Party Planning Doesn't Have to Be as Painful as Stepping on a Lego Brick. Surprise Your Little One with These 10 Amazing Lego Party Favors in 2019

Party Planning Doesn't Have to Be as Painful as Stepping on a Lego Brick. Surprise Your Little One with These 10 Amazing Lego Party Favors in 2019

Lego parties are an interesting way to bond with your child and inject a large dose of fun to a typical birthday party. These not only add a smile to their face, but also create a healthy relationship between you two. So, if you are confused on how to plan a party this year, we are here to help you with these amazing Lego party favors.

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Theme Based Party: Let Your Creativity Run Wild

The first question that comes to the mind of every party planner is- how should the party be thrown or more specifically, what kind of party would make the guests have a great time.

Themed parties are always fun and encourage creativity among people. People of all ages love the idea of bringing back their favorite fictional characters or toys or video games through ways of dressing up, using props, and more
Themes have the power to transform your average and boring party into a crazy and creative event, bringing the best of people’s imaginations. With that thought in mind, let us check out one of our favorite theme based party options.

What is a Lego Theme Party?

Since its inception in the 1930s in a small carpenter’s shop, Lego has come a long way to become one of the largest toys manufacturers around the world. All of us have grown playing with Lego bricks at some point of time in our childhoods.

So, whether you’re planning to throw a party for your child’s birthday or for your adult friends, Lego theme based party is going to be a fantastic option to refresh their childhood memories, and being one of the favorite toys of children, your little one is going to adore this idea to celebrate his or her birthday.

We’ve listed down some of the best party favors available online to make your party Lego-perfect.

10 Delightful Lego Party Favours

Lego Block Party Danglers

Décor is the most essential component for any get-together or a small party. Get your decorations started with these Lego danglers by Each dangler comes with a colourful block attached at the bottom.

Attach these danglers at the entrance of your party and watch them add a charm to it. Another place you could use these hangings are your ceiling fan, just make sure to set the fan at a slower speed.

These party danglers come in a set of 5 for Rs. 399.

Lego Bricks Cake Sheet Covering

The cake is the centrepiece of any party. And, for you to add charm to your party, here is the lego base building block edible cake topper frosting for your ¼ sheet birthday cake which can also be placed centrally on a ½ sheet cake.

This sheet can be personalized by adding a personal message, and it’s gluten/dairy free. It contains no known allergens or peanut products, and hence you don’t have to worry about if it’s consumable or not.

It is available to buy from for Rs. 1,772.

Lego Birthday Cake Decoration Set


Cake Decoration Set by Lego is a toy cum decorative item to present your cake in a unique way. Even if you have some little guests at your party who can’t consume the cake, this decorative set will fulfill that void for them as they’d love to play with it.

You can also use this item to present to your child on his birthday. It’s easy to build and would be loved by all.

Get yours from for Rs. 3,618.

Building Brix Birthday Bash Candles

Cake and candles go hand in hand, and your cake is never complete without some beautiful candles. These Lego candles complete your cake which comes in two variations, one brick shaped and other a figurine.

They come in a pack of 12 (6 each, bricks + figures) and are available on for Rs. 2,844.

Lego Blocks Plastic Cups

Smaller accessories may seem less important for your party but trust us, more trivial and detailed things are what people notice the most and add more charm to your party, and hence these Lego Party Cups!

You can pour several types of drinks using these colourful glasses and also organize several cup games for your guests such as:

Yank Me

Material Required:

•3 medium-sized index cards or pieces of thick player per player.
•4 Lego cups per player


•Each player has to stack up against an inverted cup-tower of 4 cups with an index card between each of them.
•Remove cards starting from top to bottom such that each cup falls into the successive one. To make the game more exciting and challenging, set that the cards have to be removed from bottom to top.
•The first player who builds and collapses the towers is your winner!

There are a lot more creative games you can think of using these cups and other props. These Lego Cups are priced at Rs. 115 apiece at

Lego Block Party Kids Hats

Perfect for your kid’s birthday party, these party hats come in vibrant colours and are completely safe for your little guests.

They come in a pack of 8 and the pack is priced at Rs. 249 at

Lego Block Party Foil Balloon

No party is complete with balloons and this time, get rid of your old and clichéd spherical balloons! Here comes the Lego Party Foil Balloon by They will undoubtedly enhance your décor.

Each balloon comes with a diameter of 18 inches, which is pretty big for a balloon for your room. These can be bought from for Rs. 299 apiece.

Lego inspired Napkin Rings

There are a lot of ways to bring napkin rings in use, such as:

Cone holders: Perfect for your starters or snacks such as bhelpuri, roasted chana, and many more.

Centerpiece décor: They can be used to hold flowers and artificial decorative items and decorate as centrepiece décor for your living room glass table or dining table.

