Retail Ones

This is a fact that you are supposed to buy the gifts in bulk rather than in small quantity. You can expect at least 15 gifts for the party if not less and this is why you should better scavenge for wholesale shops rather than retailer ones. This will be quite beneficial economically and you can find more variety and options out there.

10 Fantastic Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Stationery Set for Kids

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Planning about return gift toys for kids, why don’t you pick something which is worth every bit for them? The pack of 12 stationery kits is way more fascinating for kids than anything else. Each pack contains 1 sharpener, 2 pencils, 1 ruler, 1 eraser, 1 normal sized notebook and 1 zipper bag.

This is going to look uber-cute to them and these cute little munchkins won’t be able to control their excitement of using these kits as soon as possible. You can also find the perfect cartoon themes on them as well which is kind of bonus for the kids.

The pricing is pretty economical so you won’t have to spend too much on the return gifts. The bag material is a transparent polyethylene and does not contain toxic components. More than anything else, these stationery items are going to be so useful to them and what else can be more suitable for the kids of such age other than this? This pack of 12 stationery kit is available for just Rs.680 on Amazon.

LED Bands

Source amzn.to

This is so rare to come across something which is equally loved by kids as well as approved by adults and these LED bands make their way in-between. This one is a set of 24 LED bands available in multiple colors like pink, blue, black, orange and more.

All the bands have red display which shows time in digital format. The band is made up of silicon which does not cause any irritation on the skin of the kids and very much loved by them. Moreover, the best part is that these bands are adjustable and hence they can fit well on the small wrist size of kids.

This one is a unisex product and hence you need to worry about its fondness by girls as well as boys. The red LED display of time is going to make kids understand about the time in a simpler and fun way and the impeccable looks are surely going to be loved by them. Find these LED bands on Amazon for Rs.1,299.

Cartoon Shape Pencil Box

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While shopping for the return gift for kids, you must keep in mind the theme as it must relate to the kids. They are not here for your mature gifts and hence you can go for this cartoon shaped pencil box. This one is a minion themed package which contains 6 boxes in a single package.

This super adorable and quite useful product also comes with set of 12 sketch pens in every single box. The pricing is just so unbelievable that you would want to buy it right away. It is perfect for not only return gifts but for gifting to a kid too.

You can find them in various colors like orange, purple, blue etc. The cartoon theme is going to be loved by the kids and the birthday party of your child is going to be a hit for sure. And of course not to be forgotten the 12 sketch pens inside, this artsy addition is like a bonus with the gift and would be loved by everyone. These pencil boxes are available on Amazon for Rs.639 for a pack of 6.

Water Rings Game

Source amzn.to

This is the time to go the 90s way once again because for kids, it is still something new. We are sure water ring game is something that every kid is going to enjoy plus they look really cool too. You can find a pack of 6 in this packaging and they are just so affordable to deny.

The game is so engaging and there is no doubt about it. Kids need to press the buttons to induce motion in the rings in order to place them perfectly in the hook. We are sure this is quite an interesting game till now and would make something great as the return gifts.

The game’s design looks like a PSP console which is again a plus point in terms of looks. Moreover, it causes no harm to the kids and way better than engaging them in smartphones and TVs throughout the day. You can find more packaging options and designs for this product. This super affordable item can be bought from Amazon for just Rs.339.

Cane Shaped Ball Pens with Keychain

Source amzn.to

In order to discover some unique return gift ideas for kids birthday, you can consider the cane shaped ball pens for them. As unique as it sounds, this packaging contains 24 such pieces which are basically Coke and Pepsi can shaped ball pens for the kids.

And what comes as a bonus for the kids is the fact that it can be used as a keychain too as the pen inside the cane is totally detachable. These pens look really stylish and kids are going to be super surprised while looking at their unique design and working.

The pen does not have a can width and can be comfortably held to write easily with uniform ink flow and gliding properties. Kids are going to love this product as the return gift as it looks super stylish and kids just love those things which are different from the regular ones. This pack of 24 pieces of pens are available for Rs.349 on Amazon.

Piggy Bank Wood House

Source amzn.to

Piggy banks must be a childhood partner for a kid in order to make him learn the values of savings. And this is why picking a piggy bank as one of the return gift for kids can be an excellent as well as useful ideas. This pack of 6 is really affordable and economic in price and comes in really cute designs.

These piggy banks are animal themed and look like wood houses and we don’t know what else a kid would want apart from it. This encourages kids to save some money which is great to inculcate good values in them. Moreover, this is surely one fun way to save money too.

