Dress Her Up in These 10 Heartbreakingly Adorable Lehengas for Baby Girl with Beautiful Accessories to Match (2019)!

Dress Her Up in These 10 Heartbreakingly Adorable Lehengas for Baby Girl with Beautiful Accessories to Match (2019)!

One of the most brilliant things about having a little daughter is she can be dressed to the nines in the cutest of clothes and ethnic wear like lehengas are perfect for special occasions. Selecting a lehenga shouldn't be hard for your baby girl, for she looks adorable in just about anything. But there are some measures one should take when buying clothes for a rapidly growing child. Below are some handpicked designs to make you baby girl stand out as well as how to complete her outfit with the right kind of accessories.

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Tips for Choosing Clothes for Baby Girls

Month by Month

Buying clothes for babies is not only fun but quite endearing as well. With so many cute and adorable things to choose from, here are some tips on how to buy the best for your baby, keeping in mind her comfort, safety and fashion. Buying clothes for your baby is best chosen according to her age, and initially according to her monthly physical growth. A new born (0-3months) is always either sleeping, eating or just being, most of the time, with very little limb control or restricted vision. It is best to buy clothes that are appropriate for the current weather, comfortable to be in, especially while sleeping, without the additional buttons or uncomfortable seams. Hoodies and collared clothes are best avoided and bodysuits with easy openings, soft & wide waistbands and built-in feet are appropriate.

For babies aged 3-6months, onesies, tights that can be paired with a soft dress or short skirt and collared clothes or hoodies are good. Between 6-9months, most babies start moving around on the floor with their hands and toes, so it is wise to choose onesies, shirts, soft waist pants or Pjs, and soft sole shoes are appropriate. At 9-12 months, clothes with bright/dark colors, big baby bibs, shirts, clothes without buttons and soft soles are good to buy.

Fashion & Trend

Even though fashion is always top most for many shopping parents, it isn’t necessary all fashionable or designer clothes suit every child. If you like browsing through magazines or blogs and like what’s out there, be conscious of the fact that every kid is unique and hence when shopping you should look for comfort and fit more than what’s trending.

The clothes you plan on buying should be done so in coordination with what your baby’s closet is already filled with, hence mix and match. Most parents buy clothes with the thought that even if the in fashion clothes they’re buying today don’t fit the kids now, they’ll grow into them later. Be mindful that if you buy something today from baby couture, it’s quite possible that by the time your little girl grows enough to don them, they may be out of fashion!

In addition to the clothes for daily wear and special occasions, most parents love having a choicest selection of hair accessories, caps or hats, socks, leg warmers and gloves or mittens for their little ones. Again, as tempting as they may be, before you end up buying these fashion accessories, look for quality, comfort and durability more then what’s in trend.

Value for Money

When buying clothes for your baby, always choose a size larger than her actual age, as most babies grow fast and then you don’t want to get stuck with only small sizes. Most 6 month olds can wear 9-12 months clothes and so on. But do keep in mind the seasonal change of clothes. To extract the most out of your money spent, when you’re shopping during sales, buy from a future perspective, for instance if your baby is 9 months, go ahead and buy clothes for a 18-24 months baby for the future winter season.

It doesn’t make sense to end up paying more for plain tops or tights or vest, when you can just mix and match cheaper labels with your choice of brands, not only getting what you want for your baby in terms of trending labels but also pay less for the combination apparel!

Lehenga for Baby Girl

Peplum Choli with Lehenga & Dupatta Floral Design

Designed keeping in mind your baby girl’s comfort and in line with the popular trends, this stylish pink choli with a lehenga and dupatta comes with a pink colored choli embellished with red and pink flowers and zari work, a v neck and sleeveless peplum choli. The choli is made with a cotton blend and has embroidered work all over. The set also includes a pink lehenga also made with cotton blend fabric, an embellished border with similar work as on the choli, with adorned hangings on the side and a peach colored dupatta. The Flower Embellished Sleeveless Peplum Choli with Lehenga is available on Firstcry.com for Rs.5,500 for girls in the age of 2 to 8 years.

Self Design Lehenga Choli

Available on Flipkart for girls in the age group of 6 months-4 years, the self-designed lehenga choli set is made in art silk and comes with an emerald green lehenga with zari border, an orange colored sleeveless choli bordered with zari on the shoulders, sleeves and choli base in orange and gold with a self-design and decorated with lace work. The set has been lined with a cotton fabric and the choli’s color on the back is emerald green. The self-designed Lehenga set is priced at Rs.1,349.

Baby Girl's Net Lehenga Choli

Available on Amazon.in for girls in the age of 3-4 years, this fully stitched dark pink net lehenga set includes a short sleeved choli with a round neck and dull gold pattern for design, a hanging tassle closure at the back and lining in cotton. The lehenga is made in net with a cotton lining, gota patti and zari work on the borders and through the lehenga length. Also included in the set is a pink in net with zari and gota patti work border. The entire net lehenga set is priced at Rs.1,749 and is also available in other colors as green or red.

French Rose Lehenga Set

Available on LittleMuffet.om for baby girls in the age group of 6 months to 14 years, the Pink Pineapple Print Choli And Lehenga With Dupatta includes a pink tie choli and lehenga in pink and a gold dupatta, with a gold pineapple print all over; a pink lehenga with an elastic at the waist and sky blue net dupatta with pink lace on it. The Pineapple Print Choli and Lehenga set is made of chanderi and net and can-can materials and is best dry-cleaned, priced at Rs.3,100.

