Baby's First Birthday is Going to Be a Massive One! 10 Fun Ideas for Return Gifts on 1st Birthday Party & Creative Party Ideas

Baby's First Birthday is Going to Be a Massive One! 10 Fun Ideas for Return Gifts on 1st Birthday Party & Creative Party Ideas

Your baby is turning a year old, an exciting time to celebrate with the perfect birthday bash. Find great gifts to give the kiddos who join the celebrations. Also find useful tips on planning and throwing parties, return gift ideas for birthday parties as well as where to get birthday return gifts on wholesale.

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How to Plan a Birthday Party for a One Year Old

When your baby girl or boy turns one, it is a great event for you. Although she is so small, you will feel that you have achieved a great milestone as soon as she turned one. Hence, it is a great idea to celebrate that whole one year. So, make a list of all the invitees. Call everyone who is close to her and wishes the best for her.

While planning the party do not forget to ask for help from your friends and relatives. Planning a birthday requires a lot of time and a lot of things need to be done. Plus you have a one year old to take care of and so it is a wise step to ask for help while decorating the place or inviting the guests.

Do not forget to arrange for a good photographer and videographer. Your little one is not going to remember all of these. She would love to see the pictures and videos when she grows up. Plus she will know how much you love her!

10 Fabulous Return Gift Ideas for Baby's First Birthday Party

Little's Junior Ring


Little's Junior Ring, multicolour, from is a great gift. All the kids would love this toy. it comes with varied colours and helps with the development of eye and hand coordination for the kids. Hence, it is a useful gift as well. It comes with six pieces of rings. Also, it helps develop the colour, shape and size concept for small children. It is made of plastic and is safe for kids. It is priced at Rs.170

Custom Chocolate Bars

Everyone loves chocolate so how about giving a box of chocolates or a chocolate bar as a return gift. You can get it additionally personalised by adding a themed cover or even a photo. Explore the various options at where this Chota Bheem themed chocolate bar can be ordered for Rs. 38 per piece with minimum order being 50

Funskool Digger the Dog


Funskool Digger the Dog from is a great idea. The dog is so cute with large floppy ears, cute eyes and pretty tail. It helps develop social skills and role play for the kids. The dog becomes like a companion for the kids. The dog weighs 671 gm. The dimensions of the product are 26 x 8 x 6 inch. We recommend to gift this product to the kids that are in the family or when you have a small intimate party with not too many guests and children as this product is slightly high on the pricing scale at Rs.369.

Wooden Blocks Letters and Numbers with Storage Box


ABC 123 Wooden Blocks Letters Numbers with Box Storage Case from is a great option. Such educational gifts not only helps the child to learn and grow but helps to memorise things in a playful method. What more- the parents would definitely appreciate it.

The set comes with 27 colourful letter blocks made of wood. The size of each block is 3 x 3 x 3 cm. The blocks comprise of a textured letter on two sides and a picture of animal and fruit on the other. The whole package weighs 590 gm and is priced at Rs.329. This is the best option to choose from.

For a more budget option check out this fun memory game where the little ones will have to match cards based on alphabets. Such games while adding enjoyment also teach valuable insights early in the age. Explore games like these on where this particular game can be purchased for Rs. 195.

Baby Shower Cap


Ruby Baby Bath Shower Cap For Babies from is a very useful gift idea. There are times when you do not want to pour water on the baby's head and so this cap would help you do the needful. Also, it will prevent water and soap to go till baby's eyes since it has a diameter of 28.5 cm.

The material is very soft and flexible. It comes with soft edges too. The material used is foam and had ultra soft elasticity. The size is also adjustable as they have given buttons. It is a wonderful and unique product and is priced moderately at Rs.149.

Webby Realistic Sliceable Fruits And Vegetables


Webby Realistic Sliceable Fruits And Vegetables Cutting Play Toy from is a great option.Kids would love playing with them and the best part is that it will help to clear their concepts. Also, helps in improving hands on ability and imagination of kids.

The set comes with eight different colourful fruits and vegetables, one chopping board, one knife and one basket. Thus, it recreates the whole kitchen experience for your little one. Parents could also educate children with the information of what nutrients a person gets from fruits and vegetables. The number of puzzle pieces this set comes with is 19. The whole package weighs 259 gm and the pieces are made of plastic. This set is priced at Rs.229.


If fruits and vegetables are great as a theme but you don't want to give our play sets with knives, then consider this cool magnetic play slime in bright colours. Absolutely safe and toxic free, this slime can lead to hours of fun and an encouragement to think creatively. Order it on for Rs. 33 per unit.

Cute Soft Toys

This Elephant Mother With 2 Baby is a great gift from This product can be given to the age group that is between 5-7 years of age. Hence, you can categorize it accordingly. This gift is ideal for girls and boys.

The package contains one elephant with two baby elephants. The product is non-toxic and has a soft fabric with it. The soft toy contains cuddly filling and is ideal for kids to play with. The product weighs 300 gm and is priced at Rs.399.