These napkin rings have cute lego faces printed on them and are made from high-quality card stock. Get yours from for a price of Rs. 300 for 10 napkin pieces.

Lego theme - Lego Pop Corn Cones

If you feel napkin rings aren’t good enough to hold your snacks, these popcorn cones will definitely bring you satisfaction.

They come with a height of 7 inches and are of standard quality. They can also be personalized for your baby’s birthday by providing them with your baby’s name and age, along with a lovely personal note for your baby.

One popcorn cone costs Rs. 36 and can be bought from

DIY Building Bricks Glasses Baseplate


These creative glasses are no less than a delight for your Lego loving guests. The glasses can be customised according to your imagination and creativity using Lego blocks and other accessories. They are compatible with other brands’ building bricks as well.

This DIY kit come in a pack of 9 with 6 types of accessories for customizing the glasses. The colours in which they come are Red, Blue, and green. You can buy them from for Rs. 1,404.

Building Blocks Photo Booth Props Kit


No party is complete without savouring memories in the form of some fantastic pics! And, what better way to take some memorable photos than using some amusing props?

Birthday Galore brings you this kit of 20 Lego party props ranging from prop glasses, prop bricks, prop moustaches, ties and more.

Get this party prop kit from for Rs. 3,090.

Lego and Fantastic Beasts

Mini figures from Lego for your guest’s favorite fictional characters are going to bring huge smiles across your guests’ faces. You can scatter these mini figures throughout your place or even give them as return gifts, your guests are going to love them!

These Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast figurines come in a pack of 8 and are available on for Rs. 469.

There are a plethora of options to choose from, and you can get your favourite Lego figurines.

Personalised Lego Inspired Keychain

Set your keys through this key-chain for the day, and you’ll not want to change your key-chain at all. This can be one of the ideal return gifts for your Lego theme party.

The part about these key-chains is that they can be customized to have a name on them so you can get one each for your guests. This would be one thoughtful gesture!

From, you can buy them for Rs. 100 per piece with Rs. 15 more for customising the name. Go for 10 keychains at once, and you can get a discount of Rs. 15 per piece that is 10 keychains for Rs. 85 each.

DIY Ideas to Make Your Party More Interesting


Make your own Lego party favours and impress your guests with your creativity. Let’s check out some cool DIY lego party favour ideas.

Unique Lego Invitation


Lego Birthday Party Invitation Card: You don’t need any pens, any markers, or stationery items to make this cute invitation card. If you have a printer in your home, all you have to do is to take a printout of the templates and get your party rolling.

Not only it saves you money, but also your precious time and is one creative solution for the very first step of organizing your party.

This coloured template of this invitation card can be downloaded from here, while the black and white from here.

Get Printed Invitations at your doorstep: We also have you covered if you don’t have a printer and want the invitations delivered right at your doorstep! All you have to do is to design your own template on, and they will take care of the rest.

They also have very reasonable prices, and you get to buy 10 invitations of dimensions 139 x 107 mm for Rs. 100. For more customizable options and prices, you can check out their website.

Giant Lego doors

Turn your doors into giant Lego bricks using this simple idea.

Take disposable table sheets or bed sheets and tie them up to the door which you want to turn into a giant Lego brick.

Paste matching coloured plastic or any other disposable plates neatly and your giant lego brick is ready!

We bet it would be adorable to check out how your little guests react to these giant Lego bricks. You can buy coloured plastic plates in bulk from

Lego Plates

You can’t get more creative than this idea! All it takes is permanent markers and a few disposable/non-disposable plates on which you draw! That’s it.

This idea by Leah Smith from is going to make kids go crazy at your party!

Draw their favorite Lego characters or choose the ones which are in trend, and by drawing we don’t mean you have to be an artist to prepare these, all you have to draw is a doodle that is, you only have to draw eyes, nose, and mouth of the figurine which you can obtain with a simple Google search.

Games to Keep Your Little Guests Engaged

Guess the Number of Lego Bricks

A simple and fun game which your guests would be delighted to play! Take a jar or bowl or any other utensil and put some Lego Bricks in it. Make your guests guess the number of bricks you’ve put in the utensil and one who comes closest to the number would be the winner.

To make it more exciting and lovely, you can put small Lego figures and make your little guests wonder how many are in there and then reward them with the same as return gifts to make their day!

Lego Tower Game

Another cool game to keep your guests occupied! All you need is plenty of Lego bricks . Place them in a bowl and make your guests sit in a circle and start the game by putting the first block in the middle of the ring and your guests would follow on to build the tower using one block each.

The player with whose brick the tower collapses gets eliminated, and the process goes on till you have your winner.

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Treat Your Little Guests to These Innovative Lego Party Favours in 2019

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a smile on your little one's face. These hand-picked Lego Party favours will surely help them have a great time with their friends. So, put on your planning shoes and organize an awesome lego party!