Yellow Ghaghra with Rani Pink Brocade Blouse

This super cute yellow chanderi cotton lehenga with a rani pink blouse in brocade is a must have for your little one. The ghagra has a diagonal pattern in gold all over and the brocade rani pink blouse has has gold polka dots. It is available on Frangipani.co.in for girls in the ages of 0-1 years up to 8-9 years, priced at Rs.3,800 to Rs.5,000 depending on the age bracket chosen.

Shibori Lehenga Set

For girls aged 6 months-4 years, the Shibori Lehenga set includes a blue chiffon printed lehenga with cotton lining and zari work on the border, tassles on the side, a halter neck choli piped on the edges and dull pink net dupatta with zari border. The Shibori Lehenga set with contrast dupatta is priced at Rs.1,724 on Mirraw.com

Embroidered Jacket Lehenga

This purple lehenga with top that has a jacket attached to it is a real show stealer. The jacket can be fastened in the front with a knot in addition to a zip closure at the back, and has embroidery all over. It is paired with a plain purple lehenga in the same colour; both lehenga and jacket top are made of silk. It is available for babies as well as little girls, with sizes ranging from 0 to six months all the way to 12 to 13 years. The only caveat is it is a pre-order lehenga which means it cannot be returned or exchanged. Buy it at LittleMuffet.com for Rs.5,800.

Mustard and Blue Mirror Lehenga Choli

The mustard and blue mirror embroidery cotton silk lehenga set includes a choli made in taffeta dual tone silk fabric with thread embroidery and mirror work, a Velcro closure at the back, a lehenga made in pure glace cotton fabric with embroidery and stone, mirror work. The lehenga is made in two shades of royal blue and yellow colors, available for baby girls aged 12 months-4 years, priced at Rs.1,199 on Amazon.in.

Ethnic Wear Embellished Lehenga Set

The embellished lehenga set is for girls aged 18-24 months and include a silk orange lehenga with floral embroidery in zari on the hem, a sleeveless jacquard choli in royal blue color with patterns in gold, and a net dupatta with scalloped hem and blue border. The lining material used in the pre-stitched set is brocade and the embellished Lehenga Choli set is priced at Rs.551 on Flipkart.

Indo Western Lehenga Choli With Dupatta

Available on Firstcry.com for ages between 3 months-5 years, the Indo Western lehenga set made in cotton and net fabrics includes a sleeveless round neck choli with a back zip closure, embellished with floral zari work and a frill style lehenga in pink in net with cotton lining and a pink dupatta in same color and fabric with a frill border. This Flower Embellished Sleeveless Choli With Lehenga & Dupatta set is priced at Rs.5,500.

Bonus Tip: Precautions & Tips for Cleaning Baby Clothes

Your baby girl’s immune system evolves over a period of time just like her other faculties, so it is very important to prevent her catching infections or diseases from anywhere and everywhere! For young children, it isn’t enough to just machine wash their clothes.

Here are a few tips to practice precautions when it comes to safeguarding your child’s clothes.

  • Before buying clothes, check their brand labels to gauge the materials used and their washing conditions.

  • Opt for non-chemical laundry detergents that are good for washing infant clothes.

  • If the material allows, pre-soaking is best for killing germs and wash the clothes separate from other clothes to avoid any germs getting transferred to the baby’s clothing.

  • Post wash, soak the infant clothes in warm water again to ensure all detergent or allergenic bacteria’s eliminated.

  • Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, so make sure your baby’s clothing gets as much sunlight, else hang them in a place which is sterile and is warm.

  • When hand washing your baby’s clothes, be sure to disinfect and clean your hands to cleanse them of all bacteria.

  • Check the temperature of the water to be used for washing, to avoid rinsing them in extremely heated water, which can destroy the clothes, not to forget your hand!

  • When washing your baby’s clothes in the machine, washing them before the rest of the house’s laundry is best.

  • Activate the rinse option of the washing machine to ensure a complete wash free of the soap and bacteria.

  • Besides washing your infant’s clothes, it is also wise to disinfect them. Begin by first identifying and pre-cleaning any potential stains, which attracts bacteria mostly. This is best done before soaking the clothes and scrubbing them with a disinfectant baby detergent, found in most pharmacies.

  • Scrape off any drool, snot or body fluids from the clothes which are a potential breeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria. This is best done before pre-soaking the clothes.

  • Pre-soak the clothes in white vinegar which is a natural disinfectant and a cap or two of it in a bucket of water is good for a 30minute soak.

  • Before you use the newly brought clothes from the store, wash them and avoid using fabric softners, as they are chemically dangerous for your baby’s skin. The dryer sheets are also harmful for babies and hence it is wise to dry the infant’s clothes in natural sunlight.
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Elegant Lehenga Set to Make Your Baby Girl Stand Out In Style

Lehenga attire works to bring out a very bold, eccentric and unique style with a touch of cultural, vintage plus the newly incorporated contemporary designs to make the attire very stunning. From mature women, ladies and young girls, all can pull off this look. Why not let your little baby girl also come out in style? Lehenga Set for baby girls work and are seemingly beautiful. In addition, some tips and precautions have been added to help with the maintenance of you little ones attires.