The gift is completely ideal for the kids of age 3 and above. You can find them available in multiple colors and in different animal themes too. The hole under the piggy bank is available to take out the money easily which remains covered through a cap which cannot be removed by kids. Buy these piggy bank wood houses from Amazon for Rs.605.

Fun Magic Kaleidoscope

Source amzn.to

We have covered a variety of products as return gift for kids but it is the time to move on to something different. This is called magic kaleidoscope which is quite like an educational science toy for the kids. The package includes 12 kaleidoscopes and perfect for both girls as well as boys.

It is preferably better for kids of age 3 years and more. These kaleidoscope are optical toys and comes in tube shapes. They have mirror inside along with bits of colored glasses. When someone looks inside through the hole, it reflects amazing patterns and colors and it will be no less than a magic for the kids.

In order to make them more suitable for the kids, they have cartoon character prints on them. The toy is quite lightweight and completely safe for the kids to carry around as there is no way the mirror pieces can come out of it. These unique kalaiedoscope can be bought for Rs.792 on Amazon for a pack of 12.

Cartoon Printed LED Night Lamps

Source amzn.to

LED night lamps are definitely something no kid would be expecting to get as the return gift from a birthday party. These are cartoon printed LED night lamps completely safe for the kids and come in very attractive and compact designs suitable for the kids.

This LED lamp makes a perfect decorative piece in the bedroom of the kids and the beautiful cartoon prints on them makes them even more stylish for the kids. However, it requires 3 AAA sizes batteries to power this lamp which are not included in the package.

The lamp is made from plastic and hence causes no harm to the kids but it must be handled with care because of being extreme lightweight and prone to damage. It comes with a stand so it will be no issue for you to make it stable on a place and the lighting from the lamp is not at all irritating and does not cause damage to the eyes of kids. Buy these LED night lamps for Rs.1,299 from Amazon.

Stacking Pen Type Erasers

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You must have bought the stacking type pencils but stacking pen type erasers are something new to consider. Knowing the fact that kids are most likely to lose their erasers in classroom, this pen type stacking is going to help them keep up with the erasers.

This is also quite easy to use too, kids just need to remove the cap and that’s it. The package contains 12 colorful stacking erasers pen whose colors are quite popping and just perfect for the kids. This one makes a great choice for the kids as it is such a useful item for their schooling.

The product is really good and the quality of the erasers are also very nice. If you are not looking for anything over the top and too much expensive then this the kind of gift you should go for. Not to be forgotten that kids just love new things and I am sure it will be something unique for them. This package contains 12 pieces which is available for Rs.179 on Amazon.

Inductive Rainbow Colored Cups

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One of the most unique addition to the options of return gift for kids is this inductive rainbow colored cup for kids. What makes them super unique is the fact that the light inside them gets automatically switched on when they are filled with a liquid.

So, basically it is no less than a beautiful surprise for the kids. Good thing is that they are not made up of glass but strong plastic which is a further plus point as they are used for the kids and turn out to be quite safe and suitable. The inductive lighting glows in rainbow colored which looks pretty amazing.

The kids who are not so much into drinking milk, it would be a great gift for their parents as well because the light is surely going to trick them into drinking milk. The plastic material is non-toxic and completely safe for the kids so you need not to worry about it too. Buy these rainbow cups on Amazon for Rs.845.

Bonus Ideas for Return Gifts for Kids

It is not necessary that each one of you end up liking the products that we have mentioned right above. And this is why you should take a look at this bonus section. It is perfect for last minute planning and does not even require much efforts from your side too.

You Can Go for Chocolates in Case of Last Minute Planning

There can be chances that you forget to plan anything in advance and now you are just helpless in the last moment. So, rather than getting panicked you should better go for the most common gift which is chocolates. A couple of chocolates for each kid is just perfect return gift for them. But do not forget to worry about the cavities too and hence keep the quantity small.

A Book of Nursery Rhymes is Perfect

Another interesting item you can pick while packing the gift basket for kids is the collection of nursery rhymes. In order to get more creative you can pick a couple of story books which can be easily found in the market and it can make an educational plus fun gift basket for the each of them and that too under your budget.

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The idea of return gifts isn't a new one, only one has to come up with new and ingenious ideas on return gifts. There are tips from how to get return gifts, to giving them. This will aid for those having an upcoming event. Buying in wholesale and knowing how to present the gift is crucial as it ultimately depicts that you value those attending.