Return Gifts for Birthday and Kids' Party Planning: 10 Great Gift Ideas Under Rs 100 and Rs 200 & Awesome Party Hacks

Return Gifts for Birthday and Kids' Party Planning: 10 Great Gift Ideas Under Rs 100 and Rs 200 & Awesome Party Hacks

Party planning is no walk in the park and if you're stressed about getting the right return gifts for a birthday, you've come to the right place. Not only do we have some fabulous return gifts in different price ranges you can buy online right away, there are tips, party planning guidelines and a checklist to make sure you've got everything taken care of. One person cannot remember everything, but you don't have to BP Guide does it for you!

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Return Gifts are the Focus of Kids' Birthday Parties

If an occasion is a birthday cake, then return gifts are the cherries on the cake! Remember all the ecstatic birthday parties you enjoyed as kids? There is no denying that the most exciting part of the birthday party was at the end, where we impatiently awaited our return gifts!

Through the years, birthday parties have seen a drastic evolution: from the humble get-togethers at home to small but fun affairs at McDonald's or the gaming zone in malls, as well as to the swanky themed parties at clubs and restaurants. What has not changed, however, is the eagerness with which kids look forward to receiving return gifts. They sure have a fancier name "birthday party favours" but they are undoubtedly the highlight of every kiddo birthday party.

How to Select a Great Birthday Return Gift?

If you are hosting your child's birthday party, you have probably wondered how to select the perfect return gift for the birthday party. Choosing a perfect return gift is a tedious job, and there is no one solution for all. There are some guiding principles that you must consider before zeroing down on the gift. Let us help you pick a return gift that is useful and classy, yet penny-wise.

Make Sure the Return Gift is Age Appropriate

The guest list for your child's birthday party may most likely include kids who are older as well as younger than the birthday boy/girl. While a majority of the kids will be of a certain age group, do remember to factor in any outliers and get them a gift that they would enjoy. This might set you off your budget slightly because gifts for older children are relatively more expensive, but it is an important aspect to consider to ensure everyone goes home pleased! If you are planning an infant's birthday party, chances are most kids attending will be older, so if you are unsure of what they would like, don't hesitate to ask a parent in the group.

Some of the best organized birthday parties are those where even adult guests are considered for the return favours list. After all, who doesn't mind a sweet token of remembrance!

Make Sure the Return Gift is Gender Neutral

Unless this is a girls-only or boys-only party, be considerate and buy return gifts for both girls and boys. You can buy the same gift but with different prints, say a striped print for boys and polka dots or flowers for the girls. Once you have passed on the invites, make sure to make a list of the number of girls and boys attending the party--you don't want to disappoint anyone!

Make Sure the Return Gift is Within Your Budget

This is a no-brainer; a birthday return gift should be selected considering the overall party budget. Venue, birthday dress, meals, invites, decor, games, event organizer, and the birthday cake--birthday parties can be quite an expensive affair to deal with! So, be mindful and plan all the details out much in advance and ensure you have it all tracked. In general, you can get a selection of return favours that cost anywhere for thirty rupees to a few thousand rupees (we're talking about branded, elite hampers here).

The cheapest, however, is not always the best idea. It is also a good idea to combine a few small gifts and treats into a goody bag for each child. We have compiled below a range of return gift ideas suited for kids up to the age of 6 years, and we hope you find a gift that suits your purpose.

5 Return Gifts for Kids Birthday Party Under Rs 100

These are ideal for birthday parties on a shoestring budget or for adding a few to a favour bag.

Haversack Bag with Cartoon Themes

A fun haversack bag is a great utility gift as kids can use them to stuff their toys, books, and tiffins when off to their playschool, a playdate, or even to the park. This particular range of haversacks is attractive because it has some vibrant prints of popular cartoon characters on it. It is best that you buy a mix of designs so there is a variety and chances are everyone will get their favourite character. You can choose from Frozen and Winnie the Pooh for girls and Minions and Avenger for the boys. The haversacks are 11 x 14 inches in size and have a drawstring attached. These haversacks are priced Rs.39 and can be purchased from

Coloured House Photo Frame

Photoframes are always appreciated as gifts because they invite a bunch of pleasant memories and add a personalized touch to one's home. These colourful photoframes make for a great addition to kids' rooms. Shaped as a house, these frames are 14.4 x 15 cm in size, and can hold a photograph of of 7 x 7.2 cm. Kids attending the birthday party are going to love receiving this bright and vibrant photo frame. The frame has a wooden back support, which makes it sturdy enough to be be placed on a flat surface and is made of premium quality foam. Priced Rs.59, these colourful photoframes can be bought from

Designer Wooden Puzzle

Kids are always fascinated with puzzles; they love to see how different pieces come together to form a bigger picture. This colourful wooden puzzle is a great return gift idea for your child's birthday party. This is particularly well suited for kids aged 3+ years as the puzzle is self-corrective, meaning the pieces can be arranged in multiple ways to form a gorgeous blue-white-red coloured rangoli pattern. The puzzle comes arranged in a wooden tray, but older kids will probably enjoy creating more unique designs without using the tray. An endless number of designs can be created using the various shapes. Buy this unique gift for Rs.79 only, from from