This wind up toy is a great alternative for little ones. Bright and colourful, when you wind it up it will inch across any surface and capture the little one's attention. It is ideal to improve the child's gross and fine motor skills. Order it on for Rs. 68 approx.

Building Blocks Set


Building blocks are a wonderful way to encourage spatial understanding and hand-eye coordination in kids. Give this building blocks set as a return gift to the kids who come to your party. Colourful and made of safe plastic this is a gift that will be welcomed by the kiddos and their parents. Priced at Rs.85 you can get it on

Here's another choice though a little more expensive than the other. Costing at about Rs. 129, this set at will foster the growth of the babies logical thinking and physical coordination.

Simba Evi Love Minnie Mouse Fashion Dress

Simba Evi Love Minnie Mouse Fashion Dress from is a great option. It comes with a pretty doll wearing an outfit of the Minnie Mouse carrying a trendy handbag. The doll has a bow with polka dots and a shoulder scarf. Kids will definitely love her and their eyes will light up seeing her. The doll is filled with varied colours. It is a simple doll and is not battery operated. This product is priced at Rs.489.

Bath toys are the best way to make bath times fun. Here is a set of 9 colourful animals that would be a wonderful companion to the kiddos when they are splashing about in the water. Made of non-toxic material these toys are 100% safe for use. Order them on FirstCry for Rs. 487.

3D Effect Girls Design Sippers

2-in-1 Sippers from is a great option. The sippers are made of high-quality plastic and comes featuring multiple animal characters. The sippers also have a 3D effect which makes them even more attractive. This website is open for bulk orders . You could gain discounts if you order more than 30 pieces. They are priced at Rs.169.

Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle


Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle from is a great option. It basically teaches them causes and effects of action. It is a pull along toy that children would love to play with. It weighs of 40.8 gm and does not require to be assembled or need batteries to operate. The inner shells of the turtle move if an outside force is applies. This is a unique toy which also teaches the children. It is priced at Rs.199.

Hot Wheels 5 Car Gift Pack


Hot Wheels 5 Car Gift Pack, styles may vary, from is a lovely gift option. Hot wheels is something every kid loves. It fuels their imagination of having their own car. Each pack contains five different styles of cars. The collection varies from pack to pack as it is an instant collection. There are different colours in which the car comes. The whole product weighs of 90.7 gm and is priced at Rs.199. A quick tip: you could also open the pack and give 2 cars each to a child. This way you could minimize your return gift budget.

Don't Forget the Return Gift Bags to Keep Gifts in

Planning on unique return gifts is a great idea but do not forget to present the gift with a cute gift bag. This is a small thing which you may tend to forget, considering the stress you may have for planning a successful and entertaining birthday party. Worry not. That's what we are for, reminding you.

Get this Minion Theme Customised Paper Gift Bags from which we think almost all kids will love. The paper bags are made of good and thick quality paper which is printed on all sides. The size of the bag is 9 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches. It is also reasonably priced at Rs.35. Want customised bags with your own picture and message? That can be done at an additional cost of Rs.5 per bag. Order in bulk quantity to get a discounted rate.

What to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Party Favours

  • Make a Return Gift Budget
    Gift giving can quickly turn into an expensive affair if you don't keep track of your spending. Always make a budget and stick to it. Since you are already planning a party, there will be various areas where you would not be able to curb your budget - such as your little one's birthday cake, dress, etc. Hence, return gift is one area where you can plan wisely.

    Consider expectations by your family members, relatives and friends. Do not forget the social circle you hang out in and make a budget accordingly. Plan in advance for the gift as bulk buying can fetch you good discounts. Make sure you check enough websites online or visit enough shops before buying the gift as you will get proper choices and price.

  • Buy Gifts According to the Average Age of Children at the Party
    Kids love gifts. Whatever age they are, they simply love having a new toy or game or an art supply to their collection. Since you are celebrating the birthday of a one year, you will be inviting kids of different age groups from your social circle and family. So, categorise the return gifts accordingly. Do not buy a dancing doll for a 12 year old kid. They would appreciate crayons more. Gift the doll to a 7 year old kid. You could also give a token to all the adults who are visiting the party. Because adults loves gifts too.

  • Match Return Gifts to the Birthday Party's Theme
    Plan a thematic party. You could plan the theme of the party around animals, birds or fictional characters. Kids love all such things and the other kids who are a little bigger would love to dress up and visit such type of a party. Also, when your kid would grow up, he/she would love to see the fascinating birthday party pictures.

    Make sure everything is in sync with the theme from decoration, balloons to return gift packaging. This would create a beautiful aesthetic and would make it a memorable event for all the guests. While planning the return gifts, you could try and add some personal souvenirs as well.
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Choose Quality Over Size

Throwing birthday parties can be an expensive affair and you must have a limited budget earmarked for return gifts and party favours. When it comes to choosing gifts that fit this budget, go for the smaller but better quality product over a larger but cheaply made item. Small children aren't particularly delicate or careful with their toys and a gift which breaks soon will not only disappoint them but may also cause them harm. Look for bright colours, cute designs and other features that appeal to children, and most importantly, pick something they will enjoy.