Diary Set with Pen

Which child doesn't enjoy scribbling away in a notebook? Let the kids create their own masterpieces in their own personal diary. This is a cartoon-themed diary with print options including the popular characters Peppa Pig and Pokemon. The set also includes a mini pen, measuring 10 x 8 cm. This diary and pen set make for a fun and practical return gift for kids under the age of 5 years. These adorable sets are available for Rs.99 from

Wooden Pencil Holder

Another great birthday return gift of practical value is this animal-themed wooden pencil holder. This pencil holder is made of recycled wood and is available in assorted animal designs and vibrant colors. If you are having a jungle-themed birthday party, this is a great gift choice for you to consider. The pencil/pen holder also has a clip to hold photos or notes. The holder measures 9 x 7 x 6 cm and costs Rs.68. You can buy this from

Return Gifts for Birthday Under Rs. 200

These are best gifted along with a box of chocolates or munchies for the little ones to enjoy.

Colouring Activity Book

Every child is an artist with a unique sense of expression. While some may be more interested in painting wall murals, others take it slow and begin with colouring books! Encourage children to colour their hearts away in this colouring activity book. Available in difference themes/designs, such as Dora, the Explorer; Frozen, the Princess; and Big Hero, you can avail this colouring activity book for both girls and boys. This book is priced at Rs.140 and is available on

Wooden Circular Maze Ball Game - Large

This wooden maze game will challenge kids' hand-to-eye coordination as well as boost their concentration skills. This is a circular maze puzzle, which will surely fascinate children as they aim to get the three balls to the end of the concentric maze. The puzzle is made of exquisite dark wood and is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Mind you, the game can be quite engaging and can keep parents hooked on, as well! The puzzle has a diameter of 10 cm, and it costs Rs.179. You can buy this unique return gift from

Burger Shaped Round Lunch Box


Kids are going to look forward to their snack break with this novel gift idea! Gift them this round lunch box, shaped as a burger. The patty and lettuce serve as plates to hold on dry items and the bun halves serve as the base container and the lid. The lunch box comes with a set of cutlery and has side locks to prevent spilling of food. Who wouldn't like to have a meal when the tiffin box itself looks so appetising?
Get this mouthwatering gift for Rs.150 from

Colour Pencils Set

This colour pencils set comes in a smart and space-efficient cylindrical case. It contains 12 shades of coloured pencils. The case has different cartoon-themed prints, such as the famous and funny Sponge Bob Square Pants. This makes a great return gift for children of ages 2 and above. The set is somewhat expensive (price Rs.175) but given the quality and attractive packaging, you may not consider this as a great gift idea. Buy this from

Flying Glider Foam Airplane


This foam airplane glider is a unique return gift. Children can enjoy a game of manual airplane-flying outdoors. The glider is made of foam material so it is extremely lightweight and not prone to any accidents. The plane can be easily assembled, and the activity helps boost the child's hand-to-eye coordination. Boys, especially, will enjoy this outdoor play activity. These are available in an assortment of colours like blue, red, and green. Buy these gliders for Rs.180 per unit, from Let the kids soar high!

Useful Tips for Organising the Return Gifts

Handing out return gifts at the end of the party can be stressful, with kids rushing out of the venue. You surely don't want to miss giving the presents you have put so much thought into. Here are a couple of friendly tips that we hope will help you better organize the return gifts at the birthday party you are throwing.

Make Use of Gift Bags

Keep your return favours organized beforehand in individual gift bags. Even if there is more than one child attending from a family, make sure you have arranged for a gift bag for each of them. You can purchase gift bags from online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, or even the websites listed above. If you are a following a theme for the party, it is a nice idea to order themed gift bags; for example, cartoons, jungles, and patterns. Alternatively, you can look for birthday-themed gift bags (those with birthday cakes or cupcakes printed on them). Make sure your gift bag is not overly big--this is especially important if you are gifting small-sized gifts. Nobody likes to receive a seemingly empty gift bag!

Add Labels and Name Tags

Everyone loves personalized items. If you have the time, make some DIY labels using patterned paper purchased from the local stationery store. Just cut out the paper in small strips or note-sized pieces and write each child's name on it. Tie these to your goody bags using colourful ribbons. This small exercise will make sure you hand out gift to all those on the guest list. Also, seeing their name on the bag will make the kids feel special! If you have the budget, you can throw in a small items like hand towels, keychains, or badges personalised with the guests' names.

Keep a Few Extras, Just in Case

Although you may have made a guest list and gone over it a few dozen times before the party, it is always a good idea to have a few extra return favours. These come in handy when there are last-minute invites sent out, or somebody who didn't RSVP shows up at the venue; you will thank us for this tip!

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Return gifts ensure your guests are happy and feel looked after as they leave the party

This is a way of making every one attending the party feel welcome. It gives them a remembrance of their friend's or close relative's birthday party. Return gifts may come in many forms, but the key objective, especially at a kid's party, is to have each one of them get a return gift. Parents too can also be given return gifts. The best thing about return gifts is that they are not expensive, that's why they won't cost a fortune when buying them in bulk. Herein are a few tips to getting the best return gifts and finding a way to give them to make everyone happy.